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Isla Santiago. Praia.
Dr. Agostinho Neto Hospital

July 29- August 5, 2017

The Clars Foundation is a non-profit organization whose main aims are the fight against profound hearing
loss and offer medical cooperation in Third World countries in the ORL field.

The Clars Foundation attends the needs in Emergent countries, as well as provides Scholarships to doctors
with no financial resources, since 1997, and offers instructional courses in Emergent Eastern European
countries, Asia and Africa.

The Clars Foundation, for years has been conducting its mission in the fields of audiology, speech reha-
bilitation, otorhinolaryngology, phoniatrics, facial plastic surgery and oral surgery. These projects have
been materialized in many parts of the world, including India, Rumania, Republic of Moldavia, Ethiopia,
Senegal, Liberia, Cameroon, Gabon, Gambia, Kenya, D.R. of Congo, Sudan, Cape Verde and shortly in new
destinations with the donation of medical supplies, essential life-saving medicines, and needed medical
equipment which otherwise would not be available, and providing free medical care and surgeries to
people in need, as well.
Additionally, donates and adapts hearing aids and some hearing implants to patients affected with hypo-

The humanitarian mission that travelled to Cape Verde was composed by 9 members. All of them directed
by Pedro Clars, MD PhD. These pages are a sample of the mission. The photographs were taken by each
member of the team and thereof selected and edited in this book which aims to thank all those who have
made possible this mission.

This mission and all the other activities organized by the Clars Foundation are conducted thanks to the
professional and financial support of the Board of Trustees, to whom we greatly thank for.
Board of Trustees

Honorary Chairman:
Andrs Clars Domnech, MD PhD ()
Pedro Clars, MD PhD
Mr. Antonio Sagnier

Mr. Jaime Aragall Mr. Marcel Gorgori
Mrs. Ainhoa Arteta Mr. Juan-Carlos Llars
Mr. Jaime Bonet Mrs. Lucrecia Prez Lucrecia
Mr. Jos Bros Mrs. Montse Mart Caball
Mrs. Montserrat Caball Mr. Joan Matabosch Grifoll
Mr. Carlos Chausson Mr. Stefano Palatchi
Mr. Carlo Colombara Mrs. Raquel Pierotti
Mr. Juan Diego Flrez Mr. Juan Pons
Mr. Josep Maria Flotats Mrs. Carmen Pujol
Mrs. Brbara Frittoli Mrs. Isabel Rey
Mr. Ramn Gener Mrs. Ana Mara Snchez
Mr. Ral Gimnez Mr. Joan Manuel Serrat
Secretary and legal advisor:
Mr. Fernando Foix
Mrs. Luisa Pujol Herrick
Andrs Clars, MD

Registration No.: 1.466

ID No.: G-62.421.482

Equipo Fundacin Clars

Pedro Clars, MD PhD (Barcelona) ORL & Facial Plastic Surgery.

Luis Cancer, MD (Barcelona) Anestesist.
Joana Ximenes Araujom, MD (Portugal) ORL Jr.
Federic Quintana, MD (Barcelona) Vascular Surgeon.
Francesc Vidal Barraquer, MD (Barcelona) Vascular Surgeon.
Mrs. M del Carmen Pujol (Barcelona) Instrumentist.
Mrs. Ana Mattes (Barcelona) Instrumentist.
Mr Guillermo Cancer (Barcelona) Volunteer.
Mrs. Maria Sierra (Zaragoza) Audioprotesist.

Equipos Locales

Carmen Almeida, MD ORL. Praia.

Felisberto Borges, MD ORL. Praia.
Pablo Oliveira, MD ORL. Praia.
Jannette Fernandes Audioprotesist.


Agostinho Neto Hospital. Praia. Isla Santiago.

Departure from the Airport of Barcelona. Saturday, July 29th.

Praia, Isla Santiago, Cape Verde.

Once the operating

room was prepared
and the patients
selected for surgery,
we spent sometime
sightseeing the island.

Evaluation and patient selection.

All the patients lack financial

resources and are a holder of
a poverty certificate.

Initiating surgical activity.

Programming of patients.

Both teams, ORL and Vas-
cular, work intensely, with
the help of our anestesists.

Surgical cases.

Adaptation of hearing aids.

Maria, our audioprotesist,

wins the affection of all
the patients.

Vascular surgery team.

During the mission, Clars Foundaton
has conducted:

Total ORL surgeries: 31.

Tympanoplasties: 9.
Stapedectomies: 8
Cleft palate: 8.
Facial Plastic surgery: 2
Rhinoplasty: 3.
Choanal imperforation:1

Total Vascular surgeries: 21

Varicose veins: 7.
Arteriovenous fistula: 12

Consultations: 6.
Hearing aid adaptations: 21
Audiometries: 35

Visiting the Health Minister of Cape Verde.

Visiting the city.

At the end of the surgeries, after a long day, we visited different parts
of the city.

Departure date to Barcelona.

Dr. Pedro Clars wishes to express his gratitude to the following entities:

-All who joined him.

-To all the Clars Foundation Board of Trustees.
-Gaes Solidaria.
-Kern Pharma, S.L.
-Laboratorio Arag, S.A.
-Laboratorios Dr.Esteve, S.A.
-Laboratorio Salvat.
-Prim S.A
-Neomedic S.A.
-Tecnoquirrgica S.A.
-Spain Embassy in Cabo Verde.
-Coca-Cola Cabo Verde.
-Viajes tica.
-Transeaba Porters (baggage handlers at the Terminal of the Barcelona Airport)
-Regs. Professional fashion.

and other anonymous entities for collaborating with our Foundation

offering their support.

Clars Foundation Headquarters:
C/Los Vergs, 29-31, 08017. Barcelona. Espaa.
Tel. +34 93 203 12 12 - Fax +34 93 280 33 32
Registration n 1.466
ID No.: G-62.421.482