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Good News!

Catholic Parish of St Mary & St Thomas More

2 Hallcourt Crescent, Cannock , WS11 0AB,
Parish Priest: Fr Peter Weatherby tel: 07766 335591
22nd October 2017 29th Sunday of Year A Deacons : Rev Michael Vickery, Rev Paul Hender
Welcome to everyone at Mass today, especially if you are Parish Sister: Sisters Sebastian & Callista (temporary)
new to our church or haven't been to Mass for some time. New Cross & Cannock Hospital Chaplains: 01902 695098
Practising Catholics, clear in conscience that they are St Marys Centre (Meals and Functions) 01543 579364
properly prepared, may receive holy communion. Others &
are invited to come forward for a blessing. If so, please Cafod Representative : Jo Burrowes
place your hand on your heart to indicate this to the priest, Safeguarding: Jo Burrowes & Ann Hinsley
deacon or minister. (Birmingham Diocesan Trust: Reg Charity No. 234216)

Masses, Intentions & other services

Check mass intentions online at Give to God what belongs to God!
22nd October 2017 29th Sunday Gratitude Stuck with Round The Alpha Course:
Sat 21 5pm Beatrice Giddings Pounds? rests this week and
(Thanks for safe delivery & aftercare) Most shops wont returns Oct 31st with the
Sun 22 8am Sean Costello RIP take your round topic How Can I Have
10.30am Robert Hunt RIP pounds any more - but we Faith?" Alpha is an
will! Ooad your useless introductory course to the
Tue 24 9.15am No Mass coins onto us, and help the Christian faith, each Tuesday
Wed 25 9.15am Int Billy Cooper (birthday) parish at the same time! evening at 7.30pm at the
Thu 26 9.15am Andy Sweeney RIP Centenary Hall, Hednesford
Fri 27 9.15am No Mass Boundary Mill Outing (next to Our Lady of
Sat 28 10 am Morning Prayer & Eucharistic Service (Friendship Club) November Lourdes). We meet for hot
6th 10 Please let Gail food, a presentation and
29th October 2017 30th Sunday Love Korzonek know by 30th discussion. Invitation
Sat 28 5pm Pat Price RIP October with money please. postcards are at the back of
Sun 29 8am Michael J Butler RIP For more information please the Church. More
10.30am Bill Irving & Josie Irving RIP call Gail (01543 898156). information - including the videos from previous weeks -
APF (red) boxes will be emptied in October. can be found on our website:
Please bring yours in as soon as possible. St Marys Catholic Primary
School is looking for a
Saints Days 26th Ss Chad & Cedd, 28th Ss Simon & Jude permanent Headteacher Open Day at St Thomas
Alpha Tuesdays 7.30pm at Hednesford (not 24th) required for Easter 2018. To More Catholic Primary
Prayer Group Friday 2.30pm in Church apply for this post, please School, Great Wyrley on
contact the school oce or Thursday 16th November
Childrens liturgy during the Sunday 10.30am Mass,
request an application pack 2017 from 09:30am 2:30pm.
except when there is a Family Mass.
from Mrs Yates oce@st- Please come along if you are
Family Mass: Sunday 10.30am on 12 Nov, looking for a Nursery or
10th Dec, 14 Jan, 11 Feb, 11 Mar, 12/13 May, 10 Jun. 8 Jul Closing Date: Friday 3rd Reception place for your
Conrmation Wed 22nd November 7pm in Church November 2017. child for September 2018. For
with Archbishop Bernard. further information please
Exposition Saturday 9am-9.50am. contact the school on 01922
Bible Alive for November is 666335. We look forward to
Rosary 9am before Mass on Thursday and Friday now available. Please see Fr welcoming you.
Morning Prayer usually 9.40am Saturday (10am on 28th) Peter.
Confessions None on Sat 28th
Second & Retiring Collections: This Weekend: 22
October Missio (APF); 29 Clergy Training Fund
(retiring); 5 Nov Johnson Association; 26 Nov Youth

Christmas Bazaar
Service; 10 Dec Poor Parishes. (Dates are Sundays and
include Saturday mass. Please use gift aid envelopes
where available, completing the form with your details).
Parish Income 15th October: Collection 584 (Gift Aid 2nd December 12pm till 2pm
308). St Barnabas 419 (Gift Aid donations 77). The Please bring bottles (alcohol) and quality items for
Contribution to the St Barnabas Society includes a prizes as soon as possible, and be ready to bring cakes
generous donation from Cardinal Grin Catholic College
nearer the day. Raffle Tickets available soon.
in recognition of Fr Peter being Guest of Honour at the
Awards Evening on 19th October. Thank you!
Please submit notices and items for publication to Fr Peter by hand, by text 07766 335591 or by email to
22nd October 2017 29th Sunday of Year A

St Marys Centre 01543 579364 Please Pray Rockey, Stella, Rev Laurence
Sunday Carvery 12-3pm 6.95 Walsh, Carol Garnett, Cath
The Holy Father's Prayer Hunt, Ray Bishop, Ruth
Wednesday Carvery 5.30-8pm 2 for 10
Thursday OAP Special: 12-2pm 4.00 (5.95 non oaps) Intention for the Month of Wright, Pat Molloy, Betty
Saturday Menu 4-8pm 2 for 9 October 2017 is for Workers Murphy, Christopher Cooper,
and the Unemployed: that all Sheila Houghton, Tom
Please ring the Centre (01543 579364) to book
ALL FUNCTIONS CATERED FOR. workers may receive respect Erangey
and protection of their rights,
for the sick or housebound:
and that the unemployed may
More notices receive the opportunity to
Breeda Hinton, Norah Perry,
Kath Turner, Stella Skillen,
Baby Bear Project 10th EMBRACE LIVERPOOL contribute to the common
Annette Mason, Doris Crabb,
Anniversary Celebration 2017 is a day to celebrate the good.
Jean Golik, Joanne Jeavons,
Service is at St Mark's, faith of young people. for Persecuted Christians. Bob Evans, Nicola McCulloch,
Great Wyrley, 4th It will take place on Please pray during October Celia Hurdiss, Dee Fellows,
November at 2.30pm, Saturday 25 November 2017 for Christians in the David Holt, Theresa Hadley,
followed by refreshments. from 9.30am to 6pm at Philippines who are facing Dr Peter Hayward, Fr Pat Liverpool Metropolitan increasing numbers of attacks Farrelly
Cathedral. It is aimed at by militants.
#REDWEDNESDAY 14-25 year olds but open to for those who have
for peace in the world, died recently: Lizzie Hughes
On 22 Nov Aid to the all. especially in Korea, the Aspinall (funeral November
Church in Need invites us
Middle East, the United States 8th)
to wear an item of red November is the month of
and in Catalonia
clothing to draw attention the Holy Souls. Envelopes for those with anniversaries
to the persecution of are already available in for our Alpha Course, and about this time: 26th Jack
Christians today. Church. all those taking part and Hickey, 27th Liam Keeling,
redwednesday helping to lead the meetings 29th Bill Irving, Mary
for Ed Sargeant training Bosworth, 30th Leo
for the Permanent Diaconate Raveendran. May they rest in
Christmas Masses for those receiving peace.
communion at home: Don Please add anniversaries of
Advent 4 Sat 23/Sun 24 Masses at usual times.
and Breeda Hinton, Don your loved ones to the
(no music on Sunday morning)
McCulloch, Gerry Marriott, Memorial Book in Church.
Christmas Eve (Sunday 24th) Lilian Handley, Mary Rowley, Please let Fr Peter know if
4pm Family Mass, Thomas Erangey, Billie Wyles, you wish to add any petitions
6pm Carols, 6.30pm Mass of Christmas Night. Maria Wacawski, Catherine or thanksgivings onto this
Holloway, Bernard Deakin, prayer list.
Christmas Day Mass 10am Mary Casey, Iris Robertson
for Michael Scherfenberg, Thanksgivings
Hannover, recovering from an for the birth of a grandson
Parish Groups Friendship Club
operation and expecting for the interest being
alternate Mondays at 12pm in
the Centre. further surgery soon generated by the Alpha
Prayer Group
Contact: Gail Korzonek ... for those undergoing or Course
Every Friday
at 2.30pm in Church Union of Catholic recovering from treatment: ... for the birthdays of
Contact: Richard Pilmore Mothers Norma Rowley, Deacon Christopher (Billy) Cooper
2nd Thursday of each month Michael, Audrey George, and of Andrew Weatherby
Alpha Course 1pm in the Centre. Mitek Karasinska, Emma
Tuesdays 7.30pm art the Contact: Ann Hinsley Chapman (Anderson), Cath
Centenary Hall, Hednesford.

Please enter swaps on the rota in Church

Readers Ministers Readers Ministers Readers Ministers Cleaning Stole
ROTAS Sat 5pm Sat 5pm Sun 8am Sick Visiting Sun 10.30am Sun 10.30am
Patrick Team 6
October S & T Bullivant S & T Bullivant Martyn Porter
Warren Gail & David Korzonek E. Clancy, S & T Bullivant
22nd D&M Brent Smith Sr Maria & Fr Shirley Pat Seery
Wendy C Bridges, C Jackson G. Dockery N Rowley
Sunday 29 Hibberts Peter Weatherby
Owens G Dockery
Sheila Eileen Clancy, D Bruce & C Michael Team 1
October Bullivant Julie Kennedy Michael Hunt Tom Burrowes D Gleve, S Weatherby Seavers David Gleve
29th Colman Pat Seery
Pat Johnston, Burrowes Jo Burrowes & R Callum Pearce S Clancy, E Sargeant, David Peter Garnet
Sunday 30 Whitelaw Teresa Smith Cranney Gleve I Savage