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Professional profile - Aura Cristiana Serea

1. Family name: Serea

2. First names: Aura Cristiana
3. Cell: +40 740 01 75 15
4. Email:
5. Nationality: Romanian
6. Civil status: Married
7. Education:

Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
[ Date from - Date to]
2006-2009 National School of Political
and Administrative Studies - College of Master in Managerial Communication and Human Resources
Communication and Public Relations,
2001-2005 Lucian Blaga University, Bachelor's degree, Tourism and Services
Sibiu Faculty of Economic Sciences

8. Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)

Language Reading Speaking Writing

Romanian 1 1 1
English 1 1 1

9. Other skills: Human Capital, Talent Management, Organizational Development, Learning, HR

Processes, Training, NGO, Recruiting
10. Present position: Chief Talent Officer/ The KPI Institute
11. Key qualifications: Organizational development, Process simplification / design, Individual
professional coaching, Created and delivered custom-made development and training programs,
Organizational culture, Leadership development programs

12. Professional Experience

Date from - Location Company Position Description

Date to
March 2017-to Sibiu The KPI Institute Chief Talent Officer Training & Consultancy
date Support Instructional Design capability
by developing content and delivering
training courses on Individual
Performance Management, both at
national and international level
(Certified Employee Performance
Management Professional, Building a
Performance Culture);
Off-site support and/or deliver
consultancy projects at national and
international level implementing
performance management systems at
individual level;
Compensation and Benefits
Maintains employee benefits programs
and informs employees of benefits by
studying and assessing benefit needs
and trends; recommending benefit
programs to management; directing the
processing of benefit claims; obtaining
and evaluating benefit contract bids;
awarding benefit contracts; designing
and conducting educational programs
on benefit programs.
Ensures legal compliance by monitoring
and implementing applicable human
resource federal and state
requirements; conducting
investigations; maintaining records;
representing the organization at
Employee Relations
Develop and implement programs to
nurture employee engagement and a
performance culture;
Ensures planning, monitoring, and
appraisal of employee work results by
training managers to coach and
discipline employees; scheduling
management conferences with
employees; hearing and resolving
employee grievances; counseling
employees and supervisors.
Recruitment & Selection
Develop strategic solutions to meet
workforce demands and labor force
trends. Grow talent pool within the
organization, by promoting job
opportunities worldwide;
Oversees the recruitment and selection
Provide guidance for employees
Monitor and optimize Talent
Development capability cost structure.
January 2016-to Sibiu Individual Managing Partner Managed consulting projects for
date medium/ large organizations in the
following areas: Organizational
Development, Process simplification/
design, Individual professional
coaching, Created and delivered
custom-made development and
training programs, Organizational
culture, Leadership development
December 2011 - Sibiu ReGeneratia Founder & Initiator and founder of the
Present President organization
Develop the strategy and the direction
for future development,
Plan and coordinate the most relevant
projects for the organization,
Build project teams of volunteers,
Coordinate the process of identifying
potential programs and projects,
Coach the team,
Responsible of the financial aspects of
the NGO and the partnerships.

November 2010 - Bucharest Human Managing Partner Managed consulting projects for
December 2015 Resources medium/ large organizations in the
Perspectives following areas: Organizational
development, Process simplification/
design, Individual professional
coaching, Created and delivered
custom-made development and
training programs, Organizational
culture, Leadership development
September 2008 - Bucharest Vodafone HR Project Developed tools and processes for
October 2010 Manager team development, from staff to
managerial levels,
Actively managed and developed
internal HR processes,
Implemented organizational
development programs,
Managed end to end recruiting
processes for IT and Network areas,
Marketing and Finance occasionally
Acting as dedicated HR Consultant for
May 2007 - August Bucharest Adobe Systems Talent Acquisition the Technologythe
Implementing business unitprocess
2008 Specialist and following up for improvements
together with the hiring managers,
Driving the selection process from the
kick-off meetings when a new job is
open to the decision of hire (it
belongs to the hiring managers,
Partnering with the clients for defining
the profile of new employees for their
teams (deciding the competencies, the
methods to assess them, etc.),
Sourcing, approaching potential
candidates, interviewing, proposing
short lists of candidates to internal
Organizing and partnering with third
parties for events, campaigns,
programs to sustain the recruiting
activity and to support the recruiting
Attending events in the domain,
Contributing to the process of building
awareness of Adobe as employer in
November 2005 - Bucharest Hudson HR Consultant Planning and delivering open projects
April 2007 on IT and Telecom,
Screening CVs,
Headhunting/ networking,
Interviewing candidates, evaluating
suitability, preparing profiles and
presenting the short-listed candidates
to the client,
Business development,
Managing Talent Management Projects,
Assisting clients in identifying the
critical competencies, defining the right
tools for the Assessment Centers.

Nov 2005 - June Bucharest Hudson Researcher Designing ads and following up
2006 regarding placing them for open roles,
and managing responses,
Screening CVs,
Assisting with headhunting /
Entering CVs into the database and
responding to applicants,
Communicating closely with all team
members on a daily basis to ensure that
projects and all necessary work are
moving ahead productively: interviews
programming, phone screening, follow-
up with the candidates, providing
answers after the interviews,
Assisting with translation of text from
English to Romanian or vice versa when
Telemarketing and arranging client
Managing tests applied to the
candidates on line/ off line.
March 2003 - Sibiu AIESEC HR & Learning To plan the department activity for 1
March 2004 Coordinator year (job analyze, job descriptions,
evaluation of the members, the
recruitment process, the induction
period, preparation and development,
rewards and recognition strategies),
To implement all the processes and
documentation needed,
To partner with the Board members for
specific external projects and internal
To facilitate meetings and sessions,
To evaluate the training needs and
propose the strategies for individual
development plans for the members,
To prepare and deliver trainings in the
Local Committee and in preparation
and planning conferences,
To facilitate meetings, sessions,
trainings locally and at conferences,
To prepare the development plans for
the trainers and for the Board members
together with the President,
To evaluate the trainers.

14. Other relevant information


ANC Certificate, Entrepreneur in Social Economy, 2015 2015

ANC Certificate, Train the trainers, 2014 2014
Empretec Certificate, Entrepreneurship, 2012 - 2012
HR Assessment Center, Assessment Center Certificate, 2006 - 2006