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True Scale Epic Marines: ed2

True Scale Epic Marines

Highly detailed epic space marines with a huge range of equipment and poses.
True Scale Epic Marines: ed2

Battle Company - 40
12 Tactical stands + 4 Assault stands + 4 Devastator stands
Many unique models including a unique sergeant for every stand.
True Scale Epic Marines: ed2

Terminators - 12
20 Standard Terminators +1 bonus cyclone

#TERMINATORS (4 stands: 4 sergeants, 3 assault-

cannons, 1 heavy-flamer)

terT009-SG terT015-HF terT005 terT013 terT016-CF

terT018-SG terT006-AC terT007 terT010 terT021-CF
terT019-SG terT017-AC terT020 terT003 terT004
terT008-SG terT001-AC terT004 terT012 terT008-CF

Assault Terminators - 12
20 Assault Terminators

#ASSAULT TERMINATORS (4 stands: 4 sergeants, 8

lightning-claws : 12 thunder-hammers)

tasT043-SG tasT031-LC tasT034-LC

tasT046-TH tasT044-TH
tasT040-SG tasT031-LC tasT035-LC
tasT044-TH tasT045-TH
tasT030-SG tasT033-LC tasT042-TH
tasT041-TH tasT046-TH
tasT036-SG tasT032-LC tasT040-TH
tasT045-TH tasT042-TH
True Scale Epic Marines: ed2

Tactical Formation A - 12

#TACTICAL A (6 stands: 6 sergeants, 3 special weapons, 6 missile launchers)

tac026-SG tac006-ML tac014-FL tac024 tac016 tac028-SG tac007-ML tac021 tac022-b tac024
tac033-SG tac007-ML-b tac022-MG tac021 tac023 tac036-SG tac009-ML-b tac017-s tac018-b tac014
tac056-SG tac008-ML tac015-FL-b tac022 tac015 tac016-SG tac029-ML tac018 tac019 tac020

Tactical Formation B - 12

#TACTICAL B (6 stands: 6 sergeants, 3 special weapons, 6 missile launchers)

tac023-SG tac006-ML-b tac018-FL tac014-t tac015-b tac027-SG-b tac007-ML-s tac017 tac023 tac024
tac038-SG tac007-ML tac024-PG tac021-b tac016 tac040-SG tac009-ML tac017-s tac023 tac019-t
tac034-SG tac008-ML tac021-FL tac014 tac015 tac057-SG tac029-ML-b tac015 tac019 tac020

Assault Formation - 10

#ASSAULT (4 stands: 4 sergeants, 2 flamers, 2 plasma pistols)

ass036-SG ass021-FL ass031 ass032 ass028-b ass039-SG ass026-PP ass028 ass029 ass031-b
ass042-SG ass020-FL ass025 ass026 ass027 ass026-SG ass030-PP ass028 ass029-b ass030
True Scale Epic Marines: ed2

Devastator Formation - 8

#DEVASTATOR (4 stands: 4 sergeants, 8 missile launchers)

dev038-SG dev007-ML-b dev032-ML tac014 tac022 dev035-SG dev007-ML dev008-ML-b tac017-s tac023
dev037-SG-b dev008-ML dev009-ML-b tac018-b tac019-t dev032-SG dev010-ML dev009-ML tac020 tac016-s

Heavy Weapons Set - 5

#HEAVY WEAPONS SET (3 lascannons, 3 heavy-bolters, 3 plasma-cannons, 1 heavy-bolter)

dev001-LC dev002-LC dev003-LC dev004-HB dev005-HB dev004-HB-b dev011-PC dev012-PC dev013-PC-b dev004-MM

Plasma Weapons Set - 5

#PLASMA WEAPONS SET (8 plasma-cannons, 2 plasma-guns)

dev011-PC dev012-PC dev013-PC dev004-PC dev005-PC dev011-PC-b dev012-PC-b dev005-PC-b tac016-PG tac018-PG

Melta Weapons Set - 5

#MELTA WEAPONS SET (8 multi-meltas, 2 melta-guns)

dev011-MM dev012-MM dev013-MM dev004-MM dev005-MM dev011-MM-b dev012-MM-b dev005-MM-b tac017-MG tac020-MG
True Scale Epic Marines: ed2

Command Set - 5

#COMMAND SET (10 models)

cmd044-CAP cmd049-CAP2 cmd045-LIB cmd047-CHA cmd046-CHA-JP cmd043-BB cmd023-HG cmd039-HG cmd056-HG cmd048-CC

Close Combat Formation - 8

4 stands (Blood Claws / Death Company)

#CLOSE COMBAT (4 stands: 4 sergeants)

cc026-SG cc026-PP-b cc027-PS cc025-PA cc027 cc040-SG cc030-PP cc039-PA cc031-PS-b cc028
cc042-SG cc055-PP cc028-b cc029-PA cc030 cc036-SG cc028-PS cc031 cc032 cc029-b

Each marine stands 6.5 to 7mm tall.
1mm thick bases fit neatly into existing stands
Printed in frosted-ultra-detail plastic; they take super glue and paint very well.

Estimated delivery time is 3-4 weeks + mail time from UK.

Postage costs will be added.

Minimum order: 40

Custom orders are possible, please ask.