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Lecture course 5N510

Decentral Power Generation

Decentral Power Generation Overview J.G. Slootweg

Course overview
Written examination
Course Overview (1)
Block # Date Lecturer Title
14/2/2013 Slootweg The big Picture of Energy and Electricity Supply and
Organization of the Electricity Sector in The Netherlands
and internationally
21/2/2013 Slootweg Historical Development of Electrical Power Systems
2 Introduction to Centralized Power Generation and Drivers
for Decentralization
28/2/2013 Slootweg Decentralized Generation: Wind energy

7/3/2013 No lecture Carnaval

14/3/2013 Slootweg Decentralized Generation: Combined Heat and Power

21/3/2013 Slootweg Decentralized Generation: Photovoltaics

28/3/2013 Geldtmeijer Electricity Storage; technologies and applications (incl.

(Enexis) Electric Vehicles and electric Heat Pumps)
7 4/4/2013 Morren Introduction to Power Electronics

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Course Overview (2)
Block # Date Lecturer Title

11/4/2013 No lecture Examinations, Semester B, kwartiel 3

18/4/2013 No lecture Good Friday

8 25/4/2013 Slootweg Structure and Components of Electricity Networks

9 2/5/2013 Morren Fault studies

10 9/5/2013 Coster Principles of and Technologies for Network Protection

11 16/5/2013 Slootweg Power System Planning
12 23/5/2013 Cobben Power Quality
30/5/2013 No lecture TU/e closed, Friday after Ascension day
13 6/6/2013 Slootweg Power System Operation and Control
Summary of Impacts of Decentralized Generation on
14 13/6/2013 Slootweg
Transmission and Distribution Networks
15 20/6/2013 Slootweg Future Developments in Distribution Networks (incl.
Smart Grids)
Course material

Course material consists of lecture slides and

background material

All material will be posted at OASE/Studyweb

Slides and background material will be uploaded

within few days after the lecture

Course overview
Written examination

Examination consists of three parts:

- Lab/simulation exercise
- Essay
- Written examination (closed book)
Written examination determines final grade
Essay and participation in practical are obliged to take part in written
You will receive comments on your essay by mail if not sufficient
If you fail to submit a (revised) essay before August 15th 08:00 hours
AM, any results from the written examination will be cancelled.
If failing for the written examination, you can turn to the secretariat of
EES to make an appointment for an oral examination before August
If you fail to plan an oral examination (when necessary) before August
12th, your next chance will be the written examination in summer 2015

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Course overview
Written examination
Duration: 4 hrs
Will run second half of May
Simulations of MV grid using Vision
- Network planning
- Network connection of DG
- Fault studies
- Network protection
A trial version of Vision will be provided to install on your own
Dates and location will follow through Studyweb
Coordination: mr. Marinus Grond, MSc (,
tel. +31-6-31905816)
When you miss the practical for some reason, get in touch with
the lecturer

Course overview
Written examination
Essay process

Not graded, but required for completion of the

Hand in your essay before Friday June 27th by e-mail
Results will be sent by e-mail on Wednesday July
9th, together with results of written examination
Process the comments (if applicable) and hand in an
improved version of your essay before August 8th
08:00 hours AM
If you not hand in the essay timely, any grade for the
written examination will be cancelled
Next chance will then be summer 2015
Structure of essay

Start with title of your essay, name, contact details (e-mail +

phone), and student number

1. Give your vision on the future of energy consumption and


2. Select one of the decentral energy production technologies

treated in the course or some other decentral energy
production technology and describe its working principles
(energy source, conversion steps, role of power electronics if
any) as well as how/why/what it contributes to sustainability,
based on its working principles
Structure of essay

3. Elaborate on grid connection issues,

system/market integration issues, etc. Describe
which aspects of these topics you think relevant
and which not, including your motivation

4. Give an assessment of/outlook for the chosen

technology, including your opinion on its role in the
future energy supply and your motivation including
the factors you take into consideration in forming
your opinion
Characteristics of essay
Write in English
Submit in MS Word (no PDFs) so that I can use Track Changes
Min. 3 full pages-max. 5 full pages A4 Times New Roman 12
points, including illustrations; if you choose a different layout,
shorter or longer essays may result
Include some illustrations that should support your line of
reasoning (no holiday pictures, please) and include the
source; illustrations from the course material are forbidden.
Include at least 5 useful references to websites or papers;
references to the background material from the course are
In case you use references in other languages then English or
Dutch provide a link to an English abstract or include it in an
Qualitative treatment of the topic, no calculations (if you
definitely want to, only give the results, details can be put
in an appendix)
Criteria for the essay

Structuring of the topic
Line of reasoning/Sound argumentation
Language and spelling
Relevance and integration of illustrations and

Course overview
Written examination
Written exam

Monday June 23rd, 14-17 hours

Open questions
Closed book
Question will be asked on all material available on
Studyweb, both hand outs and back ground articles
In case you run into difficulties when studying the
material get in touch by e-mail (
and you will receive an answer within 48 hours
In case you do not submit your revised essay timely,
any written exam result will be cancelled
Written exam process

Results will be spread by e-mail by Wednesday July

9th the latest
If indicated, make an appointment for an oral
examination through at or
before Friday 29th August the latest
If you fail to make an appointment for an oral
examination (when necessary) before August 29th,
your next chance will be the written examination in
Finalized essay stays valid infinetely
In case of questions or problems

Contact the lecturer at