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Narcotics is uncommon thing to hear in the society, but the function and usability

of narcotic that are less known by the general public. Most people abusing the
drugs. So a lot of people in society who become drug addicts because they do not
know what is the drug, and can be used for anything. The actual of the drug is
only used for dispensing medicine and used in the operation process.

This is the footage of role play about drug abuse

On Sunday morning, there are two friends have a conversations for planning to
join exercise together. Before going to the field, A calls B to pick her in her house
and go together to the field.
Krrriiinggg kkrriiinnggg
B: hello, good morning A.
A: hai B, will we be going? I will pick you
B: Of course, all right.
A: Okay wait a few minute, I'm go now.
B: OK, be careful A.
A go to the Bs house and pick her. A arrive at Bs house.
A: B ... B..B ..
B: hai A, let's go.
A: Come on B

They went to field together. Arrive in the field, they directly doing the warmed up
and run around the field. When they were running, suddenly B met with old friend
in senior high school in the field, B approached her old friend C who had just
transaction drugs with her friend around the field.
B: hai C, how are you? What are you doing here? Are you doing exercise too?
C: Hai B, I am fine, and how about you? No, I just refreshing my mind here.
B: ooo, I'm fine too. By the way C, this is my friend shes name is A. A this is my
friend in senior high school shes name is C.
C: hi A, Im C
A: hi, Im A
C: By the way B and A, this is my friend. Shes name is D
B: Im B
A: Im A

After they become acquainted, they had become close friends. Short story, A
become very closer with C since they often go out together. But one day, C invited
C went out to meet D.
A: C where will we go?
C: you will know later A. Do not worry, we will just meet with D
A: okay
A does not know that C will take the drugs from the D, D is a friend who often
invited by C to do transaction drug abuse. After arriving in the transaction place.
C: A wait here, I'll look for D first.
A: Why? Can I follow you?
C: Wait here for a moment
A: Okay C

After C met with D and D give the drugs to C. C and D met A and plans to go to
the Ds rent house.
C: hai A, sorry if you must wait for long time
A: No problem C. Where will we go now?
D: we will go to my rented. Let go A
A: For what ?
C: we will go to the Ds rented first because I have to do something.
A: okay C

And then, they go to the Ds rented house. A really shocked when she saw there
was a lot of syringes in her room. A think maybe D make experiments with
syringe in her room. A did not dare to ask about the syringe with D. Suddenly C
and D directly using a syringe and the drugs they were carrying. A more confused
and she dared her self to ask.
A: What are you doing? What is that? For what the all syringe? Why did you
inject it to your body?
C: please, be quiet A. We're enjoying it. You must try it.
D: Come on A, is very pleasant, it will make you feel relax.
A: I do not want it, is it the drug? I do not want it
C: Come on A, you would like it.

C was forced A to try to use drugs, C asks D to holding her hands and C was
injected drugs into As body. A is helpless due to the effects of these drugs. They
were helpless in Ds rented house. After they were aware, A ask C to deliver her to
her house.

A few days after the incident . As behavior was more bizarre, she felt like trying
to return to using drugs . During the campus, B saw a bizzare behavior on A. Then
B investigating A, when B followed A , she was a meeting with C who gave
drugs. Finally B knows that A does drug abuse when B sees A do it in the
campus . B tried to warn A in the campus.
B : A , what are you doing ? Why are you like this ? Who are your major
A : please, be quiet B , I need this , I really need , please give it to me
B : What do you say ? This is wrong thing.
A : please gave it quickly

After taking back drugs from the hands of B , A ran and left B. Since the incident,
B and A are very rarely communicate. Then B decided to tell about the incident to
As sister.

Krriingg kriiingg
As sister : Haloo B, whats wrong? Why are you call me?
B : Haloo sister, are you busy now? I want to tell something with you about A.
Sister A : whats wrong with A? Now, Im not busy.
B : Okay sister. Later I'll go to your house, I will explain it.
Ater finished called, B directly go to As house to meet the As sister to discuss
about As problem. After a few minutes, B arrives at As house
B: Excuse me..
As sister : yes, come in B.. What do you wanna tell to me? I think thats so
B: Yess, this is very important

After B told everything about A, As sister very surprised and shocked about the
incident. And then B ask to As sister to inquire about this matter to A
B: Sis, my sister is the nurse. I think she can help to solve this problem
As sister : B, I really need your help to stop the As behavior. I really did not
know about this.
B: Okey sis, A is my best friend. I will help her. Later I will tell to you when you
can meet my sister.
Brother A: okey. thanks B, thank you very much.

After the conversation and B back to her house. Arrive at home, B immediately
contacted her sister to return back to home. Short story, Bs sister arrived at home
and B directly tell about As problem with her.
B: What can I do to help my friend?
Bs sister : you must take her to rehabilitation of drug abuse.
B: it will be hard if without her own desire
Bs sister : Wait for the right moment to take her there
B: okay, I'll tell to As sister

A few days later, B contacted As sister to informed about advice from Bs sister
Kriiingg krriiingg
As sister: hello B..
B: hello sis.. my sister said we must take her to rehab. There are she will be given
information about drug abuse and she will be assisted until he is recover from the
As sister : Thank you B.. but if A refused to go there. What should we do?
B: I also think like that, sis. We will wait for the right time
As sister : Okey B, thank you for your information
B: Okey sis

A few weeks after that conversation, A more uncontrollable and increasingly

frequent use the drugs. Suddenly bad things happen, A was informed that D died
of a drug overdose. A asked C to meet her in their usual place. Arriving at the
C: hai A, what's up?
A: I wanna ask you, I heard the news that someone died of drug overdose, and his
name D. Is it right?
C: Yes, I was also very surprised about that
A: why can be like this? Is it because drugs? You said that is very pleasant, why
tthe effects so bad?
C: You dont think about her death. May be that is already her destiny
A: Did you really? (crying and hugging C)
C: Yes

After the meeting, A frightened, she began to think to stop using drugs. But when
she tried to stop him feel not hold sense to use drugs again. And she went to the
rented C. As usual, A and C using drugs everyday.
A month later, the activity is performed continuously by A. Suddenly, A hearing C
suffered an overdose and was hospitalized. A shocked and she immediately
contacted her sister.
Kriiinngg kriinggg
As sister : hello, what is wrong, sis?
A: where are you?
As sister: Im in campus. why?
A: can you come home soon? Please.. (with the sound of crying)
As sister : Okey. I will back to home now.
A : Okey. Please quickly.
As sister : okey sis

As sister directly called B, she asked B to accompany A at home before she

Kriiinggg krriinggg
B: Haloo sis.
As sister : can you go to my home now? Please accompany A, it seems she have a
B: Okey sis, I will go there now
As sister : Thank you B

Then, B immediately went to the As house, as well as the As sister. When she
arrived at As home, B immediately went into the house and immediately met A. A
was crying and telling about all problem to B and she tell she want to stop using
A: B (A directly hugged and cried B), I was wrong and, I'm afraid, I do not want
such as C and D.
B: I've been warned you A
A: I know, I've tried to stop but could not, help me please, help me to stop to do
B: I'm will call my sister, wait a minute, I think she can to help you.
A: okey B, thank you very much.

B was immediately called his sister and asked her sister immediately come to the
As house. Bs sister come together with As sister.
A: sister (crying)
As sister: yes, I already know about your problem. What do you want to do now?
A: From who did you know? I wanted to stop, I do not want such as C and D
As sister : Thats not important from who I know this. We will help you.
A: How is the solution, sis?
Bs sister : tomorrow we will go to rehab. You will be cured there
A: Are you sure, sis? But Im not in brackets like in jail
Bs sister : no A, there you would be fostered, and would be given an explanation
about drug abuse and how to stop it?
B: yes, its right. You must go there if you want to know how to stop using the
As sister : yes, if you want to recover you must go to rehab, because people who
are addicted to drugs can not stop by it self.
A: Okey sis, I want to recover, I will go there
Bs sister : Okey, tomorrow we will go to rehab.