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handbook of elementry law (1939 McGray)

in 39 everyone had a "domicile" - home (citizenship)
in 41 everyone had a "residence" - resident alien
key words to use
home - not residence
land - not property or real estate
can hurt other men and women, can hurt government all I want
government has no rights
no law that requires anyone to have a social security number (congressional
research service)
ssn was forces upon us as a child
right to cancel
get back funds by filing a case in *court of claims
ssn equals taxable income
us constitution doesnt apply to man only the federal government, only applies to
state government through the 14th amendment (slave) no federal cases either this
will bring in 14th amedment also
state constitution is unlimited rights
fed constitution is the minimum rights

Texas vs white: Legal meaning

a small "s" state consists of land, people and government
a capital "s" State occupy land, people and government that can be removed
define "legal word"
1939 salary tax act

traffic ticket:
01. file a special demur or bill of particulars (cant enter a plea because I dont
understand the meanings of the words)
02. file a request for interogetories 30 questions at a time
03. file a request of admissions 30 questions at a time
04. then call the prosecutor and ask when to expect answers to interogretories &
05. if he denies to answer, then file a motion to compel him to answer them, ask
for continuance for discovery before trial
06. if court denies motion, then file a writ of mandate to compel discovery
07. after he "answers" file request for stipulated facts
08. stipulate that a motor vehicle is a commercial vehicle
09. stipulate that a driver means commercial activity
10. stipulate that an operator in 1958 meant a private citizen traveling
in 1959 in meant a commercial operator
11. file judicial notices to the court 30-40 of them
trial date:

your honor before we can proceed there are several judicial notices that need to be
addressed before we can move forward.
1. *nisi prius argument
2. make prosecutor prove the contract, if he cannot tell judge we cant move forward
where no valid contract exists, he can have a continuance or the prosecutor can
move to dismiss i'll except either
3. if judge denies you, stop the judge and request a continuance to repeal denial
of judicial notice cause your deying me due process
everytime he denies you stop him and take it upstairs to force compliance

superior court san francisco 960479 caswell vs pratt