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Lab 3 Industrial Facilities Design Dated: Sunday, October 8, 2017

Introduction to Factor rating and to solve a problem related to the topic.

To understand the basics of Factor rating.
To solve the Problem about Factor rating on Microsoft Excel.

In this we study method the quantitative and qualitative factors, factors are assigned weights based on
relative importance and weight age score for each site using a preference matrix is calculated. The site
with the highest weighted score is selected as the best choice center.

1. At first fill out the excel cell by the help of given data in problem.
2. Mention different factors that are Raw material which are in below image.
3. Assign different weights to the factors.

4. Multiply X location with weights of different factors in order to find the total effect of location (X).
5. Repeat these steps for the Y and Z in order the combine effect of the factors effect locations.
Lab 3 Industrial Facilities Design Dated: Sunday, October 8, 2017

6. At the end sum up all the weights and select the highest score so in this case Location (X) is best location
to be selected.

In this lab we have studied the factoring rating in which we selected the location with the
highest number which is location X so we have to place our Facility on Location (X)