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Spartanfx pro


This report provides an introduction to SPARTANFXPRO Company. SpartanForex is an Asia-
Marketing Department .
based brokerage providing foreign exchange investment and trading services to clients from
around the world.Our mission and intention is to provide the platform and education for
clients in order that they achieve well above average returns on their risked capital. With
direct market access order processing all trades are instantaneous, bypassing any broker
dealing desk. As a straight through processor (STP) broker, our interests are completely
aligned with those of our clients. Unlike a forex broker who runs a dealing desk, we are not
betting against our clients. Fund your SpartanForex trading account using Bitcoin, Litecoin,
Etherium, and Zcash. Transfer funds to your account while incurring no transfer fee, and
start trading less than an hour later.


MISSION: Perceiving customer needs at utmost level by providing them flexibility in
sourcing, competitive prices, on-time deliveries and customized solutions for unique needs

Ensuring attentive, effective and proactive customer service and personalized

attention to customers
Continually building our skills and knowledge to meet the growing and diverse needs
of customers
Sustaining our reputation as a reliable, customer-oriented, dynamic player in the
Achieving profitable growth, operational and organizational excellence without
compromising from our values and business ethics

Being a globally recognized company established world-wide with an

excellence in organizational structure

Re-defining the standards of customer service by exceeding

customer expectations
Being admired for our business values and ethics

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Keeping our name synonymous with reliability, customer satisfaction
and innovation.
Being the "preferred choice" both for customers, suppliers and
Bringing inspiration and being a model for companies who are willing
to reach their dreams

In order to function efficiently and effectively every organization has a fundamental department.
Its important to divide department so that the work is divided into units and departments. This
division of work is helping in bringing specialization in various activities of concern and helps in
putting right men on right job which can be done by selecting people for various departments
according to their qualification, skills and experience. This is helping in defining the jobs properly
which clarifies the role of every person. SPARTANFXPRO has the following departments:
1. Finance Department
2. Supply Chain Department
3. Marketing Department
4. Human Resource Department
5. IT Department
6. Research & Development


A Supply Chain is a network of the entities within and across companies- involved in producing,
servicing. A typical supply chain has the following entities:

The suppliers
Transportation and Logistics

Marketing generally refers as the task of creating, promoting and delivering goods and services
to consumers and business. Marketing managers seeks to influence the level of timing and
composition of demand to meet the organizations objectives. Marketing people are involved in
10 types of entities: goods, services, experiences, events, persons, places properties,
organization, information and ideas. The marketing concept rests on four pillars: customer needs,
integrated marketing and profitability. Marketing is defined as a societal process by which
individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering and freely
exchanging products and services of value with others.

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Award Winning Trading Platform
Trade Forex, Spot Metals and CFDs on the world's most popular trading platform, MetaTrader
4, available for DeskTop, Web and Mobile devices

Live Support - 24/5

Our highly trained support operators are here around the clock for any questions you may have
about trading on the EliteFXBrokers environment

No Dealing Desk
We operate a strict No-Dealing Desk environment. We will never trade against you and there is
no conflict of interest with our client trades

Secure Payment Options

All deposits and withdrawals are processed by our fully regulated and PCI compliant payment
processor partners assuring you of total security


Theoretical knowledge required for the job was collected through books as well as provided
through my degree program in this respective field. Some of my duties included basic data
entering on excel sheet and use of various official letter heads for correspondence. I was
responsible for managing some tasks relating to the service catalogue, this included basic
administrative work related to the design and printing of the pamphlet. I was also given the
chance to witness the creative process and immense work that goes into this which included
me coordinating with various departments and people hired. As the projects also attends
national and international trade fairs it falls on the marketing department to make sure the
various promotional about service are displayed properly in order to get maximum benefit and
business. I helped with these tasks and was responsible to make sure the various paperwork
was properly managed. I learned how to sort out the documents according to the company's
requirement and how to properly file them. I also managed to learn how to operate various
technologies used to office work including fax machines, printers and others. I was also required
to generate ideas for planning and implementing various marketing plans as per company
requirements and to follow up on existing projects and report any problems in these to the

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The six weeks of internship at SPARTANFXPRO has been a great learning experience from the
very first day and which is going to help me a lot in my professional life. I worked in multiple
department that plays a significant role in the organizations growth, since it makes sure that
cordial relationship exist between service and market. Working in all departments, gave me a
close idea of the functioning of the Department and here I got the opportunity to observe things
more closely. I really enjoyed working as I got assistance at every level; the employees are very
cooperative, friendly and flexible. It had been a wonderfulexperiencebeingatSPARTANFXPRO.Ive
had exclusive practical exposure and insight to different areas of department that. Which has
facilitated my learning highly. This experience is surely one of the most memorable and valuable
experiences to mark my career ahead.

Employee position should be change after a 6 months [with his or her permission] so that
he or she will not get bored.

Promotions, increments, recruitments etc. should be purely on the merit base rather
than on the basis of the seniority or favoritism

The location of the office should be nearer to the employee.

Should hire more people for so they have spread in different field of location.

Praise should be given to the employees for an extra effort.

In a month there should be some fun activities where employees can participate.

There should be consultant for the employees who are switching their jobs.

Give some task from which employees can think out of the box.

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