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10/20/2017 Sample SOP for MS in CS

Sample SOP for CS | Statement of Purpose | NYU Poly

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| Sample SOP for CS- This a Statement of Purpose of a student who got admitted to New York University Tandon School of Engineeringfor the Masters in CS program. |

Sample SOP for MS in CS

FIRST DRAFT of the SOP given by the Student:Sample SOP for MS in CS FINAL DRAFT of the SOP created by the Counsellor:Sample SOP for MS in CS

The fruits of technological advances are conspicuously manifested into a cell phone in My life is better. I bought a cow and used the remaining money to pay bail for my
every pocket and a computer in every backpack but whats less noticeable is the brother-in-law, said Maureen, a 19-year old mother of one, when the GiveDirectly
information thats being generated along with these advances. With the huge amount team followed up with her. Maureen is just one of the several thousands of people
of data being accumulated by the day, we can very well justify that we are living in a whose life was touched by GiveDirectly, a non-pro t organization that uses mobile
data-driven era and every day we face a data related problem. Just like every single devices to transfer cash to low-income families in certain parts of Africa. The data
thing in this universe has been bitten by the bug called evolution so has data, from scientists working at GiveDirectly used a completely novel approach comprising of
being measured in bits and bytes the term of measurement has undergone a four steps- Target, Audit, Transfer, and Monitor to facilitate this gracious endeavour.
metamorphosis to an extent that we have units like petabytes and exabytes to The colour of the roof acted as a parameter as they had already concluded that
measure the tidal wave of data being generated which can also be called as the Big people with metal roofs were well to do as compared to people with thatched roofs.
data. I have been fascinated with the concept information and data ever since I Using Google Maps, they would identify the location of a thatched roofed house.
played Scotlandyard. This game is all about nding the location of Mr. X, you need to Then, the located house goes through an algorithmic image veri cation process to
work with all the pieces of information in your hand in such a way that when all the determine the level of poverty. Once the house has been identi ed as a genuinely
pieces come together they t perfectly to solve the puzzle. This generated a sense of intended bene ciary, the recipients obtain an SMS alert, post which they collect their
thrill in me with all the iterative trial and error methodologies, if I went wrong I would money from the nearest mobile money agent. Finally, the recipients are monitored
spend the entire day thinking about how I went wrong and how close I was to nding for successful delivery. The ingenious approach helped GiveDirectly eliminate manual
Mr. X. This made me realize that every data has the potential to reveal secrets if only inspection costs and help more families in need. A family in nancial crisis could
we were willing to listen to it.Sample SOP for MS in CS easily get money in an average of 32 minutes.Sample SOP for MS in CS

Today when I look back I realize that Scotlandyard is nothing but an analytical puzzle Reading about such interesting applications was when my fascination with the
masquerading as a board game. Being curious and analytical by nature choosing Data concept of data burgeoned. If you torture the data long enough, it will confess- I
Science as a major came naturally to me. As one chapter of my education ends and I realized how true this statement of Ronald Coase was. With respect to making a
open the door towards another I dont see a destination as apt as your university to wholesome career in this eld, I intend on enrolling for the Masters program in
hone my analytical skills and broaden the horizons of my knowledge by giving me a Computer Science at Stony Brook University. Graduating with a strong technical
more competitive and global platform (environment). I want to completely surrender background after my Masters, I wish to establish myself as a competent Data
myself to the eld of Data science as data for me is a maze of information, and, I Scientist, working with companies like Paypal, Facebook and Alphabet. In the long run,
would like to apply my curious and perceptive acumen to scurry my way out from the I intend to leverage the expertise gained through such impactful professional 1/5
10/20/2017 Sample SOP for MS in CS
redundant data towards the required information; Curiosity killed the cat! They say, experiences to provide consultancy services to altruistic ventures like GiveDirectly
but I think Ill survive as my undergraduate education has laid a rm foundation to that are working to make a di erence in the lives of people in developing
overcome the challenges I might face in my educational voyage.Sample SOP for MS in countries.Sample SOP for MS in CS
My undergraduate degree provided exposure to a multifaceted curriculum, thus
As an undergraduate student I excelled in subjects like Data Structures and laying a sound foundation for my plans for graduate studies. I gained in-depth
Algorithms, Data Mining and Business Intelligence, Database management, Advanced awareness about concepts in calculus and statistical analysis through multiple
Database management and math scoring an average of 8/10 in all of these subjects. I courses in Applied Mathematics. Also, the courses in Data Structures and Algorithms,
have also obtained an award for scoring an absolute 10/10 in the subject of and Data Mining and Business Intelligence introduced me to di erent techniques for
mathematics. These were the subjects that especially stimulated my interest in Data conducting searches, pre-processing data, as well as using clustering, classi cation
science as the practical sessions conducted for these courses awarded me the and regression algorithms. In addition, the courses related to database management
freedom to apply my logical skills and developed my aptitude towards analyzing a helped me gain knowledge about the nuances involved in storage and retrieval of
problem. These subjects also enhanced my programming skills in languages such as copious amounts of data and normalizing it. Particularly signi cant was the course in
C, C++ and Java to an extent where I could create my own algorithms to nd my way Arti cial Intelligence during which I learnt how to impart human-like thinking and
out of a problem de nition, this is the part I enjoyed the most as I had to look into decision-making capabilities to arti cial agents through the use of techniques like
various facets and delve into various perceptions to come up with an optimal partial order planning, forward and backward chaining, as well as search techniques
solution. Besides the practicals, the theoretical part initiated various concepts relating like hill climbing, A* and simulated annealing. During the tenure of my undergraduate
to storage and retrieval of huge amounts of data from a data warehouse as well as studies, I gained expertise in programming with C, C++, Java, and MATLAB and also
the operations that can be performed on them; these concepts intrigued me and actively participated in coding competitions on CodeChef and Hackerrank platforms.
acted as a strong driver for research on Data science as a subject. I deeply enjoyed Having completed courses on Python and R programming at Coursera, I am currently
the nature of these subjects as you just have to play around with a given set of pursuing an Oracle certi cation course on Advanced and Core Java to update my
information and that inculcated in me an enhanced reasoning expertise as well as a programming skills.
thorough understanding of how to work with data and garner knowledge from the
vast spread of information. In addition to the skills conceived in me I developed a With my growing interest in the eld of data science, I ventured into writing a Review
strong sense of appreciation towards the wide scope of Data Science as a subject paper on Security Intelligence with Big Data Analytics. The paper dealt with the
stretching from business to healthcare and the in nite opportunities of further working of Big Data Analytics and its usefulness in enterprise security by describing
studies that it is going to provide me.Sample SOP for MS in CS various intelligent software for security, and then preparing a comparative study on
the two most widely used software developed by IBM called the IBM QRadar and RSA.
The seesaw of my educational career has been perfectly balanced with the right The papers main aim was to describe how Big Data Analytics helps track the anomaly
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amount of extra curricular activities and project works along with my academics. I in operations performed on a companys data to identify a potential intruder, even
have had the opportunity to broaden my ken of knowledge and expertise through though the pattern of the anomaly might be alien in terms of previous records.The
various projects during my undergraduate course. These projects helped me achieve paper has been accepted for publication by the International Journal of Advanced
a practical view of the theoretical subjects. I have been fortunate to be a part of Research in Computer and Communication Engineering.Sample SOP for MS in CS
projects in subjects like; Database management system where me and my group
developed a database of a Drugstore storing the names of various drugstores along Projects during the undergraduate program served to broaden my domain
with the names of all kinds of drugs and their prices using the MySql database and knowledge through application of classroom concepts. One of them involved
red queries to obtain relevant information, the red queries had to deal with various the
developing an aggregator website for pharmacies which enabled a user to locate
constraints and accordingly give a relevant output. We also had computer graphics as nearest and cheapest drugstore, check the available medications and their prices, and
a subject where me and my group developed an animated cartoon character that sat place orders. The database for the project was developed in MySql, and the front-end
on a bench eating a doughnut and sipping a soda, this project was developed using was designed using HTML and CSS. This project gave me my rst brush with database
blender which was a new software to us altogether. I also had web programming as functionalities and enhanced my skills in operations relating to databases. Sample
one of the subjects in my undergraduate course and here we had a project to build a SOP for CS
website so my group decided to build a website emulating Indian Tourism, we used
languages like HTML, Css, Javascript, Jquery, we also used databases to transform the Currently, I am working on my senior year project titled 3D Geometry using

project into a dynamic website. All the above projects were very well received by the Augmented Reality which aims to develop an Android teaching-aid application using

respective teachers. Currently I am working on my nal year project which is 3D the Unity 3D and Vuforia software. The application will scan a drawing of a 3D gure
geometry using augmented reality; here we wish to implement an android application that will act as a marker. This gure will get augmented on the screen and will provide

for teaching students 3D geometry using software like Unity 3D and Vuforia. My the user with various functions to perform on the gure to develop a better

projects show diversity in their domain but they are all connected to each other with understanding of the gure. The application also provides real-time videos and test

the ne thread of thirst for knowledge. These projects have instilled in me a strong series to evaluate an individuals performance.
sense of team spirit and helped me balance my temperament while working with
di erent kinds of people. Apart from the academic perspective the projects have To develop a well-rounded personality, I actively engaged in various extra-curricular

developed my understanding of the industrial world and helped me rank myself activities. I was a part of the inter-department dance competition held during my

based on my skills and recognize my weak links.Sample SOP for MS in CS college festival TRINITY, a group event where we were awarded the 4th place in the
entire college. Due to my innovative thought-process and technical skills, I managed

I have made a genuine e ort to break through the walls of the classroom and to get selected as Head of the 50-member Creative Team for TRINITY where I was

experience the outside world by taking part in extra-curricular activities as well as involved in developing the festival website. Through my creative inputs regarding

social services. I took part in the inter department dance competition held by my website graphics, we were able to attract signi cant online tra c and registrations. As

college; it was a group event and my group stood 6th in the entire college. I have also part of the National Service Scheme, I have organized several beach cleaning drives,

been actively involved in my college fest TRINITY as a creatives team member and was blood donation campaigns, and campaigns to spread literacy among underprivileged

selected as the creatives team head the following year because of my innovative ideas children. Rewarding experiences such as these helped to develop my team and

and diligence towards the fest. Being a part of the fest instilled in me a sense of leadership skills, and the abilities to convincingly negotiate, resolve con icts, and
responsibility, it pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me tackle complex empathize with people.Sample SOP for MS in CS

situations. It also developed my leadership skills as being the head I had to lead the
team, motivate them and nurture their minds into thinking creatively. I even At this stage, I believe pursuing a Masters degree with focus on Data Science would

volunteered to celebrate republic day at an orphanage as a part of a NSS task, here I catalyze my career progress, and the program o ered at the Stony Brook University is

interacted with many orphan kids; we spent an entire day with the kids and played a perfectly tailored to my needs. I look forward to gaining a competitive edge through 2/5
10/20/2017 Sample SOP for MS in CS
lot of games together. This volunteering work developed my communication skills as I deepening my understanding of various statistical and analytical techniques and
had to deal with kids having di erent frequency and also enhanced my con dence upgrading my technical skills through the well-structured curriculum. I am excited at
among people. I also volunteered for the clean the beach drive which made me the prospect of learning under erudite faculty like Professor Steven Skiena, whose
recognize my responsibility towards the community. All these new experiences have numerous projects and research in the eld of Sentiment, Text and Data Analysis has
shaped me in some way or the other and have made me strong to live up to the left me fascinated. Given a chance, I would hope to involve myself in his ongoing
challenges of the new environment that I am heading towards. Sample SOP for MS in research endeavours. The excellent research facilities like the Data Science Lab would
CS facilitate my research pursuits in my elds of interest like Data Mining, Data Analysis
and Big Data. I look forward to mutually bene tting interactions with peers from
Just like Martin Luther, I have a dream, to work in companies like Google, Facebook , culturally diverse backgrounds that would serve to broaden my perspective.Sample
Paypal where I would get a chance to work with one of the best data scientists and SOP for MS in CS
hone my analytical skills. Then I plan to apply that knowledge to the data science
industry in my native country, where tough the hype about the industry is prevalent I hope the Admissions Committee recognizes my drive to excel in my academic and
but the actual implementation is still in its nurturing stage. The only thing that could professional undertakings and issues an a rmative response. The honour of being
bridge the gap between my skills and my dream is your university, because I believe associated with such an esteemed institution would be an additional motivation as I
your university could award me with the power to carry forward this data driven era move towards realization of my ambitions.Sample SOP for MS in CS
and highlight my native country as one of the leading data science industries in the
world. As the university adorns me with knowledge and shapes me into a ne
structure I would de nitely like to give back to the university by actively participating
in research works that would bring credibility to the institution as well as adorn other
students with the skill sets I have gained, keeping the pyre of education burning
through eternity. Sample SOP for MS in CS

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10/20/2017 Sample SOP for MS in CS

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10/20/2017 Sample SOP for MS in CS
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