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Web Based Product Configurator



Introduction ___________________________________________3

Installation (CPanel tutorial)_______________________________4

How to build configurable products________________________12

Enable PayPal Payment System___________________________15


Simplio3D is an easy-to-use and affordable product configurator software that offers the possibility to quickly set up a fully-
working interactive tool for engaging visitors of the website to interact with a 3D version of the specific products, while also
providing automatic personalized on-the-spot quotations.
This way, you can rapidly deploy your own online product configurator, at an affordable cost, without any requirements in terms of dedicated
resources. Simplio3D offers the possibility to engage your websites visitors into having an interactive experience when searching for your
customizable items. The software can support a wide range of products, starting with engineering built objects, such as cars, electronic gadgets
and such, and going all the way to interior & exterior design products, jewelry, fashion items and many other customizable items.

By using Simplio3D, your visitors have the possibility to configure their own parameters, such as color, size, various item elements, details etc. in
order to obtain their customized item in a 3D shape, while also obtaining an automatic quotation for that specific desired customized item. The
users (website visitors) can, by wish, issue the rendering of their customized 3D item, via e-mail, along with the specific quotation, for a later

Besides the standard product configurator version, we also provide integration development for eCommerce websites and 3D product rendering
services. For more information, please feel free to contact us by email: or via website:

Installation (CPanel tutorial)

Installation Overview

1. Version: 1.60.01

2. Server Requirements

Simplio3D is compatible with most of the hosting providers and the server requirements are minimum. Standard WAMP/LAMP (Linux,
Apache, MySQL and PHP with ImageMagick installed)

Requires FLASH enabled on Internet Browsers for managing the Admin area in good conditions.

3. Installation

- Extract the folder into your websites root FTP location (s.a. http(s)://
- Create MySQL database and import the required tables provided
- Type all MySQL details and URL paths to: /config.php and /zaAdmin/config.php files.
- If you want to add PayPal API details please open and edit: /pages/sendOrder.php file.
- You can either load the script directly from: http(s):// or create a pop-out or an
iFramed embedded version in your website page.
NOTE: You can edit these things from /templates/home.tpl

*Keep in mind to use https:// when typing your URL path if you have a SSL certificate.

4. Creating/uploading product variations

You can start by login: http(s)://

(Default login details: admin, 123qwe)
You can start by creating category and then the product where the variations will exist.
The product builder has 4 selection elements: radio button, select rollout, multiple checkbox and text element.
Standard version has default product rendering settings: 600x400 resolution with 8 angle rotation capability.

5. For more information dont hesitate to contact us via email at:

Installation Tutorial using CPanel

Login into your CPanel, usually the login page can be found by typing your domain and then backslash following cpanel word (s.a.
www.[]/cpanel/) otherwise please contact your server administrator for further instructions.

A. Upload .zip file inside your preferred folder

Once you have been logged-into your CPanel you can select File Manager like showed in the image below. The first move is to have the .zip
file ready to be uploaded in your server.

Choose your location where you want the product configurator

to be installed. Create a folder with any name you want. Its
critical that the product configurator to be installed on a public
path such as /public_html/ following your folder name.

After you created the folder you can open it and then click
Upload button found on upper left header page as showed in
the image below.

NOTE: Make sure your folder have all required permissions to run the script.

After the upload is complete, return to your folder, click Reload and you should see your .zip file
uploaded like showed in the above image.

Next you need to click-right the .zip file for menu and select Extract to unzip all files into your folder.

B. Import database file through phpMyAdmin

The next step is to import the required tables inside MySQL database. In your Simplio package, besides the .zip file, you should find another file,
a .SQL file. Locate your .SQL file and have it ready to be imported on your database.

Before you import, you need to create the database. To do

that you need to select from CPanel main page MySQL
Database Wizard to create one.

Choose a name of your database following database user

details like: username and password.

The next important step is to add the created user to your new database. During this process will ask for User Privileges, usually we trigger
All Privileges but if youre in doubt to do this for a particular user please contact your server administrator for more information.

Now, go back to CPanel main page and select phpMyAdmin and find your
database for the configurator and click on it. You will see that there are no
tables inside and you will need to import from your .SQL file that you have it
ready for import. In phpMyAdmin, the Import button can be found on
upper-right header screen.

Have it imported and get ready for the final step of the installation.

NOTE: Before we get to the next step, you need to have the required
database details and URL path ready:


Database host: (usually is localhost but might be different)

Database username:

Database user password:

Database name:

URL path:


The configurator has a set of files that need to be filled with the required details in order to run the configurator. You can fill these details by
using either FTP or CPanel directly to open and edit key files.

The following set of files and their location are:

../Script root/config.php (to configure URL path, email and database)

../Script root/zaAdmin/config.php (to configure URL path and database)

../Script root/Templates/home.tpl (type default URL address for your configurator)


../Script root/pages/sendOrder.php (Configure your PayPal)

../Script root/templates/emails/order.tpl (Disable/Enable PayPal)

Lets start with /config.php (the main configuration file)

You need to use an editor like SublimeText, NetBeans or similar. Every squared bracket [..] found needs to be replaced with required details. For
example [YOUR@EMAIL.COM] needs to turn into .

1. Type your email (row: 9, 10):

2. Type database details (row: 24, 25, 26 and 28):

3. More details (36, 38 and 39):

4. Typing URL paths (if you are using a SSL certificate for your domain, please type https:// instead of http://).
Also have in mind if you type your URL paths with www or without www:

Second config.php file that needs to be filled, found on: ../zaAdmin/config.php

Type URL path for default URL address

Run the configurator for the first time:

Type in your browser: yourdomain/folder/

Type in your browser: yourdomain/folder/?page=product&id=7 (ID representing the default demo product)

For admin access type: yourdomain/folder/zaAdmin/ (default login details -> username: admin, password: 123qwe)

How to build configurable products

1. Login into your Admin panel (default login details are: Username: admin, Password: 123qwe).
2. In the Menu you have 2 main sections: Categories and Products.


Here you can create a category for your configurable product. This section is pretty straightforward and should not have any problems to
create one. You can have as many categories as you want.


Here you can add as many products you want. Each product has an ID assigned and can use it to create the iFrame.

For each product you can type specific data and options. Use the ability to drag&drop option layers to have it in your desired order.

While you create your product you can save and click Preview located in the upper center screen to test your work like showed in the
image below.

After finishing your configurable product you can create your embedded version to have in your website. If you are not familiar in making
iFrames below you have one code to use it for your website(s):


<iframe src="[yourdomain/folder]/?page=product&id=10" style="border:0px #ffffff none;" name="simplio" scrolling="no" frameborder="1"

marginheight="0px" marginwidth="0px" height="400px" width="600px" allowfullscreen></iframe>


The text found in red is mandatory to share properly the right product. Basically you need to type your configurator URL location following
product ID. The product ID can be found in Admin Panel>Products as explained above.

Place the above iFrame code in any website page you want.

Enable PayPal Payment System

By default PayPal is enabled. If you want to disable it you need to open : ../zaAdmin/templates/product2.tpl and manually remove:
<button id="pay-btn" onclick="doPay()">Pay now with PayPal</button> found on line 359.

To set-up your PayPal account you need to open: /pages/sendOrder.php and manually add the required details:

Require: PayPal email, Password and Signature. Learn more about where you can find these details here: