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Check-out: exercise organizing information into solid memories 129

32: Vegetable garden

You have decided to plant the following fruits and garden and on a separate piece of paper list as many
vegetables in your new garden. Try using your pegs to breeds of dogs as you can think of in 2 minutes.
memorize them. When you are done, cover up the Afterward, test your memory of the produce.

tomatoes leeks


potatoes Your score: ______
13 foods: 2 points
46 foods: 4 points
onions green beans radishes 710 foods: 6 points

33: Lost in the forest

Can you memorize the shapes of these different leaves and so on). When youre ready, cover the leaves and
and the names of the trees they belong to? To boost recite the 6 multiplication table backward from 60.
your recall, try putting the leaves into meaningful groups Afterward, draw the leaves and write down the names
(such as those with pointy ends, those that are prickly, of the tree they belong to on a separate piece of paper.

1 0
ivy maple HOW DID YOU DO?
Time to add up your points.
Your score = ( ____ x 100) 98 =
____ %
You are working hard:
holly elm congratulations! By now, you
should have memorized your
pegs and be ready to use them
when required. Try drawing
Mind Webs whenever you need
g willow to organize and memorize a lot
of information. Of course, do
Your score: ______ not hesitate to review the
13 leaves: 2 points techniques in the previous
46 leaves: 4 points chapters so that you can decide
magnolia oak 78 leaves: 6 points which best suits your needs.

Check-in: how well do you

remember names and faces?
Before learning how to boost your memory for names and faces, lets test your
current ability. Once more, weve added an unrelated time-lag task for some of the
exercises. Write down your score as you go along and add up your points at the end.

1: Meeting the board

Below are the names of the 8 members you want to speak their names. Then cover them up and count backward from
to at the next board meeting. Take 1 minute to memorize 30. Afterward, see how many names you can remember.

Ms. Greeneld Mr. Mickelson Ms. Truman Professor Miller

Dr. Quinn President Stone Ms. Salzman Mr. Rattle

Your score: _____

13 names: 1 point
46 names: 2 points
78 names: 3 points

2: New bank workers Your score: _____

Study the faces of these 5 new bank employees. After 30 seconds, cover them up and 12 faces: 1 point
recite the 7 multiplication table backward from 70. Afterward, circle the 5 employees 34 faces: 2 points
5 faces: 3 points
who match the ones below among the three rows of faces on the next page.
Check-in: how well do you remember names and faces? 133

3: Name the faces

Take 1 minute to memorize the names and
faces on the right. Once youre done, cover them
up and take a 2-minute break. Afterward, write
down the correct names under the faces below.
Ruth Rau James Weisman Nancy Kemna
gh eele
Matthew St

Your score:_____
1 point for each
name recalled under
the correct face

4: Observing faces
Take 2 minutes to look closely at the 4 faces below. A: What is Mr. As hair
Try to memorize as much as you can about them. Now color?
cover up the faces and, to create a time lag, spell out B: Is Ms. B wearing
10 words that each consist of 6 letters. Afterward, glasses?
C: Does Mr. C have thin
see how many of the questions on the right you can
answer correctly.
D: Does Ms D. have long
E: Does Mr A. have thick
F: Does Mr C. have a at or
pointy nose?

Ms. B
Mr. A Ms. D
Mr. C Your score: _____
12 correct answers: 1 point
34 correct answers: 2 points
Solutions on p.184
56 correct answers: 3 points

5: Back to the bank 6: Pairing up

Without referring back to exercise 2 on page 132, can You are introduced to 3 couples at a dinner party. Take
you still identify the 5 new bank employees from the 30 seconds to memorize the names and faces of each
array of faces below? (They are all now wearing a couple. Then cover them up and recite the alphabet
pair of glasses to make things a little more difcult.) backward starting from the letter J. Afterward, ll in the
Circle the correct faces. correct names under the picture of each couple.

Emma & Mark Robert & Emily Jack & Kathy

Your score: _____

12 faces: 1 point Your score: _____
34 faces: 2 points 1 point for each couple
5 faces: 3 points identied correctly
Check-in: how well do you remember names and faces? 135

7: Star-studded cast
You read a review of a Hollywood blockbuster starring 5 leading male actors. Take a
few minutes to memorize the 5 names. Then cover them up and think of the names
of 10 female actresses. Afterward, see how many actors names you can remember.


Your score: _____
LEONARDO DICAPRIO 12 names: 1 point
34 names: 2 points
5 names: 3 points

8: On a day trip
Here are 5 children you have to look after during a trip to the aquarium.
Take 1 minute to memorize their names and faces so that you can nd 26 + 51 + 32 + 64 = ____
43 + 31 + 36 20 = ____
them if they wander off. Then cover them up and solve the math problems.
34 + 45 + 7 21 = ____
Afterward, recall their names and draw an arrow to the correct faces.
32 + 12 30 + 11 = ____

Solutions on p.184
Elsie Daniel Alice Robert Ashley

1 0
Time to add up your points.
Your score: ____ 26 points
( ____ x 100) = ____ %
Are you pleasantly surprised?
Or do you feel your memory
for names and faces needs to
improve? Whatever the case,
read on to understand why
names are so hard to memorize.
There are a few tricks that you
Your score: _____ can use to boost your memory
13 faces only: 1 point 13 faces + names: 3 points for them, too. The next pages
45 faces only: 2 points 45 faces + names: 4 points will help you master these.