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Aphasia Syndromes

Name Speech Comprehension Language Notes

Brocas Aphasia Nonfluent Comprehensive No repetition or Speech limited to
name few words.
Conscious of
improper words.
Wernickes Aphasia Fluent Non-comprehensive No repetition or Logorrhea,
name phonologic errors in
Conductive Fluent Comprehensive No repetition or Phonologic errors.
name (Broca and
Wernickes not
connected or loss of
output lexicon).
Transcortical Motor Nonfluent Comprehensive With intact Repetition is
Aphasia repetition possible because
Wernicke -> Broca
loop intact. Lesion
of supplementary
motor cortex.
(Isolates language
centers from
executive areas)
Transcortical Sensory Fluent Non-comprehensive Repetition intact Semantic speech
Aphasia but no name errors. Wernicke
cannot project to
Semantic center (no

Anomic Aphasia Fluent Comprehensive Repetition intact Semantic center

but no name cannot project to
Wernicke (output
lexicon), so isolated
name loss.
Pure-Word Deafness Fluent Non-comprehensive No repetition Normal speech.
Wernickes is
functioning, but
auditory input not

Deep Dysphasia Fluent Comprehensive Repetition of real Wernicke -> Broca

words, but not non- direct loop is
words. Real words broken so no
may be phonologic
paraphrased by repetition (non-
semantic center i.e. words).
sea to ocean. Alternate path
through semantic
center for real