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FabFilter Micro Readme


Version: 1.17
Build date: December 15, 2016

* Disclaimer


* What is FabFilter Micro?

FabFilter Micro is the ultimate lightweight filter plug-in, making the classic
FabFilter sound affordable for everyone. With just one filter and an envelope
follower to modulate its frequency, it can be used for simple filtering tasks,
sound coloring and creative filtering effects.

For more information, see or refer to the Introduction

chapter in the FabFilter Micro help file.

* What's new in FabFilter Micro 1.17?

Fixed issues with macOS Sierra on the new MacBook Pro (Late 2016) with Touch Bar,
that could cause the host to become unresponsive or crash after exiting Full Screen
mode or closing a plug-in window.

* What's new in FabFilter Micro 1.16?

Linked control changes using the Alt key now also work when using the mouse wheel.

Fixed a bug that caused text with multiple lines (such as the help hint label) to
miss the last line of text on macOS Sierra (10.12).

Added a workaround for a bug in macOS Sierra (10.12) that prevented the help file
from opening correctly. The help file is now displayed in a web browser rather than
the Help Viewer.

Fixed an issue in the AAX plug-ins that could cause loss of existing automation
data when writing automation in Automation Preview mode, for example when creating
or deleting bands in Pro-Q 2.

Fixed a bug in the AAX plug-ins that caused parameter values that are very close to
the default value to remain at the default value when loading a session.

Updated Windows help file to display correctly on High DPI monitors.

Fixed a bug in the VST3 plug-ins when restoring a session in FL Studio 12 using a
custom display scaling factor such as 125%: the plugin window could end up at the
wrong size.
Small bug fixes and improvements.

* What's new in FabFilter Micro 1.15?

Restored support for Windows XP.

Added a workaround for a bug in Logic's AU validation tool on OS X 10.6 up to 10.8

that could cause Logic to fail to recognize the AU plug-in.

Enabled High DPI support on Windows versions prior to Windows 8.1.

Fixed a bug in the VST3 version of the plug-in that could cause a crash in FL
Studio and possibly other hosts after removing a plug-in from a session or closing
a session.

Fixed a bug that caused a very small DC offset in the output of the plug-in.

Various small bug fixes.

* What's new in FabFilter Micro 1.14?

Added Retina support on OS X and High DPI support on Windows (at 150% and 200%

The Audio Unit plug-in is now sandbox-safe, so it can be used in sandboxed DAWs.

The plug-in can now operate at any sample rate, without a maximum.

Fixed possible crashes when using the plug-in in Final Cut Pro X (with the
Background Render option enabled).

Small bug fixes and improvements.

* What's new in FabFilter Micro 1.13?

Fixed a bug that could cause typed parameter values to be rounded incorrectly, e.g.
when double-clicking a knob to enter a frequency value.

Fixed a bug in the AAX plug-ins: after deactivating a bypassed plug-in in Pro
Tools, the state of the bypass parameter would not be restored correctly on

* What's new in FabFilter Micro 1.12?

Now includes 64-bit AAX plug-in for Pro Tools 11. The 32-bit AAX plug-in has also
been updated to the latest AAX v2 format and requires Pro Tools 10.3.5 or later.

Changing parameters via the mouse wheel will now correctly record automation and
generate proper undo states. In addition, you can now also control switches with
the mouse wheel.

In the presets menu, changed the Options > View Program/Bank Numbers command to
Enable MIDI Program Changes, which now actually enables/disables MIDI program
changes as well as showing the program/band number for presets. This ensures that
the plug-in only responds to MIDI program changes when this is desired.
Fixed a bug that could prevent sample-accurate processing of recorded MIDI control
change messages.

Fixed a bug on OS X that could cause Help Hints to pop up even if the mouse cursor
was outside the plug-in interface.

Fixed a bug on Windows that could cause a system sound to be played when pressing
Enter after typing a parameter value directly.

Various small bug fixes and improvements.

* What's new in FabFilter Micro 1.11?

Fixed incorrect MIDI message handling in the AAX plug-in on Mac OS X: this could
cause unexpected parameter changes when starting/stopping playback in Pro Tools.

Added a workaround in the VST 2 plug-in to ensure preset changes and parameter
changes are correctly saved in Maschine by Native Instruments.

Fixed possible crash when removing the VST 2 or VST 3 plug-in on Mac OS X while the
interface is open, for example in Studio One.

Fixed bug that could cause the interface not to appear at all in some hosts on Mac
OS X, for example Triumph.

Minor improvements and bug fixes on both Windows and Mac OS X.

* What's new in FabFilter Micro 1.10?

Added new GPU-powered graphics acceleration, ensuring ultra-smooth animation while

leaving the main CPU free to do audio processing.

Added Options > Open Other Preset option to the presets menu, making it easy to
open a preset that's not in the regular presets folder.

Updated the VST 3 plug-in to support new features in VST 3.5, such as a host-
provided right-click menu for each parameter in the interface.

Fixed compatibility issues with Adobe Premiere on Windows and OS X.

Fixed a bug on Windows that caused factory preset installation to fail if your user
name contains special characters.

Fixed a bug in the mono AudioSuite plug-in that caused the Whole File option at the
bottom to be disabled.

Fixed a bug in the mono AU and VST 3 plug-ins that could cause it to work with an
internal sample rate of 44.1 kHz even if the session sample rate was different.

Fixed incorrect interpretation of parameter values that are typed in the host (e.g.
for automation points) in the VST 2 and VST 3 plug-ins.

The Mac OS X version now requires OS X 10.5 and an Intel processor. We still offer
the previous version for download if you need OS X 10.4 or PowerPC support:
* What's new in FabFilter Micro 1.05?

Fixed a bug that caused the stereo RTAS version of the plug-in to output a mono

* What's new in FabFilter Micro 1.04?

Added new AAX plug-in format for Pro Tools 10. The AAX plug-in is 100% compatible
with the RTAS plug-in: Pro Tools 10 will automatically use our new AAX plug-ins
instead of the existing RTAS plug-ins when loading existing sessions.

Improved keyboard handling on Windows, fixing the "space key stealing" problem in
Studio One and FL Studio.

Improved mouse handling behavior in Pro Tools when Cmd+Ctrl / Ctrl+Win -clicking a
control to show the automation timeline.

* What's new in FabFilter Micro 1.03?

The plug-in is now Unicode-aware and correctly handles international characters on

both Windows and Mac OS X, for example in preset folders and file names.

Improved the way parameter values with custom ranges and transforms are shown by
Audio Unit hosts and Pro Tools (e.g. for automation purposes).

In addition to the RTAS format, the plug-in is now also available in the AudioSuite
format for Pro Tools.

Added a Deauthorize option to the plug-in's Help menu, which makes it easy to
delete your license key from a computer if needed.

Fixed bug that caused the help file to open only in the first instance of the plug-

Fixed incorrect redrawing in the plug-in interface that could occur in some cases
in Pro Tools on Mac, for example when selecting <factory default> from the Pro
Tools-provided presets menu in the plug-in header.

* What's new in FabFilter Micro 1.02?

When typing parameter values in Reaper on Windows, the Enter key now correctly
closes the edit field.

* What's new in FabFilter Micro 1.01?

Added native 64-bit VST 2/3 and Audio Units plug-ins for Windows and Mac OS X.

* Windows Installation

Double-click the downloaded file to install FabFilter Micro. If you have downloaded
the 32-bit installer, it contains the 32-bit VST 2, VST 3, AAX and RTAS plug-ins.
The 64-bit installer (marked with 'x64' in its file name) contains 64-bit VST 2,
VST 3 and AAX plug-ins.
The installer will try to detect the correct VST 2 plug-ins folder on your
computer, but you may need to select it yourself for your preferred host. After the
installation is complete, you can always manually copy the VST 2 plug-in to the
plug-ins folder for your host. The VST 2 plugin file name is C:\Program
Files\FabFilter\Micro\FabFilter Micro.dll.

* Mac OS X Installation

Double-click the downloaded disk image and double-click the installer package that
it contains to install the VST, VST 3, AAX, RTAS, and AU versions of FabFilter
Micro. The plug-ins will be installed in the global audio library
(/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins). The AU, AAX, VST and VST 3 plug-ins contain both 32-bit
and 64-bit binaries.

* Purchasing FabFilter Micro

You have downloaded an evaluation copy of FabFilter Micro. To be able to keep using
the plug-in after 30 days, you need to purchase it. Click Buy Now in the evaluation
dialog that appears when starting the plug-in to go to the online FabFilter Shop
where you can purchase your copy.

If you already own one or more FabFilter plug-ins, you can log into your online
FabFilter account to buy FabFilter Micro with a discount!

* Support

Visit the Support section on our website for tips, software updates and the
FabFilter Users forum. You can also e-mail us directly for questions and technical
support at