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PN eC) ca cat Welcome to Activate! eae The questionnaire ‘1 what languages can you speak? 5 po you like watching English-speaking A. My own language and English. films on TV or at the cinema? B My own language, English and one A Yes, |love them! other language. B {like them, but | always read the © Lots of languages! subtitles. © I prefer films in my own language Are you good at English? |A It’s not my best subject! 6 what English book did you study last B Yes, I'm usually good at English. year? © Yes, 'm good at English and | love it! ‘A [can’t remember! B itwas big and red. There was a nice 3 po you like speaking English in class? picture on the front cover. A No, Idon't. 6 Our English book was B it's OK. seceenoneeese (name). © Yes, | enjoy speaking English. 4 Do you ever speak English outside class? A. No, never. B Yes, sometimes with my friends. G Yes, when | travel abroad. Rica 2 Pen oi eta HOW? Pee iS Tens ae exc as eta ay