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The Scene

The scene, realized during the reign of Sethi I, is located on the north wall,
facing east, of the hypostyle hall of the temple of Karnak.

It represents Sethi I receiving the jubilees of Re-Horakhty and Ouret-Hekaou.

The relief has been retouched in several places. There is a slight doubling of the
face of the king who originally wore a longer beard. His right arm was also
rectified. This modification, which is not an usurpation, may have taken place
under Ramses II. Indeed, the king had several registers of the hall adapted
without adding his name.

In the center :

The king bears the hair beard and a wig ibes, short and curly cap covering the
ears. It is surrounded by a headband of frontal silverware adorned with a uraeus,
the seched, which ends with two long ribbons extended by a uraeus.

On the wig rests the atef crown, a composite headdress formed of a white crown
flanked by ostrich feathers and twisted horns, supporting two uraeus capped
with the solar disk. He is dressed in a short loincloth held by a belt decorated
with uraeus.

In his right hand he holds the symbols of royalty: the heqa scepter, a sort of stick
of command in the form of a shepherd's crook, and the flagellum or scepter
hekhakha, a symbol of rebirth generally interpreted as a fly-chaser or a
Instrument for collecting ladanum.

The king kneeling receives the years of jubilees from Re-Horakhty. On his right
hand stretched towards the god lies a kind of elongated cartouche, an ornamental
protocol containing the signs Hb-sd (feast-sed, jubilee), anx, wAs, anx,
wAs, anx nb followed by the sign Hb-sd, The relief, and finally the god
Heh kneeling on the sign nb and holding in each hand the sign ankh.

To the right :

Under a pavilion adorned with a frieze of uraeus, the god Re-Horakhty with a
falcon's head sits on a raised throne without a back. He is wearing a long wig
with saddles surmounted by a solar disk and is wearing a short loincloth to
which a bull's tail is hung.

With his left hand he holds a long scepter, and offers the jubilees to the king
with a long reed cane (the jubilee palm in the form of the renpet sign, the
hieroglyph of the year, symbol of the years Of reign) where is hung an elongated
cartridge descending to the hand of the king. He stretches out his right arm as a
sign of protection towards Sethi I.

To the left :

The goddess Ouret-Hekaou with the head of a lioness is dressed in a long tunic
and is wearing a tripartite wig surmounted by a solar disk adorned with a uraeus.

With her left hand she makes a gesture of protection towards the king. With the
right hand, it offers the jubilees - Hb-sd (feast-sed, jubilee), anx wAs, anx
wAs (life, power) - suspended from the long stem in the form of a renpet sign.

At the extreme left of the scene, the god Thot, not visible in the photograph,
inscribed the name of the king's coronation, Menmatr, in the isched tree.

Above Seti I

nTr nfr Mn-mAat-Ra: The perfect god Menmaattre (stable is the

justice of Re)
sA Ra mry Imn %Ty, di anx mi Ra : The son of Ra Seti,
beloved of Amon, may he be given life as Re.

Here, the sign mAat is surrounded to the right of the sign anx and to the left
of the sign wAs.

Anx wAst gives "Lord of Thebes", which is compatible for the Hypostyle Hall

Above Ouret-Hekau

(1) Dd mdw in Wrt-HkAw nbt aH sA.i

Words spoken by Ouret-Hekaou, the lady of the palace: "My son,

(2) mr(y) nb tAwy Mn-mAat-Ra (...)

The beloved, the master of the Two Lands, Menmatr (...)

(3) HH m (Hbw-sd ), Hfn m

Millions of hbsd festivals, an infinity of

(4) rnpwt Htpw

Peaceful years
(5) smn.(i) n.k xaw n

I give to you the aspects/appearances of Re

(6) Ra Xkr mn

Re and stable ornaments

(7) Hr wpt.k

On your forehead

In front of Ouret-Hekau

di.s anx HA.f nb: She places all life around him

In front of Re Horakhty

(1) Dd mdw in: words spoken by

(2) Hr-Axty, nTr aA: Horakhty the great god
(3) smn (.i) n.k xaw Hr tp.k, XAst nb Xr Tbty.k: I fix the
crown on your head for you, every foreign country is under your sandals.

Behind Re Horakhty

sA, anx, Dd, wAs

snb nb, Awt-ib nb, HA.f nb mi Ra Dt.

All protection, life, stability, divine power,

All health and joy are around him (or surround him) as Re eternally