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April 2008:
No. 291

Newsletter of the Hilton Head Island Audubon Society

Audubon Refuge Keepers

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE APRIL Program ~ by Charlotte White

Tuesday, April 8, 2008, 7:30 pm at the Seabrook
By Howard Costa
Taldi Walter, from the National Audubon Society’s Public Policy Of-
In case you hadn't noticed, though it seems most
fice, will be our April Audubon speaker. Taldi, through her multimedia
of you did, I was away during February and early
March. I would like to thank Bill Nicol and all of presentation, will present a slideshow featuring some of the important
the other board members who kept things rolling natural areas and brilliant birds found in wild Alaska. From the Specta-
smoothly in my absence. Before I enlighten you with cled Eider and Yellow-billed Loon found in America’s Arctic to the Black
tales of my travels, I would like to thank Dr. Maria Oystercatcher and the Kittlitz’s Murrelet found on the southern coastline,
Whitehead for her presentation on swallow-tailed
Alaska’s birdlife diversity is astounding. The presentation will explore
kites last month. Aside from detailing their natural
history, Dr. Whitehead pointed out how conserva- some of Alaska’s natural treasures set aside decades ago for the benefit of
tion efforts for a charismatic creature like the swal- wildlife and the American public. Many American leaders are advocating
low-tailed kite can lead to the protection of entire vastly accelerating the extraction of oil, gas, and mineral deposits in this
ecosystems. Hopefully, some of you will have the important ecological area. Audubon seeks a balance between resource
opportunity contribute some citizen science to help
extraction and protecting internationally critical habitat. Taldi will high-
protect this magnificent bird.
light the imminent and compelling challenges and opportunities facing
So, I spent the month of February in Green Turtle the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Tongass National Forest, Chugach
Cay, Abaco, Bahamas. The Abacos are an extensive
group of islands, large and small, in the northeastern National Forest, and National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.
Bahamas, the nearest only about 350 miles southeast Taldi Walter joined the National Audubon Society’s Public Policy
of Hilton Head. I have visited ther many times in Office in Washington DC as the Alaska Outreach Coordinator, after the
the winter, and have always been impressed with the completion of her Masters degree in Biology. In addition to the Alaskan
birdlife. On this visit, I was surprized to learn that feature, she will also discuss what is currently happening in our National
the first ever North Abaco Christmas Bird Count
had been held, netting 101 species - impressive for Policy office and ask about our chapter activities and issues.
seven teams and only about 25 counters. Sightings It is a special event to have a visitor from the National Audubon So-
I found to be interesting included: least grebe, blue ciety as well as such an educational program. So come Tuesday, April 8,
winged teal, American Widgeon, ring necked duck, WITH A FRIEND, to the 7:30 p.m. program at the Seabrook, 300 Wood-
common snipe, reddish egret, clapper rail, northern haven Drive, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.
harrier, American pipit, black-throated blue warbler,
yellow billed cuckoo, limpkin, indigo and painted
buntings. A large flat on Green Turtle Cay produced
good numbers of most of the same shorebirds that
FIELD TRIPS by Bill Nicol
we see in winter, including 22 piping plovers. One In April we will return to Pinckney Island to view some of
of these is banded, and breeds in South Dakota. the birds returning for the summer. The trip is scheduled for
The ground breaking efforts of this group could ul-
timately lead to an Important Bird Area designation Thursday, 24 April 2008. We will meet at Pinckney Island at
for these flats. Citizen science at work. I share this 8:00 and the trip will last no later than noon and will be lead by
with you to emphasize the interconnection between Clem Dietze. The trip is limited to 5 cars or approximately
birds, places, and birders, and to point out that ev-
25 people. Bikers are welcome and will not count against the
eryone who participates in Audubon activities makes
meaningful contributions. car limit. Please contact me at 671-4721 or if
See you at the next meeting, with a friend. you have any questions or wish to go.
HHI Audubon
Board of Directors:
Howard Costa 842-9447 That it should inhere beyond cut pines,
Vice President uprooted shrubs, a willfullness dug
Bill Nicol 671-4721
Treasurer through the soft needled floor of flatwoods,
Karen McGinty 681-8498 someone has set aside her other
Fran Baer 686-6348
Recording Secretary balance sheet and bequeathed the pond,
Steve White 837-4597 the low ground called 'pocosin' by first inhabitants
Corresponding Secretary
Polly Herron 342-6129 who knew the smooth leaves on Dahoon holly
Members‑at‑Large and in their bad time gathered gallberry,
Jim Currie 681-8525
Marianne Currie 681-8525 chainfern, fetterbush, where a bald cypress
Clem Dietze 837-2612 exposes polished knees like someone used
Barry Lowes 671-3537
Nan Lloyd 363-2092 to kneeling. Anxiety and weariness shed
Betty Walter 842-7147 in this place of longneedled pines, their
Joan Wilson 837-2874
Committee Chairpersons: cones like bristling planets above our
Adopt-A-Refuge (Pinckney) heads. The pond’s shifting green
Clem Dietze 837-2612
stain is the motion of the elastic sides of water,
Karen McGinty 681-8498
Audubon Newhall Preserve hands held in the air as if
Joan Shulman 842-9246 new in their skin; crushed scent of verdant
Bird Walks/Field Trips
Bill Nicol 671-4721 world the taste beneath tongue, our senses
Bird House Construction born in the shadows of cherry laurel and
Jim Collins 671-1240
Bird Seed Sale sassafras, the sun beating through the dust
Ed Nash 681-5725 that has left such a grayness over face and eyes.
Christmas Bird Count
Barry Lowes 671‑3537
Education This poem was written by John Allman and is in a collection of his
Betsy Pehrson 689-2243
poetry entitled "Lowcountry". Allman has published four other books
June Collins 671-1240 of poetry and has received The Helen Bulls Prize from Poetry Northwest,
Hospitality Pushcart Poetry Prize, and two National Endowment of the Arts Creative
Thea Luba 785-3214
Legislation Writing Fellowships in Poetry.
Nicola Jordan 681-5664
Thea Luba 785-3214
Newsletter Circulation
Marianne Currie 681-8525
Pat Marks 689-6876
Newsletter Editor The 2008 Bird Seed money-raiser was successful with $1419 profit, a $114 increase
Joan Wilson 837-2874 over last years good total. That sum is the best in 13 years, and it nearly meets the cost
Charlotte White 837-4597 of our Audubon Adventures magazine program to our local school system. This is a
Publicity & Public Relations very nice result and it is a prime objective of our annual seed sale to be able to help
Clem Dietze 837-2612 fund this educational program. We want to deeply thank the following members and
Sales Table friends who bought 2-1/2 TONS of seed in over 300 bags and made the above income
Dorothy Gibb 686-6406
Shorebirds/Conservation possible, and to Virginia and Lyle Culter at Wild Birds for their great cooperation and
Howard Costa 842-9447 support of our Audubon Chapter:
Special Projects
Richard Shulman 842-9246 Blanche Ashad, Fran Baer, Sherman Barker, Vicky Bauman, Dianna Bennett,
Sun City Representative John Bower, Robert Black, John Faucette, Joe Fromme, Margaret Fullam, Susan Glenn,
Ken Neitzke 705-3970
Hazel Guest, Elizabeth Hamilton, Annette Hausman, Nancy Hayes, Polly Herron,
Sally Krebs H: 757-2973 O: 341-4690 Dave Hicks, Jim & Betty Inman, May Leong, Wanda Leopold, Barry Lowes,
Website: Judy Lundin, Richard Many, Patricia Marks, Peggy Martin, B. Marhoffer, Michael Marks,
The Ecobon is a monthly publication (Sep- Mike McDonell, Karen McGinty, Mr. Michner, Ed Nash, Bill Nicol, Gail O’Kane,
tember through May) of the Hilton Head Island Jack Olden, Terry Putnam, Sandra Plodzaj, Sue Salmons, Allyn Schneider, Lynne Shira,
Audubon Society. Subscription is a benefit of
membership. Direct inquiries to P.O. Box 6185, Howard Smith, Howard Shoemaker, Doris Stoner, Sara Tiffany, Jerry Voight,
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29938 or call
one of the above officers or chairpersons. Betty Walter, Miriam Waterhouse, Ed Zensinger.

Page 2 March 2008

by Joan Shulman by Jack Colcolough
We will have three guided walks in the Preserve in April--all on It’s a great
Saturdays at 10:00 A.M. Adults $7.00; Children under 12, Free; transitional time
Maximum per family, $14.00. For information, call 842-9246. of the year. Our
April 5 “The Art of Seeing Through Photographs” Program by early migrants
Bob Ovelman, an award-winning photographer whose work is and summer birds
in many public and private collections. He will help participants will be moving in
look at nature and the blooming spring flowers in a new way. Be as we say good-
sure to bring your cameras. bye to our winter birds. Our Audubon Society had a fine field
April 12 and 26 “Native Plants and Unique Habitats on a Sea Is- trip to Parris Island ably led by Karen McGinty. We found 71
land” The walk on the 12th will be led by Mary Alice Walker, an bird species highlighted by several beautiful singing Yellow-
amateur naturalist and experienced docent. The one on the 26th will throated Warblers, a Whimbrel and Red-breasted Mergansers.
be led by Betty Treen, a Master Gardener and an experienced do- Other good birds included: Loggerhead Shrike, American
cent. Both will identify the flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees unique Oystercatcher, Black Skimmer, Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs,
to the lowcountry. They will also talk about the history of the Pre- Semipalmated and Black-bellied Plovers, Ruddy Turnstone,
serve and point out the special ecological systems found there. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, American Robin and Cedar Wax-
Thanks to the following individuals who gave of their time and wing. FOTY birds reported were: White-eyed and Blue-headed
energy on the March 15th Work Day: Jack Colcolough, Marianne Vireos, Northern Parula, Wood Duck, Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher
and Palm Warbler in breeding color. The unusual American
and Jim Currie, Ron Howenstine, Mary Jane and Bob Major, Ar-
Bittern continued to be found at Whooping Crane Conservancy.
nold Riehm, Joan and Richard Shulman, and Nancy Turka.
Interesting nearby reports included: an accidental Magnificant
Thanks to Ron Howenstine for monitoring the trails in April.
Frigatebird in Savannah, a rare Purple Sandpiper and Lesser
We need monitors for May, June, July, and September. To volun-
Black-backed Gull at Tybee Island, unusual Sharp-tailed and
teer, call me at 842-9246.
Seaside Sparrows at Fort Pulaski, a rare Green-breasted Mango
Be sure to visit the Preserve to see the new information signs by and Rufous Hummingbird and Baltimore Oriole still in Dublin,
the pond and the pocosin. Todd Ballantine created them for us. GA and a rare Mute Swan mixed in with the Tundras at Bear
FROM THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE A Bald Eagle pair was observed with their large chick on
The Nominating Committee is pleased to present the follow- their nest in a pine on the Indigo Run Plantation golf course.
ing slate of officers for this chapter for 2008-2009 to be voted Many thanks to Richard Shulman, Doris McCullough, Karen
on at the April 8, 2008 meeting. McGinty and Fran Baer for reporting their recent sightings.
President - Bill Nicol To report a rare, unusual of FOTS bird sighting, please email:
Vice-president - Ken Neitzke or e-mail to:BirdingFriends-sub-
Treasurer - Karen McGinty and Fran Baer to join our birding group and report
Recording Secretary - Steve White the bird. Good birding to all.
Corresponding Secretary - Sherman Barker
Members-at-Large - Howard Costa, Jim Currie,
Marianne Currie, Clem Dietze, Barry Lowes,
Nan Lloyd, Betty Walter, Joan Wilson
Respectfully submitted,
Betty Walter, Chair
Howard Costa, Clem Dietze, Nan Lloyd.

At our March 11 evening meeting, Dr. Maria Whitehead

asked for our help in reporting Swallow-tailed Kites that you
may observe here in South Carolina or wherever you might
be. To report: E-MAIL Reminder
Have you sent your E-mail address in to Nan?
Call toll free: 866-971-7474
Mail in: The Center for Birds of Prey If not, please send it to Nan
P.O. Box 1247, Charleston, SC 29402 at

April 2008 Page 3

MEETING SALE Raptor Rescue and Transport
Pearl and David McCullough, long time members of
“My husband Denny and I have had the opportunity on
Audubon, have donated 19 different bird items to our chapter.
These items were appraised at $625 by Camille Wish owner and three occasions to aid in the rescue and transport of injured
operator of Terrace Oaks Antique Mall in Charleston. At the raptors (two Red-tailed hawks, one young Cooper’s hawk,
March meeting, these items will be available for purchase by and an Osprey) from HHI and Bluffton to Awendaw. So in
our members. A list of the items is as follows: late morning on March 6th, when I received a message from
1. Cardinal Statue-made in Taiwan---$35. Bill Nicol about an urgent need for transportation for three
2. Eastern Bluebird, Angelina Originals hand painted---$35. injured birds, I was anxious to help.
3. Heron---$18.
4. Tern---$35. When I called Dr. Parker’s office, they still had not found
5. Gorham Music Box $30. original price---$30. a courier for two Red-tailed hawks and a very sick Eastern
6. Pelican, Wooden 1976 BEL---$24. screech owl. By late afternoon, I was able to secure the name
7. Cardinal Music Box, Advantage Collection, made in China--$24.
8. Tufted Titmouse, Lenox, made in Taiwan---$65. of a person who could meet me on Friday morning in Jack-
9. Ducks—pair, one with broken bill---$15. sonboro, a bit less than halfway to Awendaw. Early on Fri-
10. Cardinal by Andres 8627 w/stand---$35. day morning, I picked up the three birds, each in a small dog
11. Hummingbird wind chimes, broken nose---$1. crate, from Ashley Fallis at the Bluffton clinic on Buck Island
12. Hummingbird, made in China---$30 Road. The birds rode rather quietly in the back of my car,
13. Kentucky Warbler, Stangel Pottery, Trenton, NJ 3598---$45.
14. 2 Loons, ashtrays or soap dishes, California Pottery, with some sounds of limited movement occasionally. In just
circa 1930-1940s---$$18. each over an hour, I was at the meeting point (a combination truck
15. Hummingbird Music Box, Graphic Art Tiles, stop/Kangaroo Gas station/Church’s Fried Chicken on High-
Gardenia, CA 90248-1721---$12. way 17). I greeted my contact (Mary Braxton, a volunteer
16. Cardinal ornament Marjalein, Boston”95---$10.
with the International Bird of Prey Center), transferred the
17. Anna’s Hummingbird, Andrea by Sadek 9614-1986 w/stand--$40.
18. Jonathan Byrne American Signature Collection, crates to her vehicle, and was on my way back home - a good
Collectable Plate 1983 made in Taiwan 2847/15,000---$135. morning’s work.
Cash or checks only, please.
I was able to quickly take photos of the

Audubon Prints On-Line two hawks before they were put into
their crates that morning. I’m hope-
Fellow members, ful that release back into the wild is in
I thought you might be interested in this. The University of their future. It’s exciting to be so close
Pittsburg has put all of the Audubon plates online and you can to these magnificent creatures and to
browse through them by plate number or subject. The web feel like you may have helped them.”
address is
~ Karen McGinty
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Please Note: Current members are encouraged to use this membership form to sign up friends, relatives, and neighbors as new
members. Our Chapter benefits significantly from a “return of dues” from National if our local form is used for new memberships

National Audubon Society Chapter

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Phone__________________________ Preferred First Name(s) ____________________________
Full Year Resident ______ Part Year Resident ______ I/We first joined Audubon in _______________
Mail a check payable to National Audubon Society U50
National Audubon Society, Chapter Membership Data Center, P.O. Box 51001, Boulder, CO 80322-1001 7XCH

Page 4 April 2008

is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds,
other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity
and the earth's biological diversity.

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March 2008 Page 5

291 Issue #:
Hilton Head, South Carolina 29938
P.O. Box 6185
Hilton Head Island Audubon Society Organization:
Monthly Sept.-May Frequency:
April 2008 Issue Date:
Permit #39
Ecobon Title:
Hilton Head Island, SC
U.S. POSTAGE Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29938
Non Profit Organization
P. O. Box 6185

APRIL ~ MAY 2008 Calendar

Thurs. Apr. 3 Board Meeting at the Seabrook .......................... 2:00 pm
If you wish to honor a family
Sat. Apr. 5 Newhall Walk with Bob Ovelman....................... 10:00 am member or friend with a memorial
Tues. Apr. 8 Monthly Meeting at The Seabrook...................... 7:30 pm gift, or remember the Audubon Ne-
whall Preserve or the Hilton Head
Sat. Apr. 12 Newhall Walk with Mary Alice Walker............... 10:00 am Island Audubon Society in your will,
Thurs. Apr. 24 Field Trip to Pinckney Island................................. 8:00 am your gift may be in the form of secu-
rities, cash, life insurance, real estate,
Sat. Apr. 26 Newhall Walk with Betty Treen.......................... 10:00 am
or other property.
Contact your own estate planner
MAY or our Audubon Chapter at P.O. Box
6185, Hilton Head Island, South
Thurs. May 8 Board Meeting at the Seabrook .......................... 2:00 pm
Carolina 29938.
Tues. May 13 Annual Picnic at Sea Pines Preserve.................... 5:30 pm
Sharing your estate with Audubon
not only reduces the taxes on your
estate but will help protect birds,
Monthly meetings of the Hilton Head Island Audubon Society are regularly scheduled wildlife, and their habitat in the years
at 7:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month, September through May, in the to come.
Auditorium at the Seabrook, 300 Woodhaven Drive. Members and guests welcome!

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