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esta es mi lista de palabras con las q usualmente tengo problemas xq acostumbro a pronunciarlas mal.


however how/e/ver
ankle, uncle encol, ancol
honesty nesti, sin pronunciar la "h" al inicio (q sonara como "j")
unique iunk (no es inik)
value vliu (no es vali)
acquisition acu/s/shion
entrepeneur antrpenur
hedionistic jidonstic
emission imshion
milieu mili (la u final suena como entre "o" y "u")
esthetically es/t/ticli
cohesion cojshion la "j" q puse casi q no suena
bureaucratic buiriocratcic
erudite ruidait
hierarchy jirarqui
annex (anexar) nex
permeate (penetrate,prmieit
anesthesia anestshia
subsidy sbsidi
hipocritically jipo/cr/ticli
certifiably cirti/fi/abli
prejudiced pryudist
inherent injrent
expound expund
ecclesiastical eclisisticol
guard (proteger) gard
deviant dviant
villainy vlani
paradigm predaim
intrinsic intrnsic
cynically cnic/li
orwellian org/lian
aggregate gregueit
intuitively intetvli las dos ltimas slabas se pronuncian rpido
adhering (adherenciaadjring
proponent propunent
evolve (evolucionar) ivlv
apex (the highest poiipex
capricious caprshos
vestige vstich
succesful, successionsuxsful, suxshion
inaugurate ingureit
compulsory complsori
drawing dr/in
patience pi/shien
passion p/shion
allocate /lokeit
contemplate cntempleit
contest contst
diguise disgis
detain (detener algu detin
plunge plnch la vocal suena como "a" y como "o"
hour r. Pero ms como es pronunciarlo como el pronombre "nuestro" (our)
data di/da
may, might mi, migt
either ider (brithish) , der (USA)
botany (botnica) bt/ni
behind bijind-bajind
diabitis daiabtis
essay sei
archive arcif
mountain munain
elite elt
unbelievable anbelabol
frightened frigtnd, frigtend
purpose prpus
componentes compnents
thesaurus disros
scheme skm
naive (ingenuo) naf
apple pol
Cambridge kimbridch
species spshes
obligued oblishd
famous fimes
minute mnet
focus fukes
flew (past of fly) flu (como gripe)
bought (past of buy) b@t (es como una mezcla entre "a" y "o", igual que thought osea pensamiento)
lettuce US: lres (no es ltchus). UK: ltes
turtle trl
heart hart hurt hert (pero esa vocal es ms una mezcla entre "e" y "o")
devour devuer ( = devorar)
norweigan norullan
tough tof (difcil, tenaz, duro)
sustain = (v)
transgressor = (n) transgresor
rescue = (v) rescatar
revive = (v) revivir, resucitar
conceive = (v) concebir (una idea en la mente o algo fsico). Ex: "Oh God, see, in guilt I was born, as sinner was I conceived".
reproach = (v) reprochar
compassion = (n) compasin
receive = (v) recibir
rejoice = (v) regocijar/se, alegrar/se
immense = (adj) inmenso
whiter = ms blanco. Ex: Oh God, wash me, I shall be whiter than snow.
fervor = (n) fervor
occasion = ocasin
conversely = a la inversa, por el contrario = inversely, contrariwise = introducing a statement or idea that reverses one that has
rn, as sinner was I conceived".

r idea that reverses one that has just been made or referred to. Ex: He would have preferred his wife not to work, although conversely (po
to work, although conversely (por el contrario) he was also proud of what she did.
Extrado de algunas fuentes como: Saltero eBreviary

meadow = (n) pradera (prairie, grassland), prado (field, green). Syn: paddock, pasture, pastureland, lea, mead. Ex1: 43 acres of
flock = (n) 1. la manada (as birds or sheep) assembled or herded together; 2. a church congregation (Dios es el pastor y nosotro
deck = (n)
forrow = (n) surco (groove, stria), arruga (wrinkle, crease, crinkle, crumple, line); (v) surcar (ride, plow, line, plough)
brim over = (v) rebosar (lquido en un recipiente). Ex: Oh God, your river in heaven brims over.
shelter = (n)
blast = (n)
endless = (adj) interminable (interminable, unending, never-ending), sin fin (endless, infinitive, drawn-out)
spurn = (v)
blot out = (v) borra, oculta. Ex: Oh God, in your immense compassion blot out my guilt.
praise = (n) alabanza (v) alabar Ex: Oh Lord, open my lips and my mouth shall proclaim your praise.
steadfast = (adj)
cast sb away = (v) alejar, apartar. Ex: Oh God, don't cast me away from your presence
deprive = (v)
harvest =
long = (v) yearn = (v)
sparrow = (n)
midst = (n)
hectic = (adj) frentico
eland, lea, mead. Ex1: 43 acres of meadow and pasture. Ex2: The sleeve depicts trees in a meadow of purple flowers. Ex3: Meadow ready
gation (Dios es el pastor y nosotros su manada)

ride, plow, line, plough)

e, drawn-out)

claim your praise.

rple flowers. Ex3: Meadow ready for cutting.
Palabras no tan fciles encontradas en los libros de TOEFL Vocabulary:
deluge = diluvio
aberrant: Markedly diferent from an accepted norm.
aberration: Deviation from a right, customary, or prescribed course.
abet: To aid, promote, or encourage the commission of (an ofense).
abeyance: A state of suspension or temporary inaction.
abjure: To recant, renounce, repudiate under oath.
ablution: A washing or cleansing, especially of the body.
abridge = (v) reduce, abate, atrophy, corrode, expurgate
abrogate: To abolish, repeal.
abscond: To depart suddenly and secretly, as for the purpose of escaping arrest.
abstemious: Characterized by self denial or abstinence, as in the use of drink, food.
abstruse: Dealing with matters difficult to be understood.
abut: To touch at the end or boundary line.
accede: To agree.
acquiesce = (v) to comply quietly. Ex: The hostage, fearful of being killed, acquiesced to his captors demands.
acquiesce: To comply; submit.
acrid: Harshly pungent or bitter.
acumen: Quickness of intellectual insight, or discernment; keenness of discrimination.
adage: An old saying.
adamant: Any substance of exceeding hardness or impenetrability.
admonition: Gentle reproof.
adumbrate: To represent beforehand in outline or by emblem.
afable: Easy to approach.
aggrandize: To cause to appear greatly.
aggravate: To make heavier, worse, or more burdensome.
agile: Able to move or act quickly, physically, or mentally.
agog: In eager desire.
alacrity: Cheerful willingness.
alcove: A covered recess connected with or at the side of a larger room.
alleviate: To make less burdensome or less hard to bear.
aloof: Not in sympathy with or desiring to associate with others.
amalgamate: To mix or blend together in a homogeneous body.
ambidextrous: Having the ability of using both hands with equal skill or ease.
ambiguous: Having a double meaning.
ameliorate: To relieve, as from pain or hardship
anarchy = anarqua = 1. the complete absence of government or control resulting in lawlessness; 2. political disorder and conf
anathema = 1. (n.) a formal ban or curse 2. (n.) one who is greatly detested
anathema: Anything forbidden, as by social usage.
animadversion: The utterance of criticism or censure.
animosity: Hatred.
annex = 1. (v.) to seize territory or space 2. (n.) a room attached to a larger room
antediluvian: Of or pertaining to the times, things, events before the great flood in the days of Noah.
antidote: Anything that will counteract or remove the efects of poison, disease, or the like.
aplomb: Confidence; coolness.
apocryphal : Of doubtful authority or authenticity.
apogee: The climax.
apostate: False.
apotheosis: Deification.
apparition: Ghost.
appease: To soothe by quieting anger or indignation.
apposite: Appropriate.
apprehend = 1. (v.) to seize, arrest 2. (v.) to perceive or understand
apprise: To give notice to; to inform.
approbation: Sanction.
arboreal: Of or pertaining to a tree or trees.
arcane = (adj) arcano = obscure, known only by a few = esoteric
ardor: Intensity of passion or afection.
argot: A specialized vocabulary peculiar to a particular group.
arrant: Notoriously bad.
ascetic: Given to severe self-denial and practicing excessive abstinence and devotion.
ascribe: To assign as a quality or attribute.
asperity: Harshness or roughness of temper.
assiduous: Unceasing; persistent
assuage: To cause to be less harsh, violent, or severe, as excitement, appetite, pain, or disease.
astringent: Harsh in disposition or character.
astute: Keen in discernment.
atonement: Amends, reparation, or expiation made from wrong or injury.
audacious: Fearless.
augury: Omen
auspicious: Favorable omen
austere = severe or stern in attitude or appearance, strict, unadorned, simple or plain, not fancy; (de pocos placeres) simple an
austere: Severely simple; unadorned.
autocrat: Any one who claims or wields unrestricted or undisputed authority or influence.
auxiliary: One who or that which aids or helps, especially when regarded as subsidiary or accessory.
avarice: Passion for getting and keeping riches.
aver: To avouch, justify or prove
aversion: A mental condition of fixed opposition to or dislike of some particular thing.
avow: To declare openly.
baleful = (adj) harmful, grievous, deleterious
baleful: Malignant.
banal: Commonplace.
bare = vaco, pelado, liso, desnudo, escueto, mero, sencillo, simple, solo. barely = (adv) apenas, escasamente, difcilmen
bask: To make warm by genial heat.
beatify: To make supremely happy.
bedaub: To smear over, as with something oily or sticky.
bellicose: Warlike.
belligerent: Manifesting a warlike spirit.
benefactor: A doer of kindly and charitable acts.
benevolence: Any act of kindness or well-doing.
benign: Good and kind of heart.
berate: To scold severely.
bewilder: To confuse the perceptions or judgment of.
blandishment: Flattery intended to persuade.
blatant: Noisily or ofensively loud or clamorous.
blithe: Joyous.
boisterous = (adj) loud, strident (estridente), vociferous
boisterous: Unchecked merriment or animal spirits.
bolster: To support, as something wrong.
bombast: Inflated or extravagant language, especially on unimportant subjects.
boorish: Rude.
brazen = (adj) rude, brusque, impertinent; insolent, disrepectful; contemptuous, haughty
breach: The violation of official duty, lawful right, or a legal obligation.
brittle: Fragile.
broach: To mention, for the first time.
bumptious: Full of ofensive and aggressive self-conceit.
buoyant: Having the power or tendency to float or keep afloat.
burnish: To make brilliant or shining.
cabal: A number of persons secretly united for efecting by intrigue some private purpose.
cacophony: A disagreeable, harsh, or discordant sound or combination of sounds or tones.
cajole: To impose on or dupe by flattering speech.
callow: Without experience of the world.
calumny: Slander.
candid: Straightforward.
cant: To talk in a singsong, preaching tone with afected solemnity.
canvas = 1. (n.) a piece of cloth on which an artist paints 2. (v.) to cover, inspect
capacious: Roomy.
capitulate: To surrender or stipulate terms.
captious: Hypercritical.
castigate: To punish.
cataract: Opacity of the lens of the eye resulting in complete or partial blindness.
caustic: Sarcastic and severe.
censure: To criticize severely; also, an expression of disapproval.
centurion: A captain of a company of one hundred infantry in the ancient Roman army.
chagrin: Keen vexation, annoyance, or mortification, as at one's failures or errors.
chary: Careful; wary; cautious.
chicanery: The use of trickery to deceive.
circumlocution: Indirect or roundabout expression.
cleave = 1. (v.) to divide 2. (v.) to stick together
coddle: To treat as a baby or an invalid.
coerce: To force.
coeval: Existing during the same period of time; also, a contemporary.
cogent: Appealing strongly to the reason or conscience.
cogitate: Consider carefully and deeply; ponder.
cognizant: Taking notice.
cohere = (v)
colloquial: Pertaining or peculiar to common speech as distinguished from literary.
collusion: A secret agreement for a wrongful purpose.
comestible: Fit to be eaten.
commemorate: To serve as a remembrance of.
commensurate = (adj) conmensurado, acorde/conforme en tamao y cantidad = corresponding in size or amount. Ex: Many of
complaisance: Politeness.
complement: To make complete.
comport: To conduct or behave (oneself).
compunction: Remorseful feeling.
conceit: Self-flattering opinion.
conciliatory: Tending to reconcile.
concord: Harmony.
concur: To agree.
condense: To abridge.
conflagration: A great fire, as of many buildings, a forest, or the like.
confluence: The place where streams meet.
congeal: To coagulate.
conjoin: To unite.
connoisseur: A critical judge of art, especially one with thorough knowledge and sound judgment of art.
console: To comfort.
conspicuous: Clearly visible.
consternation: Panic.
constrict: To bind.
consummate: To bring to completion.
contiguous: Touching or joining at the edge or boundary.
contrite: Broken in spirit because of a sense of sin.
contumacious: Rebellious.
copious: Plenteous.
cornucopia: The horn of plenty, symbolizing peace and prosperity.
corporeal: Of a material nature; physical.
correlate: To put in some relation of connection or correspondence.
corroboration: Confirmation.
counterfeit: Made to resemble something else.
countervail: To ofset.
covert: Concealed, especially for an evil purpose.
cower: To crouch down tremblingly, as through fear or shame.
crass: Coarse or thick in nature or structure, as opposed to thin or fine.
credulous: Easily deceived.
cupidity: Avarice.
cursory: Rapid and superficial.
curtail: To cut of or cut short.
cynosure: That to which general interest or attention is directed.
dearth: Scarcity, as of something customary, essential ,or desirable.
declaim = declamar
defer = (v.) 1. to postpone (diferir); 2. to yield to anothers wisdom
defer: To delay or put of to some other time.
deign: To deem worthy of notice or account.
deleterious: Hurtful, morally or physically.
delineate: To represent by sketch or diagram.
deluge: To overwhelm with a flood of water.
demagogue: An unprincipled politician.
denizen: Inhabitant.
denouement: That part of a play or story in which the mystery is cleared up.
deplete: To reduce or lessen, as by use, exhaustion, or waste.
deposition: Testimony legally taken on interrogatories and reduced to writing, for use as evidence in court.
deprave: To render bad, especially morally bad.
deprecate = depreciate = be little = menospreciar
deprecate: To express disapproval or regret for, with hope for the opposite.
deride: To ridicule.
derision: Ridicule.
derivative: Coming or acquired from some origin.
descry: To discern.
desiccant: Any remedy which, when applied externally, dries up or absorbs moisture, as that of wounds.
desuetude: A state of disuse or inactivity.
desultory: Not connected with what precedes.
deter: To frighten away.
dexterity: Readiness, precision, efficiency, and ease in any physical activity or in any mechanical work.
diaphanous: Transparent.
diatribe: A bitter or malicious criticism.
didactic: Pertaining to teaching.
diffidence: Self-distrust.
diffident: Afected or possessed with self-distrust.
dilate: To enlarge in all directions.
dilatory: Tending to cause delay.
disallow: To withhold permission or sanction.
discomfit: To put to confusion.
disconcert: To disturb the composure of.
disconsolate : Hopelessly sad; also, saddening; cheerless.
discountenance: To look upon with disfavor.
discredit: To injure the reputation of.
discreet: Judicious.
disheveled: Disordered; disorderly; untidy.
dissemble: To hide by pretending something diferent.
disseminate: To sow or scatter abroad, as seed is sown.
dissent: Disagreement.
dissolution: A breaking up of a union of persons.
distraught: Bewildered.
divulge: To tell or make known, as something previously private or secret.
dogmatic: Making statements without argument or evidence.
dormant: Being in a state of or resembling sleep.
dubious: Doubtful.
duplicity: Double-dealing.
earthenware: Anything made of clay and baked in a kiln or dried in the sun.
ebullient: Showing enthusiasm or exhilaration of feeling.
edacious: Given to eating.
edible: Suitable to be eaten.
educe: To draw out.
efete: Exhausted, as having performed its functions.
efficacy: The power to produce an intended efect as shown in the production of it.
efrontery: Unblushing impudence.
efulgence: Splendor.
egregious: Extreme.
egress: Any place of exit.
elegy: A lyric poem lamenting the dead.
elicit: To educe or extract gradually or without violence.
elucidate: To bring out more clearly the facts concerning.
emaciate: To waste away in flesh.
embellish: To make beautiful or elegant by adding attractive or ornamental features.
embezzle: To misappropriate secretly.
emblazon: To set forth publicly or in glowing terms.
encomium: A formal or discriminating expression of praise.
encumbrance: A burdensome and troublesome load.
endemic: Peculiar to some specified country or people.
enervate: To render inefective or inoperative.
engender: To produce.
engrave: To cut or carve in or upon some surface.
enigma: A riddle.
enmity: Hatred.
entangle: To involve in difficulties, confusion, or complications.
entreat: To ask for or request earnestly.
Epicurean: Indulging, ministering, or pertaining to daintiness of appetite.
epithet: Word used adjectivally to describe some quality or attribute of is objects, as in "Father Aeneas".
epitome = (n) best example, archetype, paradigm, parangon = a brief summary or abstract.
epitome: A simplified representation.
equable: Equal and uniform; also, serene.
equanimity : Calmness; composure.
equanimity: Evenness of mind or temper.
equilibrium: A state of balance.
equivocal: Ambiguous.
equivocate: To use words of double meaning.
eradicate: To destroy thoroughly.
errant: Roving or wandering, as in search of adventure or opportunity for gallant deeds.
erratic: Irregular.
erroneous: Incorrect.
erudite: Very-learned.
eschew: To keep clear of.
esoteric = (adj) understood by only a selected few = arcane (arcano). Ex: Quantum Physics is an esoteric field that seems inacc
espy: To keep close watch.
eulogy: A spoken or written laudation of a person's life or character.
euphonious: Characterized by agreeableness of sound.
evanescent: Fleeting.
evince: To make manifest or evident.
evoke: To call or summon forth.
exacerbate: To make more sharp, severe, or virulent.
exculpate: To relieve of blame.
exhaustive: Thorough and complete in execution.
exigency : State of requiring immediate action; also, an urgent situation; also, that which is required in a
exigency: A critical period or condition.
exorbitant: Going beyond usual and proper limits.
expatiate: To speak or write at some length.
expedient: Contributing to personal advantage.
expiate: To make satisfaction or amends for.
explicate: To clear from involvement.
expostulate: To discuss.
expropriate: To deprive of possession; also, to transfer (another's property) to oneself.
extant: Still existing and known.
extempore: Without studied or special preparation.
extenuate: To diminish the gravity or importance of.
extinct: Being no longer in existence.
extinguish: To render extinct.
extirpate: To root out; to eradicate.
extol = (v) exalt, adulate, praise
extol: To praise in the highest terms.
extort: To obtain by violence, threats, compulsion, or the subjection of another to some necessity.
extraneous: Having no essential relation to a subject.
exuberance: Rich supply.
faade = fachada = 1. (n.) the decorative front wall of a building 2. (n.) a deceptive appearance or attitude
facetious: Amusing.
facile = 1. (adj.) easy 2. (adj.) superficial, insincere
facile: Not difficult to do.
factious: Turbulent.
fallacious: Illogical.
fatuous: Idiotic
fawn: A young deer.
feint: Any sham, pretense, or deceptive movement.
felon: A criminal or depraved person.
ferocity: Savageness.
fervid: Intense.
fervor: Ardor or intensity of feeling.
fidelity: Loyalty.
finesse: Subtle contrivance used to gain a point.
flamboyant: Characterized by extravagance and in general by want of good taste.
flippant: Having a light, pert, trifling disposition.
florid: Flushed with red.
flout: To treat with contempt.
foible: A personal weakness or failing.
foment: To nurse to life or activity; to encourage.
foppish: Characteristic of one who is unduly devoted to dress and the niceties of manners.
forbearance: Patient endurance or toleration of ofenses.
forfeit: To lose possession of through failure to fulfill some obligation.
forgery: Counterfeiting.
forswear: To renounce upon oath.
fragile: Easily broken.
frantic: Frenzied.
frugal: Economical.
fugacious: Fleeting.
fulminate: To cause to explode.
fulsome: Ofensive from excess of praise or commendation.
gainsay: To contradict; to deny.
gamut: The whole range or sequence.
garrulous: Given to constant trivial talking.
germane: Relevant.
gesticulate: To make gestures or motions, as in speaking, or in place of speech.
glimmer: A faint, wavering, unsteady light.
gossamer: Flimsy.
gourmand: A connoisseur in the delicacies of the table.
grandiloquent: Speaking in or characterized by a pompous or bombastic style.
greedy = (adj) avaro, codicioso; vido, ansioso, voraz, glotn
gregarious: Sociable, outgoing
grievous: Creating affliction.
guile: Duplicity.
gullible: Credulous.
hackneyed = (adj) unoriginal, derivative, trite. Relativo a "hacker" quien como informtico diestro puede copiar o plagiar i
halcyon: Calm.
haphazard = (adv) al azar; (adj) accidental
harangue: A tirade.
harbinger: One who or that which foreruns and announces the coming of any person or thing.
head: Adv. Precipitately, as in diving.
heinous: Odiously sinful.
heresy: An opinion or doctrine subversive of settled beliefs or accepted principles.
heterogeneous: Consisting of dissimilar elements or ingredients of diferent kinds.
hirsute: Having a hairy covering.
hoodwink: To deceive.
hospitable: Disposed to treat strangers or guests with generous kindness.
hypocrisy: Extreme insincerity.
iconoclast: An image-breaker.
idiosyncrasy: A mental quality or habit peculiar to an individual.
ignoble: Low in character or purpose.
ignominious: Shameful.
illicit: Unlawful.
imbroglio: A misunderstanding attended by ill feeling, perplexity, or strife.
imbue : To dye; to instill profoundly.
immaculate: Without spot or blemish.
imminent: Dangerous and close at hand.
immutable: Unchangeable.
impair: To cause to become less or worse.
impassive: Unmoved by or not exhibiting feeling.
impecunious: Having no money.
impede: To be an obstacle or to place obstacles in the way of.
imperative: Obligatory.
imperious: Insisting on obedience.
imperturbable: Calm.
impervious: Impenetrable.
impetuous: Impulsive.
impiety: Irreverence toward God.
implacable: Incapable of being pacified.
implicate: To show or prove to be involved in or concerned
implicit: Implied.
importunate: Urgent in character, request, or demand.
importune: To harass with persistent demands or entreaties.
impromptu: Anything done or said on the impulse of the moment.
improvident: Lacking foresight or thrift.
impugn: To assail with arguments, insinuations, or accusations.
impute: To attribute.
inadvertent: Accidental.
inane: Silly.
incessant: Unceasing.
inchoate: Incipient.
incipient: Initial.
incite: To rouse to a particular action.
incongruous: Unsuitable for the time, place, or occasion.
inculcate: To teach by frequent repetitions.
indelible: That can not be blotted out, efaced, destroyed, or removed.
indigence: Poverty.
indigenous: Native.
indistinct: Vague.
indolence: Laziness.
indolent: Habitually inactive or idle.
indomitable: Unconquerable.
indulgent: Yielding to the desires or humor of oneself or those under one's care.
inefable: Unutterable.
ineluctable: Impossible to avoid.
inept: Not fit or suitable.
inexorable: Unrelenting.
infuse: To instill, introduce, or inculcate, as principles or qualities.
ingenuous: Candid, frank, or open in character or quality.
inimical: Adverse.
inn =
innocuous: Harmless.
inscrutable: Impenetrably mysterious or profound.
insensible: Imperceptible.
insinuate: To imply.
insipid: Tasteless.
insouciant: Nonchalant.
insurrection: The state of being in active resistance to authority.
interdict: Authoritative act of prohibition.
interim: Time between acts or periods.
intransigent: Not capable of being swayed or diverted from a course.
intrepid: Fearless and bold.
introspection: The act of observing and analyzing one's own thoughts and feelings.
inundate: To fill with an overflowing abundance.
inure: To harden or toughen by use, exercise, or exposure.
invalid: One who is disabled by illness or injury.
invective: An utterance intended to cast censure, or reproach.
inveigh: To utter vehement censure or invective.
inveterate: Habitual.
invidious: Showing or feeling envy.
invincible: Not to be conquered, subdued, or overcome.
iota: A small or insignificant mark or part.
irascible: Prone to anger.
irate: Moved to anger.
ire: Wrath.
irksome: Wearisome.
itinerant: Wandering.
itinerate: To wander from place to place.
jocular: Inclined to joke.
jovial: Merry.
judicious: Prudent.
junta: A council or assembly that deliberates in secret upon the afairs of government.
lachrymose: Given to shedding tears.
lackadaisical: Listless.
languid: Relaxed.
lascivious: Lustful.
lassitude: Lack of vitality or energy.
latent: Dormant.
laudable: Praiseworthy.
laudatory: Pertaining to, expressing, or containing praise.
legacy: A bequest.
levee: An embankment beside a river or stream or an arm of the sea, to prevent overflow.
levity: Frivolity.
lexicon: A dictionary.
libel: Defamation.
licentious: Wanton.
lien: A legal claim or hold on property, as security for a debt or charge.
listless: Inattentive.
lithe: Supple.
loquacious: Talkative.
lugubrious: Indicating sorrow, often ridiculously.
luminary: One of the heavenly bodies as a source of light.
lustrous: Shining.
malaise: A condition of uneasiness or ill-being.
malcontent: One who is dissatisfied with the existing state of afairs.
malevolence: Ill will.
malign: To speak evil of, especially to do so falsely and severely.
malleable: Pliant.
massacre: The unnecessary and indiscriminate killing of human beings.
maudlin: Foolishly and tearfully afectionate.
mawkish: Sickening or insipid.
mellifluous: Sweetly or smoothly flowing.
mendacious: Untrue.
mendicant: A beggar.
meretricious: Alluring by false or gaudy show.
mesmerize: To hypnotize.
meticulous: Over-cautious.
mettle: Courage.
mettlesome: Having courage or spirit.
microcosm: The world or universe on a small scale.
mien: The external appearance or manner of a person.
mischievous: Fond of tricks.
miscreant: A villain.
miser: A person given to saving and hoarding unduly.
misnomer: A name wrongly or mistakenly applied.
moderation: Temperance.
modicum: A small or token amount.
mollify: To soothe.
molt: To cast of, as hair, feathers, etc.
monomania: The unreasonable pursuit of one idea.
morass = (n.) 1. a swamp 2. something that confuses or overwhelms
morbid: Caused by or denoting a diseased or unsound condition of body or mind.
mordant: Biting.
moribund: On the point of dying.
morose: Gloomy.
multifarious: Having great diversity or variety.
mundane: Worldly, as opposed to spiritual or celestial.
munificent: Extraordinarily generous.
myriad: A vast indefinite number.
nadir: The lowest point.
nefarious: Wicked in the extreme.
negligent: Apt to omit what ought to be done.
neophyte: Having the character of a beginner.
noisome: Very ofensive, particularly to the sense of smell.
nostrum: Any scheme or recipe of a charlatan character.
noxious: Hurtful.
nugatory: Having no power or force.
obdurate: Impassive to feelings of humanity or pity.
obfuscate: To darken; to obscure.
oblique: Slanting; said of lines.
obsequious: Showing a servile readiness to fall in with the wishes or will of another.
obstreperous: Boisterous.
obtrude = (v) force or impose (as oneself or one's ideas) to another without warrant or request; invade; interrupt; to become i
obtrude: To be pushed or to push oneself into undue prominence.
obtrusive: Tending to be pushed or to push oneself into undue prominence.
obviate: To clear away or provide for, as an objection or difficulty.
odious: Hateful.
odium: A feeling of extreme repugnance, or of dislike and disgust.
officious: Intermeddling with what is not one's concern.
ominous: Portentous.
onerous: Burdensome or oppressive.
onus: A burden or responsibility.
opprobrium: The state of being scornfully reproached or accused of evil.
opt for = optar por
ossify: To convert into bone.
ostentation: A display dictated by vanity and intended to invite applause or flattery.
ostracism: Exclusion from intercourse or favor, as in society or politics.
ostracize: To exclude from public or private favor.
palate: The roof of the mouth.
palatial: Magnificent.
palliate: To cause to appear less guilty.
palpable: Perceptible by feeling or touch.
panacea: A remedy or medicine proposed for or professing to cure all diseases.
panegyric: A formal and elaborate eulogy, written or spoken, of a person or of an act.
panoply: A full set of armor.
paragon: A model of excellence.
Pariah: A member of a degraded class; a social outcast.
paroxysm: A sudden outburst of any kind of activity.
parsimonious: Unduly sparing in the use or expenditure of money.
partisan: Characterized by or exhibiting undue or unreasoning devotion to a party.
pathos: The quality in any form of representation that rouses emotion or sympathy.
paucity: Fewness.
peccadillo: A small breach of propriety or principle.
pedestrian: One who journeys on foot.
pellucid: Translucent.
penchant: A bias in favor of something.
penurious: Excessively sparing in the use of money.
penury: Indigence.
peregrination: A wandering.
peremptory: Precluding question or appeal.
perfidy: Treachery.
perfunctory: Half-hearted.
peripatetic: Walking about.
perjury: A solemn assertion of a falsity.
permeate: To pervade.
pernicious: Tending to kill or hurt.
persiflage: Banter.
perspicacity: Acuteness or discernment.
perturbation: Mental excitement or confusion.
petrify: To convert into a substance of stony hardness and character.
petulant: Displaying impatience.
phlegmatic: Not easily roused to feeling or action.
physiognomy: The external appearance merely.
pious: Religious.
pique: To excite a slight degree of anger in.
pittance = (n) a tiny amount, paucity, modicum (mdico)
placate: To bring from a state of angry or hostile feeling to one of patience or friendliness.
platitude: A written or spoken statement that is flat, dull, or commonplace.
plea: An argument to obtain some desired action.
plenary: Entire.
plethora: Excess; superabundance.
plumb: A weight suspended by a line to test the verticality of something.
plummet: A piece of lead for making soundings, adjusting walls to the vertical.
poignant: Severely painful or acute to the spirit.
polyglot: Speaking several tongues.
ponderous: Unusually weighty or forcible.
portend: To indicate as being about to happen, especially by previous signs.
portent: Anything that indicates what is to happen.
precarious: Perilous.
preclude: To prevent.
precocious: Having the mental faculties prematurely developed.
predominate: To be chief in importance, quantity, or degree.
premature: Coming too soon.
presage: To foretell.
prescience: Knowledge of events before they take place.
presumption: That which may be logically assumed to be true until disproved.
preternatural: Extraordinary.
prevalent: Of wide extent or frequent occurrence.
prevaricate: To use ambiguous or evasive language for the purpose of deceiving or diverting attention.
prim: Stiffly proper.
pristine: Primitive.
probity: Virtue or integrity tested and confirmed.
proclivity: A natural inclination.
procrastination: Delay.
prodigal: One wasteful or extravagant, especially in the use of money or property.
prodigious: Immense.
profligacy: Shameless viciousness.
profligate: Recklessly wasteful
profuse: Produced or displayed in overabundance.
prolix: Verbose.
propinquity: Nearness.
propitious: Kindly disposed.
prosaic: Unimaginative.
proscribe: To reject, as a teaching or a practice, with condemnation or denunciation.
protuberant: Bulging.
provident: Anticipating and making ready for future wants or emergencies.
prudence: Caution.
puerile: Childish.
pugnacious: Quarrelsome.
punctilious: Strictly observant of the rules or forms prescribed by law or custom.
pungency: The quality of afecting the sense of smell.
pusillanimous: Without spirit or bravery.
pyre: A heap of combustibles arranged for burning a dead body.
qualm: A fit of nausea.
quandary: A puzzling predicament.
quibble: An utterly trivial distinction or objection.
quiescence: Being quiet, still, or at rest; inactive
quiescent: Being in a state of repose or inaction.
Quixotic: Chivalrous or romantic to a ridiculous or extravagant degree.
quotidian: Of an everyday character; ordinary.
raconteur: A person skilled in telling stories.
ramify: To divide or subdivide into branches or subdivisions.
rapacious: Sieze by force, avaricious
raucous: Harsh.
reactionary: Pertaining to, of the nature of, causing, or favoring reaction.
rebuf: A peremptory or unexpected rejection of advances or approaches.
recalcitrant: Marked by stubborn resistance.
recant: To withdraw formally one's belief (in something previously believed or maintained).
reciprocity: Equal mutual rights and benefits granted and enjoyed.
recluse: One who lives in retirement or seclusion.
recondite: Incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding.
recrudescent: Becoming raw or sore again.
recuperate: To recover.
redoubtable: Formidable.
redress: To set right, as a wrong by compensation or the punishment of the wrong-doer.
refractory: Not amenable to control.
regale: To give unusual pleasure.
regicide: The killing of a king or sovereign.
reiterate: To say or do again and again.
relapse: To sufer a return of a disease after partial recovery.
remonstrate: To present a verbal or written protest to those who have power to right or prevent a wrong.
renovate: To restore after deterioration, as a building.
repast: A meal; figuratively, any refreshment.
repel: To force or keep back in a manner, physically or mentally.
repine: To indulge in fretfulness and faultfinding.
reprobate = 1. (adj.) unprincipled, lacking in morals 2. (v.) to condemn
reprobate: One abandoned to depravity and sin.
repudiate: To refuse to have anything to do with.
repulsive: Grossly ofensive.
requisite: Necessary.
requite: To repay either good or evil to, as to a person.
rescind: To make void, as an act, by the enacting authority or a superior authority.
resilience: The power of springing back to a former position
resonance: Able to reinforce sound by sympathetic vibrations.
respite: Interval of rest.
restive: Resisting control.
retinue: The group of people who accompany an important person during travels.
revere: To regard with worshipful veneration.
reverent: Humble.
ribald: Indulging in or manifesting coarse indecency or obscenity.
risible: Capable of exciting laughter.
rotund: Round from fullness or plumpness.
ruffian: A lawless or recklessly brutal fellow.
ruminate: To chew over again, as food previously swallowed and regurgitated.
sagacious: Able to discern and distinguish with wise perception.
salacious: Having strong sexual desires.
salient: Standing out prominently.
salubrious: Healthful; promoting health.
salutary: Beneficial.
sanction: To approve authoritatively.
sanguine = 1. (adj.) optimistic 2. of the color of blood
sanguine: Cheerfully confident; optimistic.
sardonic: Scornfully or bitterly sarcastic.
satiate: To satisfy fully the appetite or desire of.
satyr: A very lascivious person.
savor: To perceive by taste or smell.
scabbard: The sheath of a sword or similar bladed weapon.
scintilla: The faintest ray.
scolding = (n) regao
scribble: Hasty, careless writing.
sedulous: Persevering in efort or endeavor.
sequence: The order in which a number or persons, things, or events follow one another in space or time.
severance: Separation; liquidacin ($ q pagan en un trabajo cuando terminas la relacin laboral)
shrewd: Characterized by skill at understanding and profiting by circumstances.
sinecure: Any position having emoluments with few or no duties.
sinuous: Curving in and out.
skif: Usually, a small light boat propelled by oars.
slanderous = (adj) pejorative, defamatory; (n) aspersion
sluggard: A person habitually lazy or idle.
solace: Comfort in grief, trouble, or calamity.
solvent: Having sufficient funds to pay all debts.
somniferous: Tending to produce sleep.
somnolent: Sleepy.
sonorous: Resonant.
sophistry: Reasoning sound in appearance only, especially when designedly deceptive.
soporific: Causing sleep; also, something that causes sleep.
sordid: Filthy, morally degraded
specious: Plausible.
spurious: Not genuine.
squalid: Having a dirty, mean, poverty-stricken appearance.
stanch: To stop the flowing of; to check.
stigma: A mark of infamy or token of disgrace attaching to a person as the result of evil-doing.
stingy: Cheap, unwilling to spend money.
stolid: Expressing no power of feeling or perceiving.
submerge: To place or plunge under water.
subterfuge: Evasion.
succinct: Concise.
sumptuous: Rich and costly.
supercilious: Exhibiting haughty and careless contempt.
superfluous: Being more than is needed.
supernumerary: Superfluous.
supersede: To displace.
supine: Lying on the back.
supplicate: To beg.
suppress: To prevent from being disclosed or punished.
surcharge: An additional amount charged.
surfeit = (adj) abundant, copious (copioso), profuse (profuso) == plethora = (n) a very large amount much greater than what's n
surfeit: To feed to fullness or to satiety.
surreptitious = (adj) secretive, clandestine, covert
susceptibility: A specific capability of feeling or emotion.
sybarite: A luxurious person.
sycophant: A servile flatterer, especially of those in authority or influence.
synopsis: A syllabus or summary.
taciturn: Disinclined to conversation.
taut: Stretched tight.
temerity: Foolhardy disregard of danger; recklessness.
terse: Pithy.
timorous: Lacking courage.
torpid: Dull; sluggish; inactive.
torrid: Excessively hot.
tortuous: Abounding in irregular bends or turns.
tractable: Easily led or controlled.
transgress: To break a law.
transient: One who or that which is only of temporary existence.
transitory: Existing for a short time only.
travail: Hard or agonizing labor.
travesty: A grotesque imitation.
trenchant: Cutting deeply and quickly.
trepidation: Nervous uncertainty of feeling.
trite: Made commonplace by frequent repetition.
truculence: Ferocity.
truculent: Having the character or the spirit of a savage.
turbid: In a state of turmoil; muddled
turgid: Swollen.
turpitude: Depravity.
tutelage: The act of training or the state of being under instruction.
tyro: One slightly skilled in or acquainted with any trade or profession.
ubiquitous: Being present everywhere.
ulterior: Not so pertinent as something else to the matter spoken of.
umbrage: A sense of injury.
unctuous: Oily.
undermine: To subvert in an underhand way.
undulate: To move like a wave or in waves.
untoward: Causing annoyance or hindrance.
upbraid: To reproach as deserving blame.
vagary: A sudden desire or action
vainglory: Excessive, pretentious, and demonstrative vanity.
valorous: Courageous.
vapid: Having lost sparkling quality and flavor.
variegated: Having marks or patches of diferent colors; also, varied.
vehement: Very eager or urgent.
venal: Mercenary, corrupt.
veneer: Outside show or elegance.
venial: That may be pardoned or forgiven, a forgivable sin.
veracious: Habitually disposed to speak the truth.
veracity: Truthfulness.
verbiage: Use of many words without necessity.
verbose: Wordy.
verdant: Green with vegetation.
veritable: Real; true; genuine.
vestige: A visible trace, mark, or impression, of something absent, lost, or gone.
vicissitude: A change, especially a complete change, of condition or circumstances, as of fortune.
vigilance: Alert and intent mental watchfulness in guarding against danger.
vigilant: Being on the alert to discover and ward of danger or insure safety.
virago: Loud talkative women, strong statured women
virtu: Rare, curious, or beautiful quality.
visage: The face, countenance, or look of a person.
vitiate: To contaminate.
vituperate: To overwhelm with wordy abuse.
vivify: To endue with life.
vociferous: Making a loud outcry.
volatile: Changeable.
voluble: Having great fluency in speaking.
wean: To transfer (the young) from dependence on mother's milk to another form of nourishment.
whimsical = (adj) caprichoso
whimsical: Capricious.
winsome: Attractive.
Zeitgeist: The intellectual and moral tendencies that characterize any age or epoch.
fatuation : (n) great admiration for the qualities of a person
coercing = coaccionar = Ejercer fuerza o violencia fsica o psquica sobre una persona para obligarla a decir o hacer algo contra
reframe = (v) replantear = frame or express (words or a concept or plan) diferently.
attenuate = atenuar
compelling = (adj) irresistible = irresistible, resistless, devastating, killing
go astray = (v) extraviarse, pervertirse
awe (v) = atemorizar; awe (n) = temor; awesome = asombroso
endeavour = a hard attempt to achieve a goal.
hesitate (v)= dudar. Ej: Don't hesitate it = No lo dudes.
reluctant = renuente = unwilling, disinclined, unenthusiastic, resistant, resisting, opposed, hesitant; shy, bashful, coy, diffident,
debunked = desmitificado
awesome = asombroso
ransomed = (adj)
distress = (v)
chide = (v)
spare = (v)
feeble = (adj)
foe = (n)
bow down = (v)
ponder = (v)
hurl = (v) Ex: My Lord, God, hurled phraoh's chariots and army into the sea.
pile up = (v)
mound = (n)
midst = (n)
boast = (v)
despoil = (v)
convenant = (n) acuerdo, alianza. Ex: The holy convenant between God and Abraham
guile = (n)
slander = (n)
outburst = (n) Ex: outburst of anger.
mourn = (v)
repent = (v) arrepentirse ???????? repentance = (n)
strive = (v)
preach = (v) predicar ??????????
chaste = (adj) casto ????????
steward = (n)
drench = empapar (soak, steep, soak up, saturate, permeate), mojar (wet, dip, moisten, dampen, water). Ex: I fell in the stream
nest = (n) nido
ors demands.

; 2. political disorder and confusion.

(de pocos placeres) simple and harsh

penas, escasamente, difcilmente bareness = (n) desnudez

in size or amount. Ex: Many of the job listings Andrew read promised that salary would be commensurate with experience ( los salarios
esoteric field that seems inaccessible to non-scientists.
diestro puede copiar o plagiar informacin, x lo q no sera original o de su autora su trabajo.
invade; interrupt; to become involved with sth or to become noticeable in an unpleasant or annoying way; thrust out (extrude, eject)
unt much greater than what's necessary
rla a decir o hacer algo contra su voluntad.

nt; shy, bashful, coy, diffident, reserved, timid, timorous; loath to, unwilling to, disinclined to, indisposed to, not in favor of, against, oppose
, water). Ex: I fell in the stream and got drenched; (n) pocin, dosis de medicina para animal
with experience ( los salarios seran conforme/acorde a la experiencia).
thrust out (extrude, eject)
not in favor of, against, opposed to
TOEFL words:
FUENTES: AWL WELLINGTON aqui hay listas desca

abandon = n. freedom; impetuosity; enthusiasm

abash = v. to lose self-confidence; to confuse; to put to shame; to disconcert; to embarrass
abdicate = (v) give up or abandon the control, relinquish
abdicate = v. to reject; to renounce; to abandon; to give up PALABRAS PARECIDAS EN READING:
abduction = (n) kidnapping =
abet = v. to encourage; to supportsecuestro accrete come together
sparse thin
abhor (v.) to loathe fastidious demanding
abide = obedecer provided thatas long as
abridge = v. to shorten; to limit; to condense penetrate pierce
abrogate= =(adv
v. too cancel
adj) overseas = in orto
by authority; toterminate;
a foreign country; going from one perso flatten out
to abolish
mint make coins
abstemious = adj. sparing in use of food or drinks; satisfied with little; moderate slimy
acclaim = n. enthusiastic approval, applause. Syn. praise accrete come together
accolade = n. approving or praising mention; award; honor bequeath pass on
accurate= =acusar
accuse (adj) correct
= To say(about information,
that someone not opinions)
did something wrongon(e.g.,
target. Ex: That testdevoid
committed empty
a crime)
acquiesce (v.) to comply quietly
acrimonious (adj.) bitter and sharp in language or tone
acrimonious = adj. sharp or harsh in language or temper; rancorous; bitter; caustic
acumen (n.)
= n. sharpness
keenness ofofmind;
judgment shrewdness

addle (v.) to muddle or confuse

admonish (v.) to caution or warn gently
admonish = v. to warn; to find fault; to reprove; to scold
advancement = n. avance
advent = (n) adviento = Coming; arrival

advocate = (v + v(ing)) to speak out in favor (behalf) of sth. Ex: Right now I'm the Evil's Advocate (soy el abo
aesthetic = (adj) esttico aesthetics = (n) la esttica aesthetician = (n) el esttico esthetically
afable = afable
afair = (n) asunto de alguien = a matter that concerns sb; activitiy done for a purpouse (commercial, public
affluence = (n) wealth and the style of life that goes with it; wealth, influx, flux, income, inflow, inpouring
affluent (adj.) acaudalado = wealthy; plentiful; flowing freely
affluent = (adj) acaudalado (rico o millonario) = wealthy, plentiful; prosperous; flourishing; copious; rich; ab
afordable = adj. Economical; able to be done, usually refers to something you can do without damage or los
afterwards = (adv) subsequently; following; coming after sth
aggravate = to make worse; to anger or intensify
ahead = (adv o adj) in or toward the front; in, into, or for the future
alacrity = (n.) cheerful willingness; timeliness
alienate==n.v. eager readiness;
to estrange; speed to requisition; to confiscate
to isolate;

alignment = (n) alineamiento = arrengment in a same line

allay = v. to
allegedly calm; to lessen
= according in severity;
to what to mollify;
people say. Ex: The to relieve
chief financial officer of the company allegedly took company
money for his personal use.
allegiance = (n) loyalty = lealtad
allocate = (v) distribuir, asignar = to give out diferent amounts for diferent purposes = allot, allow, apportion, assign, distribute
allocation = (n) distribucin; a share; a part set aside for a special purpose; an assignment of portions
allowance = permiso;
allude = v. aludir mesada
= to refer ($ queto
indirectly lossomething;
padres regalan semanalmente
to hint a sus
hint hijos).
= pista allow = (v) pe

allure = n. entice; attraction; temptation; glamor

allure = v. to attract; to tempt; to charm
allusion = n. indirect reference (often literary); hint
aloof (adj.) reserved, distant
alter = alterar = (v) to adjust, to change, to modify, or to make someone or something change
ameliorate (v.) to improve
amenable (adj.) agreeable, cooperative
amenable = adj. obedient; willing to submit; accountable; agreeable; responsible
amend = (v) enmendar = to change for the better = ameliorate, meliorate, improve, enhance, enrich, perfect,
amenity = (n) amenidad = sth that makes life easier of more enjoyable
amiable (adj.) friendly, kind
amicable (adj.) agreeable, showing good will
ample = =(adj)
anarchy moreofthan
n. state enough;
confusion or sufficient
lawlessness adv. amply

animism = (n) the belief that natural objects, such as trees, have souls
animosity (n.) bitter hostility; open hatred
animus = n. feeling of hatred; resentment; animosity; hostility
annex = anexar
antediluvian (adj.) ancient
apex = the highest point
apotheosis (n.) 1. elevation to divine status. 2. (n.) a glorified example
appealing adj. attractive or interesting, able to move feelings. Syn. alluring v. appeal n. a
apprehend = (v) aprehender = capture
apprehensive = adj. fearful; aware; conscious; worried; concerned
apprise = v. to inform; to brief; to notify
approach = (v,n) acercarse, acercamiento. Ex: Do not approach wild animals! They will bite. Ex:
aptly = (n) appropriately; having a tendency to do sth; likely aptness = aptitud apt = (a
aptness = aptitud = n. suitability; ability
arbiter (n.) one
arcane (adj.) who =can
arcano resolve a dispute, make a decision
obscure, known only by a few
armistice = n. temporary suspension of hostilities; truce; cease fire
artful = adj. sly; crafty; skillful; clever; shrewd
articulate = articulado, elocuente
ascent = (n) 1. an upward slope. 2. a movement upward, advancement. VER EN CONFUSING
ascertain (v.) to discover with certainty
ascertain = (v) to make sure of = estar seguro de algo
ascribe = v. to assign; to credit with; to attribute to
assail = (v) asaltar = to attack or criticize forcefully
assert = express or defend oneself strongly, to state positively; declare. adv. asssertively n. ass
assess = (v) tasar, valorar, calificar, evaluar = to estimate the value of sth. Ex: This building was assessed
asset = a possesion that has positive value = bienes activos. Ej: mi carro, mi casa, etc
assiduous (adj.) persistently attentive; diligent
assortment = (n) selection; a variety v. assort (clasificar, agrupar, arreglar, ordenar)
assuage (v.) to relieve, to reduce pain or difficulty
astounding = (adj) very surprising, astonishing. v. astound
asylum = asilo = n. place ofering shelter and retreat; refuge
atheist = ateo
atone (v.) to repent, make amends
augment = (v) enlarge, enhance, to make bigger or better by adding = aumentar (ej: aumento de mamas o gl
august (adj.) majestic
avarice (n.) greed
aversion = (n) aversin = antipathy
avert = (v) avoid
avow = (v) affirm, allege, assert, aver, avouch, claim, contend, declare
aware = (v) tener cuidado, tener conciencia de algo
awry = adj. crooked; uneven; unsound; twisted
baffle = (v) confuse to a point at which no progress can be made. Syn. puzzle adj. baffling
banal (adj.) overly commonplace or trite, especially in relation to language (de lenguaje vano), ordinary (no original), stale, usu
bane = n.= destruction;
baneful poison; distress
adj. deadly; causing misfortune
or death; destructive
banter = n. conversation which is amusing and not serious; tease;
baton = n. stick; staf; wand
beguile (v.) to deceive; to charm
behemoth (n.) something of great power or size
belie = v. to give a false idea of; to camouflage; to hide
bend = (v) flexar. Ex: If I apply a force in the middle of a beam supported on its extremes, it will be bended forming the shape
berate (v.) to scold in an angry or harsh tone
berate = to say insulting or disrespectful things
bereave = v. to deprive or leave desolate by loss; to sufer loss
bereft (adj.) devoid of, without
besmirch = v. to dirty; to stain; to sully; to soil
bet = (v) apostar; (n) apuesta
biased = (adj) parcial o parcializado (no imparcial), sesgado = partial, one-sided; leaning unfairly in one direction
bilk (v.) to cheat; to defraud
bland == (adj) agrio, amargo
adj. gentle; (en sabor) pleasant;
polite; agreeable; = acrid; kind; boring;
(adj) strong with a lot of bad feelings (amargado, resentido, rencoroso);
blaze = (v)

blight = v. to ruin; to decay; to destroy

blockage = (n) bloqueo
blur = (v) cloud = make sth difficult to see adj. blurred
bombast = n. pompous speech; pretentious words; trite cliches
bombastic (adj.)connection
bond = A close pomposo == pompous, unnecessarily showy language or style
lazo, enlace
. Ex: familiar bonds. Ex: Lazos de Amor Mariano
boorish = adj. unrefined in speech or manners; loutish; ill-bred; uncivilized; coarse
boredom = (n) aburrimiento
bounce = rebotar
breakthrough = (n)
brevity = (n) brevedad adv. Briefly
bribe = (n, v) soborno, "mordida"
broaden = (v) enlarge; make larger or greater adv. broadly adj. broad n. breadth
bucolic = adj. having to do with shepherds or the country; rural
bulk = (n) the major portion of sth; a combination of largeness and heaviness
bulwark = n. embankment used as a fortification; an idea; object serving as a protection
bumptious = adj. arrogant; pushy; self-assertive
burden = (n) load, duty, responsability = sth that is carried and makes movement or difficult action; a source of stress, oppre
burgeon = (v) grow at a fast pace; thrive
cajole (v.) to repeatedly coax, usually in a good-natured way
caliber = (n) quality; the standard of; the degree of goodness
camaraderie (n.) brotherhood, group unity
canny (adj.) shrewd; founded on common sense
capitulate (v.) to surrender
cast = (v) emitir (issue, broadcast), lanzar (launch, release, pitch, shoot), echar, arrojar, tirar, moldear; (n) elenco, molde (mold),
cease = (v) cesar = stop
chase = (v) perseguir = pursue, run after, give chase to, follow, hunt, track, trail, tail
chicanery (n.) deception by trickery
chide (v.) to scold or express disproval
chief = (n) jefe, principal, mayor, jerarca
circumlocution (n.) indirect and wordy language
circumspect (adj.) cautious; prudent
claim = (n, v) reclamacin, demanda, peticin, pretensin
cleave 1. (v.) to divide 2. (v.) to stick together firmly (CUIDADO Tricky SAT word alert: note that cleave has two opposite m
clever = (adj) astute, resourceful, intelligent
cling = (v) adherirse (adhere, stick, embrace, cleave, espouse)
clique = (n) parcialidad (bias)
clue = (n) pista (track, runway, trail, rink, path), indicio (hint, mark)
clumsy = (adj) torpe, tosco
come together; to fuseamong people ofcoalisin
understanding diferent= alianza, fusin
coerce = (v) to force; to put pressure on sb to do sth = coercer o producir coercin.
cogent (adj.) logically convincing
cognizant (adj.) aware, mindful
collide = (v) come togeher with great or violent force
commodious (adj.) spacious. No slo significa precisamente "cmodo" o confortable
commodity = (n) a thing that can be bought and sold in large quantities; an economic good; a product of agriculture or mining
commonplace = dull, ordinary, not interesting, sth nothing unusual because happens in many places
compel = (v) obligar = make sth happen by necessity or force adj. Compelling (forzoso)
compliant (adj.) yielding, obedient
conceal = (v) hide; keep secret = esconder, encubrir, recatar, ocultar
conceive = concebir conceivable = (adj) concebible = feasible, beliveable adv. Conceivably
concoct (v.) to fabricate, make up
condemn = (v) condenar
condone (v.) condonar = to overlook or forgive an ofense
conducive = conducente (que conduce a), que conlleva a
confide = (v) to tell very personal things to sb = confiarle mis secretos o asuntos personales a alguien n. confidant (co
confluence (n.) a gathering or meeting together at a juncture = confluencia (del verbo confluir)
congenial (adj.) having similar tastes or habits (congeniar); a pleasant disposition
connive (v.) to plot, scheme
conquest = (n) conquista
conscientious = concienzudo = meticulous
consciously = (adv) with awareness of one's actions
conspicuously = (adv) attracting attention; noticeably adj. conspicuous = notable, de gran fama
constrain = (v) restringir, limitar = restrict
contempt = despite = (n) desprecio, menosprecio contemptuous = (adj) having no respect (irrespetar), que desprec
contentious (adj.) quarrelsome, belligerent
contest = (v) to challenge = desafiar (n) concurso o prueba entre varios para ver quien es el mejor
convene = (v) to come together to a meeting
convey = (v) To transport from one place to another; to transmit or make known
convivial (adj.) outgoing and festive, especially at social gatherings
counter = replicar, rebatir, refutar = to act in opposition to; to ofer in response
covet (v.) to desire longingly
crack = (n) fracture
crash = (v) chocar
creep = (v) move slowly and quietly close to the ground; begin to happen. Syn: crawl (reptar, gatear)
crew = a group of people who do a specified kind of work together; syndicate, mafia, conspirancy
crop = (n) cultivo, cosecha; (v) segar, cosechar, cortar, esquilar
crowd = (n) multitud
crush = grind == (v)
cumbersome moler, =triturar
unwieldy (adj) Difficult to wear or carry because of weight or shape (demasiado pesado o grande)

cupidity (adj.) excessive desire, especially for money

currency = (n) monetary unit. Ex: The purchase must be paid for in the national currency. Ex: The French currency is gaining s
cynical = (adj) disrespectul = cnico (quien enfatiza las debilidades de otras cosas conocidas y respetadas de alguien)
dearth (n.) a scarcity
debatable = (adj) controversial (controversial)
debunk (v.) to discredit or disprove
deceitful = (adj) engaoso (deceive = engaar)
deceptive = (adj) engaoso = misleading deceive = (v) engaar deception = (n) engao
decipher = decifrar
decorous (adj.) socially proper
decry (v.) to criticize publicly
deepen = (v) profundizar
defeat = derrocar, ganar una pelea o quitarle el invicto al campen compitiendo
deferential (adj.) yielding to the wishes of another; showing respect for authority
defiance = (n) desacato o desobedencia a alguien. Syn: balkiness, contrariness, contumacy, disobedience, frowardness, insubo
deft (adj.) skillful
defy = (v) resist; challenge; show little fear or regard for rules or estabished norms adv. Defying adj. Defying
deify = (v) to worship as a god (tratar como un dios algo, adorar y rendir culto)
delectable (adj.) delicious, delightful
delighted = (adj) deleitado = elated delightful = (adj) delicioso, deleitoso, que produce deleite deleight = (n
demure (adj.) modest, quiet
deny = (v) denegar = to say that sth is not true; to refuse to accept or admit sth = contradict, disaffirm, disallow, disavow
depict = (v) to show in pictures (representar mediante pinturas)
deplete = (v) agotar, desabastecer = to greatly decrease the supply of a resource or material; to use up
depravity (n.) depravacin = wickedness; moral corruption
deprived = (adj) privado
derelict (adj.) abandoned, run-down
deride (v.) to mock, scorn, or make fun of
desecrate (v.) to violate the sacredness of a thing or place
despise = to hate very much = aborrecer (abhor)
despite = (n) 1) sentimiento de desprecio (contempt), (n) 2) malice, spite, (n) 3) acto de menosprecio o desacato (defiance)
despondent = (adj) desesperado = extremely sad and without hope for the future.
destitute (adj.) pobre = having nothing; in poverty
detain = prevent = (v) detener en prisin preventiva a alguien. Slo se usa en esa situacin, no para cualquier caso como "stop"
deviant = (adj) desviado (de su camino correcto o normal). Ej: Beastialism and voyeurism are sexual deviations
devious (adj.) dishonest, deceptive
devise = (v) to find an original way to make an object or a plan; to invent or plan (sth that is difficult or complicated)
diffident (adj.) shy due to lack of confidence
dig = (v) excavar; (n) excavacin, la indirecta (hint, insinuation)
dilatory (adj.) causing or intending to delay
dilemma = dilema
dim = (adj) not bright or clear; faint adv. dimly v. dim n. dimness
diminish = (v) make sth smaller or weaker = minimize, belittle, denigrate, deprecate, depreciate, derogate, decry, dismiss, run d
dirge (n.) a mournful song
discernible = (adj) delectable; noticeable; easily seen v. discern (discernir) n. discernment
discreet = (adj) discreto, cauteloso, prudente
discret = (adj) separated
disguise = (n, v) to hide the usual appearance of something; conceal
dismal = (adj) triste (sorrowful, gloomy), lgubre, deprimente
disparage (v.) to reduce in esteem or rank; to speak of in a disrespectful way
dispose of = (v) to throw away; to get rid of; to kill
disposed = (adj) inclined, apt, likely, suitable, skillful
disruptive adj. causing confusion and interruption. Syn. disturbing v. disrupt
dissemble (v.) to conceal (ocultar) or disguise ones nature, feelings, or motives
disseminate (v.) diseminar = to spread widely
distill = (v, qumica) destilar (sacar el lquido de una mezcla) (v) to get sth valuable from a confusing mix of ideas. Ex: Most
distort = (v) distorsionar = deform
docile (adj.) easily taught or trained
dormant = (adj) not growing or producing; asleep; inactive
dour (adj.) stern, joyless
drab = (adj) lacking color (colorless); uninteresting, boring adv. drably n. drabness
drop = dejar caer drip = caer por s mismo
drop-out = (n) salirse o retirarse de la escuela (en mbito educativo) por prdida de ao o para cambiarse a otra escuela
drought = (n) sequa
drowsy = (adj.) somnolent, sleepy
dubious (adj.) doubtful, questionable
duplicity (n.) crafty dishonesty
dwell = morar, habitar, residir dwelling = (n) house
dye = (n) tinte
eclectic = (adj.) selected from a variety of sources
ecstatic (adj.) intensely happy = xtasis
efrontery (n.) brazenly bold or rude
elation = (n.) euphoria the feeling of happiness
elegy (n.) elega = a speech given in honor of a dead person
elicit = v. to get the facts, to draw out, to evoke, to extract n. elicitation. Ex: A lawyer will elicit all the facts nec
elude = (v) eludir = evade (evadir), escape in a tricky way
emaciated (adj.) overly thin, especially due to lack of food
ember = (n) fuego
enact = (v) pass a law, legislate.
encompass = (v) include (incluir); surronund completely; envelop
endorse = (v) express appoval; support n. endorsement
endure = (v) soportar, perdurar, resistir, aguantar, durar, tolerar, sobrellevar, padecer n. endurance
enforce = (v) obligar, forzar
engender = engendrar
engulf = (v) sumergir
enmity (n.) intense, often mutual hatred
enrich = (v) enriquecer n. enrichment adj. enriching
ensue = sobrevenir, ocurrir luego o como resultado
enterprising = (adj) creative or hard-working in thinking of ways to make money
enthrall (v.) to charm, hold spellbound
entice = (v) atraer (draw, lure, appeal), tentar (tempt, tease), seducir (allure, seduce, beguile)
entirely = (adv) complety, thoroughly adj. entire (entero) n. entirety (entereza, integridad)
envelop = include (incluir)
ephemeral (adj.) efmero = short-lived, fleeting
equity = (n, finance) share = accin de los inversionistas (shareholders); (n) sth that is equitable (equitativo); fairness or ju
equivocal (adj.) subject to two or more interpretations, and sometimes intended to mislead
erode = (v) erosionar
esoteric (adj.) understood by only a select few = arcane (arcano)
evanescent = (adj) fugaz, que se desvanece evanescense = (n) desvanecimiento
evolve = (v) develp; come forth
exaggerate = exagerar = overstate
exceed = (v) exceder excess = (n) exceso excessive = (adj) excesivo exceedingly = (adv) extreme
exemplify = ejemplificar adj. Exemplary (ejemplar)
exhaust = (v) deplete; to use completely; to expend all energy = agotar (hacer que quede exhausto)
expeditious = (adv) quick, efficient
facet = (n) faceta = aspect, element or component
facetious (adj.) humorous, not serious
faint = diminute, tiny, dim
fallacy = falacia fallacious = (adj) having errors, incorrect
famine = (n) severe hunger; a drastic food shortage
feasibly = (adv) practically; in a way that can work feasible = (adj) possible; able to be done feasibility = (n)
feign = fingir = simulate, pretend
firm = (n) company
flag (v.) to decline in energy or strength
flaw = (n) defecto, imperfecto = a small sign of damage that makes an item imperfect adj. flawed
flourishing = (adj) thriving; active and growing; healthy v. flourish
fond = (adj) felling or showing love or friendship; strongly felt; afected, attached, inclined
forbearance (n.) patience and restraint, especially when being provoked
forbid = prohibir forbidden = (adj) prohibido
forecast = (n) pronstico (prognosis, outlook), previsin (foresight, prevision)
forfeit = (n, v) relinquish (abdicar, abandon); give up; have sth take away (usually by rule or regulation) = prenda o prdida
forge = forjar (con el amplio significado de espaol)
forth = (adv) ahead, onward, forward (in time or place). Ex: The meaning of the verb "shuttle" is to move back and forth betwe
fortitude (n.) strength of mind that allows one to endure adversity
free rides = obtener beneficio y reconocimiento de algo sin haber hecho el esfuerzo debido (ganar a "baca" las cosas). Ej: En
fringe = edge (bordes de un mantel, sbana o ropa); marginados (en contexto social: quienes actan y lucen diferente de los d
fullfilment = realizacin (ej realizacin personal), cumplimiento fullfil = perform, comply, satisfy, abide. Ant: transgress, v
furnish = (v) proporcionar (aford, put up, supply), suministrar, proveer, facilitar, amueblar, equipar
garment = prenda de vestir
garrulous (adj.) talkative
gather = (v) collect = recoger n. gathering = colecta, recoleccin, cosecha
glean = (v) espigar, recoger (gather)
gourmand (n.) someone fond of eating
grand = (adj.) sublime, exalted, awe-inspiring
grandiose (adj.) grandioso = magnificent; absurdly exaggerated or imaginative
grant = (v) conceder = to agree to give; to admit
grasp = (v) to understand (that sth it's complicated). Ex: grasp the meaning (casi siempre se lo usa en este contexto. Esto se rel
gratifying = gratificante, satisfying
gregarious (adj.) friendly, talkative, sociable
guile (n.) deceitful, cunning behavior
gut = (v) empty, hollow out
haggle = (v) To argue back and forth about a price; regatear = chafer, deal, dicker, bargain, negotiate, palter
hallow (v.) revere, consecrate = santificar (Ex: Hallow be thy Name = Alabado sea tu Nombre)
halt = (v) stop; discontinue
hamper = (v) slow the movement, progress, or action of (sb or sth) = impedir, interferir, obstruir = impede, disrupt, curb, restra
handicap = a disadvantage that makes achievement usually difficult; a disadvantage imposed on a constestant to equalize chan
haphazardly adv. having no order or pattern, by chance. Syn. arbitrarily, carelessly adj. haphazard n. haphazar
harangue = 1. (n.) a ranting speech (harenga); 2. (v.) to rant
harassment = (n) acoso (ej: sexual, bullying)
harbor = (v) shelter; give protection; not to express a desire or opinion, usually bad
hardship = adversidad
hardware = tool = herramienta
harsh = (adj) severe, cruel = bitter, brutal, bundersome, excruitating (torturador)
harvest = (n, v) cosecha = gather = the act of collecting a crop (cultivo)
haughty (adj.) overly proud of oneself and disdainful of others
haugthy = arrogante, soberbio, altanero, altanero, presuntuoso = arrogant, presumptuous, overweening, overhearing, haughty
haunt = (v) to continually appear (like a ghost) in the same place or to the same person
heighten = (v) intensify; cause to become greater n. height (altura, altitud, estatura)
heinous (adj.) wicked, reprehensible
hiatus (n.) hiato = a break or gap in space, time, or continuity
hue = (n) color
hypocritical = (adj) hipcrita
iconoclast = (n.) one who defies common beliefs or institutions
idle = (adj) inactive; not moving; not involved
illiterate = unable to read = analfabeto, iletrado
immense = (adj) inmenso
impassive (adj.) devoid of external emotion; expressionless
impoverish = (v) empobrecer = to make a person or group poor
in the trenches = in the middle of the hardest fighting or work
indigenous = indgena
indolent (adj.) lazy, not wanting to work
industrious = (adj) willing to work hard; hard-worker (una persona muy trabajadora). Ex: Oscar is a very industrious person
infancy = (n)=beginning
inheritance (n) herencia = legacy (legado) = Things passed down to you from your ancestors

inimical= =inhibir
adj. negative; hostile; antagonistic; adverse

inordinate = (adj) excessive adv. inordinately

inquiry = (n) investigation
intelligible = (adj) understandble, comprenhensible, coherent, legible, scrutable, fathomable, graspable
interdict = (v) embargar, ban, bar, enjoin, forbid, prohibit, proscribe = to lay under or forbid by a prohibition in an authoritative
intricate = (adj) intrincado = complex; finely detailed; with many parts n. intricacy
invective (n.) a verbal attack, such as cursing
jargons = jergas (slangs)
jocular (adj.) given to joking; habitually jolly
joy = (n) gozo, deleite, alegra. joyful = (adj) gozoso
jubilant = (adj.) jubiloso = extremely joyful, happy
juxtapose = yuxptaponer = (v) place next to one another.
kin = (n) relatives = parientes. La palabra "kin" ya es plural, no existe "kins". Ex: Even though my uncle didnt really like me, he
kind = grato, dulce, carioso (pero sin mariconada). Adjetivo muy usado para expresar buenos sentimientos de gratitud especia
laconic (adj.) terse or brief, in speech or writing
languid (adj.) lacking energy, slow
lasting = (adj) forever, enduring = duradero
laudatory (adj.) expressing admiration or praise laurate = (v) laurear alguien con un premio (Ej Nobel Prize) como re
lay = (v) to place, to set down (needs an object). Past/p.p = laid/laid. Ex: I always lay my keys on the counter. (The object is keys
lease = (v) to rent sth for a long time (several months or years).
lenient (adj.) tolerant, merciful
lessen = (v) reducir (discount, lower, narrow), aliviar (relieve, alleviate)
lethargic (adj.) aletargado (quien tiene letargo) = having little or no energy; unmotivated to move
liability = (n) a legal responsability for harming a person or property; disadvantage. Ex: Before you go river rafting, you sign a
licentious (adj.) displaying a lack of moral or legal restraints
lie = (n) mentira. (v) to rest, to recline. Past/p.p = lay/lain. Ex: Dont just lie there like a lump, do something! Ex: Last night, he l
limber = (adj) to be streched
lugubrious (adj.) mournful or gloomy, often exaggeratedly so
maim = (v) lesionar, herir
malediction (n.) a curse
marvel = (n) maravilla marvelous = maravilloso
means = medios, vas = methods, ways mean (n) = promedio, intermedio, ordinario; pobre; tacao, mezquino, r
mendacious (adj.) mendaz = having a lying, false character
mercurial (adj.) temperamental, quick to change
merit = (n) mrito. Ex: Contest of Merits (concurso de mritos)
milieu = (n) general enviroment or surrroundings = medio (ej: medio ambiente)
minute = (adj) minuscule, very small, tiny; of little consequence n. minitia
miraculous = (adj) milagroso = astonishing
misconception = malentendido = (n) a mistaken belief
mollify (v.) to pacify, soothe, or appease
morose (adj.) gloomy, sullen
mortgage = (n) hipoteca de una casa
nefarious (adj.) extremely wicked or villainous; known for being wicked
negligible = (adj) insignificant, scarcely delectable, hardly noticeable = despreciable (pero no de odioso)
obnoxious = (adj) bothersome; doing small things that others don't like
obsequious (adj.) excessively submissive or attentive
odious (adj.) odioso = contemptible; instilling hatred or intense displeasure
ongoing = (adj) continuing, current
opulent (adj.) richly abundant; showing great wealth
orwellian = (adj) frightening and overly controlled by a government that interfers in the every aspect of personal life
ostensible (adj.) 1. intended for display (ostentable) 2. plausibly true but not really true
outlandish = bizarre; strange and unpleasant; beyond accepted norms
outlook = panorama (panorama), perspectiva (prospect, view)
overdue = (adv) late (atrasado, retrasado), vencido y no pagado
overlap = (v) solapar (en sentido fsico literal y figurativo x ej: Solapar o encubrir la vagancia de alguien), ponerse algo encima d
overlook = (v) disregard, ignore, neglect
overtly = (adv) openly; in a way clearly seen; not done secretly adj. Overt
overwhelm = (v) abrumar, anonadar, anegar, arrollar, fundir
overwhelming = (adj) formidable (formidable); difficult; causing worry or fear. Ex: Their overwhelming opponents gave no sign
palatable (adj.) agreeable to the taste or sensibilities
palatial (adj.) relating to a palace, or suitable for a palace
paramount = (adj) predominant, chief
parched = adj. arid; extremely dry; barren; unimaginative
parish = parroquia
parochial = (adj) resticted in outlook
partisan = (adj) biased (sesgado), strongly supporting a group or point of view
peer =(3er
(n) aparty)
person= partido poltico
who is ones ????equal; compaero

perfunctory (adj.) done routinely and with little interest or enthusiasm

perilous = (adj) dangerous, threatening or risky; harmful n. peril
permeate = (v) To spread or flow throughout; to pass through or penetrate
permeate = penetrate, spread (adj) permeable
pertain = (v) pertenecer (appertain), relacionarse (be related, be connected, take up), ser propio de (belong)
petulant (adj.) unreasonably irritable
phantom = (n) a dimly visible form, usually thought to be the spirit of a dead person, a sunken ship, etc = alma que pena
pier = n. a place where boats arrive to take on or unload cargo and passengers. Syn. dock
pious = (adj) po, cualidad de quien practica la piedad = having religious reverence
piracy = (n) piratera = violation of copyrights
pithy (adj.) concisely meaningful
placate (v.) to ease the anger of, soothe
placid = plcido, tranquilo = (adj) calm
platitude (n.) an uninspired remark, clich
plentiful = (adj) abundant n. plenty = abundancia
plunge = (v) go down suddenly; decrease by a great amount in a short time
policy = pliza, tctica poltica
poll = (v) survey, questionnaire; a vote of public opinion = inferir mediante la muestra = to find out a small group's opinion so th
portent (n.) an omen omen = un signo o advertencia de algo q se cree q ocurrir portento = un signo o advertenc
portrait = (n) retrato
portrayal = (n) depiction = retrato, dibujo o descripcin q refleja un cierto punto de vista portray = (v) depict; represe
pour = (v) derramar (shed, spill, shower), verter (cast, throw, lay, toss)
praise = (n) approbation, approval; sanction; assent; consent (consentimiento)
precarious = (adj) hazardous, not safe or steady.
precious = (adj) precioso = cherished; having much monetary of sentimental value; beautiful
preconceptions = prejuicios
prescient (adj.) to have foreknowledge of events = quien puede presentir o que tiene presentimientos (premoniciones)
presumably = (adv) presumiblemente = supposedly; reported but not confirmed v. presume adj. presumable
pretense (n.) an appearance or action intended to deceive pretend = (v) fingir
pretty = (adv) muy (very); (adj) bonito
prevail = (v) prevalecer prevailing = prevalent = (adj) strongest or most common
prevaricate (v.) to stray from or evade the truth
primeval (adj.) original, ancient
profound = (adj) deep
prognosis = (n) an educated guess of how a disease will develop = auguring, forecast, predicting, vaticination
promote = (v) promover, ascender de puesto a un trabajador (a un nivel de jerarqua superior, con un mejor sueldo obvio)
prompt = (v) induce (inducir) = causar algo; decir algo q anime a una persona a hablar. (adj) pronto, sin demora; promptly
promptness = n. prontitud, puntualidad adv. Promptly
prone = (adj) propenso = inclined to; likely to do sth. propensity = (n) propensidad
prophesy = (v) profetizar prophecy = (n) profeca n. prophet (profeta) adj. prohetic
proprietor = (n) propietario = owner
punctilious (adj.) eager to follow rules or conventions
puppet = marioneta o ttere; puppetry = marionetismo
quarrelsome = adj. warlike, bellicose
queer = (adj) bizarre, strange, outlandish
quiescent (adj.) quiet; still; at rest
quotidian (adj.) recurring daily; commonplace
ratio = razn o divisin entre dos cantidades rate = el costo por unidad de un bien o servicio
rebel = (n, v) rebelde; rebelarse, sublevarse
rebuke (v.) to reprimand; to criticize sharply
recede = (v) to move back or away from = retroceder, replegarse, dejar de avanzar para ir en el otro sentido
regardless = sin considerar
reliably = (adv) in a trusted way; dependably
reliance = (n) reliability = confianza
reliant = (adj) reliable = confiable
relic = reliquia
remarkable= =(v)(adj)
up control, abdicate
noticeable; n. relinquishment
easily attracting attention; outstanding; striking

remnants = remains = (n) sobras, residuos, restos

renown = (n) prominence, fame = renombre adj. Renowed
repentant (adj.) guilty, remorseful (que produce remordimiento)
resign = (v) renunciar (del trabajo x ej), rendirse (give up)
resilent = (adj) tenacious
resilient = (adj) tenacious = strong enough to recover from difficulty or disease
respite (n.) a break or period of relief
restrain = (v) o hold back from action = refrenar, coartar, cohibir, reprimir, moderar, restringir (en un sentido general, no como
restrict = (v) restringir (en un sentido fsico literal) = to confine or keep within limits, as of space, action, choice, intensity or qua
retain = (v) retener = keep, hold
reticent (adj.) reserved or restrained, especially in ofering personal information
retrieve = (adj, v) recobrar, recuperar, reparar, restablecer, to bring or get back = traer de vuelta. Ex: Most dogs can be trained
revival = (n) resurreccin = restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc
rhythm = ritmo
ridge = (n) crest (cresta) = the top of a mountain range; a raised part of any surface
rite = (n) rito = ceremony meant to achieve one purpose
roster = a list (especially of names)
roughly = aproximadamente
ruse (n.) a trick
safeguard = (v) protect = salvaguardar
saga = (n) a long story of a culture about important events long ago
salve (n.) a soothing balm soothing = (adj.) peaceful , pacific
sanctimonious (adj.) giving a hypocritical appearance of piety
scapegoat = chivo expiatorio = a person who is unfairly blamed for sth that others have done
scar = (n) caracha, cicatriz = a mark on the skin left after a wound has healed
scarcely = (adv) almost not; hardly. adj. scarce n. scarcity
scarcity = lack = (n) escasez. Scarce = (adj) escaso. Scarcely = (adv) hardly, almost not
scenery = escenario scenic = (adj) escnico = pinturesque; concerning pleasant natural surroundings
scold = (v) regao (earful, chide)
scorn = (v,n) desdn (disdain, superiority, contempt) = desprecio scornful = (adj) desdeo, despreciativo (contemp
secluded = (adj) isolated
secure = (v) asegurar
seep = (v) to pass slowly for a long time, as a liquid or gas might
seize = (v) quitarle algo a alguien contra su voluntad mediante el uso de la violencia o autoridad (legal)
self-steem = self-concept = (n) autoestima
seniority = (n) tiempo de estar trabajando (experiencia) en una empresa
servile (adj.) subservient, almost slave-like
shallow = superficial
shame = (n) vergenza; dishonor because one has done sth wrong.
shed = v. to throw of naturally, to give out, discard
shelter = (n, v) proteccin/proteger sheltered = (adj) adj. protected from harmful elements; isolated from reality
shrewdness (n.) farsightedness, sagacity (sagacidad)
shrink = (v) to become reduced in size, amount or value
shrink = (v) to become smaller or reduced in size, amount or value
shuttle = (v) to move back and forth between 2 places. (n) a vehicle that travels back and forth between 2 places (como los c
sibling = (n) brother or sister
skimm = (v) rozar (superficialmente)
skip = saltar (en el sentido de saltarse un paso, pasar por alto). Sale en las opciones de Windows cuando instalo programas, h
skit = (v) short and informal play. Ex: We spend a lot of time practicing our skit for the school show.
smooth = (adj) suave, liso = fine, delicate Antonym: coarse (grueso), rough (rugoso)
smuggle = (v) traer de contrabando = to illegally bring things into a country
sole = (adj) solo, alone Ex: When I sold all my goods, I only remained my sole laptop.
somewhat = (adv) algo = partially, incompletely. Ex: The clerk was only somewhat responsible for the error = El secretario fue s
soothing = (adj.) peaceful , pacific
sophistry (n.) a plausible but misleading argument
span = (n) cover = cobertura, rango o alcance de algo (de distancia o tiempo) (v) to extend across; to stretch from o
spite = (n) malicia; deseo de agredir a alguien esp. xq crees q no eres tratado como deberas; (v) deliberadamente enojar, pe
spread = propagate, circulate, disseminate, broadcast = dispersarse, diseminarse. Ex: The virus spreaded quickly into her blood
spurious (adj.) false but designed to seem plausible
squad = (n) escuadrn (ej: escuadrn policial o militar)
stagnate (v.) to be inactive, not develop, not flow = estancarse (el flujo especialmente)
starve = (v)=morir
status quo o hacer and
The systems morir de hambre,
conditions thatpadecer hambre, privar de comida
exist now
stif = (adv)=rigid,
stigmatize (v) tonot easy
mark to abend
with visible featurestifness = (n)other
that makes rigidez
people think, perhaps incorrectly, that someone or something i

stoic (adj.) estoico = seemingly unafected by any passions or feelings

stoic = (adj) que no se afecta emocionalmente, impasible = seemingly unafected by any passions or feelings. Esta palabra pr
straw = (v) fluir lentamente a travs de algo
stream = (n) river; a natural flow of sth; a pouring out
strictness = (n) Very
striking = (adj) rigornoticeable;
(estrictez) easily attracting attention
striking = (adj) Very noticeable; easily attracting attention

strive = (v) esforzarse (endeavor, strain, exert onself, be at pains), luchar (wrestle, grapple, vie), afanarse (travail, toil, drudge, sl
sturdy = (adj) durable; sth that lasts a long time
submit = proponer, remitir = propose; to turn in; ofer for evaluation n. submission
subtle = (adj) sutil = not obvious, hard to notice or see; clever and indirect; SE DERIVA DE "SUBTITLED"; delicate or elusive
subtlly = (adv) In a quiet, hard-to-notice way. Ex: By subtly changing the soft drinks formula, we improved its taste. Subtl
subty = (adv) in a quiet or hard-to-notice way
succinct (adj.) precise, short
supercilious (adj.) scornful; looking down on others
surveillance= (n) rendicin = A process of watching something or someone for a
= supervisin
long time, usually because the person is suspected of something
suspect = (adj) sospechoso (adj) sospechar, presumir, presentir, barruntar
swallow = (v) tragar o engullir. shallow = (adj) superficial. sallow = (adj) incoloro o plido; enfermo o de color p
swift = (adj) quick, fast n. swiftness
tedious = (adj) tedioso = monotonous, long and tiring n. tedium (tedio)
temperance (n.) moderation and self-restraint in action or thought
tempt = (v) tentar = entice adv. temptingly n. temptation adj. tempting
thorough = (adj) completo, exhaustivo, minucioso = rigorous, in-depth, exhaustive, thoroughgoing, minute, detailed, close, me
thoroughly = (adv) complety, entirely
thrive = (v) grow at a fast pace; burgeon = prosperar, florecer (flourish), medrar
thriving = (adj) properous (prspero) = flourishing
thumb = (n) pulgar (el dedo gordo de la mano); (v) manosear, hojear, hacer dedo
tide = (n) marea tidal = (adj) relativo a las mareas. Ex: tidal power (energa de las mareas, q se la puede usar para genera
tightly = (adv) firmly; being fixed in place; close; leaving no freedom v. tighten (fijar algo en un sitio) n. tightness
timorous (adj.) fearful, timid
tirade (n.) a rant, a long speech marked by harsh or biting language
torpid (adj.) sluggish; unable to move = torpe para moverse, flojo, lento
tractable (adj.) easily controlled or dealt with; obedient
trap = (n) trampa; catching of sth by trickery or deceiving
treasury = (n) bank (agency that controls and keeps the money of a government; or a place in a church, castle, palace, etc wher
treasury = (n) bank (agency that controls and keeps the money of a government; or a place in a church, castle, palace, etc wher
trend = (n,v) tendencia, tender = a movement in one direction or a widespread change in fashion. Ex: Today's computer cult
trend = (n,v) tendencia, tender. Ex: Today's computer culture is trending toward touch-screen technology.
trepidation (n.) fear and apprehension intrepid = (adj) valiente, sin miedo
trigger = (v) set of, initite, disparar (pero no en el sentido de "shoot" sino de iniciar)
trite = (adj) commonplace, stale, usual, ordinary (no original), banal
triumph = (n) triunfo = a victory, a success
trustworthy(adj.) disposed
= adj. to fight reliable; authentic
real; genuine;

truth = (n) la verdad true = (adj) verdadero

turgid (adj.) swollen, excessively embellished in style or language
unable = (adj) incapaz. NO SE ESCRIBE unabled, esa palabra no existe, lo q s existe es enabled q es la conjugacin en pasad
uncanny = (adj.) seeming to have supernatural origin
unctuous (adj.) insincerely earnest; oily, (untuoso, el aceite se "unta")
underlying = (adj) forming the basis for sth = algo q forma base de algo o es su causa
undermine = hamper = obstaculizar, mermar
undertake = accept, bear, assume, shoulder, take over
unleash = (v) release a thing or an emotion. (ej: I'm from an unemotional family, he'll never learn to unleash his feelings)
unlikely = not probable; doubtful
unmistakable = indisputable (indisputable), undoubted (indudable)
unravel = (v) separate; organize; make clear
unwarranted = (adj) unjustified = without good reason or cause; inappropriate
unwieldy = (adj) difcil de manipular x el tamao y peso = awkward, bunglesome, clumsy, unhandy, cumbersome, cumbrous
upbraid (v.) to criticize or scold severely
upheaval = convulsin (convulsion), violnto o sbito cambio de algo; solevantamiento (upthrust)
vacillate (v.) to be indecisive; to sway between decisions sway = (v)
vague = (adj) indefinido o no claro en su significado; no completamente formado o desarrollado. Ex: I have just some vague id
vanity == (n)
= An excessive desaparecer)
concern for ones appearancevanity = vanidad (narcisismo)

vapid (adj.) lacking liveliness or interest, dull

vein = (n) vena
veneer (n.) a mask, faade; a superficial or deceptively attractive appearance
verbose (adj.) unnecessarily wordy
verdict = veredicto (de un juicio)
vestige = vestigio
villainy = villanismo o villana = (n) maldad excepcional
vindictive (adj.) vengeful, disposed to seeking revenge
vitriolic = showing an extreme or hateful anger
vivacious (adj.) vivaz = animated; lively
wallow (v.) to indulge oneself excessively
wane (v.) to decrease in size, amount, or intensity
wanton (adj.) immoral, lustful; malicious, inhumane
warrant = (n) razn para pensar, decidir o hacer algo (sancin, autorizacin, justificacin); en LEYES significa un documento dad
welfare = (n) bienestar, bien, prosperidad; the state of being happy, healthy, succesfull = good, interest, weal, well-being.
whereas = (conj) mientras (pero usado como "although" osea para comparar o constratar 2 cosas; en cambio while significa "m
widespread = (adj) found everywhere; extensive
wily (adj.) crafty, sly
winsome (adj.) charming, often in a childlike way
wistful (adj.) yearning; musing upon sad things
withdrawn = (adj)
withstand = (v) survive; fight without surrender; persist
witness = testigo
witticism = (n) humor; joke; funny story adv. Wittily adj. Witty n. wit/wittiness
woo = (v) attract; make eforts to attain or gain sth
worthwhile = adj. Value in doing sth. Syn. rewarding
wound = (v) herir = inflict an injury on; (n) herida
wrath (n.) furia, ira = vengeful anger; punishment
yoke (v.) to join or link securely yoke = (n) yugo. Ex: El yugo que se les pone a los bueyes para que no se escapen (Ex: Ind
zeal = (n) enthusiasm; deep determination to do well
zenith = (n) cenit = climax, vertex
freed = (adj) released, freed, liberated. Ex: freed slaves
acquittance = (n) pago = payment, paying, fee, repayment, payout acquitted = (adj) pagado = paid, discharge
beaten = (v)
fine = (v) multar (n) multa
scrambled = scramble =
evicted = desalojado, desahuciado
issuance = (n) emisin = emission, issue, issuance, broadcast, broadcasting, release
creole = (n) criollo (como en la poca colonial q eran los descendientes de los conquistadores europeos nacidos en Amrica).
override = (v)
nourish = (v)
landry =
luggage = (n) equipaje
embargo = embargo
somehow =
bound = (n) lmite (boundary); (adj) obligado, ligado, destinado
uphold = (v)
acronym = siglas
severance = (n) liquidacion = the action of ending a connection or relationship = the state of being separated or cut of.
mood = (n) estado anmico = humor, mood, spirits, temper, cheer, spirit
rip = (n) rasgar = rip, tear, scrape, jag ripped = (adj) arrancado
pissed of = (adj) outraged = furioso, muy enojado, cabreado
unmistakeable = (adj) inequvoco = distinctive, distinct, telltale, indisputable, indubitable, undoubted, unambiguous,
limb = (n)
freed = (v) liberar
accommodation expenses = refers to overnight hotel/motel bed or similar costs
tuition = expenses (fees) that are determined by an institution (i.e. a school)
reliance =
perk = benefit
resent = (v) resentirse de, sentirse mal por
naive = (adj) ingenuo
con = (v) estafar con artist = estafador.
fares = (n) tarifas (ex: taxi fares are minimun $1,50)
wages = in US is the money that people earn per hour. In Ecuador, there aren't wages, but only salaries.
overtake =
stretch = (v)
tie = (v) atar, amarrar
crafty = (adj)
urge = (v)
surpass = (v)
content = (adj) contento ?????????
bid = (v)
please = (v) complacer ??????
deserter = (n) desertor
mischievous = (adj) daoso (harmful, damaging, injurious, hurtful, noxious), travieso (naughty, playful, impish, prankish, pucki
vindication = (n)
swindler = (adj) estafador con = (n) estafa
dodge = (v) esquivar, evadir, evitar (avoid, sidestep, circumvent, duck, elude, evade) Ex: They were lucky becuase really d
render = (v) provoke, cause to become
LINGTON aqui hay listas descargables (pdf) de listas de academic words q me servirian para TOEFL.


ome together gainsay = (v) deny
cozy = comfortable, cmodo
paltry = (adj) unimportant, minor
oblivion = amnesia
befall = happen
carnage = massacre, holocaust, slaughter
pungent = (n) sharp, biting
abort = miscarry
ome together surfeit = (v)
surmise = conjecture, presume, guess
surpass = (v) excel
sway = (v) wave, shake, persuade, induce
tame = domesticate
tease = annoy, bother, harras, press
blunt = (adj) not sharp = no afilado


acreage = (n) superficie en acres
aether = (n) el ter
amateurish = (adj) amateur
ample = (adj) quite large (more than enough of what is needed)
betterment = (n) mejoramiento
blatter = (n) vejiga (rgano urinario) . Ex: As physician, I had to remove your gall blatter.
blizzard = (n) tormenta de nieve
bossy = (adj) mandn como un jefe (boss)
bounce = rebotar
bred = (adj)
bulge = (n) a rounded lump on the surface of sth. Lump = (n) a small piece or mass of sth = swelling (rea en el cuerpo de algu
bunch = (n) manojo, racim wipe out = arrasar con, barrer a, eliminar a
bundle = (n) haz, manojo, bulto; (v) liar
carve = esculpir (una escultura)
cattle = (n) ganado (livestock)
chemotherapy = quimioterapia (para el cncer)
clam = (n) almeja
clay = arcilla
cloudy = (adj) borroso, paoso, nuboso, no claro o ntido
consciusness = knowledge = (n) conocimiento
cunning = (adj) deceitful (engaoso)
curse = (n,v) maldicin
daunted = (adj) con miedo, atemorizado
defiant = (adj) desafiante
dissect = (v)
distress = (n) angustia
drawback = (n) inconveniente, desventaja
drift = (n) deriva, corriente, desvo
equity = the value of someone's share in an investment (valor de las acciones de una inversin, de los "shareholders").
estranged = (adj) alejado, enajenado
fate = (n) destino (destination)
fetch = (v) ir a buscar, traer a, recuperar
forehead = (n) front, forepart of sth; the part of the face above the eyes.
gall = (adj) hiel Ex: As physician, I had to remove your gall blatter.
glow = (v, n) brillo
graze = (v) pacer, apacentar, rozar
grotesque = grotesco
gum = chicle
heave = (v) tirn, empujn
hook = (n) anzuelo
inmate = (n) prisionero, encarcelado, criminal ??????
inward = (adv) interiormente; (adj) interior
livestock = (n) ganado (conjunto de las bestias de finca o establo)
lump = (n) a small piece or mass of sth = swelling (rea en el cuerpo de alguien q ms grande de lo normal debido a una enferm
millennia = (n)
mischievous = (adj) daoso, travieso, malicioso
mood = (n) humor
mournful = (adj)
muddy = (adj, v) fangoso
nourish = (v) nutrir
noxious = nocivo
odious = (adj) odioso
parched = (adj) tostado
parole = (n) libertad condicional
per se; as pe se = "como tal" = of, in, by itself (or onself); in actual fact. Creo que es un latinismo que se lo usa en varios idi
pottery = (n) alfarera
precious = (adj) precioso
questionnaire = (n) cuestionario
reap = (v) recoger
reliance = (n) dependencia, confianza
reliant = (adj) confiado
remorse = remordimiento
rope = (n) cuerda, soga
secede = (v) separarse
sheer = (v) escarpado, puro, total, absoluto, mero
sickle = (n) hoz
sift = (v) tamizar
spell = (n) . Ex: dry spells
spill = regar o derramar un lquido
spur = (v,n) estimular
squack = (n) graznido (chillido de aves com x ej patos)
steep = (adj)
steward = (n) mayordomo (butler)
stifling = (adj) sofocante
subvert = (n) subvertir (socavar o quebrantar la autoridad de una institucin o del sistema establecido)
superb = (adj) magnfico, esplndido, soberbio
surplus = (n) supervit, excedente
sweep up =
swelling = (n) rea en el cuerpo de alguien q ms grande de lo normal debido a una enfermedad
thrift = (n) ahorro, frugalidad
thrust = (v) empuje (push), avance, ataque
thunder = (n) rayo (descarga elctrica atmosfrica)
tie = (n) nudo (ex: shoelace); (v) atar un nudo
wear away = disintegrate, deteriorate
whip = (v) azotar; (n) ltigo Ex: Black blizzards of dust rolled across the landscape, darkening the sky and whipping th
whistle = (n) silbido

be bended forming the shape of an "u" letter.

in one direction

argado, resentido, rencoroso); rancorous, resentful

n. breadth
tion; a source of stress, oppression or worry = encumber, freight, lade, lumber

dear; (n) elenco, molde (mold), lance (throw)

that cleave has two opposite meanings. Ex: The chef cleaved the head of lettuce in half and tossed the pieces to his assistant. Ex: The fr

roduct of agriculture or mining; a mass-produced product. En Ecuador x ej: shrimp, flowers, banano, oil

adv. Conceivably

uien n. confidant (confidente)

spect (irrespetar), que desprecia.

o pesado o grande)

he French currency is gaining strength.

petadas de alguien)

bedience, frowardness, insubordination, rebelion

dv. Defying adj. Defying

e deleite deleight = (n) deleite, gozo

dict, disaffirm, disallow, disavow, disclaim, negate, refute, reject, disown, gainsay
osprecio o desacato (defiance), (n) 4) detriment, disadvantage.

ara cualquier caso como "stop"

ual deviations

is difficult or complicated)

derogate, decry, dismiss, run down, write of


onfusing mix of ideas. Ex: Most students are confused by her lectures, but Joe can always distill her main idea.

ambiarse a otra escuela

wyer will elicit all the facts necessary to prove her case. Ex: Elicitation of the truth can be difficult at times.
n. endurance

za, integridad)

able (equitativo); fairness or justice in the way people are treated.

exceedingly = (adv) extremely, very

done feasibility = (n) posibilidad

adj. flawed

ation) = prenda o prdida

to move back and forth between 2 places

nar a "baca" las cosas). Ej: En el caso de grupos de trabajo cuando hay vagos q no hacen nada y obtienen el beneficio de los dems miem
tan y lucen diferente de los dems)
atisfy, abide. Ant: transgress, violate.

sa en este contexto. Esto se relaciona con el otro significado de grasp al pensar en la expresin en espaol de: "Lo muerdes?" o "No cogiero

gotiate, palter

= impede, disrupt, curb, restrain, encumber, clog, cramp, embarrass, fetter, handcuf, handicap, hinder, hobble, obstruct, shackle
a constestant to equalize chances of winning; debit, disbenefit, downside, drawback, disadvantage
haphazard n. haphazardness

weening, overhearing, haughty; no exactamente pero similar: cavalier

a very industrious person

prohibition in an authoritative manner = to keep something from reaching a certain place. Ex: With faster patrol boats, the Coast Guard c

uncle didnt really like me, he was kind to me because we were kin. OJO: A common phrase is "next of kin", meaning "closest relativ
entimientos de gratitud especialmente (ex: Thanks for your kind words)

remio (Ej Nobel Prize) como reconocimiento.

he counter. (The object is keys). Ex: I laid the blankets on the bed yesterday. lie = (n) mentira. (v) to rest, to recline. Past/p.p = lay/lain

e you go river rafting, you sign a document releasing the trip leaders from liability in case of injury.

something! Ex: Last night, he lay on the couch and fell asleep. lay = (v) to place, to set down. Past/p.p = laid/laid

rio; pobre; tacao, mezquino, ruin; (v) significar, pretender, suponer

pect of personal life

alguien), ponerse algo encima de otra cosa.

elming opponents gave no sign of weakness. Ex: The man's voice echoed formidably throughout the hallway.

de (belong)

hip, etc = alma que pena

ut a small group's opinion so that you can guess what a much larger group thinks. Ex: Segn la Exit Poll el candidato B est por encima d
ortento = un signo o advertencia de q algo (usualmente malo) ocurrir, profeca; maravilla o prodigio.

portray = (v) depict; represent; act

ientos (premoniciones)
resume adj. presumable n. presumption

on un mejor sueldo obvio)
pronto, sin demora; promptly = prontamente

n un sentido general, no como "restrict" q es ms literal).

action, choice, intensity or quantity

Ex: Most dogs can be trained to retrieve objects that their owners have thrown. n. retrieval. Ex: This computerized informatio

sdeo, despreciativo (contemptuous, snide) despicable = (adj) despreciable.

ents; isolated from reality

h between 2 places (como los coheles espaciales o aviones q van de un sitio a otro).

ws cuando instalo programas, hay botones como "next" y "skip" (para obviar pasos)

r the error = El secretario fue slo algo responsable del error.

extend across; to stretch from one point another; to bridge

(v) deliberadamente enojar, perturbar o daar a alguien.
preaded quickly into her blood
, that someone or something is wrong stigma = (n) estigma

s or feelings. Esta palabra proviene de los antiguos "estoicos" q fueron unos filsofos q entrenaban su fuerza de voluntad ante el dolor,

fanarse (travail, toil, drudge, slog), pugnar, esmerarse

TLED"; delicate or elusive

improved its taste. Subtlety (n). Subtle (adj).

o plido; enfermo o de color plido

ing, minute, detailed, close, meticulous, methodical, careful, complete, comprehensive, full, extensive, widespread, sweeping, all-embracin

q se la puede usar para generar electricidad)

en un sitio) n. tightness = firmeza

church, castle, palace, etc where money and valuable objects are kept). Treasure = (n) tesoro
church, castle, palace, etc where money and valuable objects are kept). Treasure = (n) tesoro; (v) atesorar
n. Ex: Today's computer culture is trending toward touch-screen technology.
d q es la conjugacin en pasado del verbo enable.

n to unleash his feelings)

dy, cumbersome, cumbrous

Ex: I have just some vague ideas about the Strings Theory of Stephen Hawking.

YES significa un documento dado x una corte a la policia para poder hacer algo; (v) requerir o merercer algo; validar un legal statement; d
d, interest, weal, well-being. Ex: es por tu bien = it's for your welfare. Otra definicin es (segn Webster Dictionary) el programa guber
s; en cambio while significa "mientras" en el sentido de "al mismo tiempo" o "simultneamente"). Ex: Lemons are very sour whereas mos


para que no se escapen (Ex: Indignados tus hijos del yugo MI HIMNO NACIONAL).
(adj) pagado = paid, discharged, prepaid, acquitted, paid-up aquitted of = absuelto de

ropeos nacidos en Amrica).

ng separated or cut of.

ubted, unambiguous,
playful, impish, prankish, puckish), malicioso (malicious, catty, wicked, sly, mean)

ey were lucky becuase really dodged a disaster even worse.

elling (rea en el cuerpo de alguien q ms grande de lo normal debido a una enfermedad).
de los "shareholders").

e lo normal debido a una enfermedad).

ismo que se lo usa en varios idiomas

kening the sky and whipping the earth into great drifts of dust that settled over hundreds of miles.
ces to his assistant. Ex: The frightened little girl cleaved herself to her mothers leg.)
el beneficio de los dems miembros consiguiendo "free rides"
e: "Lo muerdes?" o "No cogieron el chiste" refirindose a "entender". (v) to take and hold sth with your fingers or hands = control, ha

ble, obstruct, shackle

patrol boats, the Coast Guard can more easily interdict drugs being smuggled by sea.

of kin", meaning "closest relative".

t, to recline. Past/p.p = lay/lain

l candidato B est por encima del A por 5 puntos. n. polling n. pollster
x: This computerized information retrieval system is the most up-to-date system available.
erza de voluntad ante el dolor, se mostraban impasibles ante los sacrificios y privaciones que hacan para fortalecer el espritu.

spread, sweeping, all-embracing, all-inclusive

o; validar un legal statement; dar una garanta (guarantee) por un producto
Dictionary) el programa gubernamental de ayuda a personas pobres o desempleadas (x su casa, comida, atencin mdica), q aqu en Ecua
ons are very sour whereas most fruits are sweet. Ex: Between Germany and USA, I'd rather studying in Germany since there the education
r fingers or hands = control, hand.
talecer el espritu.
encin mdica), q aqu en Ecuador se llama el "Plan del Buen Vivir"
many since there the education is free, whereas in USA not, and besides of the living cost that normally is higher in USA.
Las palabras que en espaol se escriben con la primera slaba "inm", en ingls se escriben como "imm". Ej: immediate, immi

a pesar de ... = despite; in spite of

abrazar = embrace, hug
acabar de hacer algo = ?????????? Ex: Acabo de redactar la carta para el CES.
acciones (de una empresa) = shares accionistas = shareholders
adefecioso, caprichoso = picky; aniado = fancy
Adems = Furthermore; Moreover; Besides.
aguantar = endure, stand, put up, bear, take, put up with
almacenado = stored
alquiler = rent = accomodation
altura = (n) height
angustiado = worried
apoyar = support
aprovecharse de = take advantage of
arrepentir(se) = repent = be sorry
arrepentirse/lamentarse = regret
arrogante, soberbio, altanero, altanero, presuntuoso = arrogant, presumptuous, overweening, overhearing, haughty; no exac
averiguar = find out (enterarse), ascertain, inquire, look up, trace back
bienestar = welfare; Ex: es por tu bien = it's for your welfare. Ex: lo hago p
calumnia = difamacin = (n)
calumniar, difamar = slander, smear, calumniate, defame
cautivar = (v) captivate (en el sentido de atraer a alguien mediante su belleza o pare
cita = appointment
como tal = as such
concurso = concourse, competition, contest
confiado = overselfentrusted (excesivamente confiado). Ej: Estaba demasiado confiado por lo que no estudi y sali mal en el e
cuidar = take care, care, watch out, look out ????????????
dado que = since; as
de qu sirve ? Ex: de qu le sirve al hombre ganar el mundo si pierde su vida?
dejar + v(inf) = let + v(inf) Ex: Djalo ir = let it go. Ex: Djalo ah = let it stay there ?????????????????????
desafo = challenge
despedir del trabajo a alguien = fire. Ej: You're fired = Ests despedido. hire = contratar (para un trabajo)
digno = dignified, worthy
dilema = dilemma, predicament = encrucijada
discernir = discern
dolor = (n, v) pain, hurt, ache
durante = meanwhile; during Adems de esto = Beside from this
elocuente = eloquent
engaar = delude, trick, fool, bluf, cheat on
engredo = conceited
enterrar = bury (buried = enterrado, sepultado)
entrometerse = (v) (meterse en los asuntos o conversaciones ajenas)
Eso no tiene nada que ver !! = It has nothing to do with it !!
ESPERAR: expect = con expectativa; hope = con esperanza; wait = a alguien o algo durante un tiempo
estrago (n) = havoc, depredation
Faltar. (ej: Me falta mucho para terminar mi trabajo = I lack it a lot to finish my work) (Ej: Falta mi pap = My dad lacks) (Ej: La fa
fanfarrn = boaster (with a big mouth)
fortalecer = get strong, improve, strengthen, reinforce (reforzar)
fortificar = fortify = strenghten (strenght = (n) fuerza)
fugar = run away (fugarse de clase)
gozar = enjoy, joy
habitantes = inhabitants
hacer las veces de = (v) ?????????????????? Ex: Right now I'm the Evil's Advocate (soy el abogado del diablo)
harto (adj) = fed up (ej: Estoy harto de la rutina)
hereja = heresy; hereje = heretic
humilde = humble, self-efacing
inconfundible = unmistakable
inquebrantable = stubborn (necio), obstinate, unyielding, adamant, determined, tenacious, persistent, intractable
insolente = insolent
involucrarse = get involved
justo = (adj) fair; = pitifully,
Lastimosamente injusto =unfortunately,
unfair; Ex: We(desgraciadamente)
sadly deserve a fair treatment. Ex: fair elections; a fair fight.

llevar = take away, bring, go, lead, carry, wear, bear ("Lo Que El Viento Se Llev = . ")
ms o menos = so so, more or less, "give or take"
mediante = through (a travs de)
mrito = merit (n)
municipio = major town
ni siquiera = not even Ej: She might not even go = Ella puede que ni siquiera se vaya. Ej: I'm not even sorry = Ni siquiera lo
no podr + verb (el futuro de "can") I won't be able to .
no tener nada que ver con... = have nothing to do with
no tiene nada que ver = it's not connected
notarse; no tiene una traduccin directa, se puede usar otras formas para decir lo mismo, pero la mejor traduccin literal posi
ojal = hopefully
parece que = it seems that
pasado de moda = old-fashioned
pero de todas formas = but anyway
perturbado, angustiado (adj) = up set
por medio de (mediante) =
por si acaso = just in case
por si acaso = just in case Ej: Lo hice por si acaso = I did it just in case.
puete/puo = fist
realizar = realize, accomplish, undertake, produce, efectuate, fulfill, perform, execute
recompensa = reward
recursos = resources
refrn, dicho, lema = (n) said
reglamento = regulation; ley = law; statute = estatuto
regocijar = rejoice
repartir = give out, deliver, distribute, allot, issue
resistir = resist, hold, endure, hold out, fight, hold on
sabor = (n) taste, flavor. Ex. The lemon is bitter (agrio), it has an opposite flavor of sweet.
sacar = take out, put out, remove, extract
segn = according to...
siempre y cuando = as long as
siglo = century
siquiera = though
soportar = bear, endure, hold, put up with, hold up, abide
subir = rise
sufrir = undergo, sufer
tener = have, keep, own, bear, hold, possess
trabajadores, obreros, empleados = workman, worker, labourer, employee
traer = bring; llevar = bring
trato = (n) treatment Ex: We deserve a fair treatment. Es diferente de: "trato hecho" = deal
til = useful
Vale la pena = It is wort; It's worth + verb(-ing); It's always worth; it must be good and worthwhile (debe ser bueno y vale la pe
vanidoso = vain
vencer = overcome
virtud = virtue
voluntad = (n) will
hazmereir = (n) the laughing stock
presumido = presuntuoso = presuming, cocksure, priggish, overweening, conceited
de antemano = (adv) beforehand
incendio = fire
reanudar = resume recomenzar (volver a iniciar) = restart, recommence
salir = go out, leave
obra = (n) work. Ex: Opus Dei = Work of God = Obra de Dios. Ex: Las principales obras del municipio son construccin d
magnfico = superb
apreciar = appreciate despreciar = scorn
cmplice = accomplice
anciano = elder, ancient, old man
provechoso = (adj)
sensible = (adj) sensato, razonable sensitive = (adj) persona sensible (como los artistas)
entre comillas = quote quote (cuando hablando digo algo en sentido irnico que es entre comillas es xq realmente quiero
familia = relatives padres = parents
calle peatonal = (n) house street, pedestrianized street
molestoso, disgustoso = annoying
desagradable = unpleasant
quitar, arrebatar = (v) take away remover = (v) remove
mbito = atmosphere
obviar = (v) take away
arrepentirse = (v) regret
cmplice = accomplice
soborno = coima = (n) bribe
SABORES: amargo = (adj) bitter (ej: sabor del caf sin azcar o del chocolate negro); sour = cido o agrio (como del limn);
despedirse (de alguien, Ant: greeting) = see sb of. Ex: I'll see them of.
conmover = (v) thrill (de sentimientos)
oportuno = opportune
bostezar =
sembrar = plant, sow, seed
tcito, sobreentendido = implicit
fracasar = fail
meramente = merely
desbordar = go overboard. Ex: A tip to ace the Writing TOEFL is Another is don't go overboard in your examples.
incapaz = unable
paseo =
mudo = mute (disabled person) sordo = deaf ciego = blind tartamudo = stutterer
discapacidad fsica o mental de persona = disability discapacitado = disabled
ida y vuelta (regreso) = forth and back
perspicaz = perspicacious
ingenioso = ingenious ingenuo = ingenuous
asiduo = assiduous
empleada domstica = maid
caducado = timed out, lapsed
chuchaqui = hangover
jitano = gypsy
subasta =
artesano =
enfatizar = (v) stress
interesado = selfish, profit-seeking
enfoque = approach, focus
alejar = move away
familiarizado = acquainted
portar armas = cargar armas = bearing arms bear = cargar o llevar consigo; soportar
encargar = order, commision, mandate, entrust, task (Ex. You were ordered of collecting the rent by the landlord)
abrumador, formidable = overwhelmed, formidable
turnos rotativos = rotating shifts (ex: I work on shifts)
as time went by = conforme el tiempo fue pasando
viable, factible = feasible
ingenuo = (adj) naive, ingenuous
envidioso = (adj) envious, jealous, covetous, jaundiced
sudor = (n) sweat
zozobra = (n) annoyance
consentido = (adj) spoiled (malcriado)
astucia = (n) cunning, craftiness, guile, cleverness, astuteness, shrewdness
santificado = hallowed (Ex: ...hallowed be thy name)
saco, costal = (n) sack, bag
despedida = (n) farewell
seguir siendo, permanecer = remain
"sabido" (trmino ecuatoriano) = pasarse de listo = crafty (who achieves what he wants in a clever way, often by deceiving peo
estafar = (v) deceive, fool, cheat, trick, mislead, con estafa = (n) con
corazonada =
salir adelante, avanzar = move forward (en la vida o literalmente en dems situaciones)
mujeriego = womanizer
alianza, pacto = convenant
con los pies en la tierra = (adj) down-to-earth recapacitar = down to earth.
caer bien = suit, be liked by. Ex: Hi brazilian friend, I am liked by your people (you brazilians suit me = uds brasileros me caen bi
ejercer la profesion = exercise the profession
(POLITICA) derecha fuerte (poltica) - ultraderecha - ultraderechista = (adj) far-right
llegar (o ir) ms lejos = go further.
esperar con ansias = look forward to + (v inf)
fogata, hoguera = (n) campfire
indescriptible = indescribable
meseta, altiplano = (n) plateau
decepcionar, defraudar
don de palabra = gift of gab
ingls se escriben como "imm". Ej: immediate, imminent, immune, immaculate, immoral, immature, immoderate, immense

para aprender traducciones de usuales o muy usadas frases ver mi libro 159_Traducciones_Para_Las_Escuelas (english-espao

cumbersome no existe en espaol
gender, genre en cambio en espaol slo hay "gnero"
violate (violar ley), rape (violar mujeres)
UNA DE LAS POCAS DESVENTAJAS DEL INGLES son: el verbo "to be" q se usa tanto para "ser" como para "estar"; you (ud/uds)
exploit, explode en cambio en espaol slo hay "explotar"
sue, demand; demandar a alguien
owe, should; deber
lend, borrow; prestar, pedir prestado
reflex, reflection; reflejo, reflexin
spin (girar la Tierra sobre su propio eje), revolve (girar la Tierra en torno al Sol); girar
firm (company), signature; firma
restrict, restrain; restringir
punish, castigate; castigar
turtle, tortoise; tortuga turle es de agua y tortoise es terrestre
expose, expound; exponer
difuse, fuzzy; difuso
infidel, unloyal; infiel
melodious, mellifluous; melodioso
investigation, research; investigacin

iado confiado por lo que no estudi y sali mal en el examen.

pierde su vida?
o ah = let it stay there ?????????????????????

hire = contratar (para un trabajo)

en o algo durante un tiempo

sh my work) (Ej: Falta mi pap = My dad lacks) (Ej: La falta de sensatez = The lack of good sense)
w I'm the Evil's Advocate (soy el abogado del diablo)

mined, tenacious, persistent, intractable

t. Ex: fair elections; a fair fight.

e Llev = . ")

quiera se vaya. Ej: I'm not even sorry = Ni siquiera lo siento.

a decir lo mismo, pero la mejor traduccin literal posible es con el verbo "notice". Ex: se not que... = it was noticed that; Ex 1) Se n

orm, execute

e flavor of sweet.
erente de: "trato hecho" = deal

be good and worthwhile (debe ser bueno y vale la pena)

Las principales obras del municipio son construccin de viviendas = The main works of the municipality are housing construction.

nsible (como los artistas)

do irnico que es entre comillas es xq realmente quiero decir q no es cierto)

ate negro); sour = cido o agrio (como del limn); sweet = dulce; salt = salado

r is don't go overboard in your examples.

d tartamudo = stutterer
ado = disabled

cargar o llevar consigo; soportar

ed of collecting the rent by the landlord) encargarse de = take care of = ocuparse de, tomar el relevo

what he wants in a clever way, often by deceiving people); astuto = cunning, sly.

s situaciones)

ple (you brazilians suit me = uds brasileros me caen bien).

moderate, immense

a_Las_Escuelas (english-espaol).pdf

omo para "estar"; you (ud/uds)

as noticed that; Ex 1) Se not la falta de participacin = There was a notable lack of participation; Ex2) Se nota cuando las perso
housing construction.
Ex2) Se nota cuando las personas tienen cario por su patria = You notice when people love their country; Ex 3) Es fcil de colocar
ntry; Ex 3) Es fcil de colocar y apenas se nota bajo la ropa = It can be easily attached and is hardly noticeably under clothing; Ex 4)
ticeably under clothing; Ex 4) Cuando se nota mejora... = When improvement is observed...;
smbolo == sirve para indicar significado parecido (no exactamente sinnimo)
smbolo =! sirve para indicar antnimos
los phrasal verbs ms usados son get, give, take (tmb hay otros como go, come, etc) que se los combina seguidos de preposion es la mejor web q he visto para traducir expresiones comunes del espaol (o de otros idiomas)
Leer el New York Times, el Washington Post (sus editoriales, noticias, etc). Porque su forma de escritura es la ms difcil.

abhor = hate, loathe, abominate, despise, detest, execrate, loathe, dislike very much with repugnance = aborrecer, odiar, detes
abide = (v) endure, stay, remain
abide = obedecer
abortion = (n) aborto
abound =
accin de gracias = thanksgiving
acclaim = (v) aclamar. Ex: Acclaim the King, the Lord
accomplishments = logros
accomply = achieve = cumplir, realizar; accomplished (p.p) = cumplido, logrado; accomplishment = logro
accustomed = acostumbrado
achievement = logro = accomplishment
acquainted = (adj) familiarizado, informado
acquainted = familiarizado (estar familiarizado con algo)
acquiesce = (v) to comply quietly. Ex: The hostage, fearful of being killed, acquiesced to his captors demands.
adhere = adherir
advice = (n) consejo o recomendacin (suggestion); advise = 1(n, v) consejo (advisor = consejero) o aconsejar (suggest); 2(n)
advocate = defend, stand up for, uphold, recommend = abogar por
aesthetic = (adj) esttico aesthetics = (n) la esttica aesthetician = (n) el esttico
aford = permitirse, proporcionar, costearse
aford = pagar. Ej: We can't aford that
afraid; I am afraid... = me temo que ...
aid = (n) ayuda, auxilio Ex: first aid = primeros auxilios.
ailment = (n) dolencia = little ilness
aim = (n) fines, objetivos; (v) apuntar (a un objetivo), pretender, aspirar, encarar Ej: Dont aim at a touch of flair for your CV.
albeit = (conj) even though, although, in spite of the facts, regardless of the fact
alike = (adj) similar, igual, parecido; (adv) del mismo modo/forma/manera; (noun) el parecido, resemblance, similarity, likeness
alley = (n) callejn (calle no abierta para el trfico, casi como una peatonal)
allot = (v) repartir = give out, deliver, distribute, issue
allow, let. Don't let
allowance = permiso; mesada ($ que los padres regalan semanalmente a sus hijos). allow = (v) permit
almost = casi
alms = limosna
along =
alongside = (prep junto a, al lado de; (adv) al lado, de costado
alongside = (prep) junto a, al lado de; (adv) al lado, de costado
alongside =
already = (adv) ya (ej: Sorry, this seat it's already ocuppied = Perdn, este puesto ya est ocupado). = previously; before a certa
alright = (adj, adv) all right
alter = alterar = (v) to adjust, to change, to modify, or to make someone or something change. v. altered n. alteration
although = aunque ADVERSATIVO (como "but"). El otro significado de "although" es el "aunque CONCESIVO", en el cual es sin
although, though, even though = aunque CONCESIVO (lo que se escribe despus del "although" es lo que yo concedo). Por ej s
Ambush = emboscada, tactica de guerra donde se esconde el enemigo para atacar
Ammunition = moniciones (bullets, weapons)
amount = (n) cantidad; (v) ascender
ample = (adj) plenty, quite large (more than enough of what is needed)
amused = (adj)
anarchy = anarqua = 1. the complete absence of government or control resulting in lawlessness; 2. political disorder and conf
and so forth = (adv) etc; and son on.
angry = disgustado, molesto, "cabreado"
anyway... = de todas formas...
Anyway... = De todas formas = De cualquiera forma
apart from = except for = It was the same as a normal Whopper, apart from one thing.
Apogee = Apogee, heyday, zenith, climax
apologize = (v) pedir disculpas o perdn forgive = (v) perdonar
apologize = disculpar
appear = aparecer
Appliances = electrodomsticos
appointment = (n) cita (en general, como x ej cita mdica, cita romntica es "date")
appointment = cita (con alguien en general, x ej: con el mdico). Date = cita romntica
approach (n) = un acercamiento; method, procedure, technique, modus operandi, style, way, manner... Se lo usa mucho para d
approach = enfoque
argue = debatir, discutir un tema
arrange = arreglar, dejar listo, preparar
arrow (n) = flecha narrow (adj) = thin = estrecho
arrow = (n) flecha
Arsenal = a place where the weapons are stored
Artillery battery = caones
as long as = siempre y cuando (si y slo si, implicacin bidireccional)
as time goes by = a medida que pasa el tiempo
as well as... = as como tambin; tanto como...
ASAP = as soon as possible
ashamed = avergozado shame = vergenza
aside =
aside = (adv) a un lado. Ej: set aside sth = hacer a un lado algo, quitarlo de enfrente.
aside = (adv) a un lado. Ex: You can put your fears aside and be brave at least for this time.
aside from = appart form = aparte de
ask (sb) out = invitar a salir a alguien
ask for = pedir
ask out = invitar a salir
Assassination = asesinato de una persona famosa (poltica o celebridad), en cambio murder es para cualquier persona
assess = (v) evaluate, review, appraise, referee; rate, titrate; estimate, tax; judge, adjudicate
asset = (n) activo, posesin capital (trmino econmico)
assign = (v) asignar
assimilate = asimilar
assure = (v) asegurar (en un sentido muy general). Ex: To assure best accuracy,
assure = asegurar
Assy = (n) Ex: shock absorber assy
astonished = asombrado = impressed; awesome = asombroso
at least = al menos
At stake = in distress = en juego, en peligro
attemp (n, v) = intento, intentar (try)
attempt = (v) atentar
attempt = (v) try = intentar
attend = ir, asistir, acudir assist = asistir (pero de ayudar, no de ir)
attorney = (n)
attorney = (n) abogado, procurador, mandatario, apoderado
Attorney = abogado, procurador
auction = (n) subasta
auction = subasta
austere = simple or plain, not fancy; (de pocos placeres) simple and harsh
awe (etimologa de awesome) = (n) temor (fear), admiracin = amazement, admiration, admiration, wonder, astonishment, sho
awkward = torpe (las mujeres no sienten atraccin por ellos) handsome (adj) = guapo (slo masculino) charmin
Backwards = (adv) hacia atrs. Ex: pull the motor backwards until it comes loosen.
backwards = hacia atrs
ban = (v)
ban = (v) prohibir legalmente; (n) prohibicion
ban = (v) prohibir, ilegalizar; (n) prohibicin
bandit =
bare = barely
barely = (adv) muy poco
barely = (adv) scarcely, hardly = almost nothing, almost not at all
bargain = (n) ganga, algo q es muy barato
Bayonet = bayoneta (attach to the mosquet)
be made up of = to consist of
bear = (trans v) 1) stand sth, endure sth, accept sth, suffer sth, abide sth, tolerate sth (put with sth painful, bear = the power o
Bearing = cojinete o rodamiento
beat = (n) batir (un record x ej), quebrar, romper
beat = (v) derrotar, vencer, aventajar, sobrepasar, vapulear, azotar, golpear, apalear
beg = rogar
beg = rogar, suplicar
behalf = (n) favor o beneficio = interest, benefit; support, defense (Ex: I argued in his behalf = Argument en su defensa o a su
behalf = favor on behalf of = a favor de
behold = (v)
beloved = (adj, n) amado, dilecto
bend = (v) flexionar (Ex: he bent their knees front me = el se arrodill frente a m). kneel down (past: knelt) = (v) arrodi
bending = bendable (adj) flexible En sentido fsico. (v) flexionar; arch, bow, crook, curve, swerve (Ej: The beam is being be
beneath = underneath = below
beside : (prep) = junto a, a lado de (ej: he sat beside me) en una sentido fsico literal. (prep) = adems de = apart from (ej: I ha
besides (adv) = adems = moreover=furthermore=aditionally;
besonder =
Best regards = Atentamente (en una carta al final)
bestowed = (adj)
bet = (n) apuesta = wager, betting, punt
bet = (v) apostar
bet = apostar
betray = traicionar
betray = traicionar
beyond = ms all, ms all de. Ej: What's happenning it's beyond me.
biased = (adj) sesgado, tendencioso = leaning unfairly in one direction
bid (v, n) = declarar, licitar, ofrecer, pedir, prometer ya lo vi
bid = (n) oferta = ofer, bid, tender, proposal, proposition, profer; invitation; auction = bidding = (n) subasta
bill = (n) planilla o factura a pagar (ej planilla a pagar de luz, telef, etc); clean, pure; clear, legible; sufficient but not ample, adeq
blame = (v) culpar
blame = culpar
blast = Ex: Brush-of blast cleaning
bleed = (v)
blight = (n) plaga (enfermedad o epidemia q ataca a las plantas)
blink = (v) parpadear
bloodshed = = enloquecer a alguien. Ej: you blow me away = me enloqueces = you drive me crazy
blow (sb) away

boast = (v) Ex: To shame the strong God chose the weak, so that no one might boast in his presence.
Boicot =
bond = (n) link = enlace, lazo de unin. Ex: The familiar bond Ex: The bond between the mother and her child it's beaut
Book = Reservar
boost = (v) enhance, increase
borrow (sth) from (sb) = pedir prestado algo de alguien. Lend (sb) to (sb) = Prestar algo a alguien
bosom = (n)
bother = molestar. Ej: Don't bother = no molestes.
bounce = (v) rebotar
bow =
bow = (v)
bow down = (v) doblegarse, prosternarse, hacer reverencia = prostrate oneself (prostrarse)
bowlful = (adj)
Brake lining =
breed = (n) raza (race), casta, variedad (assortment); (v) criar (raise, rear, nurture), educar, reproducirse, engendrar (beget, fath
brend = (v)
bribe = (n) soborno o coima
bright = (v) shiny, refulgent, glowing, beaming, dazzling
brittle = (adj) frgil = frail, fragile
budget = (n) planificacin, presupuesto ; (v) planificar
buf = musculoso skinny = flaco
Bufer = tope, parachoques, amortiguador; algo q sirve como barrera protectora; mediador
burden = (n) load, charge, duty, freight, weight; (gravamen) assessment, encumbrance. Wich is carried. That which is borne wit
burdensome = (adj)
burst = (v) estallar
bush = (n)
but = 1. (conj) pero (only), sino (if not), sino que, que (that, than), sin embargo, sin que , al menos; 2. (n) pero; 3
But that doesnt mean = Eso no significa que
by means of = por medio de
calling = (n) vocacin, llamada
calm, tranquil = (adj) en paz, tranquilo, calmado
candle = (n) vela, candelero
captions = subtitles
captive = (adj) cautivo, prisionero
carpet = (n) alfombra
carry out = llevar a cabo, realizar
cash = (v) cobrar $; (n) $ en efectivo
cast = emitir, lanzar, echar, arrojar; moldear; tirar algo con fuerza hacia una direccin cast out = arrojar = throw
cast doubt = poner en duda
cast down = (v)
casualty = a person killed or badly injured (or a thing) in a war or accident. Syn: fatality, loss, victim
cease = cesar, parar de hacer algo
celebrated = (adj) famous (a person known or recognized) in a good way. Cualidad de una celebridad o persona famosa.
centre = center = (n) el centro. El uno es British y el otro American.
certain = seguro (ej: no estar seguro de algo)
chapel = (n) capilla, templo
charge = (v) cobrar ($, deudas)
charm = (n) encanto; charming = (adj) encantador
chase = (v) perseguir = pursue. Ex: The police was chasing the thief for 2 hours and caught him fortunately.
cheated = (adv) engaado; cheat on = (v) engaar; copiar en examen
cheeky = (adj) descarado, sinvergenza, cnico, irreverente
cheer up sb = encourage = animar
cherished = (adj) querido (dear, darling, precious, deary)
chick = chica, mujer joven
Chick = nice (referring to women x example)
chicken out = acobardarse (be a chicken)
chiefly = (adv) mainly, mostly chief = (n) most important, highest in rank or authority. Syn: capital, first, grand, cardin
childish = (adj) infantil e inmaduro, quien se porta a veces como un chiquillo siendo ya adulto
chilly = frosty, cold = fro
choice = opcin
choir = (n) coro (musical)
choose = pick out = escoger choice = seleccin, opcin
chop = (v) cortar en picadillo (como se corta o pica la cebolla) choppy = (adj) q se mece en vaivn (de un lado para otro
choppy = (adj) oscilante, vibratorio ("chop" significa picar x ej cebolla, zanahoria) ??????
claim = (v) affirm, allegue, assert, aver, avouch, avow, contend, declare, declare, insist, profess = afirmar, alegar, declarar, insistir
clap hands = (v) aplaudir
Clearance = (n) claro, espacio entre dos superficies
cloudy = (adj) paoso o nuboso (Ex: the window needs to be cleaned, it's cloudy with footprints of people that touch it)
coat = capa
cockroaches = cucarachas
Coming soon !! = Muy pronto !! (se usa x ej para el prximo estreno de una pelcula)
commend = (v) elogiar (praise, commend, eulogize, laud); alabar (praise, commend, laud, extol, applaud, extoll)
commit = (v) cometer, hacer, perpetrar; encomendar (entrust, commend, intrust)
commitment =
commitment = (n) compromiso (engagement, compromise, undertaking, obligation, pledge); entrega (delivery, surrender, insta
commply = cumplir (un deseo, una expectativa especfica, un sueo) accomplish = achieve or complete successfully.
commute = (v) travel (by land: car, bus)
compel = (v) obligar, competer
complain = (v) quejarse complaint = (n) queja
compulsory = obligatorio
Conceal = Ocultar = hid; hidden = (adj) oculto
conceit = (v)
concern = concernir, interesar, importar. Ej: You may be seen as having only short-term concerns
confident = seguro de s mismo. Safety = seguridad. Pero es en otro sentido totalmente distinto de "confidence"
consistency = (adj) consistencia, uniformidad, regularidad; hacer algo x del mismo modo siempre (similar a "coherencia")
contemp = (n) desacato, desobediencia a una autoridad
contest = (n) concurso, competencia = challenge. Ex: Contest of Merits and Opposition.
convey = (v) transmitir (en un sentido muy general, no slo movimiento como los conveyors)
Cool = guay, chvere, bacn, (trmino inventado por los beatniks durante 1950s, who were the war veterans of the WWII)
cope = (v) sobrellevar = to do something well in a difficult situation. Ex: His family have protested against his punishment and
Cotter pin =
cram = (v) atracar, atestar, henchir, embutir
crave = (v) antojarse (comida). (n) craving = antojo. Ex: I have a craving
crawl = (v) reptar, gatear, arrastrarse
creep == (v)
(v) crawl (reptar, arrastrarse), insinuarse, invadir, penetrar. Ex: Some mistakes are beginning to creep into his work.
Ivy is a creeping variety of plant. Creeping = (adj) progresivo Creepy = (adj) horripilante
crevice = (n)
crowded = (adj) aglomerado, un sitio con demasiada gente x ej.
Crown = (v) coronar; (n) corona
Crush = (v) Ex: risk of crushing puede ser x ej q me aplaste la mano con algo
crush on sb =
cup (past: cupped) = (v)
current (adj) = presente u ordinario (ex: in the current days) actual = (adj) real (ex: "actual value" es lo contrario a valor
Curse = maldicin
custom = (v) habit (costumbre) ; government agency costume = (n) vestuario
customary = (adj) acostumbrado = normal or expected for a particular person, situation, or society. Ex: In some countries, the
customer = (v) consumer, client
customize = (v) cotizar = (v) quote (pero tmb significa "comillas")
cute = lindo. Se lo usa para todas las situaciones imaginables y posibles.
DaddyO = papazote (carO = carrazo), (trmino inventado por los beatniks durante 1950s, who were the war veterans of the W
dare = (v) atreverse
dare = (v) atreverse
darling = (adj) cario (honey), amado, querido
dawn = (n) madrugada
dawn = madrugada, amanecer dusk = twilight = oscuridad, crepsculo, anochecer; Ex: He really is a workaholic, h
deadly = (adj)
deaf = (adj) sordo
deal = handle = approach = (v) lidiar o tratar (con alguien o algo), manejar una situacin TIENE UN USO Y SIGNIFICADO MUY
Deceive = Engaar (en un sentido muy general, hacer q alguien piense q algo es cierto o bueno cuando en realidad no lo es), a
deceptive = (adj) engaoso; deception = (n) engao; deceive = (v) engaar (en el sentido de aparentar algo q en realidad
deed = (n) obra. Ex: La fe sin obras (deeds) es vaca.
defeat = (v) derrocar, vencer ("overcome" es ms para vencer situaciones o adversidades, en cambio "defeat" es para vencer p
defence = defense = (n) la defensa. El uno es British y el otro American.
defying =
deity = dolo, deidad
delinquent = (n) delincuente
demise = (n) fallecimiento (decease, passing, dispatch), cada (hang); (v) morir (expire), caer
demonstration = manifestacin (de huelga por ej)
demonstration = manifestacin (de huelga por ej)
dent = (n) hundimiento = hole, deppresion in the cans, bags, baskets or whatever rigid objects (es un defecto en los objetos rg
dependable = (adj) reliable
depict = (v) representar (mediante un dibujo, pintura, escultura, etc)
deploy = (v) desplegar(display, unfold, expand, open, unfurl); (n) despliegue
deployment = (n) despliegue
depth (n), deep (adj)
depth = (n) profundidad
deserve = merecer
desire = (v,n) wish
desperate = (adj) desesperado
despise = (v) despreciar
Despise = Despreciar
Despite... = (prep) In spite of ... = "Pese a ..." = "A pesar de ..." SIEMPRE SE DEBE PONER UN PRONOMBRE O SUSTANTIVO LUE
Detach = Separar. Antonym: Attach = adjuntar
develop = desarrollar development = desarrollo
Devote = (v) Dedicar; (n) devoto (persona piadosa o muy entregada a otra persona, una causa o situacin)
Devour = Devorar
dew = (n) el roco
Da de Ao Nueo = New Year's Eve
dig = (v) excavar, remover el suelo con una herramienta, mquina, etc. (slang) "Gold Diggers" = sangronas de $$, q slo qu
disagree; Ex: He disagrees = el est en desacuerdo
dislike = (v) tener disgusto o repugnancia a (repel, disgust); (n) (aversion, antipathy, loathing, abhorrence)
dismiss = (v) expulse, kick out, expel
dissapointed = (adj) decepcionado
dissapointed = decepcionado
distort = (v) distorsionar = deform
distress = (n)
diverter = Ex: diverter signals, diverter feeding
do away = (v) eliminar
dock = muelle
downtown = (n) centro de la ciudad
Drafted = enlistado como soldado voluntario para la guerra
drawback, downside = perjuicio drawback != benefit, perks
dread =
Dredge the line =
drill = perforar, taladrar; exercise, train
drive (sb) crazy. Ej: You drive me crazy = me vuelves loco
Drop = (v) Dejar caer o soltar algo; (v) Fall = caer (el objeto q est cayendo). Ex: I drop the ball from the helicopter and th
drop out = (v) abandonar la escuela o universidad, dejar los estudios
drown = (v)
due to = because of
due to = because of = owing to = debido a
dull = boring = montono, flojo, torpe
duty = deber, obligacin (moral o material, contractual) = obligation, due, task, job, ought; liability, must, commitment, bond
dwarf = (n, adj) enano (ej de los cuentos de hadas)
dwell = (v) residir = to live (or lie) in a particular place. Syn: abide, stay, hang around, remain, tarry
dying = p. cont. "die" (morir) dye = (v) teirse el pelo.
e.g. =
each other = el uno al otro (ej: If you're in love really, you'll can waiting for each other)
eager = (adj) excited, very motivated
eager = muy ansioso, excitado o motivado por hacer algo
easy-going = (adj) de trato fcil
eat away = masticar
either = 1) (conj) tanto como = either or 2) (conj) o "exclusivo" (cuando hay 2 o ms alternativas para escoger pero
else = (alguien o algo) ms. Ex: Anybody else? I see nobody else there.
Embargo = embargo, seizure
embarrased = embarazoso
embrace = (n) abrazo (hug, cuddle, clinch, clasp); (v) abrazar (embosom), adoptar (assume, espose), abarcar (encompass, span
embrace = (v) abrazar, aceptar, asumir
encamp = (v) acampar
Enclose = Incluir
encompass = (v) abarcar (include, embrace, span, comprise, reach), rodear (surround, encircle, circle, enclose, encompass, wra
encompass = (v) abarcar; rodear, cercar
encourage = animar, exhortar
endeavor =
endeavour = achieve with a great efort
Endow = recibir de lo Alto, de Dios (biblical term), como recibir un don divino
endowed = (adj) dotado Ex: well-endowed = bien dotado (o sea talentoso o con un gran pito)
enervate = no significa hacer enojar a alguien sino debilitarlo fsica o mentalmente, osea cansarlo. Enervar = ???
engagement = compromiso. Engaged = comprometido
envidia = envy
envy = (n) envidia envidioso = (adj) envious, jealous, covetous, jaundiced celos = (n) jealousy rivalid
equity = (n)
eroded = erosionado
espanto = (n) fright
estar dispuesto a = be willing to
Esteem = Estimar
Eve = Vspera
even = (v) emparejar, nivelar, allanar, igualar, regular; (adj) par, igualado, liso, plano, uniforme, constante, equitativo, justo,
even = incluso. even though = an cuando + CONCESIN; si bien (si bien es cierto que...); though = although = "aunque" (
even so = (adv) nevertheless = in spite of that. Ex: I know you claim not to care about the breakup; even so, you keep talking
eventually = (adv) at an unespecified later time = in the end = en algn momento = algn da. Syn: finally, someday, sooner o
ever (adv) = alguna vez; en la vida; nunca; siempre
everlasting = (adj) eterno
Evoke = Evocar; invoke = invocar; provoke = provocar
ewes = (n)
exalt = (v) exaltar
exerpt = (n) extracto
exert = (v) ejercer
expenditure = (n) gasto
exploit = explotar trabajadores o alguna situacin para beneficiarme; explode = burst = estallar/explotar fsicamente
exploiting = (v) explotar a alguien (laboralmente x ej)
face = (v) enfrentar (darle la cara "face" a alguna situacin)
facility = (n) facilidad; instalaciones (something designed, built, installed, etc., to serve a specific function afording a convenien
fade = (v) desteir (Ex: the faded coat by many washings = el abrigo desteido por muchas lavadas), perder color o brillo
fail = perder, reprobar (un curso o materia).
fair = (adj) justo (acorde con lo correcto o aceptable); forma de tratar a la gente imparcialmente (sin sesgo o favoritismo); not t
fair = (adj) justo (de justicia); unfair = injusto
fairly = (adv) justamente, correctamente, imparcialmente (with no bias). fair = (adj) justo, legal, claro, limpio, correcto.
fairly = bastante
fairness = (n) justice
faithful = (adj) loyal = leal, fiel
fancy = 1(n) fantasa (no necesariamente sexual), imaginacin, concepcin, antojo, capricho; 2(v) figurarse (imaginarse), com
far = (adv) 1) lejos; 2) mucho (very much), de gran extensin, ampliamente (widely). (adj) far/further/furthest
far = (adv) lejos
farewall = despedida
farther = further = (adv) ms lejos (further, farther, furthest, beyond, furthermost), ms all (beyond, further, above, farther),
fast = (n) ayuno
fasten = (v) attach sth or join (2 things especially by using a pin, nail, etc); affix, bend, fix; atornillar. Puede usarse para a
Fastener = sujetador (puede ser: bolts, screws)
fastidious = (adj) 1) fastidioso en el sentido de q est pendiente de cmo t haces las cosas (entonces te fastidia); 2) picky (dif
fastness =
fat = (n) grasa; (adj) gordo, grasoso
fault = (n) falla, culpa, falta (no de ausencia fsica de alguien, sino q fue algo inapropiado)
Fear = Temer o tener miedo. Me temo que no podrs hacerlo = I'm afraid that you won't be able to do it.
feasible = (adj)
feather = (n) plumaje, pluma (de ave)
fed up (adj) = harto (ej: Estoy harto de la rutina)
feel like + v(ing) = tener ganas de (pero de hacerlo ahora). NO ES LO MISMO QUE "look forward" xq "look forward" es para al
fellowbeigns = prjimos, semejantes (segn la Biblia)
Fetch = Ir por (sb or sth)
feud = (n) conflict (es la partcula etimolgica de donde proviene "feudalismo")
find out = (v) averiguar (ascertain, determine, inquire, look up, trace back), descubrir (uncover, detect, expose), enterarse (get t
fine = (adj) bueno. (n) multa
fine = (n) multa
Flange = (n) brida, borde, pestaa
flap = (v)
Flashbacks = malos recuerdos q vienen a la mente de quienes estuvieron en la Guerra (muertes, etc) sin desearlo, porque qued
flattering = (n) adulador, halagador, lisonjero
fleece = (n)
flesh = (n) carne
flick = (n) film, movie
foam = (v)
foe = (n) enemy, adversary, opponent
foes = (n)
Fold = Doblar
fool = foolish = dumb = stupid = idiot = tonto, bruto, .
footstool = (n) escabel, banquillo. Ex: Exalt the Lord our God; bow down before Zion, his footsool (el escabel de sus pies).
for and againsts = pros and cons = pros y contras. Ex: He is for the new government policy = l est a favor de la nueva polti
for instance ... = for example ...
for instance = for example
foremost = (adj) most important, preeminent
foreplay = preliminar
forgive = perdonar
forgive = perdonar
Former = ex
formerly = (adv) at an early time, in the past, previously
Formerly = antiguamente
forsake = (v) desamparar, abandonar, renunciar
forsty =
forth = (adv) forward = adelante, en frente. Forthcoming = por venir, por llegar, inminente, q est cerca, q se avecina
fouling = incrustaciones
Found = Fundar (un edificio o construccin civil), poner los cimimientos (foundations) o primeras bases en el suelo
Freedom rides =
fulfillment = realizacin (ej realizacin personal), cumplimiento, accomplishment, achievement
furthermore=moreover=aditionally = besides = adems
gable =
gals = (INFORMAL) las manes (chicas) guys = los manes
Gamble = Jugar
gang = pandilla, cuadrilla, pelotn; gangster = pandillero
Gasket = (n) empaquetadura seal = (n) sello
gather = recoger = bring together into a group; collect; reunir
gather = recoger, reunir
gathering (be gathering) = familiarizarse
get ahead in life = salir adelante en la vida
get out = hacerse a un lado (ej: Get out! = Qutate de mi camino!)
get out = qutate (de aqu) (retrese). Se usa cuando quiero decir a alguien descortesmente "Aprtate de mi camino"
get over = superar, olvidar, sobreponerse, salir de, vencer, pasar
getting started = incursionar
Gist = esencia
give away = regalar
give back = devolver
give out = (v) emit; declare, publish; advertise, annunciate, blare, blaze, broadcast, enunciate, herald, proclaim, promulgate, re
give the example = poner/dar el ejemplo (ej: nuesto jefe siempre nos pone el ejemplo para que seamos buenos trabajadores)
give up = resign = rendirse
glad = alegre, contento
glad = contento, alegre. I'm glad = Me alegro (me alegra que)
gladden = (v)
glance = (n) vistazo; Ex: at a glance = de un vistazo (ej: first steps at a glance)
Glid = (v) Ex: gliding surfaces
glommy =
go on = continuar. Ej: Go on so = sigue as.
good tempered = (adj) de buen temperamento
gossip = (n) chisme = tattle, scandal, whispering, bit and pieces
gotta = have got to = tener que Ex: You gotta be careful
Grab = (v) asir, agarrar, coger Ex: grab hold of the twistlock head.
grant = conceder, otorgar
grap = (n) uva
grasp = (v) to understand (that sth it's complicated). Ex: grasp the meaning (casi siempre se lo usa en este contexto. Esto se rel
grievous = (adj) grave. Ex: through my most grievous fault = por mi gran culpa (Oracin Yo Confieso)
grind = (v) moler, triturar
grip =
grip = (v) agarrar, apretar, empuar, asir, sujetar; gripper (n) = mano de un brazo robtico industrial
groan = gemir; rugir
groom = novio de bodas o recin casado; bride = novia de bodas; groomsman = padrino de bodas; bridesmaid = madrina de
groove = ranura, surco
guess = adivinar, suponer (ej: Guess what ? ). Expresin usada: I'd guess (yo supondra)
Guetto snob = minora en la sociedad que aprecia la clase econmica alta
guilder roller
handmaid =
hang out = salir por ah a pasar el rato ("a vacilar el patn")
hangover = (n) chuchaqui (resaca del dia sgte de beber o emborracharse)
hardly ever (adv) = casi nunca Seldom (adv) = rara vez; raramente
harp = (n) arpa (instrumento musical)
harrasment = (n) acoso (no necesariamente sexual, para eso est el verbo "molestate")
harrasment = acoso (ej: sexual harrasment)
hastily = apresuradamente
hatch = (v) nacer de un huevo (ej en el caso de las aves o reptiles)
hazardous = riesgoso = dangerous
hazy =
heal = curar
heal = sanar, curar, cicatrizar
heavy-going = difcil de tratar o entender
heed = (n) atencin. Give heed to your servant, Oh Lord = presta atencin, esucha a tu siervo, Oh Seor
heel = (n)
help, i have cramp !!! = auxilio, tengo calambre !!
hereinafter = here in after = de aqu en adelante = further on in this document. Ex: electrooculography signals (hereinafter EOG
heresy =
heritage = (n) patrimonio = tradition, legacy/inheritance = tradiciones, logros y creencias heredadas como historia de una comu
hesitate = (v) vacilar, andar dubitativo (dudoso) Ex: Don't hesitate to talk with me. hesitated = (adj) vacilante
hesitate = doubt (v). Ej: If you need help, don't hesitate call me.
highlands = (n) la sierra (ej: costa, sierra y oriente)
highway = (n) avenida (autopistas o carreteras grandes como la Perimetral)
highway = carretera
Hijacker = secuestrador (kidnapper). Usado para los terroristas q secuestraron los aviones de 9-11.
hinder = (v)
hinder = (v) obstaculizar
hinge = bisagra
Hinge = bisagra
Hire = Alquilar
hitman = sicario
hive = colmena
Hold a grudge = guardar un resentimiento
hollow = (n) hole, depression = hueco, agujero
Holly Night = Nochebuena (24 dic)
homage = homenaje
Homemakers = housewives, amas de casa
homesick = (adj) que tiene mamitis o sufre de dejar su tierra nativa y x eso no se siente confortable x eso
hood = (n) tolva; capucha (Robin Hood)
Hose = (n) Ex: case drain hose
Housing = (n) carcasa, caja, cubierta, tapa
howbeit = (conj) although; (adv) nevertheless
however much = por ms que
however, nevertheless, nonetheless, even so, howbeit = sin embargo, no obstante; despite = in spite of = a pesar de
Hub = (n) cubo que sirve de acople Ex: shaft coupling hub
humankind = (n) humanidad = mankind, humanity, world, people = toda la gente del mundo
humble = humilde
humbly = (adv) humildemente
hung up = colgar
Hunt = Cazar
hurt = sore = doler
hyphen = (n) guin, rayita (no subguin)
hyprocritical = (adj) hipcrita
i. e. = for example
idiom (n) = "a piece of cake" = "papayita" = "a baca" = algo facilito
idle wheel = rueda loca o sin traccin. Es lo opuesto a driving wheel
illetarate = analfabeto
Impeach = bring a political leader to a trial
impede = (v) impedir
implied = implcito. Implicated = involved = implicado
improve = mejorar, perfeccionar
In a nutshell = es una frase hecha usual q no tiene obviamente el signficado literal equivalente en espaol (cscara de n
in a nutshell = en pocas palabras, en resumen ("en una cscara de nuez" literalmente)
in order to = para (ej: I use new words in a sentence in order to remember them)
inasmuch as = (loc, conj) ya que, en cuanto, puesto que, dado que = en la medida que, asumiendo que, en tanto y cuanto, si co
indeed = (adv) en efecto, verdaderamente, ciertamente = certainly, as expected, to be sure, in fact, in point of fact, as a matter
indoctrination = (n) adoctrinamiento
inflict = (v) infligir (wreak), causar (bring about, entail, bring on), inferir (derive), molestar (annoy, disturb, tease), imponer en (c
instead of = en lugar de (en vez de)
Insurrection = revolt, rebellion
Intend = proponerse
Intercourse = sexual penetration; foreplay = preliminars acts before sexual relation (intercourse)
intimate = (adj)
investment = (n) ntimo; (v) intimar
inversin, colocacin, investidura (dignidad o cargo a ocupar), empleo, cerco, sitio
invoice = (n) factura, planilla de pago
Iron = Planchar
issue = (n) tema, asunto, tpico; (n) resultado, conclusin, consecuencia, flujo, edicin ; (v) expender, despachar, repartir,
jack = Ex: After removing the jack and bolts
jail = crcel
jam = (n) mandibula, mordaza jammed = (adj) amordazado, mordido
jar =
Jiggle = (v)
joy = (n) gozo
keen on = interesado en (ej: I am very keen on studying a master)
kick out = echar, expulsar; sacar o botar a la fuerza = dismiss or eject forcefully or summarily. Syn: expel, throw out, turn out
kidding (sb) = bromeando Joke (n) = chiste
kidnapping = secuestro
kidnapping = secuestro
kiln = (n)
Kind regards = Saludos cordiales (en una carta al final)
kneel = (v)
kneel down (past: knelt) = (v) arrodillarse

Knob = (n) Ex: pressure control knob

knot = (n) nudo (cuando ato una cuerda haciendo un "nudo" o "knot") tie = (v) atar (pp: tied) = make a knot. Ex: Tie your
knowledgeable professor = profesor que se hace entender en sus clases
laid back = (adj) tranquilo, relajado = relaxed, leisurely, loose, laid-back
Laid of = liquidado
landlord = (n) owner of a building or department. Quien adems cobra la renta del semestre.
lap up (past: lapped up) = (v)
Last = durar
latch = (n) Ex: A directional control valve operates de latch cilinders of the spreader.
launch = (v) lanzar throw = (v) tirar
lay (p, pp: laid) = (v trans) put down, place (poner una cosa en el suelo, mesa, etc). Ex: Please lay the book on the table.
lead = (n) plomo (metal). (v) [past, pp: led] conducir, orientar, guiar o llevar a alguien (no en un sentido fsico de trasladar [par
learn by hurt = aprender de memoria (es un collocation, no "learn by memory")
lease = (n)
lease = (v) to rent sth for a long time (several months or years).
leash = (n)
leather = (n) cuero
leather = (n) cuero
legacy = inhiretance = herencia
leisure = (adj) libre, de ocio. Ex: my leisure time = mi tiempo libre
leisure time = spare time = tiempo libre (tiempo de ocio)
leniant =
lessen = (v)
lest = (conj) para que no. Ex: closing his eyes lest he look on evil = cerrando sus ojos para no ver el mal.
let + sth + v(inf). Es un imperativo donde ordeno a alguien que me deje a m (o le deje a alguien) hacer algo. Ex: Let it be. Let m
let's + v(inf) . Es una invitacin de hacer algo entre nosotros. Ex: Let's go out = Salgamos
Lever = (n) palanca
liable = responsable
liable to = sujeto a, propenso a, predispuesto a
liaise = (v) hacer enlace entre Ex: She will liaise with teachers across the country. Syn: cooperate, work together, collab
lie (p: lay, pp: lain) = (v) mentir; rest, recline, make yourself go down (reclinarse o acostarse uno mismo). Ex: I'm tired. I'm going
lifelike = natural, native, plain, fresh, simple
likely = (adj) probable =! doubtful, dubious, unlikely; likely = (adj) con gran probabilidad de q ocurra; parece q es cierto; suita
likewise = further = asimismo, del mismo modo.
linger =
lively = (adj) vigoroso
Loan = (n) prstamo de $. Owe = (v) deber $ a alguien. Lend = (v) prestar $ a alguien. Borrow = (v) pedir prestado $ a alg
lock = (n) candado; cerrar bajo llave o bloquear
Locksmith =
long = wish strongly = anhelar
look for = seek = search = buscar. Ej: I'm looking for you. Look out for (sb or sth) = Tener cuidado con alguien o algo. Ej: I'm
look for. Ej: that's just what i was looking days back in the library for. As se usan muchos phrasal verbs (ej: look for), coloc
look forward = esperar, considerar/mirar para el futuro. Tener ganas de hacerlo en el futuro. Ej: I'm really looking forward to it
look like. Ej: That's looks like = eso luce como (apariencia fsica)
loose = aflojar; open
love; be in love = estar enamorado; fall in love = enamorarse (Ex: Me enamor)
Lower = Bajar
lurch = (v)
machiavellian = maquiavlico = adj. sacrificing moral principles in order to attain power ("El fin justifica los medios"); politically
maid = (n)
Maintain = mantener
major = carrera
make out = hacer creer, dar a entender
manifold = (n)
manslaughter = homicidio involuntario
masters owner = dueo del esclavo
matter = materia; problema (ej: What's your matter? = Cul es tu problema?). Ej: That doesn't matter = Eso no es problema
may, might (se pronuncia "mi" y "migt") = podra, pudiera/pudiese. Ambos expresan posibilidad en el pasado (similar a could
meanwhile = mientras tanto
Mend = Componer o enmendar
mercenary = experienced soldier who is hired to combat in war again
mere = mero/mera, solo/sola
mess (n) = desastre Mess up (v) = "cagarla", estropear, "echarlo a perder". Ej: You always mess up = siempre la cagas.
mighty = (adj) poderso Ex: The Almighty = El Todopoderoso
migth = (n) el poder, la fuerza, el podero = (n) power, authority, might, power of attorney, capacity, dominion
mind = mente (n) ; importar (v) (ej: "I don't mind" = no me importa PERO EN UN BUEN SENTIDO, osea no me complico; en cam
Misa = Mass
mislead = (v) engaar (deceive, fool, cheat), despistar, extraviar
mislead = engaar; misleading = (n) engao
misrespectful = (adj) majadero, irreverente, malcriado (para la gente mayor, porq para los nios es "spoilt" osea malcriado o en
miss (v) = faltar, perderse de; Extraar algo o alguien. Ej: You missed a lot of the fun when you were there. Ex: Two of my n
miss = faltar (= lack), perder, extraar (Ej: I missed the movie = Me perd la pelcula. Ej: I'm missing something = Me falta al
molestate = (v) acosar o molestar sexualmente
mood = (n) el humor o estado anmico de alguien
moreover=furthermore=aditionally = besides = adems
moron = very stupid or foolish person
Most of = La mayora de Ej: Most of us, don't like the soup.
mourning = de luto
mugger = asaltador, arranchador, q te roba metiendote la mano al bolsillo
mugging = asalto
Musket = mosquetes, rifles
muster = (v)
namely = (adv) that is to say = to wit = es decir = osea. Se usa "namely" para dar informacin exacta acerca de algo q has y
nasty = (adj) asqueroso
nasty = (adj) asqueroso
naughty = (adj) travieso
nearby = (adv) cerca, cercanamente
neat = (adj) pulcro, limpio.
need = (n) necessity = necesidad
neglect = despreciar
neither = 1) (conj) "not either" = ni ni (Ex: I don't like neither white nor red meat, I'm vegan. Ex: I neither know nor care = N
Neither nor = Ni ni (Ej: I don't want neither food nor any drink, I just want to rest). Neither = Tampoco. (ej I don't w
nevermind = no importa; olvdalo. Ex: Nevermind, i'll find someone like you (if I'm rejected while I'm trying to pick up hot girls)
nicks and gouges = similar a "cracks"
no longer... = ya no ms... is no longer = ya no es ms... Ex: The environment is no longer a fringe issue = El medio am
not anywhere near = nowhere near = (adv) no cerca ni en distancia, tiempo, cantidad ni calidad = "ni de cerca". Ex: Goldfish ar
not even = ni siquiera Ej: She might not even go = Ella puede que ni siquiera se vaya. Ej: I'm not even sorry = Ni siquiera
not nearly as = (phrase) muchsimo menos, ni con mucho = "ni remotamente cerca". Ex: Goldfish are not nearly as exotic as ko
notice = (v) darse cuenta, notar = realice, realize
notorious = (adj) famous (a person known or recognized) in a bad way. Ex: The notorious chief of the colombian cartel of drugs
notwithstanding = 1. (prep) in spite of + noun = despite, regardless of, for all. Ex: "notwithstanding the evidence, the consensu
nought = (v)
nourishment = (n)
Nowdays, ... = hoy en da, ...
numb = nada Ej: I feel numb = no siento nada (se me amortigu alguna parte del cuerpo)
nun, monk = monja, monje
Nut = tuerca
oath = (n) juramento (vow), blasfemia (blasphemy, profanity), palabrota (curse), reniego
Oblige = Obligate = obligar
odd =! even odd = (adj) impar; extrao (eccentric), desparejado, extravagante, inusual, ocasional, raro, casual, singular, origi
oil spill of = derrame de petrleo
Ok = zero killings (trmino inventado de la guerra de Vietnam)
once in a while = de vez en cuando
ongoing = (adj) cmodo, descomplicado
otherwise = (adv) de otro modo, por lo dems, on the other hand, in another way, for the rest, moreover; (conj) si no (if para h
ought to = should (pero en un sentido ms moral de deber). "Ought to" es modal verb (y siempre se le coloca "to" luego de "ou
outburst =
outcome = (n) resultado o lo que sale de un proceso
Outfit = clothes, garment
outgoing = (adj) extrovertido
Outraged = very angry, pissed of (cabreado)
outrageous = (adj) indignante
outstanding = destacado, sobresaliente
overcome = vencer Es parecido a "defeat", pero "defeat" se lo usa ms en sentido de derrocar del trono (poltica) a algui
overjoyed = (adj) very happy
overlap = solapar cover up = encubrir
override = (v)
overseas = el extranjero (pero no persona), el exterior (los lugares que estn fueran de nuestro pas)
oversee = supervisar
overwhelmed, formidable = (adj) abrumador, formidable
owe = (v) deber $ (o algo) a alguien
owe = deber (deuda de dinero o de alguna otra cosa)
padding = relleno (material de relleno; palabras de relleno en un escrito como x ej "lata" en un examen)
paddle = (n)
parched = (adj) Ex: like a parched land my soul thirsts for you.
parole =
pedestrian = (n) peatn; paso peatonal o cebra (por donde las personas cruzan la calle). Calle peatonal = pedestrian street.
penance = (n)
per se; as pe se = "como tal" = of, in, by itself (or onself); in actual fact. Creo que es un latinismo que se lo usa en varios idi
perform = desempear performance = desempeo, rendimiento performer = artista
Permit = Allow = permitir
pick up = coger de pasada, pescar, tomar rpido, levantar chicas (flirting), robar (x ej bolsillo o billetera)
picky = (adj) alguien difcil de complacer, de gustos "exquisitos". Syn: difficult, hard, tough, tricky, awkward. Se usa ms picky
pilgrim = (n) peregrino pilgrimage = (n) peregrinacin, peregrinaje
Pissed of = outraged (furioso)
Pit = fosa, hoyo, pozo, trampa, abismo. Se refiere a la fosa donde se enrolla el power cable reel debajo del muelle cuando se m
pity =
placate = (v)
Plaintif = perito, persona q apoya la creacin de una ley.
plate = placa
pleasant = (adj) agradable
Please = agradar
pledge = prometer
point out = sealar (con el dedo)
ponder = (v) Ex: I ponder all your works.
Possess = Poseer
pour = (v) derramar (shed, spill, shower), verter (cast, throw, lay, toss)
powder = (n)
Practise = Practice = practicar. El uno es British y el otro American.
Preach = predicar (preacher = predicador)
Predicament =
PREPOSIT, CONJUNC o ADVERBS q significan casi lo mismo muchas veces: even so, howbeit, nevertheless, nonetheless, howev
pretend = fingir. Disimular = hide, feign
Pretightening = preajuste, preapriete (de pernos o otro elemento mecanico)
prey = (n) presa (a devorarla). Ex: The lion stalks its prey = el len acecha a su presa.
pride = (n) orgullo proud = (adj) orgulloso
prior to = antes de, previo a = . Ej: All required financial docs must be submitted at least 2 months prior to the term of admissio
promotion = ascenso en un puesto de trabajo o aumento de sueldo por parte del jefe
prompt = (v) causar algo; decir algo q anime a una persona a hablar. Ex: The marriage should follow God's will and not merely t
prone = (adj) propenso = prone, susceptible, liable
Propose = proponer
propose = proponer matrimonio
purportedly = aparentemente, supuestamente
push = empujar pull = halar (o tirar de)
puzzle = desconcertar = disconcert, baffle, confuse, mystify, confound; romperse la cabeza
quit = (adj) free (of obligation, charge or penalty); (v) leave (a job, school, career, etc); to stop doing (an action) or to give up (
quit = (adj) libre = free, loose, idle, vacant, exempt, quit
quit = (n) renunciar
quit = (v) dejar (leave, let stop, allow), abandonar (abandon, give up), dejar de (cease), marcharse (go away, leave, go of), irse
quite = (adv) very
race = carrera (competencia de quin llega primero a la meta)
rage = (v)
ragged = (adj) harapiento, andrajoso rugged = (adj) escabroso, rugoso (rough, uneven, harsh, tough), spero (coarse, sha
Raid = redada, batida, tactica de Guerra de ataque sbito inesperado
rapport = contacto o trato con la persona con que conversa. Ex: good rapport = buena relacin o trato con quien se relacion
rather = (adv) ms bien, mejor dicho; = very = bastante, muy (quite)
rather = ms bien; I would rahter = preferira
rather than + v(ing) = en lugar de = instead of Ex: Rather than returning to school, he studied online. Ex: Ex: Colleges sh
raven =
realize (British, but "realise" in American) = darse cuenta de = realize, aware of, perceive, be alive to, recognize, notice, figure o
realize = perform, carry out, do, accomplish, achieve, implement, carry through, execute
recall = (v) remember
Recession = recesin
reckon = opinar. Ej: I reckon = Yo opino
recompense = (n) reward (recompensa)
reconcile = reconciliar (perdonarse y volverse a tratar como antes)
redoutable = (adj)
refrain = (v) refrenar, abstener, reprimir, detener
refusal = (n) rechazo, repudio, denegacin, rehusamiento
Refuse = rehusar
regain =
regard = (n) consideracin, estima (esteem) regarding = considerando
regarding = respecto a Ex: There are diferent opinions regarding how long should last a President in the charge.
regardless = sin considerar
regardless of the fact = (conj) even though, although, in spite of the facts, albeit
Regards = Saludos.
rehearsal = (v) practicar = practice/practise, dry run, trial
related to = relacionado con
relay = (v) retransmir, transmitir, volver a colocar; (n) rel
release = soltar, liberar = delivery, discharge; loose, unleash, let go
reliable = persona confiable, con credibilidad
relief = (n) alivio, desahogo, consuelo, mitigacin, socorro. Sentimiento de alivio cuando se me quita un peso de encima. Ex: W
relieve (v) = aliviar, desahogar, mitigar, consolar, socorrer ( == assist)
reluctant = reacio, renuente, no dispuesto a hacer algo porque no quiere
rely = trust (confiar); to depend on sb (depender de alguien). reliable = (adj) confiable. No tiene nada q ver con "relay
remain = sobrar, quedar. Remainding = residuo. Similar a "stay"
remarkable = (adj) outstanding = resaltante, remarcable, destacable
remembrance = recuerdo, remembranza (NO EXISTE "remembering")
Remind = Recordar
repay = (v)
resemble = (v) asemejar
resign = give up = rendirse
restore = restaurar restoration = restauracion
restored = (adj) reestablecido restore = (v) reestablecer
restrain = (v) refrenar (hold back, refrain, rein), contener (contain, suppress), moderar (temper, moderate)
resume = (v) reanudar, recomenzar
Retaliation = represalias, venganza
retaliation = represalias, venganza (revenge, vengeance, retribution), desquite (retribution, requital, return match), revancha (r
revenge = venganza
reward = recompensa
rewire your brain = reboot your brain
righteous = (adj) recto (moralmente), de firmes principios ticos
ripped of = estafado
rope = (n)
rope = soga, cuerda
rotating shifts = turnos rotativos (ex: I work on shifts)
rote memory =
rote memory = de memoria pura. Ex: Learn through rote memory the multiply tables = Aprender de memoria las tablas de m
rough = (adj) rugoso, spero, brusco, escabroso; penoso, duro
rough = spero
rude = impolite = (adj) grosero
rule = (v) gobernar, regir, decidir = govern, rule, control, steer, sail, navigate
run out of sth = agotarse algo. Ex: My car stopped because it ran out of gasoline
run sth into the ground = mandar algo a la quiebra
Rush = Precipitarse
rushed = (adj) apresurado
Rust = (n)
rusty = (adj) oxidado, aherrumbrado; deteriorado por falta de prctica o ejercicio (Ex: my typing is a little rusty. Ex: my german
Sail = Navegar
sake = (n)
scapegoat = chivo expiatorio = a person who is unfairly blamed for sth that others have done
scatter = (v) dispersar
Scoop = (n)
scope = (n) alcance
scourge =
scratch = (v) rasguar, trizar o agrietar en la superficie (Ex: the table needs to be repaired, it's scratched)
search = buscar =! find
seaway = a route of the sea for travel
Secession = renouncement
seek = search = look for
seem. Ej: It seems that = Parece que Just seems like = Slo parece como Ej: Me parece que Yo pienso que (no slo a
Seizure = seize = (v)
self-conscious = acomplejado
self-obsessed = manitico
seniority = (n) experiencia y trayectoria laboral
sensible = sensato sensitive = sensible (persona de sentimientos muy susceptibles, x ej artistas)
servanthship = servicial
Shackle = (n) grillete
shall = will (ambos auxiliares de futuro, se usan igualitos)
shallow = (adj) superficial. =! Deep
sharp = (adj) afilado, punzante, spero, penetrante
Sharpen = Afilar
sheave = pulley = polea
shelter = (n) abrigo, amparo, asilo, refugio, albergue; (v) albergar, amparar, abrigar. Ex: The refugees from Siria were sh
shepherd = (n) pastor (de un rebao = flock), gua
Shepherd = pastor (shepherd of the herd = pastor del rebao)
shield = escudo
shoelaces = cordones de zapatos (Ex: Don't forget to fasten your shoelaces = No olvides atar tus cordones)
shoot = (n, v) disparar; vacuna
shore = muelle
shortcoming = (n) defecto. Ant: merit virtue
Shout = yell = Gritar
show of = (v) presumir
shrink away = (v)
shuffled =
shy = tmido
Siege = cerco, tactica de Guerra rodeando al enemigo (surrounding)
sift = (v) cribar(riddle, screen), tamizar (filtrar mediante cribas), cernir (bolt, sieve), filtrarse (seep, leak), examinar cuidadosame
silly = tonto, bobo
since = (adv) desde entonces. Ex: Assange had sought asylum from Ecuador, which has since refused U.S. demands to force
Since = As ... = Puesto que = Dado que. Ej: Since/As you don't have duties (obligations), you don't have rights likewise.
Sit-ins =
Skid Ex: Skid device
skim = leer rpido (para tener una idea general de un texto)
skip = saltar (en el sentido de saltarse un paso, pasar por alto). Sale en las opciones de Windows cuando instalo programas, h
slack = (n) flojo Ex: slack rope
Slacker = vago, quien no trabaja ni hace nada x la vida
slave = negros with no rights, not considered American citizens (subastados)
slavery =
sleeve = manga
slice = rebanar, cortar en rebanada
slightly = ligeramente
smart = clever = inteligente
smuggling = contrabando
snag = atorado, atrapado, atascado
snatch = arrebatar, arranchar (rpido y sin avisar a la fuerza algo de alguien)
snatch block
Snitch (informal), eavesdropper (formal) = sopln, sapo
snob = ???????????????? Ex: Jon is a movie snob. He derides every movie made by Hollywood unless it is
so = thus = therefore = as, por lo tanto, entonces
so far =
soap operas = telenovelas
soberbia, avaricia, lujuria, ira, gula, pereza, envidia = pride (orgullo); greed; lust; ira = anger, ire, wrath (furia); gluttony; lazyness
somehow = de alguna manera
sorrow = (n) pena (sentimiento de aflicin por pena o vergenza)
span "span" es una palabra muy usada en instrumentacion
Spare = (adj) de repuesto, libre, no ocupado
spear = (n)
Spindle = (n)
spoilt = malcriado selfish = egosta selfcentered = egocntrico big-headed = engredo
spread = (v) propagarse, diseminarse. Ex: the bacterias spread into the blood streaming. Spread = 1) a: to open or expand ove
sprocket = ex: Bolt Up Idle Sprocket
spurn = (n)
squeeze = exprimir
squiggles = (n) garabatos (siempre se escribe en plural)
stain = (v) mancha. Ex: stain-remover = lquido para lavar ropa o quita manchas. (spot = punto)
stalk = (v) acosar, acechar. Ex: The lion stalks its prey = el len acecha a su presa.
stall =
stare = contemplar
starvation = inanicin
starving = very hungry (hambrientsimo)
stow pin = anchor pin = pin de anclaje
Straighten = (v) enderezar, poner recto
strain = (n)
strand = (n)
stretched Ex: when a steel rope has stretched after use
strife = (n)
strike = golpe (hit); huelga
stripes = rayas spots = puntos
strive = (v)
strive = (v) esforzarse (endeavor, strain, exert onself, be at pains), luchar (wrestle, grapple, vie), afanarse (travail, toil, drudge, sl
stronghold =
stronghold = (n) fortaleza
struggle (with troubles) = lidiar con, luchar, pelear
struggling students = weak students (los alumnos menos dedicados, por no decirles "worst" o "lazy", y los mejores "best stud
stuf = thing = (n) cosa
stutter = (v) tartamudear
subdue = overcome, solve
Subjuntivo (todo verbo va en pasado xq es una situacin hipottica) como lo es el 2do condicional ("were" para toda persona)
such a; such; so = "tan" en espaol; "such a" se usa anteponindolo a los sujetos ("such a" para sustantivos contables, y
such as = tal como
sue = (v) demandar (a alguien); levantar una demanda legal o cargos en contra de alguien
Sue = demandar
suffice = (v)
suitable = (adj) idneo, apropiado, indicado, apto = able, capable, qualified, good, fit
summon = (v) (n)
support = apoyar (en todo el sentido general de la palabra), soportar (peso, pero no "soportar" de "tolerar una persona o situa
support = mantener a alguien con dinero (ej: I don't work, my family supports me) . Supportive = alentador
support = mantener a alguien con dinero (ej: I don't work, my family supports me); apoyar con $ a alguien o una causa. Suppor
supposed. (ej: he was supposed to do the work = se supona que deba hacer el trabajo; it is supposed he has to do the work
Surplus = supervit (contrario a dficit)
surveillance = (n) supervision, vigilance, watch, oversight, alertness, watchfulness, inspection, survey, control, check
swallow = ingest, get down = ingerir (por la boca hasta el estmago), tragar shallow = superficial
Swap = exchange
sway = columpio
swear = (v)
swift = (adj)
Swing = zig zag, (trmino inventado por los beatniks durante 1950s, who were the war veterans of the WWII)
Tabloids = prensa rosa, paparazzi
tag question (tricky question de 1ra persona) = Soy el mejor, no? = I'm the best, aren't I?
take = llevar (desde un lugar cercano a uno lejano), tomar (took = take p.p). bring = traer (desde un lugar lejano a uno ce
take advantage = aprovechar
take it away = Llvatelo (lejos de aqu)
take of = remover, quitar (ej: quitarse la ropa)
take out = sacar = put out
talkative = conversador.
tangle = entangle = (v) enredar tangled = (adj) enredado (ej: cables) twist = (v) entorchar (ej: cables)
tapping connection on one phase of the transformer
tear = (n) lgrima
temper = (n)
temper = (n) temperamento, estado nervioso de alguien (calmado, enojado, etc)
tend = (v) tender
tender = (adj)
tender = (adj) tierno, blando, compasivo, sensible (n) la oferta, propuesta, moneda (currency)
tenre = (n) nombramiento (de un profesor). Ej: nombramiento de "profesor honorfico" en ESPOL
tent = (n) tienda, carpa
thank = (v) agradecer. Ex: Mac thanked her for the meal and left
thereby = as, de este modo hereby = por la presente, de este medio whereby = por lo cual, por consiguien
thereof =
thinking thoroughly = pensndolo bien
Thong = tanga
though = although = aunque (concesivo). taught = teach p.p.
thoughts and feelings
threaten = amenazar; threat = (n) amenaza
threshing = (adj)
Thrift stores = tiendas de cosas usadas, tienda de pulgas
thrill = (n) emocin, drama
thrive = (v)
thriving = (adj) properous (prspero)
through = a travs, mediante, por medio de = due to (debido a)
throughout = (prep) in every part; at every point or moment; during
throughout = a lo largo de (atravesando por todo)
thru = through = a travs de
Thruster = Propulsor thrust = (v) to push forcibly; shove; put or drive with force = hacer fuerza
tidy = aseado, pulcro; untidy = desarreglado, desaliado
tie up, slash, moor = atar, amarrar
tight = ajustar tighten = ajustado, apretado loose = soltar, aflojar loose = suelto, holgado
tilt =
tiny =! huge
tip = punta
Tip-of = alertar a, advertir a, notificar a
to know people from all over the world = conocer gente de todo el mundo.
Todopoderoso = Almigthy
torn = p.p. tear (desgarrar) = (adj) descosido, rasgado, desgarrado. Se lo usa ms para calificar las ropas cuando estn rasgadas
tough = (adj) difcil, duro, tenaz toughness = (n) tenacidad
tough = difcil, duro, peligroso, fuerte.
toward / towards
toward/towards = hacia. Ej: What are the additional steps towards obtaining my dream ?
trait = (n) rasgo (feature, characteristic)
transit = medidor de inclinacion y nivel de superficies
trap = trampa
trash = (n) desecho, basura, desperdicios; Ex: I'm in trash = Estoy en la ruina (bancarrota)
treat = (v) tratar (process, try on, attend), curar, atender (take care of, service), tomar, convidar, invitar a; Ex: hay q tratar a la g
tremble = (v)
trend = (n) tendencia, moda, direccin, curso, boga; (v) tender a
tresspass = (n) infraccin de la ley; breach, crime, debt, lawbreaking, misdeed, sin, transgression, violation
Trial = juicio
trim, list, skew
triumph = success. Pero "triumph" es ms usada en escritura lrica o potica
trough = canal, abrevadero, depresin, ducto, hoyo = hollow
trousers = pants = pantalones
undermine = sufer = sufrirthe base or foundation. (v) dig or excavate beneath
= (v) erode
(a building or fortification) so as to make it collapse. (v) weaken gradually or insidiously.
undertake = (v) prometer, hacer algo o comenzarlo (especialm algo q tomar mucho tiempo o ser difcil)
undertake = try, attempt
Unevenness = disparidad, cualidad de que algo no esta parejo o uniforme sino con deformaciones
unfair = injusto (de injusticia); fair = justo
unless = a menos que Ej: unless I want to look for you = a menos que yo quiera buscarte.
unlike = a diferencia de Ej: Unlike statistics, the membership degree isn't describing probabilites about the item been in a se
unquenchable = (adj) insaciable. Ex: unquenchable thrist = sed insaciable
uphold = (v)
upon = on, about = sobre (ej: Your next steps depend upon your individual needs) (ej: These books give you lists of words base
upright = Ex: Blessed is the upright man, who speaks the truth.
upset = perturbado, angustiado
upside-down = boca abajo. Ex: The flies have the ability to walk upside-down on a ceiling due to their feet that adhere to most
uptown = (n) afueras de la ciudad pero de clase socioeconomica alta o elite (ej Samborondn): (adj) adinerado de las afueras d
usage = (n) el uso.
used to ; get used to + v(-ing) = acostrumbrarse. Ex: Since the divorce, she has become very sad. But I think she'll get used to h
used to + v(inf) = sola. Ex: I used to travel a lot = sola viajar mucho. be used to + v(inf; -ing) = estar acostumbrado a. Ex
utterly = (adv) completamente, totalmente. utter = (v) exteriorizar, proferir, pronunciar, expresar; (adj) completo, absolut
vain = (adj) vano, intil, vanidoso, presumido (smug, conceited)
values = valores, principios morales
vaunt = (v)
vegan = (n) vegetariano
vereda = sidewalk
void = (adj, n, v) vaco, nulo, invlido, vacante;
volver algo en algo (transformndolo en forma o materia) = (v) get, become, grow
waiv = (v) exonerar
Walkway = pasarela
Warfare =
Warrant = orden o mandato judicial, autorizacin
Washer = (n) es como un anillo que se coloca encima de la pia cuando se la monta en el spreader
wasp = (n) avispa
watch out = take care = cuidar
way up = (v) Ex: Disengage the twist locks slowly hoist the spreader all way up.
weakness != strength (fortaleza); to strengthen = fortalecer
weariness = (n) cansancio, hasto, tedio
wedge = cua
weep = (v)
weigh up = (v) lift up = elevar
weird = raro, extravagante = strange
well = (n) pozo (ej: pozo petrolero)
well = pozo
well-rounded = (adj) culto (una persona culta, con conocimientos de cultura general)
wharf = (n) Ex: The level of the spreader can be compared with the wharf
whatever, whoever, wherever (donde sea), whenever (cuando sea); no one (nobody), anyone (alguien), anyway, anywhere, any
whatsoever = en absoluto (similar a "at all"). Ex: You have no possibility of passing the exam whatsoever!
whereas = mientras = where+as; as long as, because, being, considering, cause. Pero significa "mientras" usado como "altho
whether = if = si
while = el rato. Ex: I'll help you in a while
whilst = (conj British) while
whisper = (n) susurro, murmullo, cuchicheo
widow = (n) viuda/viudo
will = (n) la voluntad
wind = (v) turn (ex: winding the coil)
wing = ala (x ej de un ave)
wipe out = arrasar con, barrer a, eliminar a
wish. Ej: I wish. = Deseara; Cmo me gustara; Ojal. (Ej: I wish I were in the Caribbean instead of being here = Ojal estuvie
withal = (adv) besides = "together with this"; nevertheless, "on the other hand". Syn: moreover, furthermore, besid
withdraw = retirar, abandonar
withdrawn = (adj)
within... = dentro de (prefiero usarlo en contexto temporal como "durante", aunque se puede en todo el sentido general) U
wonder = (n) portento, milagro, asombro, admiracin; (v) preguntarse, desear saber, admirarse, asombrarse, maravillarse; w
wonder = sth (or the feeling caused) that is very surprising, beuatiful, amazing, etc; caution, flash, marvel, miracle, portent, phe
wonderous = wonderful
worn = (adj)
worried = concerned, upset (perturbado), disturbed, afraid (atemorizado), frightened (asustado o espantado = scared = con mi
worried = preocupado; calm = in peace = quiet = tranquilo
worship = adore = adorar (como a un dios)
worthwhile = (adj) worthy = que vale la pena
wrapped wraps
Wrench = llave (ej: llave de boca y corona, llaves en mm o en pulg). Ex: Claw wrech = llave pata de cabra
wrest the nuts =
wring (past: wrung) = (v) exprimir (squeeze, squeeze out, press, press out, wring out), escurrir (drain, drip), retorcer (twist, cont
wrought =
yell = gritar (shout)
yet = 1) besides = in addition. Ex: He gives yet another reason. 2) even. Ex: it has a yet higher speed (than another). 3) up
screw it up = (v) arruinarlo, estropearlo = mess up, mismanage, mishandle
cope with = deal with
consentment = consentimiento = consent, assent, acquiescence, blessing, connivance, accession
consent = consentir = accept, agree, pamper (mimar)
oversight =
allegedly = supuestamente
lay of = (v) suspender (suspend, stay, stop, discontinue, call of); despedirse de (bid farewell to, take leave of, shed, ship of, ax)
naive = (adj) ingenuo
foretell = (v) anunciar. Ex: book best-seller "Crnica de una muerte anunciada" (Chronicle of a foretold murder)
accordance: Ex: Christ, direct our lives in accordance to your word, followed by your mother Mary.
lead = guiar, encabezar, liderar, conducir a otros
burden = (v)
soften = (v)
provided = (conj) siempre que (whenever, provided, as long as, providing that); con tal que (provided, as long as, so long as). S
subtle = (adj)
seemingly = (adv) (aparentemente) apparently, ostensibly, outwardly; (por lo visto) to all appearances, evidently.
blankets = (n) sbanas (para dormir)
routledge = (n) rutina = routine
raise (p, pp: raised) = (v trans) make higher, bring up children. Ex: They raised the price. Raise your hand. rise
appeal = (v) apelar (invoke), atraer (attract, draw, lure, entice, engage) , recurrir (draw on, draw upon)
vindication = (n) vindicacin = 1. Vengar. 2. Defender, especialmente por escrito, a quien se halla injuriado, calumniado o injust
assess = (v)
commitment = (n) compromiso, entrega (engagement, compromise, undertaking)
innuendo = (n) insinuacin, indirecta
wishywashy = (adj) lacking in character or determination (or leadership or assertiveness)
clingy = (adj) "pegajoso" (Syn: tacky) Cuando alguien es demasiado pegajoso con otra persona, se le pega a todos lados, quiere
tacky = (adj) pegajoso, vulgar, cursi (corny). Ver "clingy".
bragging = (adj) fanfarronera, jactancia. Brag = (v) fanfarronear. Es como "show of" (lamparosear, presumir) pero en un
stagnate = (v) get stuck (estancar)
aid = (n) ayuda
embellishment = (n) embellecimiento
grab = (v) agarrar, coger (literalmente, alguna cosa material). Muy usada esta palabra en normal speaking.
gist = (n) la esencia (de algo)
disposable = (adj) desechable.
ofspring = (n) descendencia (hijos)
thoroughly = (adv) a fondo (in depth, all out), completamente (fully, all, altogether), exhaustivamente (exhaustively, compre
thorough = (adj) completo, exhaustivo (comprehensive, exhaustive, in-depth), cabal (proper, exact, utter), minucioso (minute
altogether =
tenable = (adj)
ease = (n)
berate = (v)
dread = (n)
perish =
shelter = (v)
forshadow = (v)
daunt = (adj) daunting
tease = (v) taunt = (v)
overstate = (v) exaggerate
the phrase= was(v) minimizar
rendered into English. 3.3 Computing Process (an outline image) using colour and shading in order to make it
he is forced to render images by intermixing pixels of a few basic colours.
deem =
counsel = (v) advise. (n) abogado. Ex: a legal counsel
tinker = (v) remendar, juguetear, tratar de reparar, reparar mal.
shuffled around/together = barajar, mezclarlos naipes (las cartas = the cards)
ace = (n) (v)
blunt =
grieve = (v)
pour =
chastisiment = (n)
facility == (n)
(v) 1.
divagar (ramble, meander,
(instalaciones) divagate,
Sth designed, built,maunder). Leave
installed, etc., tothe main
serve subjectfunction
a specific temporarily in speech
afording or writing.or
a convenience Ex:service.
I have
Ex: transportation facilities; educational facilities; a new research facility. 2. (facilidad) Sth that permits the easier
lenient = (adj) indulgente (lenitivo) = lenitive, forgiving
chivalrous = (adj) caballeroso (gentil con las damas, abrirle la puerta, ponerle el abrigo, etc)
go with the flow = djate llevar
obliged = (adj) enforced (obligado a hacer algo)
decently = (adv) decentemente, razonablemente, modestamente. Ex: I am Oscar, and speak english decently fluent.
coveted = (adj) codiciado, apetecido, ansiado, anhelado. Ex: German is a coveted language for many people who dream studyi
douche = (informal, insulto) idiota, imbcil, gilipollas, porquera
of puting = (adj) fuera de lugar, poco atractivo, que quita las ganas, difcil, poco amble, nada amistoso
assert = (v)
pair = (v)
disclaimer = (n)
come up =
vibe =
hectic = (adj) frentico, loco - agitado - alocado - desordenado - febril - movido - ritmo ajetreado - vida agitada
hinder = (v) obstruct, impede, h
make up your mind = decidirse
paramount = (adj) primordial, supremo, sumo
outfit = (n)
fortitude = (n) fortaleza
flue = humero, tubo de chimenea
gasket = empaquetadura, a shaped piece or ring of rubber or other material sealing the junction between two surface
spooky, creepy = espeluznante
swamp = (n) pantano
indescribable = indescriptible
bud = (n) el brote, la yema, el retoo (en las plantas)
uncanny = (adj) sorprendente, asombroso = beyond normal, supernatural, strange
alongside =
take over
flip-side = (n) la contraparte (drawback, downside)
fuss = (n)
infuse = (v) 1. llenar, hacer infusin = fill, sufuse, imbue, inspire, charge, pervade, permeate. Ex: her work is infused with an an
instill values = inculcar valores
venture = (v) 1. dare (atreverse a, arriesgarse a). Ex: The children ventured into the abandoned house. The explorer ventured
baseline = (n) (la base) base, basis, foundation, baseline, ground, footing
mean = ruin (dastardly), mezquino (petty, shabby, paltry, miserable, cheap)
as in addendum = in addition. Ex: As in addendum, China is by far the most atheist country over the world.
by far = (adv) en creces, por mucho, de largo. Ex: As in addendum, China is by far the most atheist country over the world.
bina seguidos de preposiones (in, on, out, off, away, over, for, to, after, ahead, etc) para dar un significado totalmente distinto de cada acci

paol (o de otros idiomas) a varios otros idiomas con muchos ejemplos de casos distintos.
ura es la ms difcil.

e = aborrecer, odiar, detestar, abominar.

o aconsejar (suggest); 2(n) aviso (warn, inform). Advisable = (adj) aconsejable. Advisability = (n) consejera

touch of flair for your CV. Ex: I'm aming 90 in the TOEFL exam.

mblance, similarity, likeness unlike = (adj) desemejante; (prep) diferente a

= (v) permit

= previously; before a certain time. Se lo usa para indicar que una accin ya ha sucedido antes de lo esperado.
altered n. alteration adj. alterable
NCESIVO", en el cual es sinnimo de "though" y "even though".
o que yo concedo). Por ej si yo Oscar soy emelexista dira: Although Barcelona has won 13 times the Ecuador Championist, Emelec has won

political disorder and confusion.

r... Se lo usa mucho para decir "modo de ataque o de lidiar" ante una situacin; approach (v) = talk (to sb) for the first time about som

a cualquier persona
wonder, astonishment, shock, stupefaction. (v) impress, make an impression, strike, put oneself over, put across, atemorizar (terrify, br
masculino) charming (adj) = encantador

painful, bear = the power of sustain without flinching or breaking, Ex: He was forced to bear a tragic loss. Ex: I can't bear you = I can't stan

ment en su defensa o a su favor) ; on/in behalf of = (n) de parte de... (procedencia). Ex: I give you this money on behalf of my mother =

wn (past: knelt) = (v) arrodillarse

e (Ej: The beam is being bent)

ms de = apart from (ej: I have no more brothers beside Victor Manuel)

dding = (n) subasta
fficient but not ample, adequate; promising, likely (Ex: in a fair way to win); not dark; moderately numerous, large, significant (Ex: it takes a f

s presence.

her and her child it's beauty.

rse, engendrar (beget, father, spawn), producir (yield)

ed. That which is borne with difficulty; obligation. (v) load heavily (or oppressively)

s; 2. (n) pero; 3.(prep) sino, menos (less, minus, except, besides), excepto (except, save, bar, barring, short of), salvo (excludin
cast out = arrojar = throw, dump, fling

o persona famosa.

: capital, first, grand, cardinal, foremost, overmastering, overriding, overbearing, paramount, predominant, preeminent, premier, sovereign

aivn (de un lado para otro), vibratorio

mar, alegar, declarar, insistir, profesar, postular, demandar, reinvindicar, pretender algo como verdadero an cuando los dems puedan de

people that touch it)

a (delivery, surrender, installment, handing over, presentation, devotion); cometido (task, duty, charge, job)
complete successfully.

milar a "coherencia")

veterans of the WWII)

gainst his punishment and worry about how hell cope with his sentence.

o creep into his work.


ue" es lo contrario a valor teorico en ingenieria)

Ex: In some countries, the customary tip in restaurants is 1015%.

the war veterans of the WWII)

He really is a workaholic, he works from dusk to dawn.

USO Y SIGNIFICADO MUY SIMILAR A "approach"; Ex: Deal! = trato hecho!

do en realidad no lo es), aparentar (dar una apariencia de algo q no es cierto en realidad); cheat = engaar personas (ex: hacer trampa
arentar algo q en realidad no es)

"defeat" es para vencer personas) Se lo usa en sentido de derrocar del trono (poltica) a alguien, o ganarle a alguien en una compete
n defecto en los objetos rgidos); (v) make a dent = hundir (Ex: I complained the store that sold me this dented can).

OMBRE O SUSTANTIVO LUEGO DE LA PREPOSICIN despite/in spite of (despite es ms formal) Ej: Despite having been raised Jewish, Chom

sangronas de $$, q slo quieren estar contigo (relacin amorosa) por el dinero

from the helicopter and the ball was falling during 10 seconds.
must, commitment, bond

rnativas para escoger pero no es posible escoger todas xq sino se usara "both" o "all of them") Ex: If you want to speak a foreign tonge flu

abarcar (encompass, span, comprise, reach), aceptar (agree), aprovechar (exploit, seize), adherirse (stick, cling, cleave), dedicarse a (engag

e, enclose, encompass, wrap), cercar (fence, encircle, hedge, enclose, besiege), hacer un rodeo (go round, detour, encompass)

Enervar = ???

n) jealousy rivalidad = (n) rivalry

onstante, equitativo, justo, ecunime, sereno (adv) incluso, hasta, mismo, tambin
h = although = "aunque" (CONCESIVO).
even so, you keep talking about it.
finally, someday, sooner or later, ultimately. Ex: Stop whining (deja de quejarte) about how long it's taking us - we'll get there eventually
explotar fsicamente

ction afording a convenience or service. Ex: transportation facilities; educational facilities; a new research facility). Space or equipment nec
perder color o brillo

sesgo o favoritismo); not too harsh or critical; (n) feria (exhibicin para compras y ventas)

, claro, limpio, correcto. unfair = (adj) injusto.

figurarse (imaginarse), complacerse, considerar q algo o alguien ganar, querer tener o hacer (antojarse), aficionarse; (adj) fantstico, exce

d, further, above, farther), adems (also, besides, further, moreover, furthermore, farther); (adj) ms lejano (farthest, farther, furthest, furt

Puede usarse para atarse los cordones de los zapatos ????????????????

es te fastidia); 2) picky (difcil de complacer); 3) que quiere q siempre est todo limpio, pulcro, etc.

q "look forward" es para algo q deseo hacer en el futuro

ct, expose), enterarse (get to know, pick up, wise up, recoup one's losses, catch out) figure out = descifrar (decipher, de

sin desearlo, porque quedan con ese trauma de por vida.

escabel de sus pies).
a favor de la nueva poltica del gobierno.

t cerca, q se avecina

ses en el suelo

e de mi camino"

, proclaim, promulgate, release

mos buenos trabajadores)
n este contexto. Esto se relaciona con el otro significado de grasp al pensar en la expresin en espaol de: "Lo muerdes?" o "No cogieron e

bridesmaid = madrina de bodas; godfather = padrino de bautismo (y godmother para el femenino) o el jefe de las mafias (film).

hy signals (hereinafter EOG signals)

como historia de una comunidad

= (adj) vacilante
pite of = a pesar de

te en espaol (cscara de nuez).

ue, en tanto y cuanto, si consideramos que, hasta el punto que

n point of fact, as a matter of fact, in truth, actually. Used to emphasize a statement or response confirming something already suggested.

turb, tease), imponer en (compel, intrude)

ender, despachar, repartir, emitir, arrojar, publicar,

expel, throw out, turn out Ex: Gandhi kicked out the british from India with not a single drop of blood.

make a knot. Ex: Tie your shoelaces! Ex: The kidnappers tied him to a chair. (n) atadura (en el sentido fsico literal de un "nudo" y en el s

he book on the table. Lay down = (v) entregar, dar. Ex: There's no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends
tido fsico de trasladar [para eso est "take"] literalmente sino de "guiar" Ex: Mi novia me han llevado a experimentar las ms lindas experie

cer algo. Ex: Let it be. Let me see. Let him go out to play soccer.

rate, work together, collaborate, communicate, network, interfac

mo). Ex: I'm tired. I'm going to lie down. lay (p, pp: laid) = (v trans) put down, place (poner una cosa en el suelo, mesa, e

ra; parece q es cierto; suitable = idneo (Ex: a likely place); reliable or credible (Ex: a likely story); promising (Ex: a likely candidate); attracti

= (v) pedir prestado $ a alguien. Give sth back to sb = (v) devolver algo a alguien; Retrieve = (v) recuperar algo de alguien.

con alguien o algo. Ej: I'm looking out for you.

l verbs (ej: look for), colocando al final la preposicin.
eally looking forward to it = tengo muchas ganas de hacerlo

ca los medios"); politically cunning; crafty

r = Eso no es problema
n el pasado (similar a could) o condicional (2do o 3ro), dado que "would" no puede usarse con el verbo "can" (xq ambos son modales). But

= siempre la cagas.

ea no me complico; en cambio "I don't care" = no me importa UN COMINO, LO CUAL ES EN MAL SENTIDO, osea no me interesa o me da igu

spoilt" osea malcriado o engredo)

re there. Ex: Two of my notebooks are missing me. Ex: I miss you = te extrao.
ng something = Me falta algo. Ej: Aqu falta mi hijo = My son is now missing here)
acta acerca de algo q has ya mencionado. Ex: There's always one person stuck with cleaning up the mess, namely me.

neither know nor care = Ni conozco ni me importa. Ex: Neither my wife nor I can attend the party); tampoco (Ex: Neither did I). 2) (pron
er = Tampoco. (ej I don't wan't neither, neither, neither)
m trying to pick up hot girls).

fringe issue = El medio ambiente ya no es ms un problema sin importancia (fringe = al margen, marginado).
ni de cerca". Ex: Goldfish arent anywhere near as exotic as koi = Dogs are nowhere near as independent as cats.
ot even sorry = Ni siquiera lo siento.
e not nearly as exotic as koi.

e colombian cartel of drugs has been arrested by the policy

he evidence, the consensus is that the jury will not reach a verdict". 2. (adv) nevertheless, in spite of this, nonetheless, even so, al

raro, casual, singular, original; odds = (n plural) probabilidades, ocasionalidades. odd = # + "y pico", usado luego de un # para in

over; (conj) si no (if para hablar del caso diferente a todos los anteriores mencionados)
le coloca "to" luego de "ought"). No tiene forma negativa ni en pasado.

del trono (poltica) a alguien, o ganarle a alguien en una competencia (deportiva x ej)
atonal = pedestrian street.

que se lo usa en varios idiomas

wkward. Se usa ms picky para calificar a una persona de gustos caprichosos o exquisitos (x ej algunas mujeres)

jo del muelle cuando se mueve en gantry la grua.

heless, nonetheless, however, still, still and all, though, withal, yet, albeit, as, although, when, whereas, while, whilst, notwithstanding, d

rior to the term of admission

God's will and not merely the prompting of the flesh. (adj) pronto, sin demora; promptly = prontamente
g (an action) or to give up (Ex: quit a job. Ex: quit smoking); stop working; make full payment of (pay up. Ex: quit a debt); conduct, aquit (Ex:

o away, leave, go of), irse (drive of, draw away, march of, die of), dimitir (resign), dejar de hacer algo (leave of, fail to do)

tough), spero (coarse, sharp), tosco (rude, uncouth)

rato con quien se relaciona o conversa.

nline. Ex: Ex: Colleges should invest all the money on academic education rather than entertainment such as films

recognize, notice, figure out

in the charge.

un peso de encima. Ex: What a relief! = qu alivio!

tiene nada q ver con "relay" (de rel o switch electromecnico)

return match), revancha (rematch)

e memoria las tablas de multiplicar

ittle rusty. Ex: my german is a little rusty)

Yo pienso que (no slo apariencia fsica como "look like" sino abstracta tambin).
efugees from Siria were sheltered in Germany.

ak), examinar cuidadosamente

sed U.S. demands to force him from his sanctuary inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London
n't have rights likewise.

uando instalo programas, hay botones como "next" y "skip" (para obviar pasos)

e by Hollywood unless it is filmed in black-and-white and is difficult to understand.

h (furia); gluttony; lazyness; envy

) a: to open or expand over a larger area. b : to strech out. 2) a : to distribute over an area spread fertilizer. b : to distribute over a period o

arse (travail, toil, drudge, slog), pugnar, esmerarse

y", y los mejores "best students")

were" para toda persona) = If I/he/she/it were, I would + verb ; Se usa el "might" o "may" en vez del "can" en situacin hipottic
a sustantivos contables, y "such" para no contables), mientras que "so" a los adjetivos. Ej: Oscar es una persona tan trabajadora que ... = O
olerar una persona o situacin" lo cual sera "bear" o "stand")

guien o una causa. Supportive = alentador

osed he has to do the work = se supone que l tiene que hacer el trabajo )

y, control, check

de un lugar lejano a uno cercano) (brought = bring p.p). carry = llevar, cargar, acarrear, transportar.

har (ej: cables)

por lo cual, por consiguiente ( = whence)

pas cuando estn rasgadas o descosidas. Ex: this button is torn of the shirt (descosido). Ex: this blanket is torn.

ar a; Ex: hay q tratar a la gente como se merece. (n) convite, regalo, placer.

about the item been in a set, but instead describes to what extent the item is in the set.

ive you lists of words based upon specific themes). Siempre hace referencia de algo "sobre" o que est encima de algo, jams en medio o

ir feet that adhere to most surfaces.

adinerado de las afueras de una ciudad, (n) "pelucn" ; downtown = (n) centro de la ciudad.

I think she'll get used to her new life. Ex: I got used to living in Canada in spite of the cold weather.
= estar acostumbrado a. Ex: I am used to travel a lot = estoy acostumbrado a viajar mucho
ar; (adj) completo, absoluto, cabal. utterance = (n) pronunciamiento, expresin, declaracin, discurso
n), anyway, anywhere, anyhow, everyone, everywhere, nowhere (ex: I've got nowhere to hide me = no hay lugar donde esconderme), som

entras" usado como "although" osea para comparar o constratar 2 cosas; en cambio while significa "mientras" en el sentido de "al mismo

being here = Ojal estuviera en Ej: I wish I could speak Japanese = Ojal pudiera .) Si tan slo = If only
reover, furthermore, besides, additionally.

todo el sentido general) Usos: within reach, from within, fall within, within walking distance, within a week, within range, within a year,
ombrarse, maravillarse; wondrous = (adj) wonderful; FRASE: I wonder if = Me pregunto si
arvel, miracle, portent, phenomenon; (v) to feel surprise or amazement; to have interest in knowing or learning sth.

pantado = scared = con miedo)

, drip), retorcer (twist, contort, twitch, screw), acongojar, apenar

ed (than another). 3) up to now = until now = so far. Ex: He hasn't done much yet; 4) still ("todava", pero "yet" se lo usa ms para or

leave of, shed, ship of, ax); dejar en (lay, lay down, lay aside, lay out, lay by)

d, as long as, so long as). Syn: if, on condition that, providing (that), provided that, presuming (that), assuming (that), on the assumption th

s, evidently.

and. rise (p: rose, pp: risen) = (v intrans) get higher by self. Ex: Please rise for the National Anthem. arise (

riado, calumniado o injustamente notado. 3. Dicho de una persona: Recuperar lo que le pertenece.

pega a todos lados, quiere estar cerca de l/ella todo el tiempo, y se torna incmodo entonces para esa otra persona.

sear, presumir) pero en un sentido negativo y ms fuerte.

nte (exhaustively, comprehensively)
, utter), minucioso (minute, meticulous, probing), concienzudo (conscientious, thoroughgoing), meticuloso (precise, fussy)

VOCABULARIO FAVORITO de mi diccionario Merriam-Webster

hading in order to make it appear solid and three-dimensional.
death dead
sow, plant, seed (Ant: harvest, crop, reap)
peech or writing. Ex: I have
g a convenience or service. digressed a little from my
original plan. Syn: 1. deviate, go of on a tangent, get of the subject, get sidetracked
permits the easier performance of an action, coursegirded
of conduct, etc. Ex: to provide someone with every
due subdue
decently fluent. furnished
people who dream studying over there. borne = born (p.p bear)
forth (ex: back and forth)
ween two surface devour
astray (ex: go astray = extraviarse, apartarse de algo o alguien)
Endow=dote,don. Endowent=dotacin, donacin. Endowed=dotado Bestow=otorg
raged outraged
freed free
anointed = (adj) ungido (con aceite). Ex: Jesuschrist, The Anointed.
work is infused with an anger born of pain and oppression
blaze (ex: blaze of glory)
se. The explorer ventured to unknown lands. Ex: Jane
led a venture to cross the Sahara. 2. guess, hazard (venturarse). Ex: Mary's
blast (ex: sandblasting = chorro de arena para limpiar superficies metlicas corroidas)
subdue due
sake forsake
ountry over the world. insofar
so far = hasta aqu (es una expresin, y se la usa normalmente junto al presente perfect
grooved = (adj) ranurado groove = (n) ranura
stingy = tacao ???
tender (ex: tender touches = caricias)
righteous = (adj) recto, correcto, que anda en el camino de la justicia (viene de "right" =
oath = promesa, juramento
convenant = alianza, pacto ????
vindicate (tiene que ver con "reivindicar" ??????) vindication vindic
swear = (v) jurar, prometer
scold contemptous ludricous
wrench = (n) llave (herramienta para aflojar o ajustar pernos o tuercas)
tight = (adj) ajustado loosen = (adj) aflojado, flojo
shattered = trizado shatter = trizar (cuando un vidrio se resquebraja intername
ofspring = (n) descendencia (hijos, nietos, etc)
figure out find out
totalmente distinto de cada accin. En espaol no hay eso, lo que hay es una palabra totalmente distinta en su escritura (desde la raz) pa
dor Championist, Emelec has won the last 3 continuous times. PORQUE YO COMO EMELEXISTA ESTOY CONCEDIENDO (ACEPTANDO) QUE B

(to sb) for the first time about something, typically with a proposal or request; come near or nearer to (sb or sth) in distance.
put across, atemorizar (terrify, browbeat)

Ex: I can't bear you = I can't stand you = You drives me crazy. Ex: He bore their insults patiently. Ex: Jesus Christ bore the insults, nails and

money on behalf of my mother = Te doy este dinero de parte de mi madre. in favor of = for = on behalf of aunque behalf se lo usa
s, large, significant (Ex: it takes a fair amount of time); utter (Ex: a fair treat to watch him).

barring, short of), salvo (excluding, excepting, saving); Ex: Oh Lord, you desired to experience everything we experience but sin.
t, preeminent, premier, sovereign (sovran), suprem

an cuando los dems puedan decir q es falso; reclamar (Ex: Now in a world where innocence is quickly claimed...); (n) a statemente sa
gaar personas (ex: hacer trampa en exmenes copiando o "poner los cachos" a tu pareja). (adj) deceptive; (n) deception

ganarle a alguien en una competencia (deportiva x ej), x eso no puedo decir "I won to Marta Fierro in chess", sino "I defeated Marta Fierro
e having been raised Jewish, Chomsky is currently non-religious. Ej:We enjoyed our vacation despite the rain; Ej: We could overco
want to speak a foreign tonge fluentlier, you can either practice much more or give up. Ex: I can't remember her name, it's either Marie o

cling, cleave), dedicarse a (engage in, take up, go for in, knuckle down)

detour, encompass)

ng us - we'll get there eventually

h facility). Space or equipment necessary for doing something. Syn: provision, space, means, potential, equipment; amenity, resource, servi

aficionarse; (adj) fantstico, excesivo, lujoso (expensive and fashionable), no sencillo u ordinario, hecho con mucha gracia y habilidad; 3

no (farthest, farther, furthest, further, furthermost, utmost), lejano (far, distant, remote, faraway, farther, outlying), ulterior (subsequent, la

figure out = descifrar (decipher, decode, figure out, unravel, unscramble), resolver para (judge, straighten, adjust, accommodate, puzzle ou
"Lo muerdes?" o "No cogieron el chiste" refirindose a "entender". (v) to take and hold sth with your fingers or hands = control, hand

efe de las mafias (film).

ng something already suggested. Ex: "it was not expected to last long, and indeed it took less than three weeks"
sico literal de un "nudo" y en el sentido figurado de "responsabilidad q limita la libertad de alguien" o "algo como x ej una idea, experiencia

own your life for your friends lie (p: lay, pp: lain) = (v) mentir; rest, recline, make yourself go down (reclinarse o acostarse
perimentar las ms lindas experiencias. Ex: El Presidente Correa nos ha llevado de la mediocridad a la superacin como nacin. Ex: Howev
oner una cosa en el suelo, mesa, etc). Ex: Please lay the book on the table.

ng (Ex: a likely candidate); attractive (Ex: a likely child); likely = (adv) without much doubt (Ex: He'll very likely be late; Ex: It'll most like

uperar algo de alguien.

can" (xq ambos son modales). But might is more polite than may, and might express less probability or possibility than may.

, osea no me interesa o me da igual a pesar de q sea mi responsabilidad, soy un queminportista)

s, namely me.

oco (Ex: Neither did I). 2) (pronoun) ninguno = ni lo uno ni lo otro de 2 o ms cosas (Ex: Neither of the 2 answer is correct. Ex: Wich do yo

e of this, nonetheless, even so, all the same, despite this, however, still, yet, that said, just the same, anyway, in any event, at any rate. Ex: "

pico", usado luego de un # para indicar "aproximadamente" (ex: There must have been fifty- odd people at her party)
while, whilst, notwithstanding, despite, in spite of.
x: quit a debt); conduct, aquit (Ex: the youths quit themselves like men). Ex: Quit whining and finish your dinner. Ex: Quit onself of fear

ave of, fail to do)

r. b : to distribute over a period or among a group spread the work over a few weeks. c : to apply on a surface spread butter on bread

ez del "can" en situacin hipottica;

ersona tan trabajadora que ... = Oscar is such a hard-working person that ... ; Ej: Oscar es tan trabajador = Oscar is so hard-working.
encima de algo, jams en medio o debajo.
y lugar donde esconderme), somehow (de algn modo), somewhere (en algn lugar), somewhat (something = algo; somewhat of = (adv) q

ntras" en el sentido de "al mismo tiempo" o "simultneamente"). Ex: Lemons are very sour whereas most fruits are sweet. Ex: Between G

lo = If only

week, within range, within a year, within easy reach, within a few days, within an hour. Ex: Within five years I will have paid $2000 m

or learning sth.
, pero "yet" se lo usa ms para oraciones negativas e interrogativas, en cambio "still" slo para afirmativas). Ex: It's yet a new country. Ex: I

ming (that), on the assumption that, as long as, given (that), with the provision/proviso that, with/on the understanding that, contingent on

al Anthem. arise (p: arose, pp: arisen) = (v intrans) happen, occur. Ex: A few problems arose yesterday.

tra persona.
oso (precise, fussy)
owed=dotado Bestow=otorgar. Bestowed=otorgado. Bestowment(granting)=otorgamiento

he Anointed.

superficies metlicas corroidas)

almente junto al presente perfecto)

o de la justicia (viene de "right" = derecho legal)

vindication vindicated

pernos o tuercas)
n vidrio se resquebraja internamente y se pueden aprecia las muchas fisuras internas)
en su escritura (desde la raz) para cada verbo diferente.
NCEDIENDO (ACEPTANDO) QUE BARCELONA HA GANADO 13 VECES. Otra forma de decirlo ya no sera con " no obstante" o "sin embargo"

b or sth) in distance.
Christ bore the insults, nails and the cross for our salvation); 2) to be equipped or furnished with sth; 3) behave, conduct (Ex: He's bearing

ehalf of aunque behalf se lo usa ms para indicar procedencia (de parte de)
ng we experience but sin. 4. (adv) solamente (only, just, alone, solely), no ms que (only, not more than)
claimed...); (n) a statemente saying that sth happened (or will happen) a certain way; (n) reclamar un derecho a algo
j) deceptive; (n) deception

ss", sino "I defeated Marta Fierro in chess".

the rain; Ej: We could overcome, in spite of all our disadvantages. En cambio "although", "though", "even though" (even tho
ber her name, it's either Marie or Mary. Ex: He will give the money either to his son or his daugther. 3) (adj) el uno y el otro de 2 (t
uipment; amenity, resource, service, washroom, establishment, aptitude, readiness, quickness, installation.

on mucha gracia y habilidad; 3(v) sentirse sexualmente atrado por alguien. Ex: I really fancy that guy sitting over there. Hes very good

outlying), ulterior (subsequent, later, ulterior, farther), opuesto (opposite, opposed, reverse, contrary, facing, converse), ms remoto (outer

adjust, accommodate, puzzle out, solve, lick, work out), realize (darse cuenta)
ur fingers or hands = control, hand.
go como x ej una idea, experiencia o sentimiento q es compartido x las personas q forman una conexin entre s).

f go down (reclinarse o acostarse uno mismo). Ex: I'm tired. I'm going to lie down.
peracin como nacin. Ex: However, sometimes past contributions may lead to confusion and misunderstanding of the nature of things).
likely be late; Ex: It'll most likely rain tomorrow; Ex: Will it rain tomorrow? Most likely).

ossibility than may.

2 answer is correct. Ex: Wich do you want? Neither, thanks. Ex: Neither of them dances well). En cambio "none" significa slo "ninguno" (f

way, in any event, at any rate. Ex: "she tells us she is an intellectual; notwithstanding, she faces the future as unprovided for as a beauty que

t her party)
dinner. Ex: Quit onself of fear
rface spread butter on bread

Oscar is so hard-working.
ing = algo; somewhat of = (adv) quite, fairly, kind of, rather, moderately, more or less), somewhen (algn momento)

t fruits are sweet. Ex: Between Germany and USA, I'd rather studying in Germany since there the education is free, whereas in USA not, a

five years I will have paid $2000 more than I borrowed!. Ex: Within in a few minutes, the water was clear ( = al cabo de pocos minutos...)
s). Ex: It's yet a new country. Ex: It isn't time to go yet. 5) eventually = at a future time. Ex: One day I may yet see the light (deseo). 6)

understanding that, contingent on. Ex: I am here to help you, provided you supply me with the right information. Ex: The Court accepted

se yesterday.
n " no obstante" o "sin embargo": Barcelona has won 13 times the Ecuador Championist, however Emelec has won the last 3 continuous ti
behave, conduct (Ex: He's bearing himself well); 4) to have a characteristic (Ex: She bears a likeness to her grandmother); 5) to give as testim
n derecho a algo
hough", "even though" (even though es la ms enftica de las 3) significan literalmente "a pesar de que" por lo que son conjunciones con
3) (adj) el uno y el otro de 2 (tanto... como...); el uno o el otro de 2 (o exclusivo) (Ex: Take either road); cada ("each", casi como "both"
sitting over there. Hes very good-looking. Ex: She fancied she had met him before (imaginacin). Ex: I fancied myself as a child again.

ng, converse), ms remoto (outermost, further, farther, ultimate), de ms all (further, farther), superior (top, upper, higher, superior, high
anding of the nature of things). leader = lder
"none" significa slo "ninguno" (forma negativa de "both") o sea ni uno ni el otro. Ex: None of them.

as unprovided for as a beauty queen". 3. (conj) in spite of the fact that, although, though, even though, despite the fact that. Ex:
tion is free, whereas in USA not, and besides of the living cost that normally is higher in USA.

r ( = al cabo de pocos minutos...). Ex: In the Speaking TOEFL exam you must finish your last sentence within the time. Ex: Experts pre
ay yet see the light (deseo). 6) nevertherless = however. 7) but nevertheless = but. (strong "but" !!!) Ex: She played well, yet she didn

rmation. Ex: The Court accepted such evidence, provided it was founded upon recognized psychiatric procedures. Ex: So most greens acce
c has won the last 3 continuous times.
grandmother); 5) to give as testimony (Ex: He bears false witness); 6) to have as an identification (Ex: He bore the name of John); 7) to hol
por lo que son conjunciones concesivas (no son preposiciones) y por ende luego de ellas debe ponerse una frase (clause) de SUJETO+VER
); cada ("each", casi como "both" o "all") Ex: He plays either instrument well. Ex: Flowers blooming in either side of the walk. 4) (pro
I fancied myself as a child again. Ex: Sth about the movie really struck/caught/tickled/took their fancy. Ex: Do you fancy their chances?

top, upper, higher, superior, high, advanced), supletorio (further, farther), nuevo (new, fresh, further, novel, renewed, recent), complemen
hough, despite the fact that. Ex: "notwithstanding that the hall was packed with bullies, our champion played on steadily and patiently". E
ithin the time. Ex: Experts predict that within a few decades, maybe even within a few years, oil production will peak = Los expertos p
Ex: She played well, yet she didn't qualify for the finals. Ex: She designs simple yet elegant clothing. Ex: We thought the idea sounded tem

cedures. Ex: So most greens accept air conditioning now, provided that it is set no colder than 26 degrees.
bore the name of John); 7) to hold in the mind or emotions (Ex: They bear malice); 8) disseminate; 9) lead, escort; 10) render, give; 11) to g
na frase (clause) de SUJETO+VERBO. Ej: We enjoyed our camping holiday though it rained every day. Ej: The holiday was great although th
her side of the walk. 4) (pronoun) el uno o el otro (pero no ambos). Ex: Take either of the 2 routes. Ex: Either of the 2 aswers is corre
Ex: Do you fancy their chances? (imaginar). Ex: She has never fancied large dinner parties. (imaginar). Ex: Which horse do you fancy in

el, renewed, recent), complementario (complementary); (verb) adelantar (advance, overtake, bring forward, further, pass, farther), promo
ayed on steadily and patiently". Ex: "notwithstanding that the rain was torrential, they played on".
duction will peak = Los expertos pronostican que dentro de unos pocos decenios, tal vez hasta dentro de unos pocos aos, la produccin de
We thought the idea sounded tempting, yet common sense told us it wouldn't work. COMBINACIONES COMUNES: as yet = up to now or
d, escort; 10) render, give; 11) to give birth to (parir a); 12) to produce as yield; 13) to permit growth of; contain (portar); to support the wei
The holiday was great although the hotel wasnt very nice. Ej: Even though he worked very hard, he didnt manage to pass the exam. Tamb
Ex: Either of the 2 aswers is correct. Ex: I don't think that either of the 2 answers is correct. Ex: I don't like either of the answers. 5)
Ex: Which horse do you fancy in the race? (creer q ganar). Syn: 1) (adj) complex, complicated, sophisticated; 2) (n) chimera, conce

ard, further, pass, farther), promover (promote, foster, advance, boost, forward, farther), fomentar (promote, encourage, foster, further, de
nos pocos aos, la produccin de petrleo alcanzar su punto mximo. Ex: I'm getting a more important position within my company.
COMUNES: as yet = up to now or a specified time. Ex: there are as yet few clues (Sharon Kingman); yet again = one more time = I arrived
ntain (portar); to support the weight of (sustain); tener, llevar; 14) to call for as suitable or essential (Ex: It bears watching); 15) to admit o
manage to pass the exam. Tambin se puede usar "the fact that" luego de despite/in spite of como equivalencia de "although", "though"
either of the answers. 5) (adv) tampoco (pero cuando ya se ha negado la oracin xq no se puede negar 2 veces, y si no se la ha neg
phisticated; 2) (n) chimera, conceit, daydream (soar despierto), delusion, fantasy, illusion, vision, unreality; 3) (v) visualize, conceive, im

ote, encourage, foster, further, develop, farther)

nt position within my company.
again = one more time = I arrived late yet again.
bears watching); 15) to admit of (allow); 16) assume, acept; 17) thurst, press. (intrans v) 1) to produce fruit (yield); 2) to force one
ivalencia de "although", "though" o " even though". Ej: Despite the fact that he worked very hard, he didnt manage to pass the exam = Th
negar 2 veces, y si no se la ha negado entonces usar "neither") Ex: He's not smart or handsome either. Ex: The cars are reliable and are no
ality; 3) (v) visualize, conceive, imagine, ideate.
oduce fruit (yield); 2) to force one's way; 3) to extend in a direction indicated or implied; 4) to be situated (lie); 5) to become directed; 6) to
nt manage to pass the exam = Though he worked very hard, he didnt manage to pass the exam. Ej: He completed the marathon in spite
x: The cars are reliable and are not expensive either. Ex: I didn't like the movie. Me either.
(lie); 5) to become directed; 6) to go or incline in an indicated direction; 7) to support a weight or strain (bear up); 8) to exert influence or f
completed the marathon in spite of the fact that he had a pain in his leg = He completed the marathon despite the pain in his leg.
bear up); 8) to exert influence or force; 9) apply, pertain (bear on/upon. Ex: facts bearing on the question). Syn: deliver, drop, ha
espite the pain in his leg.
). Syn: deliver, drop, have, mother, produce, give birth to, live with, lump, stand for, tough out. Ant: disavow, disclaim, disow
Ant: disavow, disclaim, disown, repudiate. PHRASAL VERBS: bear a hand = to join in and help out; bear arms = to carry or poss
out; bear arms = to carry or posses arms, to seve as a soldier; bear fruit = to come to satisfying fruition, production; to produced a desired
production; to produced a desired result; bear in mind = to remember (as a warning); bear with = to be indulgent, patient or forbearing wi
dulgent, patient or forbearing with sb. bearable = (adv) soportable, tolerable, llevadero. bear = (n) oso; sth difficult to
bear = (n) oso; sth difficult to do or deal with (Ex: this oven is a bear to clean). (adj) bearably, bearable
I am boring = soy aburrido I got bored = me aburr (estoy aburrido)
Ciertos verbos en p.p pueden ser usados como adjetivos. La terminacin -ing y -ed en esos verbos puedo usarla para denotar a
Ej: I am convinced. Her arguments are so convincing.

Present Continius se lo usa para expresar FUTURO tambin:

Ej: I'm never having sex with you again ! Ej: I'm eating it tomorrow.

SUBJUNCTIVE. El subjuntivo espaol en ingls se lo escribe de dos formas:
1) tal como el condicional (1er o 2do tipo de condicional: If I were)
2) tan slo conjugado el verbo en pasado
usar "might" o "may" si quiero decir "pudiera/pudiese" o "podra" porque es gramaticalmente incorrecto usar "would can" xq a
usar en vez de todo el "wish": I wish + SENTENCE (en PAST TENSE si es situacin hipottica) Ej: Deseo que maana lloviese = I w
Ejemplos de SUBJUNTIVOS con "ojal":
Ojal = I hope; hopefully = ojal
Gn 4,15 Quienquiera que matare a Can lo pagar 7 veces (Biblia de Jerusalem)
Whoever kills Cain will sufer a sevenfold vengeance (Hebrew Bible y NJB).
Whosoever shall kill Cain, shall be punished sevenfold (Douay Rheims Bible y de Vulgate).
If anyone kills Cain, sevenfold vengeance shall be taken for him (Jerusalem Bible)
Gn 11,34 Ojal
If onlyme concedis
I can win yourvuestro
favor, I favor, y yo os dar lo que me pidis.
will give
you whatever you ask
Ex 16,3 Ojal
Why did hubiramos
we not diemuerto a manos
at Yahweh's handdeinYaveh en laoftierra
the land Egypt,de Egipto cuando nos sentbamos
when we were able to sit down. !
Would to God we had died by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt, when we sat !
Num 14,2 Ojal hubiramos muerto en Egipto. Y si no, ojal hubiramos muerto en el desierto.
Would God that we had died in Egypt and would God we may die in this vast wilderness
Would that we had died in the land of Egypt, or at least that we had died in this wilderness!
Num 20,3 Ojal hubiramos perecido igual que perecieron nuestros hermanos delante de Yahveh.
We would rather have died as our brothers died before Yahweh
Tb 10,13 Ojal pudiramos vivir juntos todos los das de nuestra vida
May we all live happily all the days of our lives
2Co 11,1 Ojal pudierais soportar un poco de mi necedad ! S que me la soportis !
Would to God you could bear with some little of my folly: but do bear with me.
I only wish you were able to tolerate a little foolishness from me. But of course: you are tolerant t
1Co 4,8 Y ojal reinaseis, para que tambin nosotros reinramos con vosotros !
I wish you were really kings, and we could be kings with you!
And I would to God you did reign, that we also might reign with you.
Ap 3,15 Ojal fueras fro o caliente.
I would you were cold, or hot.
I wish you were one or the other
Job 19,23 Ojal se escribieran mis palabras, ojal en monumento se grabaran
Ah, would that these words of mine were written down, inscribed on some monument
Job 14,13 Ojal
Who willen el seolme
grant t me
that thou may me escondieras
protect me in allhell,
and hidepasame tutill
clera, y una tregua me d
thy wrath
pass, and appoint me a time when thou wilt remember me?
If only you would hide me in Sheol, and shelter me there until your anger is past, fixing a certain
Sal 119(118),5 Ojal mis caminos se aseguren para observar tus preceptos.
Oh, may my behavior be constant in keeping your statutes.
O! that my ways may be directed to keep thy justifications

FORMA MODERNA de decirlo (las versiones de la Biblia no son la forma moderna de decirlo, nadie dice "Would to God"): God
Otra forma del subjuntivo es usando el infinitivo. Ej: In Guayaquil, at least, it's very difficult to find a club like it. Perhaps in Quit
Otra forma del subjuntivo es usando "let + subject + v(inf)". Ej: Let all creatures praise to the Lord = Que todas las creaturas ala
Otra forma del subjuntivo es usar una lista de verbos como: suggest, recommend, etc. Pero "wish" y "hope" tienen un trato esp
S corroborativo (para dar ms nfasis): Usa "do" antes del verbo (en infinitivo) que
ok Yo s me tom la sopa. I did take the soup.
ok A m s me gusta viajar. To me I do like to travel (travelling)
ok l s te ama. He does love you = He really loves you
ok l no me necesita, a ti s. He doesn't need me, you do.
ok Yo s soy responsable. l s ha sido responsable. In fact, I am responsible
ok Yo s le dije que no compre eso aquel da I did tell him that she didn't buy it that day.
ok Yo s lo hice I did do it
ok Yo s lo hago I do do it
ok Yo s voy a hacerlo esta vez I am going to do it this time
ok Hoy s vamos a viajar We are going to travel today
ok ACASO: So, you don't think / So, you think I hope.
ok Por si acaso. Just in case. (Ex: Just in case I give you my p
Nadie sabe si se levantar con vida maana. Nobody knows if tomorrow will rise alive.
Nadie sabe por si acaso si maana abre la tienda? Nobody knows in case if tomorrow the store
ok Acaso somos ricos para darnos esos lujos? Are we rich to aford such luxuries?
ok Acaso yo no soy tambin como cualquiera de Uds? Am I not also as any of you?
ok Acaso no soy yo tambin ser humano como Uds? Am I not also a human being like you?
ok Acaso que el dinero est de sobra? Does that money is left over?
ok Acaso yo no tengo sentimientos? Don't I have feelings?
ok Acaso maana se acaba el mundo? Does the world ends tomorrow?
ok Acaso una madre olvida a su hijo de pecho? Does a mother forget her son breast?
ok Qudate por si acaso el jefe venga. Stay in case the boss comes.
ok Acaso los has visto salir? Did you seen them out?
es que acaso (tal vez) t ya has estado alguna vez allIt is that perhaps you've ever been there?
Es que acaso t ya has estado alguna vez all? Could it be that you've ever been there?
Acaso necesitemos tu ayuda. Perhaps we need your help.
Acaso no est en casa a esta hora. Perhaps you are not at home at this hour.


thought (pesamiento, thought = p.p teach = pens, pensado), though (however, nevertheless, even so, in spite of), through (a
further (v, adv, adj) (greater distant place or time, degree or extent; in addition to what has been said; Ex: Further research is n


GRAMMAR RULE: siempre usar v(ing) luego de una preposicin. Ex: before giving me
"at". Cuando digo "He throws the ball to you" significa que l te pasa la pelota para q la recibas, pero si digo "He throws the ba
"at". Se lo usa siempre para decir "I am good at + v(ing)", aqu la preposicin "para" = "at". Ex: I am good at swimming.
I wasn't able to run a mile = I wasn't capable of running a mile PERO ES UN ERROR: I wasn't capable to run mile.
Yo ya lo saba = I already knew it.
I would have studied (para 3er condic) = habra (hubiera/hubiese) estudiado. I should have studied = deb haber estudiad
todava = (adv) still, yet. Se usa still en oraciones afirmativas antes o inmediatamente despus del verbo (Ex: I still love you;
whom; Who does contain to whom? = Quin contiene a quin? To whom concern = A quien concierna =
whom; A quin? = To whom? Ex: A quin quieres que llame? = Ex: l es a quien acud primero = Ex:
NO NEGAR 2 veces: Ex. A m tampoco me importa = I don't care either. Ex: Yo tampoco = Me neither.

VERB + GERUNDS (verb patterns): la clave aqu es memorizar el grupo 1 y 3, porque el 2 es el ms extenso y general y por
grupo 1: V1+ V2(GERUND): admit, allow, deny, dislike, enjoy, can't face, finish, give up, can't help, imagine, keep on, miss, practi
grupo 2: V1+ V2(INFINITIVE): arrange, ask, be, care, choose, come, refuse, demand, expect, fail, happen, help, hope, learn, ofe
grupo 3: V1+ V2(GERUND or INFINITIVE): begin, bother, cease, forget, hate, intend, like, love, prefer, propose, can't stand, can't
el verbo help es un caso especial (help + sb + v(inf)), siempre se usa el infinitivo al verbo q le sigue, se colocar o no "to" antes
uso del verb pattern "help": help + sb (indir object) + v(inf). Se puede poner o no "to" antes del v(inf). Ex: I'll help my brother
uso del verbo "let", "make": help + sb (indir object) + v(inf). Se puede poner o no "to" antes del v(inf). Ex: Let it be. You must

TIPO 1: Real situations: Ex. She will call you if she wants to study tonight. If + S + V(present), S + will/can/may/must + V(inf)
TIPO 2: Unreal situations in the present: Ex. If Linda were here, she would know what to do. If + S + V(past), S + would + V(inf
TIPO 3: Unreal situations in the past: Ex. She would have called you if she had wanted to study tonight. If + S + had + V(pp), S

ougth to + v(inf) You ought to think it twice
had better / had best + v(inf) You had better work harder if you want to pass the exam. RECOMENDATION (un poco ms fuerte
can/may/might + v(inf) You can/may/might do it. En ese orden de certeza, nfasis o fuerza de recomendacin (can/may
must/mustn't + v(inf) (obliga You must stop there! You mustn't smoke here.
be + supposed to + v(inf) You're supposed to be here tomorrow for your exam NUNCA LUEGO DE supposed to PUEDE IR UN

adversative clause --> "While they should have thanked her, they yelled at her"
causal clause --> "As I don't know, I can't say"
comparative clause --> "It is just the way I imagined it"
concessive clause --> "Although I knew it, I could not remember it"
conditional clause --> "I would tell you, if I only knew"
consecutive clause --> "The riddle was so difficult that nobody could guess"
declarative content clause --> "I have the feeling that you know it"
exceptive clause (?) --> "They will tell you, unless they don't know either"
exclamative clause --> "What a brilliant idea you gave me!"
exclusive clause (?) --> "They will do it without you even knowing"
imperative clause --> "Please tell me"
(indirect) interrogative clause --> "I wonder if you know"
(direct) interrogative clause --> "Do you know?"
final clause --> "I asked the question (in order) to learn more about it"
instrumental clause --> "By asking, you may get an answer"
limitative clause --> "As far as I know, this clause exists too"
modal clause --> "They answered the question as accurately as they could"
objective clause --> "I know the answer is not straightforward"
place clause --> "Wherever it is, I'll find it"
relative clause --> "He asked a question that was promptly answered"
subjective clause --> "It is necessary that you be there"
time clause --> "I asked after searching everywhere"

SPECIAL PLURALS: If a word ends in s, sh, ch, x, z or the vowel "o", you add es. For almost all other nouns, add
A singular noun ending in a consonant and then y makes the plural by dropping the y and adding

Plural & Singular nouns (Collective nouns, q normalmente son singulares salvo ciertas excepci WEBS CON BUEN MATERIAL:
people are http://www.myenglishpages.c
family is http://www.myenglishpages.c
policy (la polica) are (es una excepcin)
goverment is, are https://learnenglish.britishcou
news (las noticias) is (es una excepcin)

ESTRUCTURAS GRAMATICALES COMPLEJAS (pedirle consejo a Alan Dorado q me dijo q conoce los libros adecuados para esta
Do/does/did en las oraciones afirmativas para dar ms nfasis: Ej: Only later did the family learn that the boys had been illeg
If I had known about the accident = Had I known about the accident Es como en espaol cuando se dice: Si yo hubie
FORMAL: There is no way I would vote INFORMAL: No way would I ever vote. (pero ambas oraciones significan lo mism
no usar el artculo definido "the" si no me estoy refiriendo a un objeto nico en el universo o en mi espacio de referencia; si no
Despite... = (prep) In spite of ... = "Pese a ..." = "A pesar de ..." SIEMPRE SE DEBE PONER UN PRONOMBRE O SUSTANTIVO LUE
such a; such; so = "tan" en espaol; "such a" se usa anteponindolo a los sujetos ("such a" para sustantivos contables, y
S + used to + v(inf) = sola (ese hbito se qued en el pasado, ya no ms en el presente). Ex: I used to live in Canada = Yo sola v
S + be + accostumed to + v(ing). Ex: I was accostumed to swimming every weekend.
S + usually + v(present) = suelo (hbito actual). Ex: He usually confesses his sins once a month.
S + be + used to + v(ing) = suelo (hbito actual) = estoy acostumbrado a = me he acostumbrado a. Ex: I am used to living in Can
S + be + getting + used to + v(ing) = estarse acostumbrando a (proceso de habituacin que an no acaba). Ex: I am getting used
S + be + going to get used to + v(ing) = me voy a acostumbrar a. Ex: I am going to get used to eating encebollado.
S + will get used to + v(ing) = me acostumbrar. Ex: I will get used to living in Quito. Ex: I will get used to the idea that now I alr
S + got used to + v(ing) = me acostumbr. Ex: I got used to watching your face every day (irona de desprecio al otro).
2nd Conditional (con: had, should, were). Ex: Had I done the homework, I wouldn't have failed the course = If I had done the h
You do not need to meet the work experience requirement in one period of employment, nor do you need to have been work
It's never possible write "that" after a comma (,).
whatsoever = cualquier cosa (anything, whatever); todo lo que (all that, whatever); todo lo que (whatever)
whosoever = cualquiera que, quien, quienquiera que (whoever); que (what, that)
anyhow = de todos modos = anyway, in any case
ADJECTIVE CLAUSES (aposiciones): non-defining clauses always go between COMMAS because they're additional information t
verbo bear (cargar algo en la mente o sobre el cuerpo) se conjuga: bear - bore - borne / born El verbo nacer siempre se
En los predicados, cuando se usa el circunstancial de tiempo con fechas muy especficas se usa on, pero sino entonces in. Ex: I'
Para dar mayor nfasis (no usar en academic writing ni en informal) en un descriptive writing, una historia, un msj PERSUASIVO
1. Inversion "Verb before Subject". Ex1: "Only in extreme cases have I ever done that ". Ex2: "Ag
2. Expressions beginning with not. We also invert the subject and verb after not + a prepositional
3. Here/there. Inversion can happen after here/there when it's as an adverb of place for INTRAN
4. In normal everyday English, inversion is used to make questions. Ex: Does he? Can you?
Del video "Inversion Practice English with Paul":
04:31 inversion: exclamation. In the form of negative questions to express suprising. Ex1: Isn't a w
06:38 inversion: may. For wishes/blessings. Ex: May the Force be with you ! (of Star Wars film)
08:25 inversion: so/neither/nor. In normal everyday English, inversion is used after so, neither, no
10:49 inversion after as/than/so-that. Never in spoken english. Ex1: Paul was feeling positive, as w
13:47 inversion: conditionals. 1st Cond: Should you see her, say hello (If you see her...) - es ms fo
21:15 inversion: descriptive writing. Slo para verbos INTRANSITIVOS,after adverbial expressions
23:57 inversion: informal speech. Here/there. Se usa igual q la regla anterior de Descriptive Writin
25:40 inversion in reported story telling. Se invierte si se usa nombres o sustantivos propios. Ex1:
16:38 inversion: adverbial expressions. Use an adverb with negative meaning (e.g. never, seldom
Under no circumstances can we accept credit cards.
In no way can he be held responsible.
At no time did she say she would come.
Not until I heard my name did I believe I had won the race. Not until much later did we decide to
Hardly had I woken up when the noise started.
Seldom/rarely have I kissed a woman.
Little did we know that it was going to rain.
Only then did I make the decision to run.
Only after her birth did I become a real man.
Not only did Brad Pit star in the film but he also directed it.
Diferencias entre uso de if/wether.
Uso de
Otra either/neither,
forma too.
de escribir el 2nd Cond: Left to follow his own inclinations ( = if he didn't follow his own inclinations), he would do

Bien sea esto como lo otro = Ya sea esto o aquello se puede traducir en 2 formas: whether-or, either-or. Ejemplos:
[...] account infringements recorded by another Member State, whether for reasons of access to
Secondary information is information that has already been collected, either by the Movement o
Communications between the child and his/her assistance, either in writing or orally [...] = Las co

Tanto esto como lo otro se puede traducir como both-and. Ejemplos:

VERB PATTERNS (gerund/infinitive):
Verbs Followed by an Object and an Infinitive
Verbs Followed (pero
by anVerbs sin partcula
Followed by "to"): make, help
s puedo usarla para denotar adjetivos. She agreed to speak beEveryone expected
agree advise
aim allow
appear ask
arrange beg
ask bring
attempt build
---------------------------------------------------------- be able buy
beg challenge
begin choose
care command
correcto usar "would can" xq ambas palabras son modales. choose dare
seo que maana lloviese = I wish it will rain tomorrow; Deseara que hubicondescend direct
consent encourage
continue expect
dare forbid
decide force
ms Bible y de Vulgate). deserve have
usalem Bible) detest hire
dislike instruct
expect invite
cuando nos sentbamos fail lead
forget leave
ypt, when we sat ! get let
rto en el desierto. happen like
n this vast wilderness have love
died in this wilderness! hesitate motivate
os delante de Yahveh. hope order
hurry pay
intend permit
leap persuade
leave prepare
like promise
ut of course: you are tolerant toward me. long remind
love require
mean send
neglect teach
offer tell
ought urge
plan want
prefer warn
n some monument prepare
a tutill
me clera, y una tregua me dieras, para acordarme de ti luego
thy wrath proceed
anger is past, fixing a certain day for calling me to mind propose
e dice "Would to God"): God willing = Dios quiera; Dios mediante. start
a club like it. Perhaps in Quito there be more ( = Quizs en Quito hayan ms).
stopEx: Good bless you.
= Que todas las creaturas alaben al Seor (Psalm 150:6) strive
" y "hope" tienen un trato especial. swear
---------------------------------------------------------- threaten
s del verbo (en infinitivo) que se desea corroborar try
to travel (travelling) wait
ou = He really loves you want
ed me, you do. wish

hat she didn't buy it that day.

Para darle ms nfasis lo JAMS (en ninguna circunstancia) ES POSIBLE USAR DOS VERBOS AUXILIARES CONSECUTIVAMENT
Para darle ms nfasis lo JAMS (en ninguna circunstancia) ES POSIBLE USAR DOS VERBOS AUXILIARES CONSECUTIVAMENT

Ex: Just in case I give you my phone number)

s if tomorrow will rise alive.
s in case if tomorrow the store open?
aford such luxuries?
as any of you?
a human being like you?
ney is left over?

d ends tomorrow?
r forget her son breast?
e boss comes.

aps you've ever been there?

t you've ever been there?
eed your help.
re not at home at this hour.

en so, in spite of), through (a travs)

said; Ex: Further research is needed; Ex: He'll undergo further questioning), farther (adv, adj) (to a more distance; Ex: The farther side of to

ero si digo "He throws the ball at you" significa q l te tira la pelota para lastimarte.
I am good at swimming.
sn't capable to run mile.

studied = deb haber estudiado. I could have studied = pude haber estudiado.
el verbo (Ex: I still love you; Ex: You're still the one). Se usa yet en oraciones negativas y siempre al final de la misma (Ex: I don't know
oncern = A quien concierna = A quien le interese
n acud primero = Ex: l es de quien te hablaba = Ex: De quin es esto? = Whose is this?

el ms extenso y general y por descarte se lo adivina

imagine, keep on, miss, practice, risk, suggest, quit, avoid, consider, fell like, recommend
appen, help, hope, learn, ofer, pretend, promise, prove, volunteer, vote, can't wait, want, try, need, plan, agree, decide, try
er, propose, can't stand, can't bear, stop, start, continue, don't mind, remember
e, se colocar o no "to" antes de aquel verbo. Ex: Oscar can help her pay for collegue. (Oscar le puede ayudar a ella a pagar la universidad).
v(inf). Ex: I'll help my brother (to) improve his essay. (Aqu el indirect object es "my brother")
v(inf). Ex: Let it be. You must let him make what he want. I try make him learn quicklier. The government make we pay more in taxes.

will/can/may/must + V(inf)
S + V(past), S + would + V(inf) Este es el nico caso gramatical donde el verbo "to be" se lo debe conjugar "were" en pasado para cualqu
onight. If + S + had + V(pp), S + would have + V(inf)

NDATION (un poco ms fuerte que ought to). "had best" a veces la gente lo usa en el lenguaje hablado, suena un poco menos
a de recomendacin (can/may/might).


or almost all other nouns, add -s to pluralize. Ex: potato + es = potatoes; buses, wishes, pitches, boxes
by dropping the y and adding -ies. Ex: penny, spy, baby, city, daisy



os libros adecuados para estas estructuras avanzadas o especiales):

n that the boys had been illegallly detained tortured and murdered by the ecuadorian policy. (Hnos Restrepo de Ecuador).
ol cuando se dice: Si yo hubiese sabido sobre el accidente... = De haber yo sabido sobre el accidente
as oraciones significan lo mismo)
mi espacio de referencia; si no es ese el caso entonces usar "a/an" o mejor an quiz ningn artculo.
NOMBRE O SUSTANTIVO LUEGO DE LA PREPOSICIN despite/in spite of (despite es ms formal) Ej: Despite having been raised Jewish, C
para sustantivos contables, y "such" para no contables), mientras que "so" a los adjetivos. Ej: Oscar es una persona tan trabajadora que ...
d to live in Canada = Yo sola vivir en Canad.

Ex: I am used to living in Canada = Yo estoy acostumbrado a vivir en Canad. Ex: I'm used to taking the bus alone.
o acaba). Ex: I am getting used to living in Canad = Me estoy acostumbrando a vivir en Canad
ng encebollado.
used to the idea that now I already am not single.
e desprecio al otro).
e course = If I had done the homework, I wouldn't have failed the course
you need to have been working in your current role for 3,000 hours.


ey're additional information that can be deleted, in turn, defining clauses never !! Osea que cuando es algo esencial no debe ir entre COM
El verbo nacer siempre se lo conjuga en voz pasiva: I was born in 1990.
n, pero sino entonces in. Ex: I'm going to study to Brasil in 2020. You shall take the TOEFL exam on July 14th of this year. They'll arrive to Qu
a historia, un msj PERSUASIVO, o speech, se usa este recurso de origen LRICO q son las "INVERSIONS", embellecen el msj. Casos de uso:
e I ever done that ". Ex2: "Against you, you alone, have I sinned; what is evil in your sight I have done... O see, in guilt I was born, a sinner
rb after not + a prepositional phrase or a clause in initial position. Ex1: Not for a moment did I think I would be ofered the job, so I was am
n adverb of place for INTRANSITIVE verbs. After here and there, we can use a main verb without an auxiliary verb or modal verb. Ex1: He
Ex: Does he? Can you?

xpress suprising. Ex1: Isn't a wonderful day today? Ex2: Wow, haven't you grown up a lot?
th you ! (of Star Wars film)
n is used after so, neither, nor: Ex: So do I. Ex: Neither do I, nor does she. Ex: So am I.
Paul was feeling positive, as were his students. Ex2: Russians are more superstitious than are the English. Ex3: So difficult was the test tha
o (If you see her...) - es ms formal. 2nd Cond: Were he my friend, I would kick him (If he were). 3rd Cond: Had I understood what you me
OS,after adverbial expressions of place: Ex1: Round the corner came the postman. Ex2: On the doorstep was a bunch of flowers. Ex3: Over
anterior de Descriptive Writing para INTRANSITIVE verbs after adverbial expressions of place.
es o sustantivos propios. Ex1: "I hate you!", said Paul. Ex2: "Get out of my face!", shouted the Policeman. PERO OJO, nunca se inverte cuan
e meaning (e.g. never, seldom, rarely, scarcely, hardly, little, no sooner, only, not only) in front position for emphasis. Examples:

l much later did we decide to try eating frogs.

wn inclinations), he would do no work at all.

r, either-or. Ejemplos:
ether for reasons of access to information or for legal reasons = [...] las infracciones constatadas por otro Estado miembro, bien sea por pro
d, either by the Movement or by other organizations. = La informacin secundaria es la informacin recopilada previamente, bien sea por
writing or orally [...] = Las comunicaciones entre el nio y la persona que le asiste, bien sea por escrito u oralmente [...]
Verbs Followed by aVerbs Followed by a Gerund
We concentrated on doThey enjoyed working on the boat.
admit to admit
approve of advise
argue about appreciate
believe in avoid
care about can't help
complain about complete
concentrate on consider
confess to delay
depend on deny
disapprove of detest
discourage from dislike
dream about enjoy
feel like escape
forget about excuse
insist on finish
object to forbid
plan on get through
prevent (someone) fr have
refrain from imagine
succeed in mind
talk about miss
think about permit
worry about postpone
spend (time)
waste (time)

distance; Ex: The farther side of town)

final de la misma (Ex: I don't know him yet; Ex: Not yet)

, agree, decide, try

udar a ella a pagar la universidad).

t make we pay more in taxes.

gar "were" en pasado para cualquier persona (incluso I/he/she/it)

aje hablado, suena un poco menos fuerte y directo que "had better". Ex: Youd best leave it till Monday. Theres no one in the office today.
repo de Ecuador).

spite having been raised Jewish, Chomsky is currently non-religious. Ej:We enjoyed our vacation despite the rain; Ej: We could ov
na persona tan trabajadora que ... = Oscar is such a hard-working person that ... ; Ej: Oscar es tan trabajador = Oscar is so hard-working.

algo esencial no debe ir entre COMMAS.

4th of this year. They'll arrive to Quito on Monday (next Monday). We'll go vacations in February (next February).
mbellecen el msj. Casos de uso:
O see, in guilt I was born, a sinner was I conceived" (Psalm 51). Ex3: Never have I seen such a beautiful rose.
ould be ofered the job, so I was amazed when I got it. Ex2: Not till I got home did I realise my wallet was missing.
liary verb or modal verb. Ex1: Here comes the bus! Ex2: Heres your cofee. Ex3: I opened the door and there stood Michael, all cove

h. Ex3: So difficult was the test that I think I failed.

nd: Had I understood what you meant, I'd have (If I had understood)
was a bunch of flowers. Ex3: Over the junction drove 3 sportcars. Ex4: In front of my desk stood a tall atractive woman.

. PERO OJO, nunca se inverte cuando se usan pronombres: "I hate you!", he said.
emphasis. Examples:

Estado miembro, bien sea por problemas de acceso a la informacin o por razones legales.
opilada previamente, bien sea por el Movimiento o por otras organizaciones.
u oralmente [...]
eres no one in the office today.
ite the rain; Ej: We could overcome, in spite of all our disadvantages. En cambio "although", "though", "even though" (even
r = Oscar is so hard-working.
d there stood Michael, all covered in mud. Ex4: She looked out and there was Pamela, walking along arm in arm with Goldie.

ctive woman.
, "though", "even though" (even though es la ms enftica de las 3) significan literalmente "a pesar de que" por lo que son conjunciones c
rm in arm with Goldie.
e" por lo que son conjunciones concesivas (no son preposiciones) y por ende luego de ellas debe ponerse una frase (clause) de SUJETO+V
e una frase (clause) de SUJETO+VERBO. Ej: We enjoyed our camping holiday though it rained every day. Ej: The holiday was great although
j: The holiday was great although the hotel wasnt very nice. Ej: Even though he worked very hard, he didnt manage to pass the exam. Tam
nt manage to pass the exam. Tambin se puede usar "the fact that" luego de despite/in spite of como equivalencia de "although", "thou
quivalencia de "although", "though" o " even though". Ej: Despite the fact that he worked very hard, he didnt manage to pass the exam =
didnt manage to pass the exam = Though he worked very hard, he didnt manage to pass the exam. Ej: He completed the marathon in sp
He completed the marathon in spite of the fact that he had a pain in his leg = He completed the marathon despite the pain in his leg.
n despite the pain in his leg.
Paul Newson, el ruso gran prof de ingles de youtube, por puso un post recomendando ver documentales (dejar de v

When studying for exams such as FCE, CAE, CPE there are somethings best avoided whereas there are some areas we must hea
Put down your classics, put down Harry Potter, switch of Friends or Big Bang Theory etc. While these are still great sources for

Make sure that you spend at least 30 minutes a day on the following (dont forget to record vocab, underline useful collocatio

MONDAY (National Geographic): select THEMES and randomly read an article whether science, tra

TUESDAY (Time Magazine): click the box top left next to TIME and randomly read an article whether politics, business,

WEDNESDAY (The Guardian): Randomly select diferent themes and select an article at random

THURSDAY (BBC): randomly select a news article to read.

Continue reading a book of your choice PROVIDING its not a classic (continue with that after your course)

In addition to reading stuf, you need to watch/listen just as much (record vocab, pay attention to grammatical structures, pay

BBC Panorama (example:

A documentary of your choice (think about what you might have read and type the theme into Youtube)

WEDNESDAY (BBC 5 minute news)

Watch an episode from one of the following series: BBC Planet Earth 2, Countryfile, Who do you think you are, The Cruise, Brita

Watch a film of your choice but still have pen and paper ready!


Focus on doing your grammar and vocab exercises, practice tests as well as go over the vocab and things you have recorded d

There are many more sources you can watch/listen to and read. Get into the habit of making this a routine and keep to your sc
do ver documentales (dejar de ver Harry Potter, Big Bang Therory, etc para enfocarse ms en programas con tpicos y vocabulario q se e

here are some areas we must heavily focus on.

le these are still great sources for practicing your English, you should spend your course time on sources relevant to the exam to build up yo

ocab, underline useful collocations, copy them into your vocab book, analyse grammatical structures):

ad an article whether science, travel, adventure, animals etc.

rticle whether politics, business, tech, health etc.

es and select an article at random to read

your course)

n to grammatical structures, pay special attention to collocations)

ou think you are, The Cruise, Britains Busiest Airport, The Force, The Great British Bakeof.

and things you have recorded during the week. Use the weekend to write your essays.

this a routine and keep to your schedule. YOU MUST GET USED TO REAL SOURCES to pass these exams even if youre tired after school/w
con tpicos y vocabulario q se evala en FCE, CAE, CPE) como:

elevant to the exam to build up your topical vocabulary, become familiar with grammatical structures no matter how boring the theme may

ven if youre tired after school/work!

matter how boring the theme may be. Remember, in the exam, you dont have a choice.
Usar el Longman Phrasal Verbs Dictionary. Es muy completo (tiene 624 pgs el pdf).
Al final del libro "Longman Phrasal Verbs" est una lista muy completa de las conjugaciones de los Irregular Verbs en: present, p
En la pg 275 del libro hay un entrems de una serie de casos cotidianos o categoras para usar los phrasal verbs q es MUY P

smbolo == sirve para indicar significado parecido (no exactamente sinnimo)

smbolo =! sirve para indicar antnimos

Otras fuentes de PHRASAL VERBS:

libro de: Longman Phrasal Verbs
libro de: Kaplan-TOEFL-and-Pencil(PBT) que al final hay 2 pags de lista de phrasal verbs
e los Irregular Verbs en: present, past, pp.
sar los phrasal verbs q es MUY PROVECHOSO
IDIOMISMOS (IDIOMS): Los idiomismos son expresiones propias de la
bloody oath: [aus] ciertamente verdadero, increblemente cierto. Tiene ms nfasPor ej en Ecuador decimos idiomismos como
good onya: bien hecho! [aus] se utiliza ms cuando por ejemplo alguien derra FUENTES:
have/get a trip: vete a paseo!date una vuelta! [aus] lo traducimos como que te den pero en web: "203 expresiones en ingl
To catch a cold/flu = Pillar un resfriado / una gripe
To contract Aids/Ebola = Contraer el Sida / bola
To develop Cancer = Desarrollar un cncer
to go ballistic: cuando alguien se enfada demasiado contigo.
(do) you feel me? = me sigues? (con el sentido de me entiendes?; slang US)
(Dont) Leave me this way no me dejas mas salida que , no tengo mas remedio que
(my) hats of to (somebody): me quito el sombrero ante (alguien)
(to be) head over heels = estar locamente enamorado
(to be) out of my (your) league = est fuera de tu alcance. Ejemplo: Shes way out of your league (because shes too pretty/inte
* 1 out of 10 1 de cada 10
* a bolt from blue un acontecimineto inesperado
* a close call afortunado escape al peligro
* a dogs dinner un desastre
* a good egg un tipo bien, buena gente
* a long shot una posibilidad remota
* a lump in ones throat un nudo en la garganta
* a quid una libra
* a shot in the dark un palo de ciego
* a sore point un tema delicado
* a square deal un buen trato
* a stones throw away a un paso
* a straw in the wind un indicio
* all in all teniendolo todo en cuenta
* all of a sudden de repente
* as good as you get lo mejor que puedes conseguir, mejor imposible
* as pissed as a newt como una cuba
* as so far as I know que yo sepa ??
* as stif as a board mas tieso que un palo
* as tough as a hickory tan fuerte coo un roble (nogal)
* at a low price a bajo precio
* at any time en cualquier momento
* at odd hours a horas poco usuales
* at present en el presente
* at sea completamente confundido
* at war en guerra
* be as cool as a cucumber fresco como una lechuga
* be beside the point no tener nada que ver, fuera de lugar (it doesnt have anything to do)
* be on it estar en ello
* be on strike estar de huelga
* bear in mind tener en mente, tener presente
* because I bloody well felt like porque me sale de los .
* bless you Jesus!
* blow me a kiss lanzame un beso
* by no means definitivamente no, ni de coa
* by the way a proposito
* catch fire coger fuego
* come into being nacer
* come into play entrar en juego, ponerse en juego
* Could I have? puedo tomar una .?
* dirty pool juego sucio
* dog english mal ingles (hablar)
* drop a line escribir una carta
* easy on the eye agradable a la vista
* engage reverse rear meter la marcha atras
* every once in a while ocasionalmente, alguna que otra vez
* everything is coming up roses todo esta saliendo a pedir de boca
* fair play juego limpio
* feel the pinch sufrir penurias economicas
* flesh and blood de carne y hueso
* for the love of God por amor de Dios
* from top to bottom de arriba abajo
* get the joke pillar el chiste
* get the sack ser despedido, sacar la verdad, dar la palabra, revelar los planes
* good night solo se usa para despedirse (si no se usa good evening)
* ham actor mal actor
* he is being sick esta vomitando
* he is sick esta enfermo
* hes having an afair esta teniendo un lio con otra
* hen party despedida de mujeres
* her true colors tal como era
* how disgusting que asqueroso
* How does that come about? Cmo es eso?, Cmo es que?
* How long for? Durante cuanto tiempo?
* I cant stand him me cae mal
* I clean forgot olvidar completamente
* I dont care no me importa
* I dont feel like no me apetece
* I fall ill enfermar
* I feel ill me siento mal
* I find it hard to me parece dificil
* I get on well with him me cae bien
* I wonder wether.. me pregunto si.
* Im getting to like her me esta empezando a gustar ella
* Im sorry about earlier lo siento por lo de antes
* If only ojala
* in a nutshell en pocas palabras, conciso
* in case of por si
* in the bag en el bote
* in the club embarazada
* in the event of en caso que
* in the event of en caso de . hacer .
* In the long run a la larga
* is it left? Esta a la izquierda?
* Is it that far? Esta lejos?
* It makes me ill me sienta mal, afectar
* it makes sense tiene sentido
* It rings a bell me suena
* it works out well/badly salir bien/resultar mal
* its been such a long time hace tanto tiempo
* Its not that complicated no es tan complicado
* Its not their pigeon no es asunto suyo
* Its not worth a fig no vale nada
* its not your bussiness no es asunto tuyo
* Its up to you depende de ti
* keep an eye on echar un vistazo o vigilar algo
* keep him hands of sth mantener algo fuera de su alcance
* keep your hair on! calmate
* keeping his books llevar las cuentas
* kick the bucket estirar la pata
* leave me alone dejame en paz
* little by little poco a poco
* make up ones mind decidirse
* my heart wasnt in it lo hacia sin ganas
* my number is up me ha llegado la hora
* no dice! ni hablar
* no hard feelings sin resentimientos
* no way de ningun modo, ni de coa
* not to have a clue o have no clue no tener ni idea
* on and on sin pausa
* on ice en suspenso
* on tap de barril
* on the contrary al contrario
* on the dole , unemployed desempleado
* on the fly a la carrera, por el aire
* on the quiet a escondidas
* on the run en fuga
* on the spot en el lugar ed los hechos
* on top of that y encima, y ademas, por si fuera poco (muy formal)
* once in a blue moon de higos a brevas.
* once upon a time esrase una vez
* one too many uno de mas
* over the moon muy feliz
* queue up hacer cola
* right left justo a la izquierda
* shake your hand estrechar o dar la mano
* sooner or later tarde o temprano
* spit it out! desembucha!
* stag party despedida de solteros
* start from the scratch empezar de cero o sin nada
* thanks a bunch muchas gracias
* the jokes on me me salio el tiro por la culata
* there comes a time when llega un momento en que
* theres nothing for it no hay ms remedio
* theres nothing in it no hay nada entre ellos
* theres nothing to it es muy facil, no tiene ningun secreto, no es cierto
* To ask someone out invitar a salir
* to be fired ser despedido give sb the ax, get canned
* to be in (such) a hurry/rush tener prisa
* to be in the pink estar en plena forma o como una rosa
* to foot it ir a pie
* to keep track of mantenerse al tanto de
* to leave a message dejar un mensaje
* to take care of cuidar de
* to take care to tener cuidado de
* to take it for granted darlo por supuesto
* to take three days of tomarse 3 dias de vacaciones
* touch wood tocando madera
* turn a blind eye hacer la vista gorda
* watch out ten cuidado
* what a mess que lio
* what does he look like? que aspecto tiene he looks like
* what happen next? Que pas despues?
* what the heck Cmo coo ?, Cmo demonios ?
* whats going on? Que pasa?
* Whats the date? Que dia es?
* whats the weather like today? Qu tiempo hace hoy?
* you are kidding me me estas bromeando
* you are welcome de nada, eres bienvenido
* you must make her see a doctor tienes que hacer que vaya al medico
* youve made me do! me has hecho hacerlo
*Where there is a will, there is a way = Querer es poder
m talking with to myself = Im talking aloud = Estoy pensando en voz alta
Alive and kicking = Vivito y coleando.
Do not count the chickens before they hatch ergo no hacer planes basados en hecho que aun no se han producido = vende
Driving me bananas/nuts Me est volviendo loco
Driving me nuts= to get annoyed by something. Volver loco, tener hasta las pelotas
If you dont use it, you lose it
Its up to you Depende de ti / lo que t quieras
No news, good news
Out of the blue De la nada/de improvisto
Rock my socks! cuando algo te parece incriblemente bueno o te gusta mucho; EjmYou rock my socks! / Eres la bomba!
thats bullshit = es mentira
This is a sausage fest : fiesta llena de hombres !
To beat about the bush, que significa Andarse con rodeos
To bite of more than one can chew El que mucho abarca poco aprieta
What goes on tour, stays on tour (referido a los cotilleos que a veces convertimos en realidades, aunque no lo sean)
Youre full of beans today (lleno de vida)
youve got another thing coming = se te viene otra cosa encima (dependiendo del contexto)
up the crees adn rowing: pasndolo canutas, sobreviviendo
1. Who on earth is something my grandmother would say. A far cry from the vulgar quin coo.
1.Dont change the horses in the middle of the stream.
2. A leopard cant hit his spots.
2. I have never last but one in my life. This could be a UK thing, but I have always heard next to last.
3. I think that what a shame is really more like qu pena or qu lstima, whereas qu vergenza carries more of sense o
3. Where there is a will there is a way.
4. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
4. I cant say Ive ever heard someone say talking of the devil. Usually its speak (or) speaking of the devil.
5. See you anon-Im not really sure what this is doing on this list of common expressions. This is literally Shakespearian Englis
6. mofo No one learning English as a second language should try use this. Even as a white person from the US, you will sound
A penny for your thoughts Dara lo que fuera por saber que ests pensando
A penny for your thoughts pagara por saber en qu estas pensando
A picture which paints a thousand words = Una imagen vale mas que mil palabras
A walk in the park = very easy (like a piece of cake)
A watched kettle never boils = quien espera, desespera
alrighty (US) > de acuerdo pero de forma amigable y coloquial
As clear as day Tan claro como el agua
Ass licker Pelota/Lameculos
Back of! = aljate, toma distancia (sentido figurado)
barking dog never bites: Perro que ladra, no muerde.
Better the devil you know than the devil you dont Ms vale malo conocido que bueno por conocer.
better the devil you know than the devil you dont, Ms vale malo conocido que bueno por conocer.
Bettet safe than sorry / ms vale prevenir, que curar
Between the hammer and the envil. Entre la espada y la pared..
Biggest bang for the dollar : la mejor relacin calidad/precio
Bob your uncle! = Listo!Ya est!
Break a leg = Mucha mierda ( desear suerte en el argot del teatro/cine/msica )
bring a six-pack! (US) > trete (un par de seis) cervezas!
Bury the hatchet= Hacer las paces (con alguien)
By hook or by crook = de una u otra manera
By hook or by crook: por las buenas o por las malas
By the skin of my teeth: por los pelos
by the way > por cierto
Catch somebodys fancy: atraer a alguien
Clean as a whistle: limpio como una patena
Come to the point Ir al grano
Cool as a cucumber / muy calmado
Count on me/count me in/ I am in cuenta conmigo
Cute as a button; lindo y tierno
Deaf as a post: sordo como una tapia
ditto: idem
Doggy bag bolsa para llevar comida
Dont pull my leg No me toques las narices = no me tomes el pelo
Dont beat about the bush No irse por las ramas
Dont blow your own trumpet! No te alabes!
Dont count your chicken before theyre hatched: no vendas la piel del oso antes de cazarlo
Dont get me wrong: no me malinterpretes
dont let it go to your head = que no se te suban los humos a la cabeza
Dont push me = no me obligues
Dont push your boat out! No gastes demasiado!
Dont give me that crap/shit : no me trago esa trola
dont let the grass grown under your feet no pierdas el tiempo
Dont pull my leg No me tomes el pelo
Dressed to the nines: Muy bien vestida, elegante ( cuando va una chica a algun evento de modas).
Drive me crazy-nuts / Me vuelves loco.
Drive someone crazy-nuts / Volver loco a alguien.
Driving me bananas : me saca de quicio
Drop the kids of ir a cagar.. I am going to drop the kids of voy a cagar
Easy peasy lemon squeeze (US) qu fcil!, est chupado! = It's a piece of cake
Fine and dandy! = de maravilla ; Im feeling fine and dandy -> Me siento de maravilla
Fit as a fiddle: sano como una lechuga
For gods sake! Por el amor de dios!
From day one: desde el principio
Fuck up some commas gastar una cantidad enorme de dinero
Get back at (someone): vengarse
Get cold feet: asustarse de algo que has planeado (por ejemplo, miedo antes de casarse)
Get dolled up: arreglarse (para salir, etc)
Get even with : Vengarse de
Get over it : Asumelo de una vez
Get to the meat of the matter:ir al grano
Give me(Gimme) a break!: dame un respiro!
Going out with a bang! = cerrando con broche de oro
Good for nothing : intil
Gotcha! : Te pill !
Hard time: mal rato
Hate someones guts: odiar mucho a alguien
Have a good one = Que tengas un buen da.
Have a thick skin/be thick-skinned: que no te afectan las crticas
Have the nerve to do something: tener el valor de hacer algo
heads will roll! > literalmente, rodarn cabezas, pero se usa para decir que lo pagarn, habr venganza
here you go = toma; aqu tienes
Hit on somebody: entrarle a alguien (ligar)
hit the ground running empezar con buen pie
Hit the road : lrgate
Hit the sack Ir a la cama
Hold your horses!: para el carro
I call bullshit!! No me creo nada
I don t fill like it. no me da la gana.
I dont give a shit- Me suda el carajo. (I dont give a shit that person)
I dont care! No me importa
I dont give a fucking shit!! No me importa una puta mierda
I dont give a shit = no me importa una mierda (grosero); I dont give a Monkey (si se quiere ser menos grosero)
I feel peckish to feel slightly hungry tener un poco de hambre
I havent got the faintest idea: no tengo ni la ms mnima idea
I smell something fishy: algo me huele mal/a chamusquina
Im in time tengo tiempo
Im not Silly Im Billy : no te creas que soy tonto [aus]
Im on time tengo prisa
Ive enough on my plate- No puedo ms (en la vida)
if the worst comes to the worst = en el peor de los casos
If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys = Lo barato sale caro
In for a dime in for a dollar De perdidos al ro (US)
In for a penny in for a pound- De perdidos al ro (UK)
In one ear, out the other: entrar por una oreja y salir por la otra
In out skirt. ( fuera en las faldas) A las afueras de la cuidad.
In the altogether- En pelotas
Indeed- Ya lo creo
Inside out- Del revs
Is cutting edge- Es el ltimo grito/moda
Is giving him hell- Le hace la vida imposible
Is the last straw (that broke the camels back). La gota que colma el vaso
Is water under the bridge- Es agua pasada (cuando se hacen las paces por ejemplo)
It gives me the goosebumps/It gives me creep- Me pone la piel de gallina
It is a piece of cake - est chupao = qu facilito ! ("a baca" en Ecuador)
It serves you right: te est bien empleado
It sounds Greek to me- Me suena a chino
It turns out that- Resulta que
Its a dog eat dog world = el ms fuerte sobrevive
Its a rip of- Es una estafa
Its bullshit- Es una mierda
Its finger licking good- Est para chuparse los dedos
Its high time/About time- Ya es hora / Ya va siendo hora
Its in the lap of the Gods- Que sea lo que Dios quiera
Its my treat / Its on me- Invito yo
Its not a big deal / Its not that of a big deal- No es para tanto
Its not your cup of tea = No es asunto tuyo (elegante); Mind your own business = Mtete en tus asuntos (un poco grosero)
Its on the house- Invita la casa/por cuenta de la casa
Its raining cats and dogs- Llueve a cntaros
Its up to you- Como t quieras / Depende de ti (en tono amable)
Its worthless- No vale nada
Its none of your bussiness = No es asunto tuyo
it's pissing down =
it's pouring down =
Jack of all trades, master of none. Quien mucho abarca, poco aprieta
Jump on the bandwagon: subirse al carro
Just bear with me ten paciencia conmigo.
Just in case- Por si acaso / Por si las moscas
Just my 2 cents solo mi aportacion/consejo cuando das tu opinion sobre algo
K dot (written K.) para mostrar interes por algo dicho o, si usado irnicaente, significa no me importa una mierda
Keep an eye on- Vigila a/Echa un ojo a
Keep dreaming- Sigue soando
Keep it together mantener la calma
Keep it up- Sigue as
Keep someone in the loop mantenme informado
Keep you hair on!- Clmate!
Keep your eyes peeled -> Estte / estad atento/s, al loro, vigilante/s
Kill two birds with one stone Matar dos pjaros de un tiro
Kind of/Give or take- Ms o menos
Kiss and make up- Borrn y cuenta nueva
Kiss of life Respiracin boca a boca.
Knock something in the head / Nip something in the bud Cortar algo de raz (algn problema)
Last but one- Penltimo
Last night- Anoche
Lead someone on: darle a entender a alguien que te gusta (pero no)
Leave much to be desired: dejar mucho que desear
Lest you forget- Para que no (te) olvides
-lets get down to bussiness: vamos al grano .
Level a place : arrasar un sitio
Lie through your teeth: mentir descaradamente
lights are on but nobodys home en espaol es algo as como tener la cabeza en las nubes
Like father, like son De tal palo, tal astilla
like putting lipstick on a pig : viene a decir lo mismo que aunque la mona se vista de seda mona se queda
Like water of ducks back - Palabras necias, odos sordos British
Long story short- Resumiendo
Long time no see!- Cunto tiempo!
Look out!- Cuidado!
Lose track of time: perder la nocin del tiempo
Made redundant: despedido
Make a tit of oneself Hacer el ridculo
Make it snappy.Que sea rpido.
Make it up to someone: compensar a alguien
Make my day- Algrame el da
Make up ones mind: decidirse, romar una decisin
Make up your mind- Decdete / Decide t
Make yourself at home- Ests en tu casa (expresin de cortesa)
Man up!/ grow a pair! = s hombre/valiente
Maybe- Tal vez/A lo mejor
Me neither- Yo tampoco (informal)
Meanwhile/In the meantime- Mientras tanto
Mind the gap- Cuidado con el hueco
MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS Mtete en tus asuntos.
Mofo- Modo abreviado y vulgar (ms an) de decir motherfucker
Moreover- Adems
Mos def = sin duda (slang US)
Much to my dismay- Para mi desgracia
My bad- Culpa ma (USA)
My goodness!- Madre ma!
My teeth are floating//me estoy meando
My way or the highway: A mi modo o carretera
Never again- Nunca ms
Never mind- No importa (tono amable)
New brush sweeps clean but old broom knows all the corners- Mejor malo conocido que bueno por conocer British
No bother- No te preocupes / no es molestia
No brainer- Sin duda. Pan comido.
No can do : Dicho y hecho
No sweat : fcil
No way- Ni hablar / De ninguna manera
No wonder- No me extraa
No worries Sin problema / no te preocupes
Nor/neither do I- Yo tampoco
Not a chance / No way in hell- Ninguna posibilidad / Ni de coa
Not at all/Youre welcome/Its Ok- De nada (tras agradecimiento)
Not Bad- No est mal
Not for nothing- No es por nada
Not half!- Ya lo creo! / Por supuesto! (Do you fancy a beer? not half te apetece una cerveza?, ya lo creo)
Not my bussiness- No es asunto mo
Not my cup of tea- No es lo mo British
Not worth a penny/red cent- No vale un duro
Not worth a shit- No vale una mierda
Nothing is set in stone = Cuando una idea puede ser rebatible
Nutty as a fruitcake/Mad as a hatter: loco de remate
Occupational hazards: gajes del oficio
Of the top of my head- Segn lo que recuerdo. Creo recordar que
Oh dear!- Oh Dios! / Dios mio!
Oh my Gosh- Forma polticamente correcta de decir Oh my God
On one hand on the other hand- Por un lado por otro lado
On the face of it- Segn las apariencias
On your bike!- Vete por ah /no me cuentes milongas/no me cuentes historias
Once in a blue moon= De uvas a peras
Once in a lifetime- Una vez en la vida
Once in a while/from time to time- De vez en cuando
Out of the blue- Como cado del cielo
Out of the frying pan and into the fire = de mal en peor.
Out of wack: hecho un desastre
Over and over again- Una y otra vez
Paint from the same brush- Distinto perro, mismo collar British
Paint the town red= Irse de fiesta/ Vamos a quemar la ciudad/ Vamos a liarla, etc.
Pardon my French- Perdn por lo que voy a decir/acabo de decir (palabras malsonantes)
Peanut bladder (Vejiga del tamao de un cacahuete) para los que no paran de ir al bao
Phony baloney- Cuento chino
Piece of cake : fcil/tirado/chupado
Piece of cake!- Est chupado!
Piece of piss: tarea fcil [aus]
Piss of- Mandar a la mierda a alguien o cabrear alguien
Pleasure/Bless you- Jess (para cuando alguien estornuda)
Pocket Pool -> Meter las manos en bolsillos ajenos
Point taken- Te entiendo (el punto de vista)
Pull your socks up = Mueve el culo!
Put a sock in it! Cllate de una puetera vez. (Lit. Mtete un calcetn en la boca)
Put your foot in = meter la pata
Raining cat and dogs- Lloviendo a cantaros
Really?- En serio?
Rest on your laurels: dormirse en los laureles
Right of the bat: de buenas a primeras
Right on! = Toma ya!
Rings a bell Me suena
Safe and sound sano y salvo
Say when- Cuando sirves algo dices say when para que te digan cuando parar
See you anon- Te veo luego
Seen- Ya/aham (forma de asentir en UK)
Shake/show a leg!- Espabila! / levntate! / muvete!
Shame on you!- Vergenza debera darte
She turns me on- Me pone (cachondo, a tono)
She was taking the Mickey out of him > ella se estaba cachondeando de l
Shit hits the fan// la mierda empieza a salpicar.
Shoot the breeze- Darle a la lengua
Shut the fuck up!- Cllate de una puta vez!
Shut up!- Cllate!
So bad/badly- Mucho / Un montn (I love you so bad)
So do I- Como yo / Yo tambin
So far so good = todo bien hasta el momento
So far, so good: Por ahora bien
So long- Hasta la vista
Some other time- Otra vez ser
Sounds good estoy de acuerdo,
Speak tour mind: di lo que piensas
speak/talk of the Devil hablando del rey de Roma.
Speaking of which- Hablando de lo cual
Spot on! Exacto, justo, acertado.
Start froom scratch Empezar de cero
Stick someones nose up at someone- Mirar por encima del hombro British
Stop Messing around- Deja de hacer el tonto
Such is life/Thats life/Lifes like that- As es la vida
Suck it up- Te aguantas / Te jodes
Take a leak / take a piss : mear
Take a shit : cagar
Take it easy- Tmatelo con calma
Taking the piss: Bromar de algo o de alguien.
Talking of the devil- Hablando del rey de Roma
Tell me about it = me lo dices o me lo cuentas?
Thanks in advance- Gracias por adelantado
That how I roll!! Asi me las gasto
Thats quite dodgy- Eso es muy cutre
Thats the straw that brokes the camels back- Esta es la gota que colma el vaso
THATS THE WAY THE COOKIE CRUMBLES As es la vida (en el caso de: Qu le vas/vamos a hacer?)
Thats what I mean - A eso me refiero
Thats what matters/Thats all that matters- Eso es lo que cuenta
The early bird gets the worm = A quien madruga Dios le ayuda.
The more the merrier- Cuanto ms, mejor
The seal is broken- Me estoy meando. Lo usan sobre todo las chicas
The sooner the better- Cuanto antes, mejor
The whole nine yards// y todo eso o bien y todo lo dems
The whole shebang // todo eso
Think twice- Pinsalo dos veces
This is my bread and butter- Con esto me gano la vida
This is not rocket science- No es tan difcil (si alguien est intentando hacer algo fcil y no sabe cmo)
This takes the biscuit = Esto es el colmo.
Tit for tat = ojo por ojo
To ask for the moon- Pedir peras al olmo
To bang/screw [alguien]- Tirarse a alguien
To be miles away = Tener la cabeza en otra parte cuando te dicen algo, te preguntan y estabas pensando en otra cosa So
To be a bellend - Ser un capullo
To be a cunt - Ser un capullo/gilipollas British
To be a dickhead - Ser un capullo/gilipollas (se pronuncia dicked)
To be between the devil and the deep/between a rock and a hard place- Estar entre la espada y la pared
To be caught between a rock and a hard place - Entre la espada y la pared British
To be down to fuck- Querer un polvo
To be fired/sacked VS To be dismissed = Ser despedido (informal VS formal)
To be getting on ones tits Sacar de quicio
To be high/stone- Estar colocado/ciego/borracho
To be laid of haber sido despedido (del trabajo) por falta de presupuesto. Distinto de get fired
To be on the ball- Estar en la onda/al da
to be over someone (US) > no scual es la traduccin a espaol exacta, pero por explicarla algo es cuando tu ests en una rela
To be over the moon- Estar feliz, contento
To be spaced/spacing out Tener la cabeza en las nubes/ Estar en Babia
To be such a [adjetivo]- Ser un autntico [adjetivo]
to be thrilled (US) > estar encantado, maravillado, estar loco de contento
To be wasted/blackout/legless- Estar bastante borracho
To be/feel under the weather- Sentirse mal/enfermo
To be/sit on the fence- Dudar
To beat about the bush = Irse por las ramas (irse por la tangente, andar con rodeos)
To bend the elbow Empinar el codo
To blackmail- Chantajear
To blow someones mind sorprender/flipar
To call it a day- Dar algo por terminado
To call the shots: el que manda, el que parte la pana, el que lleva la voz cantante. for ex: He calls the shots
To catch up on my sleep = Necesitar echar un sueecito
To cheat on- Poner los cuernos
To chew the carpet- Tragarse el orgullo
To clutch straws- Agarrarse a un clavo ardiendo
To cut the cheese- Tirarse un pedo
To cut to the chase ir al grano
To do (someone) a solid hacer un favor (a alguien)
To do [alguien]- Liarse (con alguien, plan folleteo)
To feel blue Estar deprimido, de capa cada
To feel the world weight over your shoulders: estar de capa caida
To feel the world weight over your shoulders: estar de capa caida
To get along- Llevarse bien
To get away with it = Salirse con la suya
To get by- Para ir tirando/Para arreglrselas
To get canned despedido (del trabajo)
To get frisky- Ponerse juguetn (en sentido sexual)
To get laid- Acostarse, tener sexo con alguien, echar un polvo
To get rid of [algo/alguien- Librarse de [algo/alguien]
To get the hang of it- Pillarle el truco
To get with it pillar algo, entenderlo
To give somebody a lift- Llevar a alguien (en coche, en moto)
To go all out- Hacer todo lo posible / Darlo todo
To go on the piss (vulg) = La intencin de emborracharse muchsimo
To go on the pull = Cuando gente soltera sale de fiesta con la expectativa de pillar cacho
To hang around- Andar por ah
To hang up- Colgar (telfono)
to have a ball: pasarlo muy bien
To have a blast- Pasarlo bien / divertirse / pasarlo pipa
To have a bone to pick (with someone)- Tener cuentas que ajustar (con alguien)
To have a finger in every pie- Estar en misa y repicando / Intentar estar en todo a la vez
To have a stand up night tener un rollo de una noche (Ireland)
To have a thing about [something]- Estar loco, obsesionado por algo
To have an argue- Tener una discusin
To have forty winks- Dar una cabezadita
To have the face- Estar de morros
To hit the sack irse a la cama
To keep at bay- Mantener a raya
To kick the bucket = estirar la pata / palmarla = fallecer
To Know by heart: saberse algo de memoria
To look on the bright side: mirar el lado positivo
To look on the bright side: mirar el lado positivo
To make (something/somebody) out = Avistar algo o a alguien en malas condiciones de visibilidad, entre la niebla por ejemplo.
To make a point- Querer dejar clara una cosa
To make do- Conformarse
-To make do- sera ms bien aparselas
To make out- Enrollarse (pareja)
To make out- Entender
To murder something- Modo informal de decir que te apetece comer o beber algo
To nurse a hangover = Sobrellevar la resaca
To pig out = Ponerse cerdo de comida
To pint the town on red cuando sales de marcha y dices vamos a quemar la ciudad.
To play by ear = Tocar (un instrumento musical) de odo
To play by ear se traduce como a sobre la marcha tambin.
to pull : pillar ( en sentido sexual), ligar
to pull yourself together > comportarse, cuando el otro est destruido, distraido, no est pensando claro, se le indica que vue
to put in jeopardy (US) > poner en compromiso
To put you in the picture/to put you up to speed= ponerte al dia.
To put you in the picture/to put you up to speed= ponerte al dia.
To run an errand- Hacer un recado
To see eye to eye with somebody- Tener el mismo punto de vista / Ver de la misma manera
To set the (whole) world on fire- Comerse el mundo
To shag/press- Follar British
To snog- Morrearse
To sow your wild oats- Ir de flor en flor
To spoil [somebody] rotten- Malcriar/mimar/consentir a alguien
To sum up- En resumen
To take [something] with a pinch of salt- Coger algo con pinzas (sobre algo que te han dicho)
To take the mick/ mickey- Burlarse de alguien
to take the Mickey (out of someone) > reirse/cachondearse de alguien.
To tan somebodys hide- Darle una paliza a alguien
Tof/Posh- Pijo
Train bound for- Tren con destino a..
Twist someones arm: persuadir a alguien, tratar de convencer
Upside down- Boca abajo / patas arriba / del revs / invertido (dado la vuelta)
Walking in my shoes Ponte en mi lugar
Watch out!- Cuidado!
Watch your back!! Vigila tus espaldas
Were even- Estamos en paz
What a bore : que aburrido
What a drag!- Vaya coazo
What a horses ass- Vaya imbcil!
What a palaver!- Menudo folln!
What a pity- Qu pena
What a rip of!- Vaya/menuda estafa!
What a shame!- Qu vergenza!/Que pena!/Qu lstima!
What are you looking at? Que estas Mirando
What does it have to do with- Qu tiene que ver esto con
What the fuck?- Qu cojones?
What were you up to?- Qu estabas haciendo?
Whats up/whats cooking? : qu pasa? (nunca usarlo en un crematorio)
Whatever- Lo que sea (resignado)
Whatever you want!! Lo que tu quieras
Wheels of justice, grinds ever so slowly (las cosas de palacio van despacio)
When in Rome do as the Romans do = Donde fueres haz lo que vieres
When it rains, it pours Llueve sobre mojado.
Whenever youre ready!! Cuando Estes listo
Who is this?- Quin es? (al responder una llamada de telfono)
Who is up/down for.? Quien se apunta?
Who on earth.?- Quin coo?
Without any doubt- Sin ninguna duda
You and what army?- T y cuantos ms?
You are having a bubble se te va la olla.
you are not thinking clearly! > no ests pensando bien, no tienes las ideas claras, te ests equivocando
You are on your own- Ests solo en esto
You call the shots!!! Tu mandas!! / T decides!!!
You dont have to tell me twice!! No me lo digas dos veces
You nearly pocket my eye out! = Casi me sacas un ojo!
You never know- Nunca se sabe
you owe me one = me debes una
You reap what you sow= cosechas/recoges lo que siembras/se recoge lo sembrado /se recoge lo que se siembra.
You rock!- T molas!
You run the show Eres el jefe (sentido coloquial)
Youre on : Te tomo la palabra
Youre fit- Ests en forma / Ests bueno British
Youre hot- Ests bueno/a
Youre on thin ice- Te la ests jugando
-Youre so mean: eres muy malo/a (persona) la he escuchado en Inglaterra.
Youve got another thing coming- Lo tienes claro La llevas clara! (connotacin irnica)
Youve got the Stones/minerals// tienes lo que hay que tener
Your word against mine!! Tu palabra contra la mia!
Your're up = t eres el prximo (el siguiente) = eres el siguiente
s son expresiones propias de la cultura de un pas, que si no me explican como extranjero su significado no las entendera.
dor decimos idiomismos como: chale un ojo, romper el hielo, tocar madera, ponte las pilas, etc.

eb: "203 expresiones en ingls coloquiales y su traduccin al espaol - El Blog de Idiomas"

(because shes too pretty/intelligent/popular/ etc. for you)

no se han producido = vender la piel del oso antes de cazarlo

my socks! / Eres la bomba!

s, aunque no lo sean)
genza carries more of sense of embarrassment in Spanish. Correct me if Im wrong, native Spanish speakers.

of the devil.
is literally Shakespearian English.
on from the US, you will sound like youre making fun of black people. If youre ok with that, its your prerogative.
menos grosero)
tus asuntos (un poco grosero)

mporta una mierda

por conocer British

?, ya lo creo)
as pensando en otra cosa Sorry, I was miles away.

es cuando tu ests en una relacin sentimental, que termina, y cuando admites que has superado el estar aun enamorado de esa persona
d, entre la niebla por ejemplo.

ndo claro, se le indica que vuelva a s mismo, que se adecente y sea capaz de estar
que se siembra.
las entendera.
un enamorado de esa persona, se usa esta expresin, como para decir te he olvidado ya, no te quiero ms
back down vs. backdown
Dont let him make you back down. The result would be a humiliating backdown.

back up vs. backup

Back up your data regularly; then youll have a backup when your hard disk crashes.

bail out vs. bailout

If the government has to bail out a bank it may have to pass a bailout bill. The result is a government bailout.

beat up vs. beat-up

The thugs beat up the weaker kids. He drove a beat-up truck.

blast off vs. blastoff

The spaceship was ready to blast off. Blastoff occurred at dawn.

blow out vs. blowout

Blow out the candle. The party was a blowout.

blow up vs. blow-up, blowup

Blow up the building. A storm may blow up. A blow-up Santa Claus. Their disagreement led to a blowup. The blowu

boil over vs. boilover

Dont let the milk boil over. You have to watch carefully to avoid a boilover.

break away vs. breakaway

Some states wanted to break away from the Union. The breakaway group decided to meet separately

break down vs. breakdown

Break down this wall. Break down the argument so I can understand it. The problems in the company led to a comp

break out vs. breakout

Escapees break out of prison. The guards try to prevent a breakout.

lift off vs. liftoff

The rocket is ready to lift off. We have achieved liftoff.

break up vs. breakup

I hope we dont break up over this. A breakup always hurts.

brush off vs. brushoff

Brush off the cat hair. Dont listen to that guy; give him the brushoff.

build up vs. buildup

Build up your bank account. Avoid bathtub scum buildup.

burn off vs. burnoff

Hoping that the fog will burn off. Burn off the fat. The shrubs were destroyed in the area of the burnoff.

buy in vs. buy-in

To raise the money, we had to get several investors to buy in. We needed to get buy-in from all the parties concerne

buy off vs. buyoff

The gangsters tried to buy off the cops. The extra health insurance benefit was a buyoff for early retirees.

buy out vs. buyout

The big corporation intended to buy out its small competitors. The company offered a buyout to get some of its em

call back vs. callback

Call back your dogs. If no one answers the first time a callback is required.

carry on vs. carry-on

You can carry on one small bag. We have to inspect your carry-on. Carry-on luggage has to fit in the overhead bin.

cash in vs. cash-in

After working for 48 years, he decided to cash in. A cash-in refinance.

cash out vs. cashout

Close down the business and cash out. A lump-sum cashout. A cashout poker tournament.

catch up vs. catch-up

Wait for me to catch up. Were not getting anywhere; were just playing catch-up.

cave in vs. cave-in

The kids kept begging to go to Disney World until they got me to cave in. The miners were trapped by a cave-in.

change over vs. changeover

We want to change over to a Web-based billing system. Accounting will be in charge of the changeover.

check in vs. check-in

You must check in before boarding the plane. You must complete check-in before participating in the meeting. The c

check out vs. checkout

Check out the book from the library. Check out the cute lifeguard. Wait in the checkout line. Checkout is at 10:00 AM

check up vs. checkup

I thought Id check up on how she was doing. Go to the doctor for a checkup.

chill out vs. chill-out, chillout

Relax, man; chill out! This is my chill-out time. Chillout music.

clamp down vs. clampdown

The city is going to clamp down on illegal parking. Ive gotten five tickets since the clampdown began.

claw back vs. clawback

The government needs to claw back some of the revenues it lost last quarter. The clawback will hit the incomes of s

clean out vs. cleanout

Clean out the refrigerator. Remove the cleanout to clear the clogged sink drain.

click through vs. clickthrough

Click through to claim your free iPod. The ad had a high clickthrough rate.

close in vs. close-in

The officers began to close in on the suspect. I hate commuting; Id rather live close-in.

close out vs. closeout

Lets close out our stock of VCRs. We can get rid of them in a closeout sale. I bought this sweater cheap on closeou

close up vs. close-up, closeup

The car doesnt look so good close up. Were going to close up the beach house for the season. High-definition vide

come down vs. comedown

Come down and see us in Baja this winter. From CEO to janitor: what a comedown!

come on vs. come-on

He tried to come on to me. Come on, you know you really like washing the car. The enticing offer was just a come-o

cool down vs. cool-down, cooldown

Cool down in the shade for a while. Allow some time for a cool-down period after running. Before working out, do a

cop out vs. cop-out, copout

When it was his turn to wash the dishes he would always cop out. That lame excuse was a real cop-out (or copout)

crack down vs. crackdown

The coach is going to crack down on players using steroids. Management insisted on a crackdown.

cut back vs. cutback

Im trying to cut back on French fries. A government cutback.

cut out vs. cut-out, cutout

Cut out the fat. He put a cut-out (or cutout) in the exhaust pipe. A cut-out valentine.

die off vs. die-off

The honeybees began to die off. When the meteor struck the earth it caused a huge die-off.

draw back vs. drawback

The threat of a beating caused him to draw back. The drawback of the plan was they they didnt have a car for the

draw down vs. drawdown

Draw down your savings to invest in my company. After the drawdown it wasnt clear that there was enough water

dress up vs. dress-up, dressup

Well dress up for the party. The girls like to play dress-up (or dressup).

drive by vs. drive-by

Drive by the house to see whether it looks occupied. It was a drive-by shooting.

drop off vs.drop-off

Drop off the cleaning on your way to work. A drop-off in attendance. Cell phone drop-off locations. A steep drop-off

drop out vs. dropout

If you drop out of school, youll regret it later. You dont want to be a dropout.

face off vs. face-off

They will face off against each other on the talk show. A hockey game begins with a face-off.

fall back vs. fallback

The soldiers had to fall back and regroup. Just in case we need a fallback (or a fallback alternative).

fall off vs. falloff

Quality began to fall off. There was a falloff in quality.

fill out vs. fill-out Fill out the forms to apply for the scholarship. The fill-out forms are available on the Web site.

fix up vs. fix-up

Fix up the basement as a home theater. The only date he could get was a fix-up. A novel made up of related short s

flame out vs. flameout

When they entered the tournament I knew their team would flame out. The jet suffered a flameout. Their career en

flare up vs. flare-up, flareup

Dripping fat causes the charcoal to flare up. The conflict will flare up. A flare-up (or flareup) of flu.

fly by vs. flyby

In this fascinating class time will just fly by. The space probe was designed for a flyby of the Planet Mongo.

fly over vs. flyover

Youll fly over our house on your way to the airport. The Air Force Blue Angels staged a flyover to mark the beginnin

fold up vs. fold-up

Fold up the sheets before you put them away. We have a fold-up treadmill.

follow through vs. follow-through

He invited everybody to the birthday party but he failed to follow through by ordering a cake. The secret to a good

freak out vs. freakout

Calm down, dont freak out. It was wild: a real freakout.

freeze out vs. freeze-out

The large investors tried to freeze out the small ones. Victim of a freeze-out. A freeze-out plug.
gad about vs. gadabout
I like to gad about to different parties. My friends say that makes me a real gadabout.

get away vs. getaway

We want to get away for the winter. A trip to New Zealand seems like a good getaway.

give away vs. give-away, giveaway

Im trying to give away my old VCR. The bank promised every new customer a giveaway. Unfortunately their giveaw

give back vs. giveback

He had to give back the comic book. Management insisted on a health benefit giveback when it negotiated with th

go ahead vs. go-ahead

We decided to go ahead with the project. The city permit office gave us the go-ahead.

go by vs. go-by
How time does go by. He lost interest in her and gave her the go-by.

goof off vs. goof-off

I dont feel like working today; lets just goof off. That guy is a lazy goof-off.

hand out vs. handout

Hand out the cookies at snack time. He was begging for a handout. On every street-corner theres someboy distribu

hang out vs. hangout

We dont have to go any place special; lets just hang out together. The Harbor Pub is a popular Island hangout.

hang up vs. hangup

Hang up your coat. I have a real hangup about robocalls; I just hang up on them.

hold back vs. holdback

She couldnt hold back her tears. The lender insisted on a 20% holdback until the project was done.

hold out vs. holdout

Hold out for a better deal. Most of the partners agreed to the merger, but there was one holdout.

hook up vs. hook-up, hookup

Go out and see who you can hook up with. I wasnt really interested in him, he was just a casual hookup. We just h

keep away vs. keepaway

I try to keep away from cheeseburgers. They were playing keepaway with with his backpack.

kiss off vs. kiss-off

Just kiss off the ones you dont like. Give them the kiss-off.

knock down vs. knock-down

Knock down the furniture for shipping. I got it at a knock-down price. It was a knock-down, drag-out fight.
knock off vs. knockoff Knock of the arguing with your sister. That isnt a real Coach bag; its just a cheap knockoff.

lay off vs. layoff

The company wants to lay off more works. This will be a devastating layoff.

lay out vs. layout

Lay out the body for the funeral. Youll have to lay out some serious money for that granite countertop. We need a

let down vs. letdown

Let down your hair on your birthday. The bad review my boss gave me was a real letdown.

lie down vs. lie-down

Take your shoes off before you lie down on the bed. Why dont you have a good lie-down?

lift off vs. liftoff

The rocket is ready to lift off. We have achieved liftoff.

live in vs. live-in

They want a nanny to live in: a live-in nanny.

lock down vs. lockdwon

Lock down the prison. The prison reacted to the riot with a lockdown.

lock up vs. lockup Lock up the house when you go on vacation. Throw the mugger in the lockup.

log in vs. log-in, login

Log in to your account. Enter your log-in ID. Your log-in (or login) is complete.

log off vs. log-off or logoff

Log off when you leave the bank site. Complete your log-off (or logoff) by clicking here.

look in vs. look-in

Look in on me when you come by the hospital. The nurse gave me a quick look-in during her rounds.

look up vs. lookup

You can look up the name of the first owner of your house in the local library. You can do a zip code lookup on the U

look out vs. look-out

Look out for falling rocks. Pull over onto the look-out and admire the mountains. The bank robbers were caught bec

make do vs. make-do

Since we cant afford to buy a new car right now, well just have to make do with the old one. The tarp works as a m

make up vs. make-up, makeup

Make up your mind. Take the make-up exam. Put on makeup.

mark down vs. markdown

If they mark down the sweaters, Ill buy one. There was a big markdown on last years model.

mark up vs. markup

Mark up the document. Mark up the merchandise. The markup on this face-cream is about 500%.

mash up vs. mashup

Mash up the carrots with the potatoes. Her recording is more a mashup than a remix of those songs.

mix up vs. mix-up

Mix up the paint for the doghouse. There had been a mix-up at the bank.

mop up vs. mop-up

Mop up the spilled milk. It was a mop-up operation.

opt out vs. opt-out

Opt out of the mailing list. The Direct Marketing Association offers an opt-out service.

pass through vs. pass-through Can ultraviolet light pass through the lenses? There was a pass-through between th

pay back vs. payback

Pay back the loan. The water baloon was payback for the wedgie.

pay off vs. pay-off, payoff

We hope to pay of our mortage soon. Our investments are beginning to pay of. His gamble had a disappointing pa

phase out vs. phase-out

Lets phase out the old models next month. The phase-out is just about complete.

pick up vs. pickup

Pick up the trash and throw it in your pickup.

pig out vs. pig-out, pigout

Try not to pig out at the buffet. After last nights pigout (or pig-out) I need to go on a diet.

pin up vs. pin-up

Pin up the hem. A photo of Betty Grable in a swimsuit was a famous WWII pin-up (or pinup). She was a pin-up girl.

play back vs. playback

Play back the recording. On old tape recorders the record head was usually to the left of the playback head. We list

plug in vs. plugin

Plug in the vacuum cleaner. This is a cool Photoshop plugin (or plug-in).

pop out vs. pop-out

The zits began to pop out all over her chin. The car has a pop-out windshield.

press on vs. press-on

If were going to make base camp by sundown we need to press on. Before PageMaker, we used to create the head
pull apart vs. pull-apart
The teacher had to pull apart the two kids who were fighting. Our bakery makes really good pull-apart rolls. They m

pull down vs. pull-down

Pull down the shades. Make your selection from the pull-down menu.

pull off vs. pull-off

Can the team pull off an upset next Saturday? You can get a great view from the next pull-off on the highway.

pull over vs. pullover

Pull over and let me drive for a while. Would you rather I knitted you a cardigan or a pullover? It was a pullover shir

push up vs. push-up

We got ready for the last push up the mountain. She did a one-handed push-up. She wore a push-up bra. She ate a

put down vs. put-down

Put down the gun. It was an insulting remark, a real put-down.

put on vs. put-on

Put on the kettle for tea. His pretence of indifference was just a put-on. It was a put-on expression.

ring back vs. ring-back

When you get my message, please ring back immediately. After dialing, you hear the ring-back tone.

rip off vs. rip-off, ripoff

Rip off the plastic wrapping to get at the game. They tried to rip off our design. Their version was a total rip-off. The

roll back vs. roll-back, rollback

Roll back the prices. The store announced a price roll-back (or rollback).

roll over vs. rollover The vans tended to roll over. Roll over your IRA into a Roth. Yesterday on the highway there we

rub down vs. rubdown

Rub down the beef with an herb mixture. After the game you need a rubdown.

run about vs. runabout

These lamps will run about $100 each. This kind of little car is called a runabout.

run around vs. runaround

I had to run around all morning to get everything ready for the party. When I asked him for a straight answer, he ga

run off vs. runoff

Run off with the circus; catch the runoff from the gutters.

run up vs. run-up

Run up the stairs. The scandal broke out during the run-up to the election.
screw up vs. screw-up, screwup
Screw up your courage. Try not to screw up. It was a terrible screwup (or screw-up). He was a notorious screwup (o

sell off vs. sell-off

Sell off the rest of the stock. Concerns about the economy triggered a sell-off on Wall Street today.

send up vs. send-up

She wanted to send up typical romance novels. Her book was a send-up of the kind she liked least.

set aside vs. set-aside

Set aside some money for your vacation. To get the agricultural subsidy we made the old cornfield a set-aside.

set back vs. setback

The late spring snows set back our camping trip for several weeks. The loss of the grant was a real setback. The zon

set up vs. setup

You can set up your iPhone account at the store. Bring your own bottle and the restaurant will provide a setup for y

shake down vs. shakedown

The gangsters tried to shake down the merchants for protection money. Some refused to give in to the shakedown.

show off vs. show-off

Let me show off our new kitchen. Shes a real show-off.

shut in vs. shut-in

The dog was shut in all day. He was a sickly shut-in.

sign in vs. sign-in

Sign in at the registration desk. Heres the sign-in sheet.

sign on vs. sign-on

Sign on to the project. Television stations used to display a test pattern for fifteen minutes before sign-on.

sit down vs. sit-down

Sit down and have a cold one. Go to a sit-down restaurant.

sit in vs. sit-in

Sit in this chair. The students staged a sit-in protest. The college president denounced the sit-in.

sleep over vs. sleepover

If it gets too late, you can sleep over here. Their daughter invited six friends for a sleepover.

spin off vs. spin-off

You can spin off a new TV series from an old one, like Frasier from Cheers. Crankshaft is a spin-off from Funky Winke

spin out vs. spinout

Dont let your car spin out on the ice. The spinout sent the car into the ditch.
spit up vs. spitup
The baby spit up most of its lunch. My blouse was covered with spit-up.

start up vs. startup

Start up the engine. We need investors to fund our startup. They got a start-up grant.

stand out vs. standout

Mindy tends to stand out on the basketball court. Shes a real standout.

stick up vs. stickup

Stick up these posters around town. This is a stickup!

strike out vs. strikeout

Strike out the first paragraph. There were three strikeouts in the first fifteen minutes of the game.

tag along vs. tagalong

Her little brother always wanted to tag along. She thought he was an irritating little tagalong.

take of vs. takeof, take-of

Well, I think its time for us to take off. Fasten your seatbelt before takeoff (or take-off).

take out vs. takeout

Take out the garbage. Lets eat takeout Thai food tonight.

take over vs. takeover

The vice president of the club will take over while Patricia is on vacation. That corporation staged a takeover of our

tear down vs. teardown

Tear down the old barn. We bought the place just for the lot; the house was a teardown.

tip of vs. tipof, tip-of

He tried to tip off the police about the planned robbery. The police ignored the tip-off (or tipoff). I was busy buying

touch down vs. touchdown

The astronauts reported they would soon touch down on the moon. The plane skidded slightly on touchdown. The q

touch up vs. touch-up

Touch up your make-up. She gave her make-up a quick touch-up.

trade in vs. trade-in

Lets trade in the old car. We should get a pretty good trade-in price.

trickle down vs. trickle-down

They hoped the money would trickle down to the people who needed it the most. But many people are skeptical ab

try out vs. tryout

They want to try out for field hockey. The tryout is tomorrow.
turn down vs. turndown
Turn down the covers on the bed. Turn down the offer. The economy went into a turndown (also known as a downtu

turn on vs. turn-on

Turn on the lights. A pet chimpanzee can turn on you. She found his accent to be a real turn-on.

turn over vs. turnover

The engine wouldnt turn over. I like to have an apple turnover with my morning coffee. The bomb squad had a high

wake up vs. wake-up

I need to wake up early tomorrow to catch a plane. I need a wake-up call.

walk in vs. walk-in

I prefer to take a very short walk in the rain. Between appointments I manage to squeeze in the occasional walk-in.

warm up vs. warm-up

Before playing, we need to warm up. Come early to give time for the warm-up. Wear a warm-up suit.

wash out vs. washout

I couldnt wash out the stain. You cant get here on the old road; theres been a washout at the first curve. The initia

weigh in vs. weigh-in

All jockeys have to weigh in before the race. Ill see you at the weigh-in.

white out vs. whiteout, white-out

In the days before personal computers we used to white out our mistakes. We used a lot of liquid white-out. The hu

wind up vs. windup

Wind up the kite string. Heres the windup, and the pitchits a strike!

work out vs. workout

Go to the gym to work out. Do your workout every day.

write down vs. writedown

Write down the telephone number. Our accountant said the property was overvalued and recommended a writedo

write of vs. write-of

We had to write off the bad debts. We took a write-off on the loss.

write up vs. write-up

He said he would write up an account of the meeting. That was a great write-up about you in the paper.
is a government bailout.

ent led to a blowup. The blowup of the photo showed spinach between her teeth.

o meet separately

s in the company led to a complete breakdown.

area of the burnoff.

n from all the parties concerned.

off for early retirees.

a buyout to get some of its employees to quit.

has to fit in the overhead bin.

were trapped by a cave-in.

of the changeover.

ticipating in the meeting. The check-in procedures have been simplified .

ut line. Checkout is at 10:00 AM.

ampdown began.
wback will hit the incomes of some poor families especially hard.

this sweater cheap on closeout.

he season. High-definition video shows wrinkles clearly in a close-up (or closeup).

nticing offer was just a come-on.

nning. Before working out, do a warmup; and afterward, a cooldown.

was a real cop-out (or copout).

a crackdown.

y they didnt have a car for the getaway.

r that there was enough water left in the reservoir to supply the town for the summer.
p-off locations. A steep drop-off in attendance.

ck alternative).

e available on the Web site.

ovel made up of related short stories is sometimes called a fix-up.

red a flameout. Their career ended in spectacular flameout.

flareup) of flu.

of the Planet Mongo.

a flyover to mark the beginning of Seafair. In the UK, an overpass is a flyover.

g a cake. The secret to a good golf swing is the follow-through.

way. Unfortunately their giveaway gifts turned out to be shares of their worthless stock. Her expression was a dead give-away (or giveaway

ack when it negotiated with the union.

corner theres someboy distributing handouts.

s a popular Island hangout.

ject was done.

one holdout.

ust a casual hookup. We just had a hookup.

down, drag-out fight.

bag; its just a cheap knockoff.

ranite countertop. We need a more efficient kitchen layout.

the lockup.

ing her rounds.

n do a zip code lookup on the USPS site. The spreadsheet provides a useful lookup function.

bank robbers were caught because theey forgot to use a look-out. If you dont want to use a password to secure your laptop, thats your lo

old one. The tarp works as a make-do tent.

about 500%.

x of those songs.

was a pass-through between the kitchen and dining room. What is the pass-through rate?

gamble had a disappointing payoff (or pay-off).

pinup). She was a pin-up girl.

ft of the playback head. We listened to the playback. Asha Bhosle is a famous playback singer in Bollywood movies.

er, we used to create the headlines in our newsletter with press-on type.
ly good pull-apart rolls. They make a whole-wheat pull-apart.

t pull-off on the highway.

pullover? It was a pullover shirt.

wore a push-up bra. She ate a push-up pop.

on expression.

e ring-back tone.

version was a total rip-off. They charge rip-off prices.

erday on the highway there were two collisions and a roll-over (or rollover). They put a rollover at the top of their home page.

him for a straight answer, he gave me the runaround.

He was a notorious screwup (or screw-up).

Street today.

he liked least.

e old cornfield a set-aside.

ant was a real setback. The zoning ordinance prescribes a ten-foot setback.

urant will provide a setup for you. This was just a setup to trap unwary consumers.

d to give in to the shakedown.

nutes before sign-on.

ft is a spin-off from Funky Winkerbean.

of the game.

ation staged a takeover of ours.

ff (or tipoff). I was busy buying a hotdog and missed the tip-off.

ed slightly on touchdown. The quarterback scored a touchdown.

t many people are skeptical about the trickle-down theory.

down (also known as a downturn).

ee. The bomb squad had a high turnover rate of personnel. There was just one turnover in the games last quarter.

eeze in the occasional walk-in. Our bedroom has a walk-in closet.

r a warm-up suit.

hout at the first curve. The initially enthusiastic candidate turned out to be a real washout.

a lot of liquid white-out. The huge snowstorm caused a total whiteout (or white-out).

d and recommended a writedown.

ut you in the paper.

a dead give-away (or giveaway).
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Debo tratar de no usar las siguientes palabras en mi speaking porque son demasiado usadas, sino tratar de usar sinnimos:
beautiful = gorgeus (muy guapa), handsome (guapo), lovely, beauteous, good-looking, dreamy, dinky, precious, lustrous, prett
because = for the reason that, since, due to
excellent sterling, dandy, golden, shining, goodly
important significant, main, leading; outstanding, prominent, salient (saliente, sobresaliente), towering (imponent), well-kno
improve = (mejorar) enhance, upgrade, get better, raise, enrich/enriquecer; (perfeccionar) perfect, develop, polish, improve
interesting intriguing, cool, absorbing, refreshing
know = (saber) realize, taste, be conscious of; (conocer) meet, learn, reconigze, become acquainted.
knowledge (conocimiento) awareness, knowing, consciousness, familiarity, cognizance; (los conocimientos) background, acqu
money wealth, richness, riches, affluence, dough (masa) dollar. Syn: buck, smacker, plonk, plunk
need (necesitar) require, necessitate, lack; (exigir) demand, call for, exact, ask for; (reclamar) claim, reclaim, demand, co
nice (agradable) pleasant, enjoyable, pleasing, agreeable, pleasurable; (amable) friendly, kind, nice, helpful, gentle, am
people dweller, inhabitants, town, folk; populace, population, nation
talk (n) (conversacin) conversation, parley; (pltica) chat, discurse, small talk
talk, speak (vconverse (conversar), communicate, gab; (charlar) chat, chatter, prattle; (seguir hablando) talk away; (hablar much
want = (querer) love, wish, will, like, cherish; (desear) desire, wish for, long for, covet; (necesitar); (soar) dream; (carecer
want = would like, feel like (tener ganas de), go for, be in the mood for (estar de nimo para), be craving (antojarse), dying
work, job labor, assignment, occupation, toil; (tare) task; (empleo) employment, use, employ; (ocupacin) occupancy, tenur
world = land, earth, worldwide, ground
place (n)
s, sino tratar de usar sinnimos:

my, dinky, precious, lustrous, pretty, cute, comely, nice.

e), towering (imponent), well-known; trascendent; of mark, high-up; remarkable, noteworthy, striking, extraordinary
perfect, develop, polish, improve on; (aumentar) increase, enhance, boost, augment, expand; (mejorarse) get better, improve oneself, look

conocimientos) background, acquaintance; (erudicin) erudition, scholarship; (el saber) learning, wit, wisdom, sageness
macker, plonk, plunk
lamar) claim, reclaim, demand, complain, appeal
dly, kind, nice, helpful, gentle, amiable; (bonito) beautiful, pretty, beauteous, lustrous, beautiful, lovely, precious, dreamy, dinky

hablando) talk away; (hablar mucho) natter; (no parar de hablar) talk on, talk away

ecesitar); (soar) dream; (carecer de) lack.

para), be craving (antojarse), dying for, hit the spot, my kingdom for (muy lrica, viene de Shakespeare: "My kingdom for a horse").
oy; (ocupacin) occupancy, tenure; (oficio) office, trade, craft; (posicin o cargo) post, position, place, envelope, cadre; (el deber) duty, obli
get better, improve oneself, look up; (aprovechar) take advantage of, take, use, exploit, benefit; (embellecer) beautify, embellish, prettify, g

dom, sageness

ecious, dreamy, dinky

y kingdom for a horse").

elope, cadre; (el deber) duty, obligation, due, task, job, ought; (misin) mission, undertaking
cer) beautify, embellish, prettify, glamourize; (aumentarse) multiply, intensify, deepen; (progresar) progress, get on, come along, jog
ss, get on, come along, jog

"en aras de" =

"en todos los lugares del mundo se cuecen habas"
"relevo de prueba" = Ej: esto lo dir a confesin de parte relevo de prueba.
en sentido econ "Riesgo Pas" =
en sentido jurd a quo = primera instancia Ej: juez a quo = juez de primera instancia
en sentido jurd abintestato
en sentido jurd abrogar =
ad-hoc = temporal
alienar = enajenar
ambages = rodeos de palabras. Ej: hablar si ambages
ambages = rodeos o circunloquios
amilanar = acobardar, causar miedo, desanimar Ej: Sin amilanarse !! (Jos Ma Vela
en sentido jurd amnista = "olvido jurdico" 1. f. Perdn de cierto tipo de delitos, que extingue la responsabi
anfibologa =
en sentido jurd antijuridicidad = es la contradiccin de la realizacin del tipo (ver significado de "tipo") de
en sentido jurd antinomia
antonomasia = Sincdoque consistente en aludir a alguien mencionando una cualidad muy caracterstica suya en
anuencia = consentimiento
anuencia: consentimiento
aprensivo = (adj) que prevee o piensa que algo malo puede suceder. Ex: Estos muchachos irresponsables y de
aquilatar = Purificar algo separando lo impuro o extrao (ej: aquilatar el oro; oro de tantos quilates). Analizar alg
argir = Ej: Algunos arguyen que deberan deducirse clusulas.
en sentido jurd atinente
autarqua; autrquico
en sentido jurd auto = (n) Auto es la decisin del juez sobre algn incidente del juicio
bricolaje = (n) DO IT BY YOURSELF
burgomaestre = alcalde (major)
en sentido jurd casacin = recurso de interposicin de demanda contra la sentencia, no es apelacin
en sentido jurd caucin
celera; celeridad = prontitud, velocidad
cisma, catrsis
claudicar = (v) 1. intr. Acabar por ceder a una presin o una tentacin.
coaccin = accin que he realizado privado de mi voluntad propia, que ha sido coartada por la obligacin impues
coaccionar = Ejercer fuerza o violencia fsica o psquica sobre una persona para obligarla a decir o hacer algo cont
en sentido jurd coactiva =
coadyuvar = cooperar, ayudar, favorecer
coercin; coercitivo
coercionar = 1. f. Presin ejercida sobre alguien para forzar su voluntad o su conducta. 2. f. Represin, inhibicin,
cohecho; coecho
colegir =
colegir =
en sentido jurd colusin = Ej: demanda por colusin
comisin = cometimiento
concrecin = concretacin (opuesto a abstraccin)
en sentido jurd conculcacin = Ej: conculcacin de derechos
en sentido jurd concusin
condonar =
congruente; congruencia
conminar =
conspicuo = (adj)
conspicuo = (adj) muy fcil de ver o notar; que atrae la atencin por ser grande o impresionante = brillante, no
en sentido jurd contencioso
en sentido jurd costa Ex: costas de un pleito
en sentido jurd curadura; curador
decir algo "sin empacho" = decirlo con toda naturalidad, sin reparos, sin rodeos ni ambajes
en sentido jurd delacin
deontologa = Deontological ethics or deontology (from Greek , deon, "obligation, duty") is the normative et
Derecho positivo = Sistema de normas jurdicas que informa y regula efectivamente la vida de un pueblo en un de
desafuero = 1. m. Acto violento contra la ley. 2. m. Accin contraria a las buenas costumbres o a los consejos de la
desahucio = palabra utilizada en derecho laboral q se refiere al aviso por escrito con el que una persona trabajado
desdn; desdear = disdain = despreciar, menospreciar a alguien.
Desercin; desertar
en sentido econ desfalco
deslindar; deslinde
destajo = Ej: trabajo a destajo Destajero = es el que trabaja por unidades de obra, mediante
devenir = resultar
en sentido jurd dieta
diputado = Ex: persona diputada para recibir el valor prescrito en el contrato
en sentido jurd dirimente = (adj) Ex: En el caso que se llegare a empate en una votacin, el voto del Presidente ser
dirimir =
dislate = disparate
disquisicin = 1. Comentario que se aparta del tema fundamental que se trata (Ej: suele perderse en disquisicione
en sentido jurd dolo = Engao (con mala fe), fraude o simulacin llevados a cabo maliciosamente con la intencin de daar a algu
en sentido jurd dolo = Intencin de ejecutar un acto contrario a la ley. Ej: Obra dolosamente el autor que en el momento del hech
doloso = [accin] Que es punible y est hecho con dolo. Ej: "conducta dolosa; omisin dolosa; delito doloso"
en sentido jurd embarazar
empero = sin embargo ??????????????
empoderar = 1) apoderar (1. tr. Dicho de una persona: Dar poder a otra para que la represente en juicio o fuera d
en aras de
en sentido jurd enajenar
entredicho = Ex: poner en entredicho
erario = tesoro
error de hecho = error no doloso o inintencional, error matermtico, q a cualquiera le puede pasar ????????
espurio = (adj)
estupendo = stupendous = adj. amazing by virtue of its immense size, force or any quality in exceptional degree
excusa: no poder cierta persona ser partcipe del juicio (analisis y sentencia) x dudarse de su imparcialidad.
exegtica, exegticamente
exencin; exento
exiguo = (adj)
eximio = (adj) excelente
facundia = conocimiento de mucho vocabulario o lxico (sinnimos, etc)
no usar esta pal falacia = 1. f. Engao, fraude o mentira con que se intenta daar a alguien. 2. f. Hbito de emplear falsedades en d
en sentido jurd fallo = (n)
fideicomiso =
en sentido econ fiduciario = 1. adj. Que depende del crdito y confianza que merezca. Circulacin fiduciaria. 2. adj. Der. Dicho de
en sentido jurd fiscal = perteneciente al Fisco o Erario pblico; como bienes fiscales o tasa fiscal. Fiscal civil (CRIMINAL)
en sentido jurd fisco = erario o tesoro pblico. I Hacienda pblica nacional. I Por extensin constituye sinnimo de Estado o autor
flagrante = El delito flagrante es el que se comete en presencia de una o ms personas o cuando se lo descubre in
fuero =
en sentido jurd gravamen
en sentido jurd gravamen = (n) agravio ???
en sentido jurd Hbeas data
hegemona, hegemnico
holismo = Doctrina que propugna la concepcin de cada realidad como un todo distinto de la suma de las partes
en sentido jurd homonimia
ibdem: Ej: ... de la ley ibdem = ... de la ley mencionada.
idiosincrasia = personal peculiaridad, excentricidad, manerismo
impronta = ej: impronta personal
en sentido jurd impugnacin =
en sentido jurd impugnacin: Solicitud de la nulidad de una decisin oponiendo razones que demuestren que es injusta o ilegal,
en sentido jurd imputar =
incongruencia = incoherencia
indolente = perezoso, que no le gusta trabajar
en sentido jurd inescindible =
inexequible =
inexorable = implacable, unwilling to be pacified or appeased; impossible to pacify
infedente = (adj) quien no sabe guardar secretos ????????????
infundio =
instar = (v) instanciar ?????????????
inteligible = accesible, aprehensible, coherente, compresible, lebigle, escrutable, entendible
en sentido jurd intempestivo = Fuera de tiempo y sazn, inoportuno. Ej: despido intempestivo, visita intempestiva (impr
en sentido jurd interdicto = (n)
interpeler = Requerir , compeler o simplemente preguntar a alguien para que d explicaciones sobre algo o para q
interregno = (n)
en sentido jurd intersubjetividad = objetividad (opuesto a subjetividad), segn Mir Puig
inverosmil = (adj) no verosmil
en sentido jurd irrogar = (v)
en sentido jurd jurisprudencia = Norma de juicio en la aplicacin de la ley. Ex: Estos fallos se considerarn jurisprudencia pa
en sentido jurd ley = norma = La ley es una declaracin de la voluntad soberana que, manifestada en la forma prescrita por la Con
librrimo = 1. adj. sup. de libre.
en sentido jurd litigar; litis =
loable = plausible = digno de alabanza. Ej: Loado seas mi Seor por toda la creacin (San Fco de Ass)
mancomunado = (adj)
mxima, aforismo, apotegma o brocardo
en sentido jurd moroso; morosidad; mora
nihilismo =
ningunear =
nostalgia = sentimiento cuando se extraa algo
bice = (n)
obstar = (v)
ntico; dentico =
ora = (conj) ya bien
en sentido jurd orgnico = Del lat. organcus 'propio de un instrumento mecnico'. 1. adj. Dicho de un cuerpo: Que est con dispo
ostracismo =
paradigma = un patrn o modelo; un conjunto de supuestos
en sentido jurd patria potestad
peculado =
pendencia = (n)
perc =
personera = explicacin de quin soy (siempre va al inicio de todo doc o recurso a usar como x ej una impugnacio
en sentido jurd petitorio = (n) solicitud ?????
en sentido jurd plebiscito
plugo = "plugo" es primera o tercera persona del singular del pretrito perfecto simple de indicativo del verbo "pl
poner reparos = estar renuente a hacer algo
preeminencia = Ej: En el mbito del derecho administrativo, la proteccin a la confia
prerrogativa= derecho, poder relativo a una posicin
en sentido jurd prescribir; imprescriptible. Prescripcin = Mandar, ordenar. | Adquirir el dominio por usucapin (v.). | Extinguirse
en sentido jurd prescrito =
probo = (adj) idneo, capaz probidad = idoneidad
en sentido jurd procuradura
prodigalidad; prdigo
protervo = (adj) Ex: protervos intereses
en sentido jurd querella = demanda legal
en sentido jurd Recusacin
referndum =
reminiscencia =
reminiscencia = (n) 1. f. Accin de representarse u ofrecerse a la memoria el recuerdo de algo que pas. 2. f. Recu
en sentido jurd reposicin
resarcir =
RESPONSABILIDAD = Capacidad para asumir las consecuencias de sus actos, aunque sean negativas (responder a
retaliacin = represalia ("retaliation" en ingls)
Riesgo Pas =
en sentido jurd salvoconducto = 1. m. Documento expedido por una autoridad para que quien lo lleva pueda transitar sin riesgo p
en sentido jurd semoviente = (n)
en sentido jurd silencio administrativo = cuando un ente administrativo no me contesta una queja o recurso interpuesto
sindresis = Discrecin, capacidad natural para juzgar rectamente.
sindresis: Discrecin, capacidad natural para juzgar rectamente.
sinergia = (n) Accin de dos o ms causas cuyo efecto es superior a la suma de los efectos individuales. Del lat. sy
sinergia = capacidad de combinar las diversas capacidades de los individuos de un grupo para hacerlas trabajar en
en sentido jurd sobreseir (sobresedo), sobreseimiento =
usar mejor esta sofisma = 1. m. Razn o argumento falso con apariencia de verdad.
status quo = The systems and conditions that exist now

en sentido jurd subrogar =

subsidiariamente =
en sentido jurd subsidiario
en sentido jurd subsincin
en sentido jurd Substanciacin = Accin y efecto de substanciar, de conducir un asunto o juicio por la va procesal adecuada hasta
en sentido jurd Substanciar = Tramitar un juicio o causa.
en sentido jurd subsumar
subsumir; subsumido
en sentido jurd subsuncin
en sentido jurd subvencin = f. Ayuda econmica, generalmente oficial, para costear o sostener el mantenimiento de una activida
en sentido jurd sustanciacin
en sentido jurd Sustanciacin, Decreto de = Resolucin judicial destinada a asegurar el desenvolvimiento y prosecucin de las ac
en sentido jurd sustanciacion: Tramitacin de una causa o proceso por la va procesal adecuada para poder dictar sentencia.
tecnicismo = Ej: tecnicismo jurdico = lo que dice tcnica o literalmente la ley
tenor; al tenor de lo que la ley seala = segn lo que la ley seala
en sentido jurd tipo = (n) es la descripcin especfica y concreta de la conducta prohibida (del contenido o de la materia de la nor
en sentido jurd transigir = (v)
trmulo = tremulous = adj. frightened; quivering
ufanar, ufanarse =
en sentido jurd ultractividad = lo contrario de retroactividad
utopa = 1. f. Plan, proyecto, doctrina o sistema deseables que parecen de muy difcil realizacin. 2. f. Representac
verosmil = Que tiene apariencia de verdadero. Creble por no ofrecer carcter alguno de falsedad.
vestigio = A visible trace that something once existed
veto =
vituperio = denuncia o condenacin ante un abuso vituperar = vituperate = v. to scold or blame loudly;
yerro = error
yuxtaponer = poner a lado de algo, o junto
vindicacin = 1. Vengar. 2. Defender, especialmente por escrito, a quien se halla injuriado, calumniado o injustam
temerario = (adj) de temer (adjetivo peyorativo) = 1. adj. Dicho de una persona: Excesivamente imprudente arros
mutis = Hecho de quedarse callada una persona. Locucin: hacer mutis por el foro.

Perspicuo: dcese de la persona que se explica con claridad.

Trastesado: endurecido. Dcese especialmente de las ubres de las hembras de los animales cuando tienen abunda
Estevado: que tiene las piernas torcidas en arco.
Eviterno: que tiene principio pero no fin.
Sumidad: pice o extremo ms alto de una cosa.
Prognato: que tiene las mandbulas salientes.
Escible: que puede o debe saberse.
Virago: mujer varonil.
Embaular: comer con ansia, engullir.
Zalema: reverencia humilde.
Almuerza: porcin de algo que cabe en manos juntas en forma cncava (se ech varias almuerzas de agua en el r
Atricin: pesar de haber ofendido a Dios, no tanto por el amor que se tiene como por las consecuencias de la ofe
Apodctico: argumento irrefutable.
Ortologa: arte de pronunciar bien.
Onicfago: que se come las uas.
Acerico: almohadilla para clavar alfileres.

Apremiante = Urgente
Asesorar = Aconsejar, tomar
Amoldable = Adaptable, ajustable
Ameno = Divertido, placentero.
Adversidad = Desgracia, infortunio.
Ambicin = es el deseo ardiente de poseer riquezas, fama, poder u honores.
Aplacar = Suavizar, sosegar, mitigar la fuerza de algo.
Albor = Blancura
Alfeique = Persona dbil
Adocenado = Vulgar
Amplexacin = Coito
Arrebol = Color rojo en la mejilla
Alimaa: Animal perjucial y perverso.
Atribuye: Determina, Seala.
Albergar: Contener, encerrar.
Asumir: Aceptar.
Atributos: Cualidades, propiedades.
Anticonseptivos: Pastilla que ingiere una mujer para no quedar embarazada.
Ambiguo: Que puede entenderse de varias maneras.
Albergar: Contener.
Anomala: Algo anormal.
Arrogante: Excesivo orgullo de una persona en relacin consigo misma.
Ancdota: Narracin breve de un suceso curioso.
Arduo: Muy difcil.
Anquilosar = atrofiar, baldar, inmovilizar, paralizar, impedir
Aseverar: Afirmar
Asumir: Aceptar.
Ababol: Persona distrada
Aludir: Citar, mensionar, referir.
Acudir: Concurrir
Agorafobia miedo a los lugares donde no se puede recibir ayuda, por temor a sufrir una crisis de pnico.

Anhelar: Desear, codiciar.

Badajear: Hablar mucho neciamente.

Belicoso: Agresivo
Barquinazos: Porrazo.
Beligerante: Agresivo
Bochorno: Aire caliente que se levanta en verano.
Badulaque = Informal

Ceder: Dar
Corroborar: Apoyar una opinin, teora, etctera
Cliz: vaso en el que el sacerdote cristiano consagra el vino en la eucarista.
Campia: Campo llano y extenso dedicado al cultivo
Cautelosos: Silenciosos.
Cercenar: Cortar los extremos de algo.
Cerumen: Cera.
Cnico: Mentiroso, sinvergenza.
Crdulos: Tontos.
Cognitivo: Del conocimiento o relativo a l.
Cohabitantes: Habitan entre s.
Coito: Unin sexual.
Compadecer: Sentir pena.
Compatriotas: Persona de la misma patria que otra.
Complot: Acuerdo para realizar una accin contra alguien.
Comprensible: Que se puede comprender.
Concebir: Crear una idea, pensar o imaginar una cosa.
Conciliar: Reunir.
Condescendiente: Tiende a acomodarse a los gustos o deseos ajenos.
Confidencia: Secreto.
Confrontar: Debatir, discutir, comparar.
Conjetura: Juicio u opinin.
Conmosin: Inquietud.
Conmovido: Dolorido.
Consiso: breve, escueto, lacnico, parco, sucinto, corto, resumido, sobrio, preciso.
Consolidar: Dar firmeza
Continencia: Moderacin en pasiones y deseos, especialmente el sexual.
Conyugal: Matrimonial.
Cmulo: Conjunto, cantidad, multitud
Cutre: Sucio, pobre.
Cfiro = Viento del oeste
Concrectacin = Acto sexual sin coito
Cutneo = Relativo a la piel
Confederar: Hacer un pacto, acomunar
Clarividencia = Facultad de comprender y discernir las cosas.
Concrecin = Reduccin
Congneres = Del mismo gnero

Dilatar: Extender
Dadivoso: Generoso
Difamacin: Perjudicar la reputacin de una persona.
Diversificar: Hacer mltiple o diversa una cosa.
Ddalo: Cosa confusa.
Denigrar: Hablar mal [de una persona o cosa] para destruir su buena fama u opinin.
Desorden, caos.
Disidencia: Desacuerdo con los criterios de los dems.
Defecar: Expulsar excrementos por el ano.
Discpulo: Aprendiz
Divisa: Moneda extranjera
Diafragma: Es un msculo que separa la cavidad torcica de la abdominal
Dogmas: Principios bsicos, fundamentos, etctera.
Dilema: Un problema que puede resolverse mediante dos soluciones.
Disipar: Desvanecer, desaparecer.
Dipsomana = Alcoholismo
Dolo = Engao

Escrpulo: Duda, asco.

Esotrico: ntimo, oculto, secreto, o de difcil comprensin.
Escrutar: Examinar
Elocuente: Expresivo
xtasis: Placer.
Embrollo: Confusin.
Estulticia: Necedad, ignorancia, tontera.
Estropear: Deteriorar.
Especfico: Caracterizar.
Exgesis = Explicacin, interpretacin de un texto.
Eptome = Resumen
Estrafalario: De aspecto sucio o desastrado.
Estipular: Acordar.
Eslabn: es cada uno de los anillos o elementos que forman una cadena.
Emular: Igualar o superar algo.
Exhausto: Que se ha terminado completamente. Muy cansado y dbil.
Entusiasta: Propenso a entusiasmarse.
Especular: Hacer suposiciones sin fundamento.
Espontneo: Que se produce por s solo
Ensamblar: Acoplar, unir, encajar.
Escroto: Bolsa que cubre los testculos.
Ecumnico = Algo que abarca todo.
Escoliosis: Desviacin de la columna vertebral.
Esotrico = Privado, oculto, secreto, ntimo.
Entreor = Or sin entender
Emascular = Castrar
Escindir = Dividir, separar.
Eyectar = Proyectar al exterior
Exmines = Muertos
Eximio = Excelente
Exordio = Introduccin, prembulos.
Extricar = Descenredar
Entelequia: Cosa irreal, que no puede existir en la realidad.
Execrable: Maldito, odioso, aborrecible
Estipular: Convenir, concertar, acordar. Hacer contrato verbal.
Eregir: Fundar, instituir o levantar.

Falencia: Equvocos, defectos.

Frivolidad: Calidad de frvolo, superficialidad, falta de seriedad.
Factible: Que se puede hacer
Franquicia: Contrato en el pago de ciertos derechos e impuestos.
Filantropa: Amor a la humanidad.
Fertilizar: Abonar, preparar la tierra para que sea ms frtil.
Fecundar: Unir el rgano masculino y femenino.
Flemas: Mocos.
Factor relevante: Encargado importante.
Festn: Banquete esplndido.
Fatum: Destino.
Felona: Traicin.
Fraudulenta: Que produce fraude.
Feligrs: Persona que pertenece a una parroquia.
Formidable: Magnfico, estupendo.
Facticio = No natural

Grato: Agradable.
Goethita: Es un mineral del grupo IV (xidos e hidrxidos).
Gentilicio: Es el que denota el origen de las personas o de las cosas.
Gentil: Amable, afable.
Grafas: Letras.

Hbrido: Mezcla de organismos.

Heces: Excremento o materia fecal.
Hiptesis = Suposicin sin pruebas que se toma como base de un razonamiento.
Heterodoxo: Disconforme de los dogmas y creencias de una religin o prctica.
Hesitacin = Duda
Husmear = Olfatear
Hiperkintico: Hiperactivo.

Insaciable: Que no se puede satisfacer la necesidad

Inquisitivo: Indagar cuidadosamente
Increpar: Insultar, reprender
Incesante: Continuo, constante, repetido.
Inmerso: Sumergido
Intenso: Fuerte.
Ineptitud social: Sin aptitud o inhabilidad para socializar.
Intemperie: Ambientes atmosfricos.
Iluso: Engaoso.
Intrnseco: Caracterstico, esencial.
Irrumpir: Entrar violentamente en un lugar
Inescrutables: Que no puede saberse ni averiguarse.
Indagar: Investigar, averiguar.
Ilusos: Engaosos.
Instruir: Comunicar conocimientos, habilidades, ideas o experiencias.
Incinerar: Quemar algo hasta volverlo cenizas.
Impertrrito: Que no se asusta con nada.
Intransigente: Que no se lo puede convercer.
Inrelevante: Sin importancia.
Implacable: Inflexible.
Inherente: Inseparablemente unido a algo.
Infausto: Desgraciado, infeliz.
Inhspito = Incmodo
Impertinente: descarado, insolente, grosero, atrevido, inoportuno, indiscreto, imprudente
Idiocia = Retraso mental
Idneo = Apto
Iluso = Engaado por una ilusin
Inane = Endeble, insustancial, vano, ftil
Incipiente = Que comienza
ndole = Condicin natural de cada uno
Infusiones = T, caf, etctera.
Infundir = Provocar cierto estado de nimo
Inicuo = Injusto
Inmarcesible = Que no se marchita
Inocuo = Incapaz de daar
Intrngulis = Dificultad o complicacin de una cosa.
Inusitado = Que no es habitual
Impo: Ateo
Insustentable: Que no se puede defender con razones.
inmutable: que no puede ni se puede cambiar.
Indiferente: Que da igual.
Intriga: Manejo cauteloso, accin que se ejecuta con astucia y ocultamente, para conseguir un fin.

Intrpido: Que no teme en los peligros.

Intrneo: Interior, interno.
Irrumpir: Entrar violentamente en un lugar.
mpetu: Movimiento fuerte, acelerado y violento:
Irnico: Sarcstico.
Idiosincrasia: Rasgos y carcter propios y distintivos de un individuo o de una colectividad.

Jocundo: Agradable, ameno, apacible.

Libidinoso: Pervertido, lujurioso, lascivo, propenso a los placeres sexuales

Laxantes: reparacin usada para provocar la defecacin de heces.
Lavirnago = Arbusto
Laxo = Flojo
Literal: Sentido exacto
Locuaz = Que habla mucho o demasiado.

Mercancas: Mercaderas.
Minucioso: Detallista
Misantropa: Odio hacia la humanidad.
Mitigado: Reducido.
Metamorfismo: Transformacin sin cambio de estado de una estructura por agentes naturales.

Memoria eidtica: Recordar todo perfectamente.

Mutilacin: Corte.
Maestral = Viento fro y seco.
Mandrias: Holgazn, vago.
Mendigar: Pedir limosna de puerta en puerta.
Mausoleo: Sepulcro magnfico y suntuoso:

Ndulo: Pequea dureza redondeada.

Negligencia: Falta de esfuerzo
Nbil = En edad de contraer matrimonio

Otorgar: Dar
Oscilan: Rondan.
Objecin: Razonamiento o argumento contrario a alguien o a algo.
Ortodoxia: La opinin recta y verdadera.
Odalisca = Mujer sensual
Obstinaciones = Fastidios.
Omnmodo = Que lo abarca, y lo comprende todo.
Onanismo = Masturbacin
Obsequio: Regalo.

Propicio: Favorable o apropiado para alguna cosa.

Pontfice = Papa
Persuadir: Convencer
Pauprrimo: Muy pobre.
Privilegiado: Con ventajas
Percatarnos = Darnos cuenta de algo
Pajolero = Que produce molestia o enfado.
Paralogismo = Razonamiento falso
Paranoico = Trastornado.
Partenognesis = Reproduccin sin el macho.
Perguear = Ejecutar algo de manera no completa ni perfecta.
Pimplar = Beber en exceso
Presidir = Ser el ms importante.
Purpera = Mujer recin parida
Peyorativo: Uso del lenguaje con una finalidad negativa.
Pliegues: Parte que se dobla o se pliega en una cosa flexible.
Psoriasis: Aparicin de ppulas rosadas, escamosas,
Ppulo: Pueblo.
Propenso: Tendencias a algo.
Progenie: Descendencia o conjunto de hijos de una persona.
Pirita: El famoso oro falso de los tontos.
Predilecto: Favorito.
Prominente: Que sobresale.
Plegaria: Splica que se hace a Dios,a la Virgen o a los santos.
Primicia: Noticia que se hace pblica por primera vez.
Protocolo: Ciertas reglas establecidas para las ceremonias oficiales o trato social.
Postrimera: ltimo perodo de la duracin de algo.
Presagio: Seal o indicio.
Presidir: Ocupar el primer lugar o puesto destacado.
Proceder: Originarse, venir de...
Poleas: Es una mquina o rueda simple que sirve para transmitir una fuerza.
Piadosa: Con piedad.
Pavimento: Piso, asfalto.
Prestigiosa = Clebre, famoso, afamado.
Pictograma: es un signo que representa esquemticamente un smbolo, objeto real o figura.
Paradigma: En todo el mbito cientfico, religioso u otro contexto epistemolgico, el trmino paradigma puede in
Polimerizado: Proceso qumico por el cual mediante el calor,la luz o un catalizador se unen varias molculas de un
Perianto: es una estructura floral que corresponde a la envoltura que rodea a los rganos sexuales de la flor.

Quid = Evidencia

Rescindir: Dejar sin efecto un contrato

Resarcir: Reparar un perjuicio.
Recoleto = Lugar apartado
Refocilar = Divertir groseramente
Reminiscencia = Recuerdo vago e incompleto
Rigor: Severidad, dureza.
Reciprocidad: Correspondencia mutua entre dos personas o cosas.
Remasterizar: consiste en mejorar la calidad de sonido o de imagen de una grabacin

previamente existente.
Rescentido: Enojado.
Refaccin: Reparar.

Sinecura: Bien, beneficio, ventaja

Suntuoso: Lujoso.
Sofisticado: Mejorado, avanzado
Suposicin: Consideracin o deduccin de algo como cierto.
Sublime: Excelente y admirable.
Sbdito: Sujeto a la autoridad de un superior.
Semejanza: Igualdad.
Susceptible: Capaz de recibir el efecto o accin que se indica.
Supositorios: Cositos que se colocan en el ano.
Sindresis = Buen jucio
Sacamantecas = Criminal que destripa a sus vctimas
Solano = Viento del este
Supino = Ignorancia
Sintaxis: El estudio de la combinacin de palabras
Sodomizar: Penetrar analmente a alguien
Solemne =
Subestimar = Descriminar

Tecnoflico: Adicto a la tecnologa

Trascender: Empezar a ser conocido algo que estaba oculto.
Trepidante: Rpido, vivo.
Tumulto: Quilombo.
Tentativamente: cuando queremos dar una opinion de manera adelantada, como una especie de hipotesis. Por e
Trapacera = Fraude
Tolerar: Aguantar algo
Tusgeno = Provoca la tos

Ubicuo = Omnipresente, Que est en todas partes.

Unignito = Hijo nico
Uxoricidio = Delito que comete el que mata a su mujer
Utpico = Quimrico, mtico, fabuloso, legendario, fantstico, ficticio, ilusorio,

imaginado, irrealizable, absurdo, ingenuo, ideal, maravilloso

Vate: Adivino, poeta.

Villorrio = Poblacin falta de comodidades
Vstago: Rama tierna de un rbol o planta.
Voluble: Cambiante
Vegetales crucferos:
Vacilar: Tambalearse, moverse.
Venerar: Respetar.
Vagido: Llanto de un beb recin nacido
Vestiglo: Monstruos
Vestigio: Recuerdo.
Verticilo: Conjunto de tres o ms hojas, ramas u otros rganos que brotan de un tallo en el mismo nivel.
Vacelina: Sustancia crasa
Verstil: Adaptable a varias cosas o que tiene muchas aplicaciones.
Vejestorios: Objeto muy viejo
Vocablos: Palabras

Yacen: Estn

Xenofbico: Rechazo al extranjero

Zonificar. Dividir un terreno en zonas.

*Anhedonia: Prdida de inters de todo.

*Astenia: Cansancio, agotamiento, decaimiento.
*Analogas: Relacin de semejanza entre cosas distintas
*Apologa: Narracin, Discurso o escrito en alabanza o defensa de personas o cosas.
*Adolecer:Causar dolencia o enfermedad.
*Agona: Agotamiento que indica el final de algo
*Asir: Agarrar, tomar.
*alcurnia: Ascendencia, linaje, especialmente el nobleadepto, ta
*Adepto: Afiliado a alguna secta o asociacin
*Aurcula: Odos, orejas
*asequible:Que puede conseguirse o alcanzarse
*Antiesttico: Feo, repulsivo
*Abastecer: Proveer
*abnegacin: Sacrificio o renuncia voluntaria de una persona a pasiones, deseos o intereses en favor del prjimo

*Benvolo: Que es bueno.

*Birrazo: De mala calidad, Generoso, esplndido.
*bochornoso: Que ofende o provoca vergenza
*banal: Que es intrascendente, vulgar o de poca importancia

Ceder: Dar
Corroborar: Apoyar una opinin, teora, etctera
Cliz: vaso en el que el sacerdote cristiano consagra el vino en la eucarista.
Campia: Campo llano y extenso dedicado al cultivo
Cautelosos: Silenciosos.
Cercenar: Cortar los extremos de algo.

*Culminar: Finalizar, terminar.

*Contundente: Objeto daino, perjudicial.
*Connotar: Contener.
*Consenso: Acuerdo.
*Cautiverio: Lugar de esclavos
*Cotejar: Confrontar algo con otra u otras cosas; compararlas tenindolas a la vista.
*Clera: Enfermedad infecto contagiosa intestinal aguda
*Cascar: Romper
*Clibe: Soltero
*Congratulaciones: Felicitaciones
*conspicuo: Ilustre, famoso o sobresaliente
*cacumen: Agudeza y perspicacia
*Cucurbita: Zapallo
*coaccionar: Presionar

*Deteriorar: Empeorar la salud

*Denotar: Significar
*desternillarse: Rerse mucho.

*ddiva: Donativo o regalo desinteresado:

*derroche:Gasto excesivo y superfluo
*Dormitar: Dormir

*Equino: Caballo
*Exequias: Funerales.
*Efemride: Acontecimiento notable que se recuerda en su aniversario
*Equitativo: Justo.
*Exacerbar: Agravar una enfermedad, molestia, enfado.
*Encomistico: Que alaba
*Exilio: Abandono
*Esquizofrnico: Loco, luntico, manitico
*Euforia: Sensacin de alegra, felicidad o placer
*Engendrar: Procrear, propagar la propia especie. Causar, ocasionar, formar.
*Energmeno: Persona furiosa, alborotada
*Eludir: Soslayar, esquivar
*Eminente: Sobresaliente, elevado
*Exabrupto: Salida de tono, respuesta descorts e insolente:
*estoico: fuerte, resistente, sereno ante la desgracia

*erradicar: Arrancar de raz, eliminar completamente algo que se considera perjudicial o peligroso:
*Exorbitante: Excesivo, fuera de la medida normal
*Enervar: debilitar, quitar las fuerzas

*Excelso: Muy elevado en importancia, dignidad o categora

*Escabroso: Desigual, lleno de tropiezos y accidentes:Que roza lo inconveniente o lo inmoral: Delicado, embarazo
*Ecunime: Justo
*Erudito: Que tiene y demuestra poseer slidos y profundos conocimientos en una o mltiples disciplinas
*espigado: Crecido, alto y delgado
*Espinoso: Dificultoso
*encomiable: relacionado con los actos o hechos humanos dignos de alabanza. Dio muestras de una generosidad
*Ecunimes: Actitud equilibrada y constante:

*Flatulencia: Pedo, gas.

*Fehaciente: Que hace fe, fededigmo
*Ferviente: Que muestra entusiasmo o admiracin:
*Ftil: De poca importancia.
*Frugalidad: Moderacin en las comidas y bebidas.
*Fomentar: Excitar, promover, impulsar o proteger algo.
*fctico: Basado en hechos, en oposicin a terico o imaginario
*famlico: Hambriento, delgado
*fisgonear: Husmear en los asuntos ajenos por costumbre
*Fiasco: Fracaso, decepcin

*grcil: Sutil, delicado o menudo:

*Imperante: Dominante.
*Impregnar: Infiltrar.
*Ineluctable: Algo contrar lo que no puede lucharse
*Irrefutable: Que no se puede refutar o rebatir
*Imperceptible: Que no se puede percibir o que casi no se nota:
*insulso, sa: Falto de sabor, inspido. Falto de viveza, gracia o inters.
*ignominia: Deshonor, descrdito de quien ha perdido el respeto de los dems a causa de una accin indigna o v
*Indocto: Ignorante
*nfimo: Muy pequeo, escaso, menor
*Inepto: Torpe
*Incordio: Cosa molesta
*Ldico: Relativo al juego.
*lrico: De la lrica o de la poesa propia para el canto en la que predominan los sentimientos y emociones del aut
*Letargo: Hibernacin, reposo.
*Laureado: Premiado

*Monotemtico: Que versa sobre un nico tema.

*Meretriz: Prostituta
*misgino: Que odia o siente rechazo hacia las mujeres.
*magnnimo: Noble
*Misericordia: Bondadoso, que perdona
*mdico: Moderado,escaso,limitado,econmico, barato
*Modorra: Somnolencia, sopor

*Nocivas: Daoso, pernicioso, perjudicial.

*Nosocomio: Hospital
*Nefasto: De mala calidad.
*Nulidad: Falta de validez de determinada cosa.
*Neandertal: Caverncola

*Onicfago: que se come las uas.

*Ominoso: Desagradable

*Promulgar: Publicar.
*Prefacio: Prlogo o introduccin de un libro.
*Pedorro: Ridculo
*Pericias: Sabidura,experiencia y habilidad en una ciencia.
*Plumfero: Pjaro
*Perspicuo: dcese de la persona que se explica con claridad.
*Persignar: Manifestar alguien admiracin, sorpresa o extraeza.
*Proverbial: Conocido, tpico
*Pirosis: Acidez
*Perseverar: Durar permanentemente o por largo tiempo:
*Premonicin: Presentimiento,presagio de algo que va a suceder:
*prepberes: Nios que estn ingresando a la pubertad

*prfido: Traidor,infiel.
*pernoctar: Pasar la noche
*pundonor: Amor propio,sentimiento que lleva a una persona a quedar bien ante los dems y ante s mismo.
*Brioso: Valiente
*perspicacia: Capacidad para entender las cosas con claridad y rapidez.
*pretrito: Que ya ha pasado o sucedido:
*prominente: Que sobresale
*Premisa: Axioma, Idea que se toma de base para un razonamiento.
*Profesar: Manifestar o aceptar una creencia religiosa, Ejercer una profesin o actividad, Demostrar un afecto o s
*Pretexto: Excusa
*Refutar: Contradecir, rebatir, impugnar lo que otros dicen. Rechazar, rehusar.
*Reconvenir: Censurar, reprender.
*Relatar: Decir
*Refutar: Contradecir, rebatir, impugnar con argumentos o razones lo que otros dicen. Rechazar, rehusar.
*repudio: Rechazo
*repels,repeluco o repeluzno: Temor indefinido o repugnancia que inspira algo:

*Sesgado = Oblicuo,torcido,en diagonal, Parcial,subjetivo

*Sagacidad = Inteligencia
*Sacarosa: Azcar
*Solanum tuberosum: Papa
*sandez: Necedad,simpleza. Despropsito,hecho o dicho necio.
*sublevacin:Rebelin o motn contra la autoridad
*Soporfero: Aburrido
*Sarasa: Afeminado
*Sopor: Somnolencia

*Taquicardia: Pulso acelerado

*Tornar: Regresar
*Troglodita: Caverncola
*talludo: maduro, crecido, mayor

*Verdicos: Cierto, verdadero.

*Vrtice: Torbellino
*Voyeur: Persona que disfruta contemplando actitudes ntimas o erticas de otras personas.
*Vertiginoso: Que causa vrtigo o lo produce. Que se mueve muy rpido.
*veracidad: Conformidad con la verdad
*vacante: [Empleo o cargo] que permanece libre, sin que nadie lo ocupe
*vigente: Referido especialmente a las leyes y costumbres, en vigor, en uso:
*vilipendiar: Despreciar a alguien, ofenderlo o humillarlo.
*vestigial:Escasamente desarrollado:

*Zafio: Tosco, grosero


Figuras de la retrica que pueden cambiar el sentido de las palabras o frases

elipsis =
pleonasmo =
hiprbole =
silepsis =
catacresis =
sincdoque =
metonimia =
eufemismo =
antonomasia =
antfrasis =
epifonema =
gradacin =
retinencia =
perfrasis =
ltote =
pretericin =
prosopopeya =
hipotiposis =
alegora =
metfora =
apstrofe =
hiprbaton =

os muchachos irresponsables y desaprensivos no midieron las consecuencias de sus actos

o de tantos quilates). Analizar algo con detalle y de manera precisa.

oartada por la obligacin impuesta por otros
obligarla a decir o hacer algo contra su voluntad.

ducta. 2. f. Represin, inhibicin, restriccin

o impresionante = brillante, notable, prominente

gation, duty") is the normative ethical position that judges the morality of an action based on rules. [citation needed] It is sometimes descr
nte la vida de un pueblo en un determinado momento histrico (Del Vecchio).
costumbres o a los consejos de la sana razn. 3. m. Der. Hecho que priva de fuero a quien lo tena.
con el que una persona trabajadora le hace saber a la parte empleadora que su voluntad es la de dar por terminado el contrato de trabajo
a por unidades de obra, mediante la remuneracin convenida para cada una de ellas

acin, el voto del Presidente ser dirimente

j: suele perderse en disquisiciones en sus clases). 2. Examen riguroso que se hace de alguna cosa (Ej: hizo una disquisicin sobre el problem
e con la intencin de daar a alguien. DERECHO: Voluntad deliberada de cometer un delito, a sabiendas de su carcter delictivo y del dao
utor que en el momento del hecho tiene la intencin de cometer el delito o que por lo menos asienta su realizacin
misin dolosa; delito doloso"

e la represente en juicio o fuera de l. 2. tr. desus. Poner algo en poder de alguien o darle la posesin de ello. 3. prnl. Hacerse dueo de algo

era le puede pasar ????????

ny quality in exceptional degree

udarse de su imparcialidad.
bito de emplear falsedades en dao ajeno.

n fiduciaria. 2. adj. Der. Dicho de un negocio o de un contrato: Basado principalmente en la confianza entre las partes. 3. m. y f. Der. Herede
Fiscal civil (CRIMINAL) = Cuando el Ministerio pblico actuaba independientemente en las jurisdicciones civil y criminal, era este
tituye sinnimo de Estado o autoridad pblica en materia econmica.

sonas o cuando se lo descubre inmediatamente despus de la supuesta comisin, siempre que haya existido la persecucin ininterrumpida

distinto de la suma de las partes que lo componen.

muestren que es injusta o ilegal, o que no ha seguido los trmites reglamentados.

pestivo, visita intempestiva (imprevista, no programada)

explicaciones sobre algo o para que cumpla una obligacin. Plantear al Gobierno o la mesa una discusin amplia ajena a los proyectos de

se considerarn jurisprudencia para las resoluciones que se tomen posteriormente.

a en la forma prescrita por la Constitucin, manda, prohbe o permite. (Art 1 Codigo Civil)

cin (San Fco de Ass)

de un cuerpo: Que est con disposicin o aptitud para vivir. 2. adj. Que tiene armona y consonancia. 3. adj. Que atae a la constitucin de
a usar como x ej una impugnacion

simple de indicativo del verbo "placer". Ej: me plazco = me plugo

istrativo, la proteccin a la confianza legtima adquiere especial preeminencia

o por usucapin (v.). | Extinguirse un derecho no ejercido durante determinado lapso. | Librarse de la responsabilidad penal por la prescrip

uerdo de algo que pas. 2. f. Recuerdo vago e impreciso.

que sean negativas (responder a sus malos actos). Ej: Autonoma Responsable

o lleva pueda transitar sin riesgo por donde aquella es reconocida. 2. m. Libertad para hacer algo sin temor de castigo.

ja o recurso interpuesto

os efectos individuales. Del lat. synergia 'tarea coordinada', y del gr. synerga 'cooperacin'.
un grupo para hacerlas trabajar en equipo positivamente
por la va procesal adecuada hasta ponerlo en estado de sentencia (pero no contiene todava a la sentencia).

el mantenimiento de una actividad. Otorgamiento de dinero por parte del Estado a distintos funcionarios de la administracin pblica, sin t

lvimiento y prosecucin de las actuaciones, y no a resolver incidentes o dictar sentencia definitiva

para poder dictar sentencia.

ntenido o de la materia de la norma). Se trata de una figura o imagen puramente conceptual, a diferencia de "Antijuridicidad" que es la co

ifcil realizacin. 2. f. Representacin imaginativa de una sociedad futura de caractersticas favorecedoras del bien humano
guno de falsedad.

rate = v. to scold or blame loudly; to find fault with in abusive language; to condemn

njuriado, calumniado o injustamente notado. 3. Dicho de una persona: Recuperar lo que le pertenece.
Excesivamente imprudente arrostrando peligros. 2. adj. Dicho de una cosa: Dicha, hecha o pensada sin fundamento, razn o motivo. Juicio
s animales cuando tienen abundancia de leche.

varias almuerzas de agua en el rostro).

o por las consecuencias de la ofensa cometida.
frir una crisis de pnico.
a conseguir un fin.

ntes naturales.
eal o figura.
o, el trmino paradigma puede indicar el concepto de esquema formal de organizacin, y ser utilizado como sinnimo de marco terico o c
or se unen varias molculas de un compuesto para formar una cadena de mltiples eslabones de estas y obtener una macromolcula.
rganos sexuales de la flor.
o una especie de hipotesis. Por ejemplo, tentativamente podra afirmar esto o el otro.

tallo en el mismo nivel.

o intereses en favor del prjimo
udicial o peligroso:

o lo inmoral: Delicado, embarazoso, difcil de resolver

na o mltiples disciplinas

Dio muestras de una generosidad encomiable.

causa de una accin indigna o vergonzosa:

entimientos y emociones del autor, o relativo a ellas

e los dems y ante s mismo.

ctividad, Demostrar un afecto o sentimiento.

dicen. Rechazar, rehusar.

as personas.
tion needed] It is sometimes described as "duty-" or "obligation-" or "rule-" based ethics, because rules "bind you to your duty."

terminado el contrato de trabajo

una disquisicin sobre el problema del paro)
e su carcter delictivo y del dao que puede causar.

llo. 3. prnl. Hacerse dueo de algo, ocuparlo, ponerlo bajo su poder); 2) empower (Hacer poderoso o fuerte a un individuo o grupo social
e las partes. 3. m. y f. Der. Heredero o legatario a quien el testador manda transmitir los bienes a otra u otras personas, o darles determina
dicciones civil y criminal, era este fiscal el que informaba en las causas penales.

tido la persecucin ininterrumpida desde le momento de la supuesta comisin hasta la detencin, as como se le haya encontrado armas, in
amplia ajena a los proyectos de ley y a las proposiciones .

dj. Que atae a la constitucin de corporaciones o entidades colectivas o a sus funciones o ejercicios.
ponsabilidad penal por la prescripcin del delito o de la pena (v.). Ej: Art 12 Constitucin: El agua constituye patrimonio nacional e

r de castigo.
de la administracin pblica, sin tener el compromiso de devolverlo, para beneficio pblico.

de "Antijuridicidad" que es la contradiccin de la realizacin del tipo de una norma prohibitiva con el ordenamiento jurdico en su totalida

del bien humano

undamento, razn o motivo. Juicio temerario.

mo sinnimo de marco terico o conjunto de teoras.
obtener una macromolcula.
ind you to your duty."
erte a un individuo o grupo social desfavorecido)
tras personas, o darles determinada inversin. 4. m. y f. Der. Persona que acta en inters de otra sin hacerlo pblico. Ej: Los bancos centr

o se le haya encontrado armas, instrumentos, el producto del ilcito, huellas o documentos relativos al delito recin cometido.
constituye patrimonio nacional estratgico de uso pblico, inalienable, imprescriptible
enamiento jurdico en su totalidad.
erlo pblico. Ej: Los bancos centrales no se fan del dinero fiduciario que los dems bancos centrales emiten

lito recin cometido.

List of English-French Faux Amis

English word French Equivalent

to abuse insulter and not abuser (which means in English take advantage of)
to accommodate loger and not accommoder (which means in English prepare)
to achieve raliser and not achever (which means in English complete)
actually en fait and not actuellement (which means in English at present)
caution prudence and not caution (which means in English guarantee)
x character personnage and not caractre (which means in English nature)
to charge faire payer and not charger (which means in English load)
check contrle and not chque (which means in English cheque)
close proche, serr and not clos (which means in English closed)
x commodity marchandise and not commodit (which means in English convenience)
comprehensive complet and not comprhensif (which means in English understanding)
conductor contrleur and not conducteur (which means in English driver)
confection friandise and not confection (which means in English ready-made clothes)
consistent cohrent and not consistant (which means in English solid, thick)
contemplate One of its meanings is envisager and not contempler (which means in English gaze at)
countenance expression (visage) and not contenance (which means in English capacity)
to deceive tromper and not dcevoir (which means in English disappoint)
delay retard and not dlai (which means in English time limit)
to dispose se dbarrasser and not disposer (which means in English arrange)
x dispute conflit and not dispute (which means in English quarrel, argument)
engaged occup and not engag (which means in English committed)
x estate domaine and not tat (which means in English state, condition)
eventually finalement and not ventuellement (which means in English possibly)
expertise comptence and not expertise (which means in English expert's report)
extra supplmentaire and extra (which means in English first-rate)
fortunate chanceux and not fortun (which means in English wealthy, well-off)
x gentle aimable, doux and not gentil (which means in English nice, kind)
grand grandiose and not grand (which means in English tall, big)
grapes raisin and not grappe (which means in English bunch of grapes)
habit habitude and not habit (which means in English dress, clothes)
hazard danger and not hasard (which means in English chance)
x inconvenient inopportun and not inconvenant (which means in English improper)
x indulge laisser aller and not indulgence (which means in English leniency)
invaluable inestimable and not non valable (which means in English invalid, not valid)
x lecture confrence and not lecture (which means in English reading)
location emplacement and not location (which means in English renting, lease)
mechanic mcanicien and not mcanique (which means in English engineering)
medicine mdicament and not mdecin (which means in English doctor)
mercy misricorde and not merci (which means in English thanks)
notice avis, pravis and not notice (which means in English note, instructions)
partition sparation and not partition (which means in English (musical) score)
x petrol essence and not ptrole (which means in English oil, petroleum)
photograph photographie and not photographe (which means in English photographer)
phrase expression and not phrase (which means in English sentence)
x to prevent empcher and not prvenir (which means in English warn)
proper adquat and not propre (which means in English clean, decent)
x to recover se rtablir and not recouvrir (which means in English cover)
to regard considrer and not regarder (which means in English look at)
relieve soulager and not relever (which means in English raise)
x to resume recommencer and not rsumer (which means in English sum up)
route itinraire and route (which means in English road)
rude grossier and not rude (which means in English rough, hard)
x sensible raisonnable and not sensible (which means in English sensitive)
socket douille and not socquette (which means in English sock)
x store grand magasin and not store (which means in English blind, shade)
x suit costume and not suite (which means in English rest)
to supply fournir and not supplier (which means in English implore)
x to survey examiner and not surveiller (which means in English supervise)
sympathetic compatissant and not sympathique (which means in English nice, friendly)
x wagon chariot and not wagon (which means in English carriage, car)
diversion = (tiene 2 significados) 1.desviacin (deviation), 2. diversin

COLLOCATIONS: make vs do
make decisions
- make a breakthrough hacer un descubrimiento, avanzar
- make certain asegurar
- make a discovery hacer un descubrimiento
- make a mistake cometer un error
- make sense tener sentido
- make sure (that) asegurarse de que...
- make an appointment concertar una cita (mdico, abogado, ...)
- make arrangements hacer preparativos / planes
- make a bid hacer una oferta, pujar
- make a cancellation cancelar
- make a charge for cobrar a alguien por algo
- make a cheque out to hacer un cheque a alguien
- make a complaint presentar una queja
- make a concession hacer un descuento
- make contact with contactar con
- make demands on exigir
- make an enquiry/inquiry hacer una consulta
- make headway progresar, hacer un progreso
- make an investment realizar una inversin
- make a loss perder, registrar prdidas
- make money hacer dinero
- make an ofer hacer una oferta
- make a packet ganar un montn de dinero (coloquial)
- make an efort hacer un esfuerzo
- make a phone call hacer una llamada
- make a point of doing something hacer algo especificamente
- make a request hacer un peticin
- make preparations hacer preparativos
- make progress progresar
- make a profit tener beneficios
- make a provision hacer previsiones
- make someone redundant despedir por regulacin de empleo
- make a speech/statement/declaration dar un discurso / enunciar / hacer una declaracin
- make a suggestion hacer una sugerencia
- make a trip hacer un viaje breve / excursin
- make use of hacer uso de...
- make work for someone dar ms trabajo a alguien ponindole dificultades
- make the bed hacer la cama
- make breakfast/lunch/dinner hacer el desayuno / la comida / la cena
- make a cake hacer caf
- make (a cup of) cofee/tea hacer una taza de caf / t
- make ends meet ganar suficiente para cubrir los gastos
- make amends enmendar
- make the best of aprovechar al mximo algo
- make a choice hacer una eleccin - make a confession confesar
- make someones day alegrar el da a alguien
- make a diference cambiar algo
- make all the diference cambiar por completo algo
- make an excuse poner una excusa
- make an exception hacer una excepcin
- make eyes at hacerle ojitos a alguien
- make faces hacer gestos (con la cara)
- make a fool of ridiculizar
- make friends with hacerse amigo/a de...
- make fun of reirse de...
- make a fuss about armar jaleo por algo - make a habit of +ing convertir algo en costumbre
- make haste darse prisa
- make love hacer el amor
- make a journey hacer un viaje (largo) - make the most of aprovechar al mximo algo
- make (a) noise hacer (un) ruido
- make peace with hacer las paces con...
- make trouble causar problemas
- make room for hacer sitio para...
- make a success of something convertir algo en un xito
- make up your mind (to) decidirse a...
- make war (on someone) hacer la guerra a alguien
- make a will hacer testamento
- make ones way to ir a un sitio, dirigirse a...
- make way for permitir
- make a pass at someone insinuarsele a alguien (coloquial)
- make a deal (Br. English) hacer un trato
- make an example of someone hacer un ejemplo de alguien

- do an experiment hacer un experimento
- do an operation hacer una operacin
- do research investigar
- do a test hacer un test
- do business hacer negocios
- do a deal (Am English) hacer un trato
- do a (good/bad) job hacer un (buen/mal) trabajo
- do something for a living hacer algo para ganarse la vida
- do a roaring trade tener un negocio exitoso
- do some/any work hacer algo de trabajo, trabajar un poco
- do the housework hacer las tareas domsticas
- do the shopping/ironing/cleaning hacer la compra, planchar, limpiar...
- do repairs hacer reparaciones, reparar
- do away with eliminar, abolir
- do your best hacer algo lo mejor que puedas
- do your bit hacer tu parte, contribuir
- do damage daar
- do your duty cumplir con tu deber
- do an exam hacer un examen
- do evil hacer el mal
- do someone a favour hacerle un favor a alguien
- do good hacer bien, sentar bien
- do someone a good turn hacerle un favor a alguien
- do harm hacer dao
do nothing no hacer nada
- do something/anything hacer algo
- do wonders (for) hacer maravillas para/a...
- could do with hacer bien, necesitar, sentar bien
- do justice to hacer justicia a ...
- do military service hacer el servicio militar
- do your homework hacer los deberes

CONFUSING WORDS (similares en escritura y pronunciacin):

advice = (n) el aviso, el consejo
all ready = totally prepared
all ways = every method
allude = (v) aludir, hacer una referencia indirecta a
amiable = (adj) friendly, kind
appraise = (v) evaluate, establish value or estimate the worth of.
ascent = (n) an upward slope (ascenso); advancement
assure = to make certain (assure someone)
besides = in addition to
breath = (n) respiracin
censor = (v) censurar. censure = (n) censura.
complement = match
cue = (n) 1) pista (hint), seal para recordar ; 2) queue (cola de espera)
decent = well mannered (decente), with decency (decencia)
deprecate = (v) express disapproval of ; depreciate (belittle)
desert = arid, sandy region
disburse = (v) pay out
disinterested = no strong opinion either way; impartial, unbiased
elicit = (v) 1) stir up; provoke; call forth or draw; 2) deduce or derive by reasoning
emigrate = (v) to leave a country
eminent = eminente
envelop = (v) to surround
extant = (adj) existente an, no extinto
fain = (adv) gladly, with joy
farther = beyond
faux = (adj) fake, unreal, artificial (falso)
hoard = (n) a hidden store or stock; (v) collect and lay up, amass and store in secret
ingenious = (adj) ingenioso
lie = (v) rest, recline (descansar) = be lying lie = (n) mentira
loose = (adj, v) not tight (suelto o no agarrado)
meddle = (v) intrude in other people's afairs, interfere
overdo = (v) to do too much
peak = (v) alcanzar el pico o cspide de algo; (n) pico, cima
persecute = perseguir = oppress, harass, mistreat, because for ex: religion or political beliefs, e
personal (adjective) = individual, private
precede = (v) to go before (preceder)
prescribe = (v) to issue commands; order medicine (prescibir)
raise = move sth up. Ex: The state raised taxes; raze = demolish totally, erase, obliterate
arise = surgir (emerge, appear, come up, crop up, pop up), levantarse (get up, stand up, rise, rais
sit = (v) rest (tomar asiento o sentarse)
stationary = still, not moving
swallow = (v) tragar o engullir. shallow = (adj) superficial.
team = equipo
waive = 1) give up (a right or claim) voluntarily, relinquish; 2) refrain from enforcing or insisti
weather = climate
equivocate = (v) use unclear or ambiguous language in order to mislead or conceal the truth.
costume = vesturario costum =
repeatable = repetible (que se puede repetir)
conceal = (v) hide; keep secret = esconder, encubrir, recatar, ocultar
sensible = sensato, juicioso, razonable, prudente
means = medios, vas = methods, ways
actually = realmente, de hecho
demonstrate = prove (probar algo o demostrarlo); make a demonstration (protesta en las calles)
further vs farther:
ver video youtube: Further vs. Farther - Merriam-Webster Ask the Ed
Tal como dice la publicacinn de Meriam-Webster significan lo mismo: They started as same word, but their meanings have drift

farther = further = (adv) ms lejos (further, farther, furthest, beyond, furthermost), ms all (beyond, further, above, farther), ad

Ejemplos de Google Translate de "farther":

How much farther could Scott push this charade without outright lying?
And as she drew farther away in the distance, it seemed truer than ever before.
For those with the courage and creativity to think bigger and push farther , the future is most
certainly now.
Do not try to clear the throat with your finger because you might push the obstruction
even farther down the windpipe.

How about Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and, to a farther extent, China, Korea and Japan?
She had wanted to swim and explore farther , but she didn't know it was night.
Harder, she pushed herself harder and harder until her body shook with exertion and even
then she pushed herself farther .

He was heading to the farther , darker side of Tokyo - didn't he realize that?

As temperatures rise, their range will be pushed farther north and they'll become more
susceptible to fire.
Investors who think the dollar has farther to fall have been pouring money into foreign
stocks and bonds.
At the lead of the column was Sir Ian Healn, and with every stride, his horse Ladyfoot was
pushing just a little farther ahead.
The main frustration is that every cycle, every four years, we get pushed farther
and farther away from the candidate.
One of the horses near the head of the train shifted and snorted, skittering nervously to
the farther side of the road.

At farther distances, the array loses its tight vertical-pattern control.

It is fun to hear them pushing themselves farther than ever before.

Slowly I pushed the doors open farther , and they spread out before us.
For more restless folk, it might mean artistic ventures and explorations farther afield.

You'll also be able to stretch to a farther point as you become more flexible.

He pulled out a piece of paper and frowned, stuffing it back in and pushing his
hand farther down into the contents of the drawer.

Amy stated this flatly, and started to go towards the bolted door at the farther side of the

I nodded wordlessly and pushed my hair farther in front of my face.

Your dollars will go farther if you are selective in your markets, and focus on those who can
spread the word for you.

But even they could not stamp it out entirely in the farther reaches of their empires.

Rocky shook his head and reached out to push the bag farther from him.

But the truth is that they're an example of applied technology enabling athletes to
push farther .

I let her run away and when the sounds of her footfalls were farther of in the distance, I
made my way silently to the edge.

The academic misadventure was forging a specialist in the farther reaches of stress.

This is because low frequencies have longer wavelengths and can travel farther distances.

The door on the farther side of the room was the door to a balcony that had a table and a
set of folding stairs leading to the pool.

Adrenaline flooded my system, pushing my limits further, pushing myself farther .

Types of collocation:
There are several diferent types of collocation made from combinations of verb, noun,
adjective etc. Some of the most common types are:

adverb + adjective: completely satisfied (NOT downright satisfied)

adjective + noun: excruciating pain (NOT excruciating joy)
noun + noun: a surge of anger (NOT a rush of anger)
noun + verb: lions roar (NOT lions shout)
verb + noun: commit suicide (NOT undertake suicide)
verb + expression with preposition: burst into tears (NOT blow up in tears)
verb + adverb: wave frantically (NOT wave feverishly)
Examples of collocations:
1. adverb + adjective
Invading that country was an utterly stupid thing to do.
We entered a richly decorated room.
Are you fully aware of the implications of your action?

2. adjective + noun
The doctor ordered him to take regular exercise.
The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage.
He was writhing on the ground in excruciating pain.

3. noun + noun
Let's give Mr Jones a round of applause.
The ceasefire agreement came into efect at 11am.
I'd like to buy two bars of soap please.

4. noun + verb
The lion started to roar when it heard the dog barking.
Snow was falling as our plane took off.
The bomb went off when he started the car engine.

5. verb + noun
The prisoner was hanged for committing murder.
I always try to do my homework in the morning, after making my bed.
He has been asked to give a presentation about his work.

6. verb + expression with preposition

We had to return home because we had run out of money.
At first her eyes filled with horror, and then she burst into tears.
Their behaviour was enough to drive anybody to crime.

7. verb + adverb
She placed her keys gently on the table and sat down.
Mary whispered softly in John's ear.
I vaguely remember that it was growing dark when we left.

Similar verbs which are TRANSITIVE or INTRANSITIVE:

arise, rise

ESPAOL women
wife wives
life lives
elf elves
loaf loaves
potato potatoes
tomato tomatoes
cactus cacti
focus foci
fungus fungi
nucleus nuclei
criterion criteria
datum data
todas las posesiones de alguien espsyllabus syllabi/syllabuses
analysis analyses
knife knives
diagnosis diagnoses
oasis oases
thesis theses
crisis crises
phenomenon phenomena
tomar decisiones = make decisions (no: take decisions)
Pasado de Verbos regulares donde se duplica la ltima letra:
chop chopped
hop hopped
knit knitted
mop mopped
plan planned
occur occurred
skip skipped
stir stirred
stop stopped
transfer transferred
trim trimmed

advise = (v) avisar. advisor = (n) consejero

already = by this time (ya)
always = siempre
elude = (v) 1) eludir, evadir; 2) ser incomprensible, escapar del entendimiento de.
amicable = (adj) agreeable, showing good will
apprise = (v) give notice or information to; make aware of; inform.
assent = (n) aggrement, concurrence, consent (asentimiento, consentimiento)
ensure = to make certain (check for yourself); insure = to make certain (financial value)
beside = next to
breathe = (v) respirar; breadth = (n) width (ancho)
sensor = (n) sensor, instrumento de medicin
compliment = praise
queue = (n) line of waiting people or vehicles; list of sequencial tasks
descent = decline, fall (descender); dissent = (v) disaggre (disentir)
depreciate = (v) despreciar (belittle)
dessert = sweet served after a meal
disperse = (v) dispersar
uninterested = dont care
illicit = illegal
immigrate = (v) to enter a new country
imminate = inminente emanate = emanar
envelope = (n) paper wrapping for a letter (sobre)
extent = (n) extensin
feign = (v) fingir (pretend)
further = additional
foe = (n) enemy, adversary, opponent
horde = (n) a large group or crowd, a vast multitude
ingenuous = (adj) ingenuo
lay = (v) place, set down (dejar algo en un lugar)
lose = (v) perder
mettle = (n) courage, fortitude, spirit
overdue = (adv) late
peek = (v) glance quickly or peer at furtively; (n) brief look; pique = (v) enojar o irritar, resentir a alguien (vex), provoke or arouse
prosecute = (v) 1) bring a criminal action against; 2) carry on, continue, practice
personnel (noun) = employees
proceed = (v) proceder; proceeds = profits (ganancias de $)
proscribe = (v) prohibit, forbid by law (proscribir)
rise = go up. Ex: The balloon rises because it's filled with helium
arised = (adj) surgido. Conjugac en pasado del verbo "arise"
set = (v) put, place (dejar algo en un lugar)
stationery = writing material
sallow = (adj) incoloro o plido; enfermo o de color plido
teem = (v) be full of; be present in large numbers
wave = move up & down, or back and forth, undulate; ola (water)
whether = if
SPA: equivocarse
custom = customize =
respectable = respetable, honorable, decente respectful = respetuoso
conciliate = (v) conciliar (llegar a un acuerdo entre los miembros) council = (n) concilio
sensitive = sensible, delicado, fcilmente afectado (fsica o emocionalmente)
mean (n) = promedio, intermedio, ordinario; pobre; tacao, mezquino, ruin; (v) significar, pretender, suponer
actual = current, nowadays
demonstration = manifestacin o protesta en las calles para apoyar u oponerse contra algo
Further vs. Farther - Merriam-Webster Ask the Editor
rted as same word, but their meanings have drifted apart over time

ost), ms all (beyond, further, above, farther), adems (also, besides, further, moreover, furthermore, farther); (adj) ms lejano (farthest, farther, furthest, further, further

Ejemplos de Google Translate de "further":

to further your career
I can't run any further
to give sth further consideration

prices fell further

he hits the ball further than me

to improve sth further
they live further south

he wants to go further in the


it seems further

they further claimed that ...

the storm damaged it further

how much further is the hotel?

she'd like further information

she was at the further side of the

he walked no further than the
further, ...
I went no further

To all well-willers
and furtherers of Plantations in
New England, especially to such as
ever have or desire to assist the
people of Plymouth in their just
proceedings, grace and peace be

All going to plan, this will expose

each band to new
ears, furthering their own
audience development.

But it must not be supposed that

reason is malign, the furtherer of
ill counsels only.

He would do well to distinguish

between violence
which furthers the cause of
human freedom, and this
repellent violence which kills
thousands of workers in the name
of fundamentalism.
Those that in the very first place
shall endeavor to redress the
grievances, will be found not to
hinder, but to be the
best furtherers of his majesty's

What does it matter so long as

he furthers the agenda?

We should integrate literacy into

play only if it furthers a play
theme in progress, and we should
avoid literacy props that may
distract children from make-

Yet both groups claim to

be furthering the interests of the
child in promoting their preferred
form of custody.

He saw it as the next step in the

future of the town and a natural
step forward in furthering the
aims and objectives of the
Development Association.

The Texas statute furthers no

legitimate state interest which can
justify its intrusion into the
personal and private life of the

Therefore those that find scholars

to school, they are helpers
and furthererstoward this
kingdom; and truly it is needful
that there be made some
provision for them.

More importantly
he's furthering his art-form by
developing full hour shows.

It requires the youngsters to be

away from home for a fortnight
and furthers their academic
education or gives them a chance
to get a taster of subjects like
archaeology not taught in school.
, farther, furthest, further, furthermost, utmost), lejano (far, distant, remote, faraway, farther, outlying), ulterior (subsequent, later, ulterior, farther), opuesto (opposite, op
ater, ulterior, farther), opuesto (opposite, opposed, reverse, contrary, facing, converse), ms remoto (outermost, further, farther, ultimate), de ms all (further, farther), s
er, ultimate), de ms all (further, farther), superior (top, upper, higher, superior, high, advanced), supletorio (further, farther), nuevo (new, fresh, further, novel, renewed,
nuevo (new, fresh, further, novel, renewed, recent), complementario (complementary); (verb) adelantar (advance, overtake, bring forward, further, pass, farther), promo
bring forward, further, pass, farther), promover (promote, foster, advance, boost, forward, farther), fomentar (promote, encourage, foster, further, develop, farther)
age, foster, further, develop, farther)
1400 = "fourteen hundred". ASI DEBO DECIR COLOQUIAL O FORMALMENTE cualquier numero entre 1100-9900. No "one thou

INFORMALIDADES DEL SPEAKING: Slo en speaking (informal). Jams en el writing (formal o informal): "wanna", "gonna", "gott
wanna: I want to (verb infinitive) = I wanna (verb infinitive). Eliminar "to", ej: I wanna rest.
gonna: I'm going to (verb infinitive) = I gonna (verb infinitive). Eliminar "to", ej: I gonna rest.
gotta: I've got to do my homework = I gotta do my homework = I have to do my homework
coulda o couldav = could have
shoulda o shouldav = should have
woulda o wouldav = would have
musta = must to
lotsa = a lot of; sorta = a sort of; kinda = a kind of

"get" es el verbo ms usado en el ingls coloquial cotidiano. En la serie TV "Friends" veo q lo usan a cada rato para decir cualqu
I've got = Yo tengo..., Yo pesqu..., Yo estoy..., Me he puesto..., Yo (esta expresin tiene mucha aplicacin, es m
gotta = got to; have gotta = tener que. Ej: I've gotta go = Me tengo que ir. Ej: This has gotta be killing her = Esto
Pero no usar "have got" en vez de "have" en estos casos: have breakfast (not: I've got breakfast), have dinner, hav
get the best of = (Ej: Dont let your nerves get the best of you during your interview)
I'm getting

1er ao = freshman (novato) = rucky; 2do ao = sophomore; 3er ao = junior; 4to ao = senior
education = "ediucation" o "eyucation" (la "d" slo para esta palabra muchos gringos la pronuncian como nuestra "y")
es muy usado en el speaking "first of all" que se significa "firstly", pero la gente lo pronuncia como "firstable" (lo cual no existe
Gracias a Dios = Thank to God (expresin de agradecimiento)
It doesn't make sense = It makes no sense = Eso no tiene sentido
afraid. I'm afraid that it won't be possible, sorry = Me temo que eso no ser posible, lo siento.
Respecto a ; Referente a...; En relacin con ; = Regarding to ; In relation to ;
Segn fulano, los hechos ocurrieron as: ; According to fulano, the facts happend so:
Despus de todo = After all; Despus de todo, s vali la pena el viaje = After all, the trip is worth
Con permiso = Make room, please. (se usa cuando quiero pasar y necesito que la persona se haga a un lado; lo grosero
Yo pas mi tiempo (me tom mi tiempo) = I did my time
Vale la pena = It's worth it. No vale la pena pelear = It's not worth fighting.
como tal = as such
once in a while = de vez en cuando
ojal = hopefully; lamentablemente = pitifully
to take over the task = asumir la tarea = tomar la posta a futuro
con el fin de (para) = in order to
para + V + que tanta falta nos hace = to + V + that is so lacking in us. Ex: to develop the research that is so lacking in us
Here you go! = Aqu tienes!
so do you = ud tambin. Ex: I love America and so do you.
It's only matter of time = Es slo cuestin de tiempo
se puede decir as (ms abreviadamente) cuando hablo: B.A. (Bachelor), Graduate (Postgraduate) para ahorrar tiempo en el s
no importa = don't care (BAD SENSE, no importarte "un comino"); don't mind (GOOD SENSE "no complicarte") The footbal
just the two of us = slo nosotros dos.
anyway... = de todas formas...
it's about to be... = est a punto de ser
in such a way = de tal forma que
By the way,... = Por cierto,...
by using the = mediante el uso de el
"acabar de hacer algo" se traduce con have + just + p.p. (ej: I have just arrived of the work)
and so on = " y as". Es como un etc.
somehow = (adv) de algn modo, by some/any means, in some way, in one way or another. Ex: somehow I managed to get t
somewhat = (adv) algo, algn tanto, en tanto, un poco, a little, a bit, to some extent, (up) to a point, in some measure. Ex: m
somewhere else
somewhere = (adv) en algn
= algn otrolado,
to some place, end
probably somewhere, someplace.
up somewhere else) Ex: I've seen you somewhere before. Ex:

whoever = quienquiera, quien sea, cualquiera (persona)

whenever wherever = siempre donde quiera. whenever you want = cuando quieras.
That makes no sense = Eso no tiene sentido
The fact is, = El hecho es que, (explicacin)
What's has you been up? = Qu has estado haciendo ? What's up? = What's going on? = What's happening?
well known as (seudnimo o apodo) = mejor conocido como
So it is quite properly = Por lo que es bastante adecuado... (ej: So it is quite properly called a desert = Por lo que se llama con
How long ago did you ?
I can't stand/bear = No aguanto = No soporto (porque ya estoy harto de algo). (Ej: I can't stand him. He drives me crazy. Ej: I
is no longer... = ya no es... Ex: The environment is no longer a fringe issue = El medio ambiente ya no es un problema sin imp
Don't take that tone with me = No me hables en ese tono.
No way! = Ni hablar! = No hay forma = Ni modo!
as though = as if = como si. Ex: The sky is dark. It looks as though it will start raining soon.
on a given day = on any given day = on every day = on any particular day
me consta que = I have proven that
to grasp some concepts = entender/captar/moder algunos conceptos
I wonder if = Me pregunto si . Ex: I wonder how can I help you.
desde all... = since then = from that moment
B.A. = Bacherlor Arts (es ms rpido decir BA para referirme a mi ttulo de pregrado), as como es mejor decir "Graduate cours
, ok so far: esta expresin se usa para chequear si el que me escucha me entendi lo q acab de decir.
resemble = asemejarse, parecerse
called = "llamado" + nombre propio
SPEAKING (PREGUNTA 1 y 2) USAR: due to = because of
over there = all (de algn pas o lugar muy lejano q acabo de nombrar previamente)
It must have been = Debe haber estado Ex: The traffic must have been terrible = El trfico debe haber estado terrible
I had understood that = Tena entendido que ...
Let me + v(inf) = Permtame + v(inf). Ex: Let me find it.
a punto: You are about to save this = estas a punto de guardar esto
he blew out of proportion = he exaggerated
how come ? = cmo as ? = por qu ? (ex: how come you are so late? = Por qu llegas tan tarde?)
this is hanging out of hands = esto se est escapando de las manos para aprender traducciones de usu
back and forth = ida y vuelta (ej: I have to commute every day to Durn back and SPEAKING MAGOOSH TIPS:
rite of passage = A ritual that marks a change in a person's social or sexual status. An acti
You said it = Que conste!
I nailed it = Le acert !!
by means of the = por medio del
it's no use = no hay remedio ! (no tienes compn !)
Make haste = apresrate (Ex: Make haste to help me = Date prisa en socorrerme)
no longer = no ms, ya no ms (referente al tiempo). Ex: That model of TV are no longer used; today, the flat screens are only s
Podra haber algo = There might be something. Debera haber algo = There should be something.
It's up to you = t decides
I'm of = Me voy (es una despedida informal).
I'm blue =
Nunca usar "2 persons" o "3 persons" o ms as, para decir eso debo hacerlo con "people" (2 people, 3 people, etc). Slo se us
I was wondering if ... = me preguntaba si ... Ex: I was wondering if you could
como de costumbre = as usual. Ex: I'll come to the meeting at 18h30 as usual.
once for a while = de vez en cuando
Da la casualidad que = It happens to
stick with my choice = mantenerme en mi eleccin
I'll give you that = I agree with you.
so be it = y punto !!! (an expression of acceptance or resignation). Ex: I'm going to do it, whether you like it or not, and so be
Yo tampoco = Me neither (informal) = Neither do I (formal) = I don't either (formal)
I have been meaning to say that... = What I am meaning is = What I am attempting to say...
Last but not least,
The more, the merrier = mientras ms, mejor
o entre 1100-9900. No "one thousand four hundred"

nformal): "wanna", "gonna", "gotta"

usan a cada rato para decir cualquier cosa con diferentes phrasal verbs, formas y combinaciones, con "getting", "gotta", etc, ... con connota
sin tiene mucha aplicacin, es muy usada en el ingls britnico x ej en vez de "I have a "). Ej: Tengo una queja = I've got a complain. Ej: E
This has gotta be killing her = Esto tiene que estar matndola. Ej: She's gotta be taking it hard = She's got to be taking it hard = Ella tiene
e got breakfast), have dinner, have a cup of tea, have sth to eat, have a bath, have a holiday, have a shower, have a walk, have a swim, have

uncian como nuestra "y")

como "firstable" (lo cual no existe en el diccionario)

ona se haga a un lado; lo grosero sera: "get out" = fuera de aqu = lrgate)

research that is so lacking in us

ate) para ahorrar tiempo en el speaking usar este tipo de palabras o expresiones abreviadas q todos conocen.
no complicarte") The football players didn't care about the game, for that reason they lost so embarrasingly (en este ej se est tratando
Ex: somehow I managed to get the job done
point, in some measure. Ex: matters have improved somewhat since then
n you somewhere before. Ex: (pronoun) In search of somewhere to live.

on? = What's happening?

desert = Por lo que se llama con toda propiedad un desierto)

d him. He drives me crazy. Ej: I can't stand any more).

nte ya no es un problema sin importancia (fringe = al margen, marginado).

o es mejor decir "Graduate courses" (o Master o PhD) en vez de "Postgraduate courses"

o debe haber estado terrible

ara aprender traducciones de usuales o muy usadas frases ver mi libro 159_Traducciones_Para_Las_Escuelas (english-espaol).pdf
; today, the flat screens are only sold.
people, 3 people, etc). Slo se usara persons en documentos legales o en partes como en un elevador (max 10 persons).

ether you like it or not, and so be it !!! = Lo voy a hacer, as te guste o no, y punto !!!. Ex: I will choose one of them, it is what it is, so be it
tting", "gotta", etc, ... con connotaciones de tener algo, tener q hacer algo, llegar a ser o convertirse, volverse algo, conseguir, etc
queja = I've got a complain. Ej: Estoy aburrido = I've got bored. Ej: Estoy perdido = I've got lost.
ot to be taking it hard = Ella tiene que estar tomndolo duro = Ella lo debe estar pasando duro. Ej: One of us has got to be strong = One o
r, have a walk, have a swim, have an accident (= I hurt myself), have a glass of water (= drink)

asingly (en este ej se est tratando de satanizar la mala o poca deportiva actitud de los jugadores q tuvo como efecto la tremenda goleada q
elas (english-espaol).pdf
ax 10 persons).

ne of them, it is what it is, so be it.

rse algo, conseguir, etc

of us has got to be strong = One of us has gotta be strong. = Uno de nosotros tiene q ser fuerte. Ej: You've gotta tell her. Tienes que cont

omo efecto la tremenda goleada q les propinaron).

've gotta tell her. Tienes que contrselo a ella. Ej: I've got a plan = Tengo un plan. Ej: There's gotta be something else that you can do
e something else that you can do = Tiene q haber algo ms q puedas hacer. COLOQUIALMENTE X HABLAR RPIDO LA GENTE OMIT
HABLAR RPIDO LA GENTE OMITE EL VERBO "HAVE" ANTES DE "GOTTA": Ej: I gotta say that... = Tengo que decir que ... Ej: I gotta admit
e decir que ... Ej: I gotta admit it = Lo tengo que admitir.
Adverb Clauses (de Purdue OWL, Writing TOEFL Barron, etc):
compare/simicondition contrast manner place unexpected cause effect
likewise if although as where however because as a result
similar to in case even though in that wherever nevertheless due to consequently
like, alike provided though still one cause is one result is
similarly providing while nonetheless if then therefore
just as unless whereas although since thus
both and whether on the other hand even though leads to so
not only butotherwise on the contrary because of hence
neither nor in/by comparision created by results in
vis a vis in/by contrast caused by otherwise
resemble (asejemarse) yet, while yet
the best/least still
either or however/nonetheless/nevertheless
common in conversely (x el contrario)
in a like manner meanwhile
almost the same as less/more than
at the same time as unlike
in the same way difer from
rather than
instead of
TRANSITIONAL EXPRESSIONS (tomado del libro de TOEFL CAMBRIDGE 4th Ed page 165 y de The Complete Guide TOEFL ibt B
qualify but, however, although, yet, except for
emphasize surely, certainly, even, actually especially, in fact, indeed, above all, most importantly, definitely, extremely, obvio
illustrate for example = for instance = i.e., next, thus, such, such as, namely, called
contrast unlike, in contrast, whereas, on the other hand, instead, however = nevertheless = nonetheless, conversely (x el c
concede although = though = even though, yet, of course, after all
conclude finally, in conclusion, at last, therefore, thus, in summary, to sum up/summing up, in brief, on the whole, to conclu
add in addition, furthermore, also, what's more, besides, moreover, next, then, first, second (etc)
similarity similarly, likewise, like, alike, as, in the same way, both, equally important, in addition, plus, resemble (asejemarse
explain now, in fact, in this case, at this point, in other words, to clarify, as well as, as long as, to paraphrase, such as, nam
consequence therefore, thus, hence, as a result, consequently, accordingly, otherwise, concurrently
sequence first and foresmost ( = most important), last but not least, above all, after that, afterwards, later, next, then, finally
a pesar de + subject = despite = in spite of. Estas 2 conjunciones no se usan para unir oraciones completas (como although o

Useful Academic Expressions: according to the reading, = segn la lectura,

1. Stating your own position on a Subject or Topic cannot NO USAR CONTRACCIONES EN ESCRITO FORMAL !!!!!!
This paper aims at... namely = that is to say = to wit = "osea" + nombre. Ex: There's always on
This paper will be concerned with... altogether = ???????? Ex: Altogether you will have 20 minutes to plan
The aim of this paper is to conversely = por el contrario, contrariamente (opuestamente)
The point of this article is to reverse = contrario, opuesto, reverso, inverso; voltear, invertir
It shall be argued in this paper/essay/review that vice versa = viceversa
The view presented in this paper/essay/review is thatgranted that = tomando como hecho que
granted that = since = dado que
merely = meramente mere = (adj) mero, puro, absoluto
2. Presenting your own point of view that is = osea, es decir.
I strongly believe that... Rather, I think that = I rather think that = Yo ms bien pienso
To my mind... against of
As I see it.... before/after the (MAL: before/after of the)
It seems to me evident/obvious that... aforementioned = antes mencinado (se usa para hacer referencia
I feel that... At end, (nunca escribir "In the end,")
I think/contend that... plenty of = a lot of. Ex: There is plenty of food for everyone.
There are many reasons why rather than = instead of
It is important/necessary to point out that No escribir "like" en vez de "as" para decir como, es ms formal siempre u
The first thing to be considered is
It is a fact that
I feel this way for two reasons.

3. Supporting your view and adding more information:

Equally important,
The first/second reason whyis
Firstly and foremost/Secondly...
not only ...but also...
The most important
A further point is Jams se escriben en plural:
Furthermore/Besides/In adittion/Moreover, homework
What is more,
Another reason is

4. Stating the view of Another Person on a Subject or Topic

Harris's approch (1970, p. 1) can be described as follows...
Chomsky (1965, p. 133) maintains/argues/asserts/claiPalabras que acostumbro a escribirlas mal (SPELLING ERROR):
The authors views can be stated as follows... psychological
The opinion of Chomsky (1965, p. 133) is that standardized
Chomsky (1965, p. 133)) has suggested that . collectively
According to Smith (1992, p. 123), definitively
It is thought by some theorists, for example, Chomskyundoubtedly = indudablemente
another (NO EXISTE anothers)
5. Agreeing with the Views of Others incarcerated (NO encarcelated)
I don't agree with the authors ideas/thoughts...becaufounder (NO foundator)
I don't think the author's views are accurate...becausespiritual (NO espiritual)
Chomsky (1965, p. 133) is certainly/may be correct/aaccompanied (NO accompained)
As Chomsky (1965, p. 133) says/states erradicate (no eradicate)
Like Chomsky (1965, p. 133), it can be agreed that favour (NO favor)
assiduous: asiduo
occasion; occasionally
6. Disagreeing with the Views of Others a university (no se escribe "an university" porq lo q prima es el sonido d
Chomsky (1965, p. 133) fails to address the issue when he says "" because
When Chomsky (1965, p. 133) argues that . his reasoning is questionable because.
One of the main arguments against Chomsky (1965, p. 133) and Harris (1970, p. 1) is that
Harris (1970) approach/position/methods is/are somewhat inadequate/inaccurate/insufficient because
There is some doubt that
7. Indicating a Lack of Knowledge in a Particular Topic or Subject
Despite the book's attempts to... it lacks accuracy...
What I find lacking in the research is...
Although the research has tended to focus on..rather less attention has been paid to
Most studies, such as Harris (1970, p. 1) and Chomsky (1965, p. 133) have emphasized/concentrated on/focused on inadequat

8. Drawing a Conclusion Using the Work of Others

To sum up, / To sum it up, ...
INFORMAL: In a nutshell, = En pocas palabras,...
As a conclusion, ...
As a summary, ...
All in all, ...
As a whole, ...
To conclude, ...
Based on these authors, a connection can be made between
It can be concluded from what Jones (2004, p. 2) and Smith (2002, p. 1) have stated that... is
When Smiths (2001, p.52) work/paper is looked at closely, it is seen that
One outcome of Smiths (2001, p.52) work/paper/research is

Para opinion essays: El introduction paragraph siempre debe tener el "Thesis Statement" comenzado con los chunks: "In my op
INFORMALIDADES DEL WRITING NO USAR: whatever, whoever, whichever DECIR EN CAMBIO: everything, anywhere, anyho
to prove to repeat give an examto show exceto show time
because in brief for example yet immediately
for as has been for instance still thereafter = after that
since as I have not in this case however soon
for the same reason in another canevertheless after a few hours
obviously on this occasin spite of finally
evidently in this situat despite then
furthermore take the caseof course later
moreover to demonstraonce in a whipreviously
besides to illustrate sometimes formerly (previously)
indeed as an illustration meanwhile
in fact called (nombre propio) during
in addition namely (osea + nombre) afterward
in any case as well as at last
that is (osea) in the meantime
as soon as
eventually (alguna vez en el futuro, en el final)

The Complete Guide TOEFL ibt Bruce Rogers):

antly, definitely, extremely, obviously, in any case, absolutely, positively, naturally, surprisingly, always, forever, perennially, eternally, never,

= nonetheless, conversely (x el contrario), notwithstanding

p, in brief, on the whole, to conclude, in conclusion, as I have shown, accordingly

second (etc)
ition, plus, resemble (asejemarse)
g as, to paraphrase, such as, namely

fterwards, later, next, then, finally, lastly, following this, at this time/point, subsequently, previously, before this, next and then, soon
nes completas (como although o however) sino slo para colocar sujetos o sustantivos delante de ellas.


+ nombre. Ex: There's always one person stuck with cleaning up the mess, namely me (osea a yo, al ms cojudo siempre se le cargan)
you will have 20 minutes to plan and write your integrated essay. T
ente (opuestamente)
erso; voltear, invertir

mero, puro, absoluto

para aprender traducciones de usuales o muy usadas frases ver mi libro 159_Traducciones_Para_Las_Escuelas (en
= Yo ms bien pienso WRITING MAGOOSH TIPS (pero la mayora de tips ya estn en los 3 pdfs q baj):
usa para hacer referencia
food for everyone.
ir como, es ms formal siempre
usar "as". Usar "as" incluso como linking cuando quiero interconectar dos oraciones independientes (conju

Prepositional Idioms (tomado del libro TOEFL Exam Essentials New York):
according to, depend on/upon, next to
afraid of, equal to, of the opinion
anxious about, except for, on top of
apologize to (someone), fond of, opposite of
apologize for (something), from now on, prior to
approve of, from time to time, proud of
ashamed of, frown on/upon, regard to
aware of, full of, related to
blame (someone) for, glance at/through, rely on/upon
blame (something) on, grateful to (someone), respect for
grateful for (something), responsible for
bored with, in accordance with, satisfied with
capable of, incapable of, similar to
compete with, in conflict, sorry for
mal (SPELLING ERROR): complain about, inferior to, suspicious of
composed of, insist on/upon, take care of
concentrate on, in the habit of, thank (someone) for
concerned with,
in the near future,
congratulate on, interested in, tired of
conscious of, knowledge of, with regard to
consist of
work on in order to focus on
agree on related to based on = based upon
concentrate depend on
blame on = culpar a (ej: culpar al gobierno = blame on the government)

y" porq lo q prima es el sonido de la primera letra del sustantivo)

t because
ntrated on/focused on inadequate /insufficient.

enzado con los chunks: "In my opinion", "Personally", "In my mind".

IO: everything, anywhere, anyhow, anytime.
ver, perennially, eternally, never, emphatically, unquestionably, without a doubt, certainly, undeniably, without reservation

e this, next and then, soon

s cojudo siempre se le cargan)

ducciones_Para_Las_Escuelas (english-espaol).pdf
thout reservation

Dankeschn. Danke noch einmal.

hallo, ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch. Kann ich mit dir ben?

Ich werde mein Bestes geben dir zu helfen = Dar lo mejor de m para ayudarte

Weit du schon an welcher Uni in Deutschland du studieren willst?

Im Bezug auf... = In relation to = En relacin con...

Es ist aber wahr, dass... = Pero es verdad, que ...

Ich wei noch nicht genau, was ich studieren mchte = I don't know exactly, what I want to study.

In meiner Freizeit spiele ich gerne Fuball, zudem mag ich Jogging, Zeit mit meinen Freunden zu verbringen, und meine Verwa

Obwohl ich noch nie ins Ausland gereist bin, ist es mein Traum die Welt zu sehen. = Aunque nunca he estado en el exterior, es

Ich mchte die Neokatechumenalen Gemeinschaften ... kontactieren = Quiero contactar...

Meine Arbeit gefllt mir sehr gut = Mi trabajo me gusta mucho.
Mi self-intro: Mein Name ist Oscar, Elektrotechnik Ingenieur, und ich bin 27 Jahre alt. Ich
studiere Deutsch weil ich in Deutschland einen PhD-Studiengang an einer guten Universitt
studieren mchte. Obwohl ich noch nie ins Ausland gereist bin, ist es mein Traum die Welt zu
sehen. In meiner Freizeit spiele ich gerne Fuball, zudem mag ich Jogging, Schwimmen,
Philosophische Texte lesen, Religion, Psychologie, Sprachen lernen, Zeit mit meinen Freunden zu
verbringen, und meine Verwandten zu besuchen.

ara ayudarte

w exactly, what I want to study.

Zeit mit meinen Freunden zu verbringen, und meine Verwandten zu besuchen = En mi tiempo libre me gusta jugar ftbol tambin me gust

Welt zu sehen. = Aunque nunca he estado en el exterior, es mi sueo conocer el mundo

en = Quiero contactar...
jugar ftbol tambin me gusta trotar, pasar tiempo con mis amigos, y visitar mis parientes.
kennenzulernen = meet = conocer a alguien
ich wrde = I would ich wrde gerne = I'd like = me gustara
ich will = quiero = ich mchte ich mag = meich mchte gerne = me gustara
bis dann = hasta luego bis bald = hasta pronto.
Dank noch einmal = gracias una vez ms
damit = in order to Damit whrend = So during ...
ber = sobre (encima) = about
Abschlussarbeit = tesis = trabajo de graduacin
Master-Studiengang = Maestra-Postgrado
Obwohl = aunque
noch nie = never = nunca
sowie = as sowie = sowohl = as = as well as
genau = agree. Ja genau = S as es.
gerne = gladly Ja gerne = S con gusto.
vielleicht = maybe
ziemlich = bastante
weil = because
ruhig = tranquilo
richtig = correcto
wichtig = importante
fertig = ready
oder = or = o
solange = as long as = mientras
danach = despus = after vorher = bevor = vor = antes = before
bis = until = hasta
jetzt = ahora gerade = right now
letze = last = ltimo
nach = to (to any place) = a, hacia (algun lugar)
ein bisschen vor/von = a bit of
Wie lange ... ? = How long ... ?
Das klingt doch schon super ! = Eso suena sper !
verschieden = diferentes verschieden vom = diferent from
mussen (modal verb) = must
durch = by
Auerdem = Adems, Tambin (al comienzo de una oracin).
die Erluterung = explicacin
die Nachricht = el mensaje
mit = con
there = dort, da, dorthin, dabei, dahin, dazu
yet = noch, bisher, schon, dabei, bis jetzt
wieder = again
nchste = next
Eltern = parents = padres
deswegen = therefore
schon = yet = already = ya
Naja... = Well...
Achso... =
trotzdem =

Spanish is
hard but
= figthing = go go go; good luck; do your best; let's go = it's a typical tengas un ,
encouragement korean phrase buen da =
what's .
your name ?
? you

later dear

friend =
spanish native
= hola (el speaker and
buenos know english
das no es also. I'd like
un saludo improve my little
para korean with you
ellos); and exchange
my spanish or
english to help
= gracias; you. Hola te
puedo ayudar
? = con el espaol o
how are ingls, soy de
. . you? Ecuador. Me
. I
? really want to
. 26 . . . practice with
. . you, but please
. . don't worry if
= sometimes I
I have just started to learn your difficult but very interesting language. Mi lengua don't replay in
nativa es espaol. But I can talk with you in english comfortably. I'm applying for weeks, because
a scolarship to study in Korea the next year, for this reason I ask you for help with of this is my last
the idiom. The South Korean's Government is giving scolarships to many semester, I'm

countries, and I want to get advantage of it. very busy doing
my thesis, and
Voy a aplicar este ao en octubre a KHU (master+phd o sea el programa . hope to graduate
combinado) y si no me aceptan aplicar a la beca KGSP. Mi rea de inters es la in October, but
ingeniera mecatrnica, robtica, automatizacin y control industrial. Quiero sobre = Te I'm applying for a
todo ir a KAIST o sino a POSTECH, SNU u otras de las mejores = I'm going to apply extraar. scolarship to
to KHU in october and if it doesn't result I'll apply in march to KGSP scolarship (to Hasta study in Korea
3 options: KAIST, SNU, POSTECH). pronto. the next year, for
this reason I ask
, I really want to practice with you, but please don't worry if you for help :)
sometimes I don't replay in weeks, because of this is my last semester, I'm very
busy doing my thesis, and hope to graduate in October. . .

muy .

. Eres tan
bueno/a. .
Eres to
nice muy

meet you
you? My =
name is ?
Oscar. I
am 26
. 26
years old.
I'm .
Ecuadoria .
n people.
I'm atal, ,
nombre .
Thanks =

once again
= .
hd o sea el started to learn
programa your difficult but
combinado very interesting
) y si no language. Mi
me cojen lengua nativa es
aplicar a espaol. But I
la beca can talk with you
KGSP). Mi in english
rea de comfortably. I'm
inters es applying for a
la scolarship to
ingeniera study in Korea
mecatrni the next year, for
ca, this reason I ask
robtica, you for help with
automatiz the idiom. The
acin y South Korean's
control Government is
industrial. giving
Quiero scolarships to
sobre todo many countries,
ir a KAIST
want, you and I want to get
can send
me a
to add
you. My fb
is oscar
Do you
kakao ?
The mine
is Oscar
kgsp =
snu =
Ich und meine
habe Abschlussarbei
n. Danke
vor t ist ber die
seit 6 Synchronisatio
einmal. Of
Jahren n von
Deuts Generatoren.
Ausdruck =
ch Damit
des Selbst
studie whrend eines
Dankes = versta
rt, Blackouts, z.B.
Expresin ndlich
aber in einem
nicht Krankenhaus,
stndi die
g Generatoren
bin 26 you an
Deutsc hallo,
Jahre alt. important
hland ich
In meiner thing, that it's
einen sprec
Freizeit please don't
Master hen
spiele ich worry if I don't
- ein
gerne replay in
Studie bissch
Fuball, weeks,
ngang en
zudem because of this
an von
mag ich is my last
einer Deuts
Jogging, semester, I'm
guten ch.
Schwimm very busy
Univer Kann
en, doing my
sitt ich
Philosophi thesis, and
studier uben
sche Texte hope to
en mit
lesen, graduate in
mcht dir?
Religion, October. I
e. Hola
Psychologi promise I will
Obwoh soy
e, return in
l ich Oscar,
Sprachen October more
noch hablo
lernen, often. Vielen
nie ins espa
Zeit mit Danke
Auslan ol
meinen Freund !! ;D
d nativo
Freunden Ich bin sehr
gereist e
zu glcklich, weil
bin, ist ingls
verbringe ich jemanden
es .
n, und wie Sie
. 26 . . . My name is Oscar. I'm 26 years
. . . I am a student. I'm stil
. I'd like to study in a high level korean university.
, ESPOL . I am a mechanical and electrical engineer o
(Mechatronics), (Robotics), (Industrial Automation) (Control) .
, , , , , , . I like playing soccer and chess, to read ab
. I would like travel around the world and m

I would like to study at Korea University with the highest level such as KAIST.
. My name is Oscar. I'm 26 years old Ecuador men. I live with my parents. I'm single.
. I am a student. I'm still a beginner in Korean. I am learning Korean to study a Master in Korea.

mechanical and electrical engineer of ESPOL university from Ecuador, my country.

omation) (Control) . . My favorite professional areas are mechatronics, robotics,
playing soccer and chess, to read about physics, religion, history, philosophy, psychology and science.
ould like travel around the world and meet many new cultures, make friends from different nationalities and beliefs, so I'm learning different languages.

nal areas are mechatronics, robotics, control and industrial automation. I would like to want to participate in technological innovation in these fields.

I'm learning different languages.

al innovation in these fields.
Oscar =

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