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Wood Elf Ancestry

Wood Elves are a relatively uncommon sight in the Old World, mostly encountered near the
old forests, though occasionally adventurers are found elsewhere. Somewhat aloof, they are
treated in equal measure by humans as attractive, ethereal wonders and with suspicion as
dangerous creatures with unknown but secretive motives of their own. The truth is
somewhere between the two extremes. They are long-lived and although can be neutral in
the affairs of man, can usually be counted on to do what is right when the forces of evil and
chaos arise. Wood Elves make good magicians and rogues, though many become good
warriors, particularly with longbows.

At Home in the Woods: As their name suggests, Wood Elves live deep within the
forests of the Old World, in harmony with nature. While generally peaceful, they defend
their homes with ferocity whether the interloper be Orcs, malign creatures spawned by
chaos, or humans intent on cutting down their sacred groves for lumber.
Enchanting but Arrogant: Wood Elves are attractive in appearance, with rather delicate
pointed ears, slender bodies and around human height, giving off a refined air. To
many, they are arrogant, as they tend to look down on the other races; humans are
rough and brutish, halflings are a little too flippant and too quick to act without
thought, and dwarves are rude, destructive and little more than savages.
Common Names: Aesfar, Angriel, Dolwen, Ellendil, Galgaliel, Laria, Linuviel, Marellion,
Pellana, Siranel, Tallarond, Virandalas.

Creating a Wood Elf

Starting attribute scores Strength 9, Agility 11, Intellect 10, Will 9. Choose two attributes
and increase them both by 1.
Perception equals your Intellect score +1.
Defence equals your Agility score.
Health equals your Strength score.
Healing Rate equals one-quarter your Health, round down.
Size 1, Speed 12, Power 0
Damage 0, Insanity 0, Corruption 0
Languages and Professions You speak Old Worlder and Eltharin (Elvish). You start with
either Profession: Entertainer or Profession: Musician.
Shadowsight You see into areas obscured by shadows as if those areas were lit.
Woodstealth When you are in a wooded area and you roll to become hidden or move
silently, you make the Agility challenge roll with 1 boon.
Spell Defence You take half damage from spells and you make any challenge roll to resist a
spell with 1 boon. A creature attacking you with a spell makes the attack roll with 1
Level 4 Expert Wood Elf

Characteristics Health +4

You learn one spell or gain Bewitching Presence.

Bewitching Presence Your attractive appearance

alters how others see you and behave around
you. You make attack rolls in social situations
with 1 boon. This does not work on Dwarves.

Wood Elf Age

3d6 Age
3 You are a child. 16 to 40 years old.
4-7 You are an adolescent. 41 to 90 years
8-12 You are a young adult. 91 to 140 years
13-15 You are a middle-aged adult. 141 to
190 years old.
16-17 You are an older adult. 191 to 220 years
18 You are a venerable adult. 211 years
old or older.

Wood Elf Appearance

3d6 Appearance
3 You are shorter and less slender than
most elves. Some might even accuse
you of being a very tall halfling.
4-7 You are rather plain as elves go, which
means youre still quite attractive. But
you arent going to turn as many heads.
8-12 You look like an archetypical elf. Ears
just the right pointiness and suchlike.
13-15 You have roguish good looks, wonderful
hair, and a twinkle in your eye.
16-17 You have a slightly unworldly, faerie-
like touch to your beauty.
18 You are incredibly attractive, even for
an elf. Your features are perfection,
and you could be mistaken for an angel,
if you had wings.
Wood Elf Background

D20 Background
1 You are from the Athel-Loren settlement in the Loren forest in Bretonnia.
Imperial citizens who are suspicious of elves are doubly suspicious of you.
2 You are from the deep forest of Laurelorn and have had few contacts with non-
elves before now.
3 Your family was originally based in what is now the Forest of Shadows. If you
fight in the Forest of Shadows against the evil creatures that now live there, you
do so with 1 boon.
4 Coming originally from the Reikwald Forest, where there are fewer elves, you are
much more used to humans than most of the elves who live hidden away.
5 You are from the Drakwald Forest, now overrun with beastmen. If you fight
against beastmen, you do so with 1 boon.
6 You are from a small settlement within the Great Forest.
7 You lived amongst the Dark Elves for a while. While you do not share their views,
you gained 1 Corruption thanks to what you saw.
8 You were exiled from your forest home for some crime.
9 You lived in a very small community that was remarkably self-sufficient. If you
have to make any survival challenge roll in a forest, do so with 1 boon.
10 You earned a living working in your profession.
11 You are a gifted artisan. Add one Artisan profession.
12 You have always lived in the city. As a result, other elves can tell theres
something not quite right with you.
13 You travelled extensively. You speak one additional language.
14 You took a human lover but their family drove you away, believing them to be
ensorcelled by you.
15 You were an orphan foundling raised by human parents.
16 You helped defend your settlement from an attack. You are a hero to your people
back home.
17 You returned from a hunting trip to find your settlement destroyed. You still dont
know who did it, but you have sworn vengeance.
18 Someone important owes you a favour.
19 You have a string of lovers in half a dozen places.
20 You found a pouch in the woods. Start with an extra 2d6 cp.
Wood Elf Personality

3d6 Personality
3 You are arrogant and see other beings as lesser.
4 You are aloof and if truth be told, a little uncaring about people other than
5-6 You have always tried to respect the wishes of the elders of your settlement.
7-8 You think first of your community when acting, and only then to others.
9-12 You try to do good in the world, but you have minor failings in that regard.
13-14 You have great loyalty to your friends.
15-16 You will always try to help people if you can.
17 The harming of innocents makes your blood boil.
18 You strive to make a difference in the world. You challenge evil and chaos
wherever they arise.

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