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Prepare your mind and body for the challenges of pregnancy and labor with prenatal yoga.
Classes include gentle poses which promote strength, balance, circulation, and stamina, as well
as breathing and relaxation techniques to help ease the common discomforts of pregnancy.
Prenatal yoga also offers the opportunity to gain the friendship and support of other pregnant
women. No prior yoga experience is necessary. Sense of humor is required. 


Improve muscle tone, strength, and stamina
Relax your mind and body
Decrease stress and anxiety
Release muscle tension
Stimulate the immune system
Improve circulation
Boost your self esteem
Improve concentration and focus
Build awareness of your body and mind
Increase flexibility and open your hips in preparation for delivery
Practice breathing techniques that can be useful in labor
Create a sense of well being and calmness
Establish a supportive community of friends

Please wear comfortable clothes that LOCATION

allow for movement. Yoga mats and Anthem Parkside Community Center
straps can be provided, but we
encourage you to bring your own if you
Sundays: 3:00 – 4:00 PM
have it! Please be sure to bring water, th
(Classes scheduled to begin on September 19 )
firm pillow or bolster, and a couple of
beach towels or yoga blankets. PRICE
$40 for 6-class package (once a week)

You must pre-register for this 6-week

class. Please see the Front Desk to
Registration Deadline:
Friday, September 17th
Minimum Participation: 4 ppl