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Altra Industrial Motion

& Engine
Guardian Couplings I Flywheel Drive Couplings and Engine Pump Mounts


For more than 70 years,
Guardian has been designing
and manufacturing world-class
couplings and other power
transmission components.
Utilizing advanced
manufacturing technologies
and processes, Guardian
provides highly-reliable Engine Housing Pump Mounts Pump Mounting Plates,
Spacers & Adaptors
coupling and component Guardians engine housings are designed
solutions to meet the for both gas and diesel engine applications The pump mounting plates are designed to
including, but not limited to, generators, mount SAE and metric pumps, but they can also
most challenging industrial
compressors, small gear boxes, and bearing be customized to fit a variety of other mounting
application requirements. supports. requirements. All pump mounting plates come
Allow a direct connection to the hydraulic pump standard with a rust protective coating and are
Castings are manufactured from aluminum, available in a variety of thicknesses.
Guardian provides a wide gray iron and ductile iron Manufactured from steel
range of standard and custom Castings are precision machined to SAE sizes 1 thru 6 from stock
strict tolerances on state of the art CNC SAE 0 & 00 available upon request
products including flywheel
couplings, hydraulic pump Provide an accurate alignment between the
Guardian also offers SAE housing spacers and
adaptors. With Guardians in house machining
mounts, bearing supported engine and the pump
capabilities, we can also produce an assortment
stub shafts, flexible shaft- Reduce premature failure of the drive coupling
of customized adaptors to suit a wide variety of
Can be used on engines such as: Cummins,
to-shaft couplings, motion Deutz, Ford, FPT, GM, Hatz, Hyundai, Isuzu,
mounting requirements.
control couplings as well as JCB, Kubota, Lombardini, Nissan, Perkins, Manufactured in steel & aluminum
compression pipe couplings. Wisconsin, and Yanmar SAE 0 thru 6 available
Standard SAE spacers, single step adaptors,
and double step adaptors are offered

Durable Guardian products

are utilized in key industries
including mobile hydraulics,
farm & ag, tree care, concrete,
food & beverage, material
handling, automation, power
generation, and oil & gas on
applications such as skid
steers, aerial lifts, harvesters,
wood chippers, concrete
pumps, dewatering pumps,
Bearing Supported Stub Shafts FLD
baggage handlers, conveyors, Guardian offers a full line of bearing supported The FLD coupling enables a hydraulic pump to
robotics, compressors, and stub shafts. These set-ups can minimize the be driven from the pulley side of the engine.
side load generated by the pulley belt, and
generator sets. transferred back into the engine.
Features a retractable sleeve for easy belt
replacement which allows you to service the
Can be fitted with one of Guardians pump equipment without removing the pump
mounting plates or engine housings to Fully customizable to suit a variety of engine
connect to a variety of engine housings and manufacturers and designs
back plates
Selection of output shafts include straight,
threaded, tapered, and splined
Can be customized for special lengths and
diameters if required by the application
Various shafting and stub shafts can be
produced if no side loads are present P-7717-GC-A4 5/16


The FBA coupling is a one piece, all steel drive The FL is a two-piece flywheel coupling used The DELTA Series flexible coupling line is
coupling intended to be used with spline shafts on off-highway construction equipment such designed for use on diesel-driven hydrostatic
only in hydraulic pump applications. as skid steer loaders, aerial lifts, excavators, machinery and construction equipment for
and many other mobile hydraulic applications. demanding applications on the latest tier
Elastomeric grommets provide a steady
Not only is the FL our oldest product line, it is engines.
dampening effect to normal engine
our most economical design with decades of
vibrations, helping to minimize any side Cost effective, single-piece design
proven success in the field.
loading to the pump shaft incorporates a splined and hardened steel
Easy installation, no positioning of hubs Consists of a glass reinforced nylon flywheel hub pre-assembled into glass-fiber reinforced
Once the hydraulic pump is plugged into flange that will fit both SAE and metric flange
one of our mounting plates or housings, the flywheels Elastomeric grommets provide a steady
pump assembly can be blind fitted into the Mating hub is produced from sintered dampening effect to normal engine
coupling hub steel and can be used on both splined and vibrations
Pump spline lubrication is required straight shafts Design allows equipment with low inertia to
Fits standard and non-standard SAE flywheel Considered a torsionally stiff design and operate below the critical speed range
designs does not require lubrication Suited for accurately aligned drives that
Can be used on applications up to 450HP Interchangeable to other popular coupling minimize misalignments
brands Accommodates small angular, parallel, and
axial misalignments typical to piloted flange
Can achieve torque capacities of up to
6,130 IN-LBS nominally

NV Series Guard-Flex FH
The NV Series flexible coupling line is for use The Guard-Flex is a torsionally soft, vibration The FH is a coupling with progressive
on diesel-driven and hydrostatic machinery to dampening coupling with an in shear design characteristics where the dynamic torsional
provide maximum vibration dampening from a that will offer protection to both our engine stiffness is enhanced with increasing coupling
torsionally soft coupling. and driven equipment when higher inertias are load. This type of coupling gives a distinct
present. Ideal applications include rotary screw advantage in installations where a wide speed
Single-piece design incorporates a cast iron
compressors, centrifugal pumps, blowers, range is required, and where the torque
hub and a steel back plate with molded rubber
generators, and hydraulic pumps increases with speed.
Acts as a mechanical fuse, providing protection
and dampening for lower driven inertias Acts as a mechanical fuse in the event of an Relatively low torsional stiffness that places
Works specifically with the Kubota Super overload condition the critical speed below the operational
Mini Series and 05 Series engines, but also Designed to fail through the rubber and shear speed of the system
accommodates standard SAE size flywheels Three elastomers are available from stock to Intended for higher inertia loads such as a
from SAE 6.5 through SAE 10 provide the proper dampening and stiffness compressor, centrifugal pump, blower, and
Accommodates small angular, parallel, and The Guard-Flex rubber is offered in 45, 55, generator
axial misalignments typical to piloted flange and 65 shore A durometers Fit all SAE flywheels from SAE 7.5 through
connections Incorporates axial, radial, and angular SAE 18
Suited for accurately aligned drives that misalignment to help reduce forces to the Variable durometer inserts can provide
minimize misalignments driven equipment torque capacities up to 88,500 IN-LBS
Can achieve torque capacities of up to 1,524 Fits applications with a SAE 7.5 through SAE
IN-LBS nominally 11.5 flywheel, and is rated up to 82 HP

P-7717-GC-A4 5/16 Guardian Couplings | 1-219-874-5248

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