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Tukuran Technical Vocational High School

Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur

October 19-20, 2017

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I-Multiple Choice: Direction: Each of the questions below is composed of four choices A, B, C & D. Read each item carefully
and blacken the circle that corresponds to your answer.
O O O O 1. Metal cabinet used for lighting circuits are grounded to
a. Eliminate electrolysis c. reduce the shock hazard
c. assure that the fuse defective will blow d. simplify wiring
O O O O 2. When circuit breaker is always tripping, most likely
a. there is an overloading c. the supply lines are open
d. there is an overcurrent d. the load is removed
O O O O 3. Which electrical device converts low voltage into high voltage or vice versa?
a. alternator b. generator c. transformer d. uninterrupted power supply
O O O O 4. The minimum size of wire used in electrical wiring is the former number 14 AWG. Under the metric system
now shown the new PEC, the diameter is ____.
a. 1.6 mm b. 2 mm c. 2.6 mm d. 3.2 mm
O O O O 5. This is a method by which the conductor of a circuit can be disconnected from their source of supply.
What is this?
a. switching. b. disconnecting c. cutting d. bending
O O O O 6. What do you call the maximum voltage at which a device is designed to operate?
` a. amperage rating b. resistance rating c. voltage rating d. power rating
O O O O 7. One of the functions of an equipment grounding conductor is to provide a _______impedance ground-
fault path between a ground fault and the electrical source
a. Low b. high c. open d. short
O O O O 8. If possible, repair works on a machine should be done when
a. the machine is not being used c. one of the operator is on side
b. you have nothing else to do d. you can get someone to help
O O O O 9. If your electrical connection has 3 bulbs controlled by 1 single pole switch, how may splices are there
inside your junction box?
a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5
O O O O 10. In climbing ladder, you must position the ladder
a. 30 degrees from the vertical c. 45 degrees from the vertical
b. 35 degrees from the vertical d. 75 degrees from the vertical
O O O O 11. GFCI operates on currents of ____________.
a. 5 mA b. 3 mA c. 10 mA d. 15 A
O O O O 12. What is the minimum size of the electrical extension cord used with most portable disc grinders?
a. #14 b. #12 c. #10 d. #8
O O O O 13. If 1 meter is equal to 39.37 inches, how many inches are there in 320 cm?
a. 12.3 inches b. 124 inches c. 125 inches d. 126 inches
O O O O 14. The following motors are DC EXCEPT ONE.
a. permanent magnet b. series wound c. shunt d. induction
O O O O 15. Which of the following is a short circuit?
a. a hot wire touching a grounded metal frame
b. a short conductor with a high resistance
c. arcing between a hot conductor and a metal box
d. a very low resistance between the circuit conductors
O O O O 16. What is the maximum voltage rating of plug fuses?
a.110 volts b. 125 volts c. 200 volts d. 220 volts
O O O O 17. Which part of electrical plan that shows the symbols that represent the electrical materials?
a. Title block b. general notes and specification c. schedule of loads d. legend
O O O O 18. The circuit conductors between the service entrance equipment or isolated generating plant and the
branch circuit overload device or devices.
a. feeder c. disconnecting switch
b. overcurrent protector d. secondary conductors
O O O O 19. What is the minimum size of wire used in most air-conditioned unit?
a. #14 b. #12 c. #10 d. #8
O O O O 20. What electrical material is used to hold and protect plug-in circuit breakers?
a. safety switch b. panel board c. convenience outlet d. box
O O O O 21. According to the PEC Code, the minimum insulation level for neutral conductors of residential
installations which have solidly grounded systems shall NOT be less than this voltage?
Which is this?
a. 1,000 volts b. 300 volts c. 600 volts d. 750 volts
O O O O 22. What do you mean the latin word fusus?
a. To cut b. to melt c. to disconnect d. none of these
O O O O 23. Which of the following contact point metals has the highest conductivity?
a. Silver b. Tungsten c. Gold d. Copper
O O O O 24. What is the maximum number of bends (in degrees) permitted in rigid metal conduit between outlets?
a.180 b. 360 c. 45 d. 75
O O O O 25. What is the trouble when the motor expels lubricants?
a. defective bearing b. rotor hub c. misalignment d. mechanical noise
O O O O 26. In sizing feeder conductors in long feeder runs, one important factor to consider is
a. insulation b. voltage drop c. feeder protection d. ground-fault current
O O O O 27. To cut rigid conduit, you should
a. use cold chisel and ream the ends c. use hacksaw and ream the ends
b. use a 3-wheel pipe cutter d. none of these
O O O O 28. What is the maximum number of conductors for a trade size no. 12 AWG in a diameter size conduit?.
a. 6 b. 8 c. 10 d. 12
O O O O 29. Based on PEC standards, what is the distance of light switch from the finish floor?
a. 1 m to 1.1 m b. 1.2 m to 1.4 m c. 2.10 m to 2.40 m d. none of these
O O O O 30. The PEC does not cover the following except for.
a. Installations of building communication system c. aircraft
b. watercraft other than floating buildings d. automotive vehicles
O O O O 31. What do you call the total current in which the fuse can interrupt without being damaged?
a. Ampere rating b. voltage rating c. resistance rating d. interrupting capacity
O O O O 32. Why are system and circuit grounded?
a. To protect from excessive current
b. To limit the excess voltage to ground, which occur from lightning or exposure to
other higher voltage source.
c. To acquire more power from grounding circuit
d. Precautionary measure of the system.
O O O O 33. Pursuant to PEC, what is the height of service meter from the ground?
a. 1 m to 1.1 m b. 1.2 m to 1.4 m c. 2.10 m to 2.40 m d. none of these
O O O O 34. Flexible cords and cables shall be used only for the following except for
a. Pendants
b. Wiring of luminaires (fixtures)
c. Connection of portable lamps, portable and mobile signs, or appliances
d. As a substitute for the fixed wiring of a structure
O O O O 35. What is the size of conduit that can accommodate a maximum of 10 wires AWG # 12?
a. 3/8 b. 1/2 c. 3/4 d. 1
O O O O 36. The case or housing of apparatus, or the fence or walls surrounding an installation to prevent personnel
from accidentally contacting energized parts or to protect the equipment from physical damage.
a. fitting b. box c. Enclosure d. junction box
O O O O 37. It is a process of removing sharp edges or burrs left after cutting the pipe.
a. reaming b. cutting c. bending d. installing
O O O O 38. What type of electric discharge requires starter (glow switch) and is pre-heated during starting?
a. Pre-heat starting, hot-cathode c. Instant-starting, hot-cathode
b. hydraulic d. Hot-cathode, rapid-start
O O O O 39 Resistance of a conductor increases when_____________.
a. its length increases c. both length and area increases
b. its area increases d. specific resistance is kept constant
O O O O 40 This circuit carries electrical signals directing the action of the controller but does not carry the main
power circuit. What is this?
a. Electric circuit b. control circuit c. power circuit d. outlet circuit

II: Direction: Answer all the questions below based on PEC standards. Provide additions sheets if necessary.

41-42. In measuring unknown voltage, what should be the setting of the V.O.M selector switch?
43-44. Is automobile and aircraft wiring covered by PEC? Why?
45-46. When is safety goggles used or mandatory?
47-48. How is electric consumption measure by utility company?
49-50. What is the primary objective of PEC?