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EP211 Principles of Mathematical Physics Problem Set 8 1.4.2008
Due: 8.4.2008

1. (a) Let z = exp(i) in polar coordinates. Rewrite Cauchy-Riemann

conditions for a function f = u(, ) + iv(, ) in polar coordinates.
(b) Let f (z) = R(x, y) exp i(x, y) be a holomorphic function. Here
R(x, y) and (x, y) are two real functions. How are the two real func-
tions related?
2. Evaluate the following integrals:
(a) Compute x dz where is the directed line segment from 0 to 1 + i
and z = x + iy as usual.
(b) Compute x dz where is a circle of radius r centred at the origin
with positive (counter-clockwise) orientation. Evaluate this integral
in two ways: (i) Use the parametric form, z = r exp(i) for the circle;
(ii) Use the fact that x = 21 (z + r 2 /z).
(c) First, compute |z|=2 z 2dz1 without using the residue theorem. Second,

verify your answer using the residue theorem.

3. Let f (z) be a holomorphic function in a region . The logarithmic deriva-
tive of the function f 0 (z)/f (z) is holomorphic at all points where f (z) 6= 0.
Thus, at any zero of the function f (z), the logarithmic derivative is not
(a) Let be a closed curve (with positive orientation)
H in that encloses
d (isolated) zeros of f (z). Evaluate the integral f 0 (z)dz/f (z).
(b) Let f (z) be a function
H 0 such that |f (z) 1| < 1 for all points in .
Then, show that f (z)dz/f (z) = 0 for all closed curves in in .
4. Evaluate the following integral
(3z 2 + 2) dz
(z 1)(z 2 + 9)
when is the circle |z 2| = 2 traversed in a counterclockwise sense. What
is the integral when is the circle is |z| = 10.
5. Compute the following integrals using the residue formula
Z Z Z 2
dx cos ax dx d
, , .
0 x4 + 1 0 x2 + 1 0 5 + 4 sin