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Container Data Center

Huawei Symantec OceanspaceTM container data center is

a all basic data center infrastructure that features power
distribution systems, environment monitors, cooling systems,
cabinets, cables, fire fighting and safety facilities.

The container data center employs a modular design for a

quick, easy and flexible deployment. It combines high-density
and energy-efficient features with design best practices to
help customers lower their data center construction cost and
operating expense (OPEX).

Product Features
Quick Deployment up to three layers, thus improving the space utilization and saving
■■ Modular design: The container data center uses the standard-sized the expenses on site construction.
shipping container and modular parts that are easier to transport ■■ Cost-effective operation and maintenance: The container data
within a short time, shaving the transportation expenses and time center infrastructure is uniformly monitored and managed. Alarms
cost on infrastructure construction. are delivered in the forms of emails, SMS, and audio-visual.
■■ Container = IDC: The container data center incorporates all ■■ Environment-oriented configuration: Automatic climate
facilities and devices required by a data center, and can be configuration feature ensures better adaptability, reliability and
deployed immediately after being powered on. availability of the container data center.
■■ Brand-new deployment: The container data center can be deployed
outdoors, eliminating the need for building equipment rooms. Energy Saving
■■ Pre-installation: Pre-installed infrastructure, including power ■■ High-density internal space: Designed with high density, simple
distribution systems, environment monitors, cooling systems, cabinets, air duct isolation system, and high cooling efficiency features.
cables, fire fighting and safety facilities, significantly decreases the ■■ Unique design of the air duct: Improve air cooling efficiency with
construction and maintenance expenses on equipment rooms. the isolation of cool and hot air ducts.
■■ On-demand scalability: Proven scalability allows the system to be ■■ Utilization of natural cooling sources: Reduces cooling and
configured and expanded on demand, improving resource utilization. power cost through utilization of natural cooling sources in low-
■■ Stacking deployment: The container data center can be stacked temperature areas to cool the container.
Container Data Center

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H) 40-foot standard shipping container, 12,200 mm x 2,440 mm x 2,590 mm
Stacking layer ≤3
Quantity Up to 10 cabinets
Dimensions (L x W x H) 42U standard cabinet, 2,000 mm x 600 mm x 1,000 mm
Cooling module
Cooling mode Precision air conditioning
Cooling capacity 50 kW
Redundancy 4+1
Humidity control ±5%
Power environment monitoring module
Video surveillance 2 video cameras, 420 lines, supporting CCD, TCP/IP, SNMP, and infrared modes
Fire fighting system Gas fire extinguishing, smoke and temperature sensors, audio-visual and SMS alarms
Environment monitoring system RDU + sensor (temperature + infrared + video + smoke + water + door magnet +air conditioning)
Remote control Direct network access to control the air conditioning remotely
Power Distribution System
Power distributor Built-in power distributor
Power supply 3-phase 380 V/110 V dual fire wire
Redundancy Two AC power inputs
Deployment/Operation Environment
Operating temperature –35°C to 45°C
Ambient humidity 30% RH to 80% RH
Altitude < 1,200 m. When the altitude is over 1,200 m, the cooling capability of the air conditioning is degraded by 1% to 5%.
Outdoor usage Compliant with the NEMA 3R IP44
Wind-resistant Resistant up to 30 m/s wind in the operating state
Service life Up to 10 years
Lightning protection design Lightning protection design of power ports and signal ports
Proper seal of the container door. No water leakage under the conditions of 0.2 Mpa and 10 mm/min shower of rain
Waterproof design
for 30 minutes. Waterproof process in door locks, vents, and outlet
Anti-corrosion Use of weathering steel and surface treatment, passing the at least 1,000 hour alternating salt spray test
Anti-mildew Passing the at least 28 (day) x 24 hour mildew test
Earthquake-proof 8 magnitude
Fire resistance > 45 min
Anti-theft design Anti-theft designs for the side door, compartment door, air conditioning outdoor units, and vents

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