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Anaesthesia : What do u know about Ketamine ,, Propofol ( TIVA ) ,, advantages of epidural


cardiac arrest signs , anaesthesia for herinal operations

adv of local over general , complication of spinal

What is Sevoflurane used for, Complications of endotracheal intubation, Treatment of Laryngeal


(Dr. Ahmed Medany):Cardinal signs of cardiac arrest we eshme3na benshouf el pulse fe el

carotid??? 3alshan el patient momken yekon el UL amputated we el haypotension yekhly el
radial pulse mesh mahsous/ Types of Anathesia in inguinal Hernia we Adv. of spinal anaethesia.

advantages of propofol, what are the inhalational anaesthetics and which are nephrotoxic, uses
and side effects of sevo and Halothane, nitrous oxide (in cylinders, blue colour, how to know if
its full or not {by the weight of the cylinder!!!!!!!!!}).

Anaesthesia : contraindications of spinal ana. , complications of nasala intubation ,

inhalational drug of choice in hepatic disease and another in cardiac disease, MR of choice
in hepatic disease and another cardiac disease. Cpr : number of compressions in cpr when
your are alone .. and the compressions when you r 2 persons

*anaesthesia: diff bet ketamine&propofol, types of shock,comp of spinal

po complication causes (the dr asked each one of us about one of them)

local bubivacaine

inhalational sevo

ketamine disadvantage

diffrence between spinal&epidural

asked about iv anath and muscle relaxant all about types uses and last q:was strang if patient
don't wake from anath what you will think about????????

atracurium,,spinal vs epidural,,and pharmacological criteria of ketamine

: 6 years old child undergoing tonsillectomy ==preop. preparation==induction==maintainance=

muscle relaxant= intubation

po complication causes (the dr asked each one of us about one of them)

local bubivacaine

inhalational sevo

-IV w 2ool kol 7aga " aham 7agat-> CVS, CNS, Respiratory, mn bnesta5demo f shock w mn f
asthma pt" w zaweed mafesh mshakel :)

adv of atracurium,,which m-relaxant coz no histamine release

((cis atracurium))

diaadv of ketamine

(inc cop,,hallucination)

how to avoid hallucination


Difference between ketamen & propofol

Types of shock

Causes hypovolemic shock

Types of shock in burn patient

Cvs complications of spinal anesthesia

Treatment of hypotension due to spinal

Halothane (Disadv , adv , btedeh le meen , btdeh ezay ) & iv anasth used in inductn with adult

Anesthesia : complications of spinal anesthesia ( de sahla ) ,, el so2al elly ba3deeh b2a eh el

types of headache ??!!! ( low tension : ya3ny yerta7 fel lying position we yet3ab fel
standing,,,,, & high tension : 3aks el low ) wel treatment.

Anasthesia > diff bet spinal&epidural , propofol pharmacological characteristics , causes of

respiratory acidosis , types of cardic shock and management.

Anesthesia: s2lny elmnhg kolo w ezay b3ml oxygen therapy .. leh ventimask in COPD.. w
mofag2a b2a causes of respiratory acidosis

talk about preoperative preparation pf surgery>>>>>w etkalemt beltafseeeeel

elmomel what are drugs used for premedications how to to endo tracheal intubation(meant
el steps>>>y3ny el awel give induction by iv w ms relaxant then intubate)


pre operative preparation

Propofol a7sn wla stp ??

endo tracheal intubation

osophagus or broncus

inhalational anathesia w tlp examples

muscle relaxant

types of ETI, eldoctor s2al 3la esm el double lumen eh

c/o of ETI, w lw eltube da5lt Rt bronchus a3mel eh?

ms relaxnts ,,types ,adv, of cisantracurium,why ,,"hoffman degradation" ,complications of spinal

anaesthesia ..causes of hypotension in spinal anaesthesis
leh mesh bnesta5dem curare delwa2ti 3ammatan ?? Histamine release
late complication of spinal anesthesia w etkallem feha bel tafseel ba2a
Value of K & Bicarbonate ( ma3arafthomsh :) )