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Anima Sentry (Another fine product from Bobco Inc.

Description: Always seeking promising leads and new merchandise prospects

Bobco in secret collusion with rogue Gemini Agent Herbert West, concocted a
new ground-breaking product- Reanimation Serum. The brainchild of Dr. West,
Reanimation Serum was visualized as the cure for DEATH itself! Lacking
sufficient capital to fund his experiments (Gemini Bioware had dismissed his
theories as ridiculous fantasy) a desperate Dr. West turned to Bobco for
funding. Intrigued by his ranting sales pitch, the Bobco Division agreed to
provide monies for his research in return for a percentage of fair market

Weeks passed! After several failures resulting from experiments conducted on

depersonalized outlaws, a desperate Dr. West was on the verge of mental
collapse from exhaustion and frustration. Then one night in a freak lab
accident, Wests ever faithful assistant Melvin was killed, having died from
severe head trauma after falling off a high ladder. West overcome by grief and
guilt injected Melvin with the volatile serum. Moments later, Melvin awoke
and what happened next is a tale too terrible to relate here.

In the end, Dr. West was captured by the UIG, depersonalized and transferred
to Kildana Prisonas for the Bobco Division funding his work; they disappeared
leaving not a trace of their presence taking the formula and samples of the
Reanimation Serum with them.

After making refinements on Wests formula and testing a number of variants,

Bobco came up with several new products (All of which glow a bright
fluorescent Green). Products using variants of the Reanimation serum formula
are marketed through select individuals or small subsidiary companies. This
way Bobco can rake in the credits while distancing themselves from incidents
involving the unpredictable effects of the serum. One of these products
includes the formula used in the creation of the Anima Sentries

Envisioned as a cheaper version of the successful Dead Soldier Program and

promoted exclusively for the burgeoning security market, Anima Sentries are
created from the reanimated corpses of Depersonalised criminals.

Anima Sentry Combat/Special: While similar to the combatants created by the Dead
Rank: 0 / Level: 5 Soldier Program, Anima are distinctly different in that they do possess their
Value: 20,000 natural nervous system and are thus susceptible to the effects of D-Shift
weaponry. With the exceptions listed below Anima suffer normal damage from
Combat attacks.
HP 37
Shield 0 Anima ignore pain, mashing and stun effects and are immune to most toxins.
AV 3 (Field Combat Armor) Likewise, attacks severing or pulping limbs or other body parts only serve to
Defense 5 limit mobility or the Animas ability to attack.
TE 0
EMP and Galvanic Weapons have a percentage chance equal to damage
Weapons inflicted of knocking out the Animas Control Module, shutting down its
Bite AT 13 Damage d4+4 Rate 1 inhibitor and IFF chips. If the chips are disabled there is an excellent chance the
Strike AT 13 Damage 9 Rate 1 Anima is uncontrolled and acts erratically, typically going on a rampage
Security Baton AT 13 Damage d6+8 Rate 2 attacking in a random, chaotic manner.

System: Every d6 rounds Roll d10

Str 8 End 9 Agi 5 Ref 5 Per 5 Int 4 Pre 4
1 - 5 Anima goes on a rampage attacking the nearest living being
(Pedestrians, small animals, curious children, annoying insect, etc.)
Skills: Athletics 2, Attitude 5, Close Combat 5, Observation 4 7 - 8 Anima goes on a rampage attacking the nearest non-living item
(Moving vehicles, blinking lights, ringing phone, wall, etc.)
Licenses: None 9 - Stands in place, moans and drools incessantly
10 - Follows original programming/course of action
Trainings: None
Note Anima are typically drawn to subjects in motion, making noise or
Biotech/Cybernetics: Bio-Lynx Modified Teeth (Wolf Jaw Option), Inhibitor otherwise attracting attention to themselves
Chip, IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) Chip, Transponder Control Module

100% Knuckle Dusters
100% Field Combat Armor
75% Security Baton
Anima Sentry (Another fine product from Bobco Inc.)

Other BobCo Reanimation Products:

LivePet 2500 Advert- Is any price too high to pay for the happiness of a

This miracle product (a chip containing the fluid) is typically administered prior
to death implanted near the base of the skull. Upon the pets death, the fluid is
released into the diseased animals body and d4 minutes later the pet is alive
and kicking - ready to play with your child again.

After implantation, reanimation will result after death regardless of means of

death or physical condition of pets body - to include- Electrocution, Falls from
a great height; Dismemberment- by any means; Vehicular Hit and Run;
Microwave, Dryer or Freezer accidents or being partially devoured by a larger

Bobco Inc. is not responsible for physical, mental or emotional reactions of any
child witnessing the reanimation of the animal regardless of resultant psychic
trauma in regards to physical appearance of said pet.

Product Disclaimer- Pet may exhibit signs of erratic behavior including but not limited to
whining, excessive drooling, howling for long periods of time, biting, gnawing, chewing,
mauling, mutilation, cannibalism of pet siblings, and possible ravenous attacks against
owners and caretakers. Attacks against humans are determined to be highly unlikely and
consumers of LivePet products assume all responsibility for use.

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