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ID 110 Bachelor of Arts Major in Economics & Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
FIRST TERM, Academic Year 2010-2011 SECOND TERM, Academic Year 2010-2011 THIRD TERM, Academic Year 2010-2011
Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites
COMALGE College Algebra 3 ACTBAS1 Introductory Accountng Part-1 (Service) 3 MATECO1 Mathematical Economics 1 3 BUSMATH
COMP1AE Computer Package 1 for Economics Major 3 BUSMATH Business Mathematics for Commerce 3 COMALGE ECONTWO Introduction to Macroeconomics 3 ECONONE
POLISCI Introduction to Political Science 3 ECONONE Basic Microeconomics 3 COMALGE LBYECO1 Mathematical Economics 1 Lab. 0.5 COMP1AE; ECONONE
NTROPSY Introduction to Psychology 3 ENGLCOM Basic Communication and Study Skills 3 ACTBAS2 Introductory Acctng. Part-2 (Trading) 3 ACTBAS1
TREDONE Humanity's Search for Life 3 KASPIL1 Buhay, Mga Sinulat, Nagawa ni Dr. J. Rizal 3 ENGLRES Basic Research Skills / English For Specific 3 ENGLCOM
G.E. Natural Science 1 * (see table 1) 2 G.E. Natural Science 2 * (see table 1) 2 FILKOMU Komunikasyon sa Filipinohiya 3
Fitness & Wellness in Team Sports FWSPORT Physical Fitness & Wellness in
FWTEAMS 2 Individual/Dual Sports 2 GENSCI3 G.E. Natural Science 3 * (see table 1) 2
LASARE1 Lasallian Recollection 1 (0) PERSEF1 Personal Effectiveness 1 (2) FWDANCE Physical Fitness & Wellness in Dance 2
NSTP Program-Civic Welfare Training Nat'l. Service Training PRG-Civic Welfare
NSTP-C1/R1 (3) NSTP-C2 NSTP-C1 NSTP-R2 Military Science 2 (3) NSTP-R1
Service 1/Military Science 1 Phase 2
Total Units 19(3) Total Units 19(2) Total Units 19.5(3)

FIRST TERM, Academic Year 2011-2012 SECOND TERM, Academic Year 2011-2012 THIRD TERM, Academic Year 2011-2012
Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites
MATECO2 Mathematical Economics 2 (Lecture) 3 MATECO1 MICREC1 Microeconomics 1 3 ECONTWO; MATECO2 MICREC2 Microeconomics 2 3 MICREC1
LBYECO2 Mathematical Economics 2 Lab. 0.5 MATECO1; ECONTWO; LBYECO1 MACREC1 Macroeconomics 1 3 ECONTWO; MATECO2 MACREC2 Macroeconomics 2 3 MACREC1
ACTPACO Partnership & Corporation Acctg. 3 ACTBAS2 ECOSTAT Economics Statistics 3 ECONTWO; MATECO2 ECONMET Econometrics 3 ECOSTAT
BUSORGA Business Organizations 3 HUMAART Introduction to Art 3 ENGLRES LBYEMET Econometrics Laboratory 1.5 ECOSTAT
OBLICON Obligations and Contracts 3 HISTCIV History of Civilization 3 TREDTRI The Christian and the Word 3 TREDTWO
INTGLOS Introduction to Global Society 3 TREDTWO The Filipino Christian in a Changing World 3 TREDONE FILDLAR Pagbasa at Pagsulat sa Iba't-Ibang Disiplina 3 FILKOMU
GENDERS Gender Studies 3 CRITHIN Crithical Thinking 3 INTHROP Introduction to Anthropology 3
PERSEF2 Personal Effectiveness 2 (2) PERSEF1
LASARE2 Lasallian Recollection 2 (0) LASARE1
Total Units 18.5 Total Units 21 Total Units 19.5(2)

FIRST TERM, Academic Year 2012-2013 SECOND TERM, Academic Year 2012-2013 THIRD TERM, Academic Year 2012-2013
Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites
MODFIN1 Financial Accounting & Reporting 1 3 INTECON International Economics 3 MACREC2; MICREC2 OPERRES Operations Research 3 MICREC2; MACREC2
MODFIN2 Financial Accounting & Reporting 2 3 ECONDEV Economic Development 3 MACREC2; MICREC2 THSECO1 Economics Research & Project Study 1 3 ECONDEV
MODFIN3 Financial Accounting & Reporting 3 3 ACTPACO & PUBFINA Theory of Public Finance 3 MACREC2; MICREC2 ECOMET2 Econometrics 2 3 ECONMET
MODFIN4 Financial Accounting & Reporting 4 3 Qualifying Exam METRESE Methods of Research 3 MACREC2; MICREC2; ECONMET LBYMET2 Econometrics 2-laboratory 0.5 LBYECO2
MODCOS1 Principles of Cost Accounting 3 ACFINA1 Financial Mgnt. for Acctg. Majors 3 MODFIN1;2;3;4;MODCOS1;2 ACFINA2 Financial Mgt. for Acctg. Majors - II 3 ACFINA1
MODCOS2 Advanced Cost Accounting 3 PARTCOR Partnership and Corporation 3 OBLICON SALESBA Sales, Agency & Bailments 3 OBLICON
BEHAORG Human Behavior in Organization 3 BUSORGA
Total Units 18 Total Units 18 Total Units 18.5
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FIRST TERM, Academic Year 2013-2014 SECOND TERM, Academic Year 2013-2014 THIRD TERM, Academic Year 2013-2014
Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites
MODADV1 Advanced Topics in Fin'l Acctg. P-1 3 MODFIN1; MODFIN2 ECMELE1 Economics Elective 1 ** (see table 3) 3 MICREC2; MACREC2 MODMGT1 Principles of Managerial Acctg. 1 3 MODADV1;2;3; MODAUDP;
MODADV2 Advanced Topics in Fin'l Acctg. P-2 3 MODFIN3; MODFIN4 ECMELE2 Economics Elective 2 ** (see table 3) 3 MODMGT2 Principles of Managerial Acctg. 2 3 MODMIT1;2 & ACFINA2
MODADV3 Advanced Topics in Fin'l Acctg. P-3 3 MODCOS1 THSECO2 Economics Research 2 (no deferral) 3 THSECO1 MODAUD1 Auditing Problems 1 3 MODADV1; 2; 3;
MODMIT1 Fundamentals of IT and Systems Dev't. 3 MODCOS2 ACFINA3 Financial Mgt. 3 for Accounting Majors 3 ACFINA2 MODAUD2 Auditing Problems 2 3 MODAUDP;
MODMIT2 Accounting Information Systems 3 OPERMAN Operations Management 3 OPERRES PRCBSA1 Audit Practicum 3 MODMIT1; 2
MODAUDP Auditing Principles 3 TAXINCO Tax on Income 3 OBLICON LBYMODT Auditing in a Computer Environment 3 LBYACC2
Total Units 18 PERSEF3 Personal Effectiveness 3 (2) PERSEF2 THSBSAP Thesis Proposal 1.5
LASARE3 Lasallian Recollection 3 (0) LASARE2 Total Units 19.5
SUMMER TERM, Academic Year 2013-2014 Total Units 18(2)
Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites
TREDFOR The Christian Vocation of Life 3 TREDTRI
INTFILO Introductory Philosophy 3
Total Units 6

FIRST TERM, Academic Year 2014-2015 SECOND TERM, Academic Year 2014-2015 THIRD TERM, Academic Year 2014-2015
Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites
NEGOTIN Negotiable Instruments Law 3 OBLICON STRAMAN Strategic Management 3 BUSORGA REVPRAA Review: Practical Accounting 1 3 MODMGT1
SPEECOM Oral Communication / Advanced Speech 3 ENGLCOM TAXBUSI Tax on Business 3 PARTCOR; SALESBA REVPRAB Review: Practical Accounting 2 3 MODMGT2
MARKET1 Principles of Marketing 3 BUSORGA ELECLIT Literature Electives 3 HUMALIT REVMANS Review: Mgmt. Advisory Services 3 MODAUD1;MODAUD2
KASPIL2 Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas 3 KASPIL1 PHILOPE Philosophy of Person 3 CRITHIN; INTFILO REVAUDI Review: Auditing Theory & Problems 3 LBYMODT
Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility for Development and Enhancement in
HUMALIT Introduction to Literature 3 ENGLRES ACETHIC BSA 3 MODAUDP;BUSORGA REVDEVT Acctg:Theory & Practice 3
THMATIC Integrated Social Science (see table 2) 3 GREATWK The Great Works 3 REVIBLT Review: Bus. Law & Taxation 3 TAXINCO; TAXBUSI;
THSBSAF Final Thesis Writing and Defense 1.5 THSBSAP REVSYNT Accounting Synthesis 1 THSBSAF
Total Units 19.5 Total Units 18 Total Units 19

Table 1. G.E. Natural Sciences (GENSCI1; GENSCI2; GENSCI3) Table 2. (THMATIC) Integrated Social Science Table 3. ECONOMICS ELECTIVES (ECMELE1/ECMELE2)
AMG only LMG; MFI only Course Code Course Title Pre-requisite Course Code Course Title Pre-requisites
ENVIRONMENT NEW MATERIALS GLOBCUL Globalization and Culture AGRIECO Agricultural Economics
Course Codes Units Course Codes GLOBDEV Globalization and Development COMPRES Comparative Economic System
Biology SCIENVB 2 SCIMATB GOVINST Governance and Institutional Change ECONHIS Phil. Eco. History & Institution
LBYMATB HECUSOC Health and Social Science ENVECON Environmental Economics
Chemistry SCIENVC 1 SCIMATC PEACECO Peace and Conflict HELTECO Health Economics
LBYENVC 1 LBYMATC FAMIPOP Population and Family HISTECO History of Economic Thought MICREC2; MACREC2
Physics SCIENVP 1 SCIMATP SOCIFAC Social Facts and Identities INTECOR International Economic Relations
LBYENVP 1 TECHSOC Technology and Society LABOREC Labor Economics
Total Units 6 Total Units ENVISOC Environment and Society MONTHEO Monetary Theory
Total Academic Units 289 units Prepared by: POLECON Political Economy
Total Non-Academics (12) units REGIECO Regional Economics
TOTAL 301 units ATTY. CHRISTOPHER E. CRUZ SPECTOP Special Topics in Economics
NOTE: Courses in italics are majors. Vice-Dean, College of Business & Economics Approved by:
TO THE STUDENT: Please take note that courses should not be enrolled
without having passed their respective pre-requisites. Courses taken DR. LAWRENCE B. DACUYCUY MR. ARNEL ONESIMO O. UY DR. MYRNA S. AUSTRIA
without having passed the pre-requisites will be INVALIDATED. Please be guided accordingly. Chair, Economics Department Chair, Accountancy Department Dean, College of Business & Economics *as of 5 May 2010