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Customized Solutions

Alcatel 6840 - 6844

Power Lines

Optical Aerial Solutions for Energy Networks


Regional and international power trans- Fiber optic cable links are the foundation
mission lines require modern network of such communications systems, since they
automation and remote control systems. provide high capacity transmission over
To accomplish this, power utilities started long distances. At the same time they are
very early to equip their lines with reliable not influenced by electromagnetic fields
telecommunications connections. Telecom- and do not exhibit any cross-talk, which
munications deregulation now opens up are important consideration for installation
the opportunity for power utilities to lease on high voltage (HV) lines.
dark fibers or transmission capacity, or to
become telecom operators themselves.

Overhead Lines Deliver Telecom and Power

The easiest way to ADL on ground wire OPGW

connect power plants
and control stations ADSS or
is with existing MASS
high-voltage lines.
The most common
method is to install
an Optical Ground OPPC
Wire (OPGW), which for 100 kv
contains optical fibers
housed in stainless
steel tubes, as a
substitute for existing
ground wire. Another
possibility consists of OPPC
incorporating optical for 30 kv
fibers in a cable
that replaces one
ADL on phase
of the standard
phase conductors.
This solution is called
an Optical Phase
Conductor (OPPC). Beside these Various options are available to install optical cables on power lines
integrated solutions, additional cables
can be installed on transmission towers. While these self-supporting cables a ground wire or a phase conductor
Self-supporting cables for installation are hung between the towers, may serve as the messenger. The
on high-voltage lines are either Metallic All-Dielectric Lashed (ADL) is a diagram on the next page summarizes
Aerial Self-Supporting (MASS) or small-sized cable which is attached to and categorizes these solutions.
All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS). a messenger wire. In HV lines, either

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Customized Solutions
Alcatel 6840 - 6844
Power Lines

Optical Aerial Cables

on Power lines

Metallic Dielectric
Solutions Solutions

Optical Ground Wire Optical Phase Conductor Metallic Aerial Self-Supported All Dielectric Self-Supporting All Dielectric Lashed

Replacement for existing ropes Installed additionally to existing ropes

The optimal solution for each project parameters such as the maximum load for
demands a careful evaluation of many towers, possible wind and ice loads, etc.

6841 OPGW Optical Ground Wire

The substitution of an existing ground The main characteristics of an OPGW are:

wire by a cable combining the classical high mechanical strength, which is
functions of an earth wire and telecomm- mainly determined by the amount
unications capacity has a long history. of steel used
Today, OPGW is the most important short-circuit current capacity, which
and accepted technology to equip high- is mainly determined by the amount
voltage lines with transmission capability. of aluminum (alloy)
the number of optical fibers.
An OPGW has to perform two functions.
On one hand, it must function as an
Alcatel has chosen the steel tube design
earthing conductor, i.e., conduct short-
for OPGW. In this design, the optical
circuit currents that result from faults in
fibers are protected by stainless steel
the electrical system to earth, and
tubes which replace one or more of the
safeguard the line from lightning.
armoring wires of a bare ground wire,
On the other hand, it must protect the
thus forming a completely metallic
optical fibers from external forces and
harsh environmental conditions, such as
extreme temperatures, wind and ice More than twenty years of experience
loads. By combining these functions in in optical ground wire technology and
one cable, OPGW considerably reduces excellent quality have made Alcatel one
loads on the towers. The challenge is to of the biggest suppliers of OPGW in the
optimize the mechanical, electrical, and world.
data transmission properties to fulfill all
overhead line design requirements.

steel tube designs

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Customized Solutions
Alcatel 6840 - 6844
Power Lines

6842 ADL - All-Dielectric Lashed Cables

A ll-Dielectric lashed cable (ADL) is travelling along the messenger wire.

not a self-supporting construction, but It can be either pulled by hand or by
needs to be attached to a messenger a tug. The cable can be fed into the
wire. The messenger could be a lasher either from the ground, or it
ground wire in high-voltage lines or can be carried by a special drum
a phase conductor in low and carrier on the messenger. With these
medium-voltage lines. The cable is different components and user
fixed by two lashing binders made options, the technology is very
of coated aramid yarn which are flexible and can be adapted to
helically wound around the specific conditions. ADL technology
messenger wire and the ADL cable. makes fast and cost-effective
This process is carried out using a installation of optical fiber cables
small machine called a "lasher" possible on HV lines.
ADL cable, lasher and the messenger wires

A Complete Solution

In addition to optical cables, products management, training and follow-up

such as joint boxes and accessories services for all products and systems.
are needed for the implementation of Alcatel can also provide preliminary
optical links on power lines. Alcatel or feasibility studies, as well as supply
offers installation supervision and turnkey telecommunications systems.
guidelines, engineering, project

Power Line Solutions Benefits

OPGW solutions which are reliable and long-lasting

Fast and low-cost ADSS and ADL networks
Ideal for replacing or reinforcing existing networks
Easy access for all splices and repairs
Weather-proof and environmentally friendly
Installation supervision and training available
For additional information visit Alcatel online or call Turnkey solutions for operators who want rapid implementation
your nearest Optical Fiber Sales Representative

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Customized Solutions
Alcatel 6840 - 6844
Power Lines

6843 OPPC Optical Phase Conductor

S ometimes, medium-voltage lines and electrical resistance of the cable must be be installed freely, hanging between the
high-voltage lines up to 150 kV are properly adapted to that of the substituted insulator strings on strong poles, or it
not equipped with a ground wire. phase conductor. can be placed on an insulator itself. At
Consequently, replacement by an both ends of the line, electrical current
Generally, OPPCs are manufactured
OPGW is not feasible. To equip such and optical fibers must be separated.
according to the same basic designs used
a transmission line with optical fibers, This can be done by special separators
for OPGW. However, since optical fibers
an Optical Phase Conductor (OPPC) may consisting of two splice closures placed
are installed on high-voltage lines in the
be used. Here again, the optical cable at the top and bottom of an insulator.
case of the OPPC, the splicing technology
has to provide two different functions. It
is different. Connections in the line must Like the OPGW, the OPPC has the
must carry the permanent current in the
be carried out in a way that the cable, as advantage of combining functions
three-phase system, and it has to house
well as the joint box, do not directly touch without placing additional loads on
and protect the optical fibers. To keep
ground potential. A joint box can either the towers.
the electrical system running well, the

6844 MASS Metallic Aerial Self-Supporting

Where the substitution of a ground wire cable. This is a small-sized armored sag requirements only, because the cable
or phase conductor is either impossible cable for additional installation at the does not have any electrical function.
or uneconomical, additional cables can center of towers. To minimize the
be installed on towers. The only function additional load, weight and diameter
that these cables have is to house and are significantly reduced. The typical
protect the optical fibers. A universal diameter range of MASS cables is
solution for all voltage levels is the between 9 and 12 mm. The armoring is
Metallic Aerial Self-Supporting (MASS) optimized according to span length and

6840 ADSS All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Cables

Another well-known cable solution for ADSS is a universal solution for a large
additional installation on medium and variety of applications. However, special
high-voltage lines is the All-Dielectric attention must be paid if the cable is to
Self-Supporting (ADSS) cable. ADSS be installed on high-voltage lines, to
does not contain any metallic elements. prevent dry-band arcing. Special
The fibers are placed in several stranded sheathing material and software to
loose plastic tubes which are covered by calculate optimum placement on the
one or two plastic jackets. To make the towers make this technology usable for
cable self-supporting, it contains strength line voltages of up to about 275 kV.
elements made of aramid yarns. The With a capacity of greater than 144
excellent strength-to-weight ratio of this fibers, this cable technology offers a
material ensures the low weight of ADSS good opportunity to equip medium and
and limits additional loads on towers. By high-voltage lines with optical fibers.

adapting aramid content, spans of 800 m

or even 1,000 m are possible, depending
on permissible additional loads.

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