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Department of Education

Region III
Division of City of San Fernando
City of San Fernando (P)
School I.D. 345268




Great teachers never forget that it is PEOPLE not PROGRAMS that determine the quality of a

The Mass Training of Senior High School Teachers in Science was held last May 4-24, 2016 at
Anne Raquel Hillside Resort in Olongapo City. It was an 18-day seminar focused on the different core
and specialized science subjects under the Senior High School curriculum program.

The training was designed to provide a general background for the science subjects which
includes the core subjects Earth Science, Earth and Life Science, Disaster Readiness and Risk
Reduction and Physical Science that was discussed for 11 days. The 6 remaining days was allotted to
the specialized subjects (General Biology 1&2, Chemistry 1&2 and Physics 1&2). Research Capstone
Project was also introduced in the last day. This will help us teachers to be fully equipped with the
content, pedagogy, teaching strategies and learning resources.

Three days was allotted in each subject learning areas except for Physical Science and Research
wherein the learning tasks are as follows:

Day 1: 1st Quarter Walkthrough of Curriculum Guides/Appropriate

Strategies/Assessment/Classroom Management and a deepening of content.
Day 2: 2nd Quarter Walkthrough of Curriculum Guides/Appropriate
Strategies/Assessment/Classroom Management and a deepening of content.
Day 3: Demo Teaching and Processing

The facilitators of our class were as follows:

1. Dr. Sonny P. De Leon, EPS, SDO Cabanatuan City, handled the subjects Earth and Life
Science, DRRM and Research Capstone Project.
2. Dr. William Frederick R. Fallorin, EPS, SDO Zambales, discussed topics on Earth Science.
3. Ms. Lina Ruz Mercado, MT-II, SDO Zambales, provided a lecture-discussion on Physical

Socialization ball was done on the last night in which all classes presented their group
presentation. It was a festivity of talents.

On the last day was the closing ceremony, wherein distribution of certificates took place.

With the opportunity given to me by the DepEd to attend in this seminar I have learned that
science content and science processes are intertwined in the K to 12 Curriculum. Without the content,
learners will have difficulty utilizing science process skills since these processes are best learned in
context. Organizing the curriculum around situations and problems that challenge and arouse learners
curiosity motivates them to learn and appreciate science as relevant and useful.

As a science teacher, I am challenge to play a pivotal role in Science education which aims to
develop scientific literacy among learners that will prepare them to be informed and participative citizens
who are able to make judgments and decisions regarding applications of scientific knowledge that may
have social, health, or environmental impacts.

Prepared by:

Jefferson S. Valdez
SHS Teacher III