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Los datos dados en la tabla adjunta se refieren a un ensayo de reduccin de la tasa

constante en un pozo de petrleo. Determinar la permeabilidad de la formacin y la

piel mediante el anlisis semilog manual

the data given in the attached table refers to a constant rate drawdown test on an oil well.
Determine the formation permeability and skin using manual semilog analysis

Usually my clothes I buy in the malls, when I need

sports clothes I go to marathon sports here find
running shoes, a sweatshirt, sweatpants, a
windbreaker, shirts, marathon sports is in the top floor
in the back, next to pacifico bank. I need take the
When I need casual clothes I'm going to buy in PINTO
in this place I can find V-neck, jeans, t-shirt, polo shirt,
PINTO is in the basement, I need to go down the