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100-Day Plan

for Success


Project Management
By: Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL
How Will I..?
Pertinent Questions to Answer Indeed.

Manage outstanding projects and build

key partnerships

How will I deliver on objectives and

thrive in this high performance

Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL

Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL
How I Deliver Change

The customer was looking for help restructuring its Security Initiatives into Programs
and Projects. Jack has leveraged his experience with large-scale integrations and
industry best practices to provide a vision and framework for the organization all of the
work efforts being delivered, into well defined Projects and Programs with clearly defined
deliverables. He provided a structure for the delivery of these efforts and has inculcated
this into the organization through partnering, mentoring, and training. He has made an ally
of the customer whose sees the Project Office that he has created as enabling the
efficient delivery and communication of value to the enterprise

Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL

Planning for Process
Improvement & Delivery

as Information Security Program Manager, Jack is exemplary, demonstrating

attributes of leadership, direction, expertise, and focus to a non project aligned
organization. Under Jacks direction, the Information Security groups program and project
management processes and programs were transformed from an ad hock and just in time
project activity; to a repeatable and manageable process driven organization. Jack worked
through a very resistant and resilient division, successfully building and implementing
project management processes that were aligned with the Corporations business strategy
and goals, as well as building a solid management structure around the program initiatives,
and all at a very stressful and fragile time for the organization. Jacks work improved our
organization and positioned us for future success

Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL

Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL
Initial Thoughts
Just exactly what do I need my plan to do, and how will it develop?

100 day plan establishes initial priorities

100 day plan builds foundation for longer term Dept. plan & mgmt approach

100-day plan initiatives need to be stated in measurable terms

100-day plan initiatives need to be presented in a task & status dashboard

Use On-Going reviews on the Progress of the 100-Day Plan to Shape Long term

Needs to Utilize & Incorporate Rolling-Wave planning

Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL

Planning Framework
Initial few weeks Conduct briefings with peers and subs to set stage for creating
& evolving 100 day plan to:

Construct agenda for the 100 day plan (draft short term plan)
outline high-level action topics
form basis for dialogue during briefings
set measures of achievement for 100-day plan with stakeholders

Ensure current assumptions were clear and valid

what are my assumptions of where the group is
where do I think the group need to go
confirm assumptions with exec to ensure no surprises during 100 plan execution

Baseline current issues and opportunities

determine business communities perceptions of department and improvements needed
determine where business community perceives the dept impacts
Articulate these perceptions into the 100-Day plan as action items

Get buy-in from the department leaders into the plan to provide input
challenges to be met
opportunities to be identified
Incorporate these into the plan

Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL

Build Buy-In by Listening &
Interviews, Planning Meetings and Questions let my peers and
subordinates know Im listening to their input and feedback.

Learn Hot Button Issues:

ie: frustrations with previous leadership
ie: expectations for responsiveness from myself and Exec mgmt
Ie: lack of tools, processes, budget, support, etc (even if only perceived)

Establish My Management style early:

Proper and Diligent Planning, Accountability, Empowerment, Support, etc

Use My 100-day plan to tune my Directions, Mandate, Authority and

Vision to ensure it aligns with:
- Prevailing Executive Management Style
- Corporate Culture

Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL

From Processes to Plan Ask
How Do We Get from Zero (0) to a
feasible Plan ?

by asking QUESTIONS

Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL

5 Whys Cause & Effect
The following example demonstrates the basic
My car will not start. (the problem)
Why? - The battery is dead. (first why)
Why? - The alternator is not functioning. (second why)
Why? - The alternator belt has broken. (third why)
Why? - The alternator belt was well beyond its useful service
life and has never been replaced. (fourth why)
Why? - I have not been maintaining my car according to the
recommended service schedule. (fifth why, root cause)

5 Whys of Cause & Effect Can Then Lead Naturally to.

Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL

Follow the Discovery Process

& HOW? How do WE Fix or Improve This?

Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL

Questions Can Lead to Order.
Cause & Effect (of my plans)
Process Failures Scope Creep

No Defined Oversite

No Project Control Book

Lack of Change Control

Project Failed

All Stakeholders not Discovered

Lack of team Skill Sets

No WBS created
Lack of coordination

Project Staff Lack of Definition

Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL

What Is My Plan for Targeted
- Create Activities Plan (note Completed / In Progress / Not Started)
- Major Activity Progress
- Meet All Major Stakeholders (internal and external)
- Establish Regular Executive Management meetings With CIO / VP
- Document First Set of Quick Hits in a Plan and Set Priority
- Perform an HR Assessment
- Assess Contracts & Associated SLAs for Delivery Health & Status
- Initiate IT Strategic / Tactical & Operational Planning
- Deliver a Communication Strategy Intra-PM & External
- Pilot Value Add & Priority-Setting Process Discovery Meetings
- Set up Business Management Meetings
- Organize Industry Best Practices Focus Team
- Begin Planning Phase to Transition the Administrative PMO Towards an
Enterprise PMO with OPM3 Characteristics
- Create & Deliver a Monthly Progress Dashboard to Pertinent Stakeholders

Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL

Who are my
PMO & Project Management Managers Current Staffing Issues Executive Strategy
PMO & PM Interconnect /Support Methods are Current Staffing Levels Corporate Vision
in Place Staffing Projections VP/CIO 1 yr & 3yr plan

Questions Asked Budget Available

Budget for Lights-On Operations

Budget for Project Management Team Growth

Who Are Our Stakeholders PMO/PM Strengths

Who are the Clients We support
Internal PMO/PM Weaknesses
External Client Lists Current Contracts

Threats to Strategic, Tactical and Operational Plans Contract SLAs & How are We Delivering Results

Project Management Strategic Plan Current Client Feedback

Project Management Tactical Plan How Do Clients Provide Feedback
Current Operational Plan How is Client Feedback Recorded, Tracked & Acted Upon
Organization Structure How Do We Interface with Clients
PM Team Makeup
PM Team Profiles Skill Sets and Activities
BRAINSTORMING Team Managers Current Issues
Current Services Offered Team Needs
How do teams Interconnect / Interface / Communicate to provide meshed support Team Mgrs Wish Lists
What is the Health of the PM Cross Team Relationships
Training Plans
PM External interactions (within Company) What are the Service Processes
How are Teams Engaged
Whats Documented Whats Missing

Opportunities for Improvements

What are the Current PMO Processes
Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL
Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL

Draft Framework
Peer Introductions (Phone Calls)
House Keeping

DAY 1 - Take Control

Identify the KEY Stakeholders - UP / DOWN / ACROSS
Complete Personal Setup with Items from Pre-Arrival
Start Analysis and Mgmt team Brainstorming ASAP

DAY 30 - Get Buy-In for One Burning Objective & Create the New Strategy
Determine and Share the Mission / Vision & Values
Get Buy-In to Strategy and forward momentum even if only 70% right - it can be refined as more is learned

DAY 45 - Use Milestones to Drive Team Performance

Provide measures to mark successful progress - Focus on Positives not Negatives

DAY 60 - Invest in Early Wins to Build Team Confidence (Deliver by 6 month mark)
Identify Potential Opportunities for Improvements that are Easy Hitters - Builds team confidence

DAY 70 to 100 - Get the Right People in the Right Roles

Support and Recognize People Who are in the Right Jobs and Performing Well
Move People Who are in the Wrong Role and Performing Poorly
Invest in People who are in the Right Role But Not Performing Well
"Evolve to New Roles, those People Who are in the Wrong Roles, But Who are Performing Well"
Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL
Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL
Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL
Jack Brown, B.Sc., PMP, ITIL
Thank You for Your Time

It has Been My Pleasure to Present Today

Jack Brown B.Sc., PMP, ITIL