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1. Apa yang menyebabkan ketidak profesionalan suatu Tim Manajemen dalam
menjalankan kegiatan suatu perusahaan.

a. Nearly 40% of respondents feel that entitlement is increasing in the workplace. In

other words, too many workers expect rewards without putting in the hard work and
Tip: Do A work every day and be sure you have tangible outcomes to show for
your time in the office. Ask leaders how promotions work and dont simply assume
that a promotion or raise is guaranteed just because you have been employed with
an organization for a set period of time.
b. IT Etiquette. Using technology inappropriately is also a huge complaint. The most
common challenges reported include excessive use of social media (49%),
inappropriate use of the internet (47%) and excessive usage of cell phones (46%).
Tip: Focus on work while at work and try to keep your internet use to a minimum
except for emergency situations. Encourage friends and family NOT to text you
during the business day to help reduce temptation.
c. Unfocused Behavior. Unfocused and/or unmotivated employees are another big
trend in the survey. Certainly much of this relates to the over-use of technology.
Tip: As mentioned above, put away your cell phone. Additionally, try to focus on one
task at a time, attempts to multi-task can sometimes make you less efficient.
Remove distractions from your work space whenever possible and let colleagues
know when you need quiet time for concentration without interruption.

2. Berikan contoh TIm Manajemen yang berhasil dan Tim Manajemen yang mengalami
kegagalan , pada perusahaan perusahaan yang ada di dunia termasuk Indonesia.
Successful Management Team

History has shown us that it takes a special kind of leader with unique competencies
and skills to successfully build great companies and teams. In the sports world, the
late John Wooden set the standard for great coaches, leading UCLA to 10 NCAA
national basketball championships in a 12-year period seven in a row. His
success was so iconic, Wooden created his own Pyramid for Success to help
others excel through his proven wisdom. In the business world, we can look to Jack
Welsh, who was the Chairman and CEO of General Electric between 1981 and
2001. According to Wikipedia, the company's value rose 4000% during his
tenure. In 2006 Welch's net worth was estimated at $720 million and in 2009, he
launched the Jack Welsh Management Institute at Strayer University.

Building companies requires the know-how to build long-lasting teams. This is why
most managers never become leaders and why most leaders never reach the
highest pinnacle of leadership success. It requires the ability to master the art of
people and knowing how to maneuver hundreds (if not thousands) of people at the
right place and at the right time. It means knowing how each person thinks and
how to best utilize their competencies rightly at all times. Its playing a continuous
chess match knowing that every wrong move that is made can cost the company
hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars (just ask BP and Enron).
Name : Febrina
NIM : 201512274
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Unsuccessful Management Team


Electrical retail chain Comet Group started life in 1933 as Comet Battery Stores,
recharging batteries for customers wireless radios.
In the early 1950s, demand for wireless radios grew fast, and founder George
Hollingbery changed the name to Comet Radio Rentals, opening his first retail store.
More stores followed quickly.
Following the Resale Prices Act (1964), Comet expanded beyond its Yorkshire
heartland, becoming a national discount retailer. Predominantly a mail-order business,
Comet advertised stock and prices 45% lower than the manufacturers' recommended
retail prices. Few pure-play electrical retailers could compete.
Comet went public in July 1972 and expanded its range by purchasing Gas Trend, a
discount retailer of gas appliances. By the end of 1976, the group had grown to 50
In May 1994, Comet received a takeover bid from Harris Queensway followed by one
from Woolworths. The latter succeeded but was regarded as a big mistake by some
marketing analysts .
Enter Wal-Mart into the UK with the takeover of Asda. The worlds (then) largest
retailer effectively wiped close to 700m off the value of UK chain stores with its
announcement that it would discount some goods by around 60%. To survive, Comet
had to at least match Wal-Marts like-for-like discounts.
Another, slightly bizarre, problem emerged. With similar-sounding names and both
companies logos white on a red background, consumers confused Comet with Currys
(owned by rival Dixons). Despite a 20m rebranding campaign in 2005, Comet
continued to lose market share.
Even with its substantial experience in the mail-order business, Comet was left behind
by the explosion in online retailing in the early 2000s, despite establishing its own e-
tail business.
The global economic crash of the 2007 was the final straw. Increasing levels of
unemployment, wage freezes and stagnation in the property market combined to
keep consumer spending on discretionary purchases rock bottom. It was simply
impossible for struggling Comet to improve its appeal to customers whilst closing
stores and axing staff.
There are, in the end, two generic marketing strategies: cost leadership and
differentiation. Operating in a fiercely competitive market characterised by very low
margins, Comet was never going to be able to sustain a cost-leadership position. Yet it
continued to focus (almost solely) on price. A poor in-store experience and lack of
customer service, the inability to differentiate its offering, and little acknowledgement
that its essential to inspire customer inspiration when shopping for electrical
products, ultimately led to Comets demise.
In this digital era, retailers must provide compelling reasons to buy in-store and
convert that intent into sales. Purchases on the internet may be growing but the
bricks and mortar retailers are far from dead. To survive, however, they must
develop an integrated multi-channel approach Ikeas structure has eliminated silos
and barriers by establishing cross-functional teams that collaborate across all
channels view their operations from the position of the consumer (looking from the
Name : Febrina
NIM : 201512274
SKB Forum 2
outside in), and develop an engaging environment that actually enhances brand
loyalty. Apple showrooms are world leaders in this respect.
Comet executives appeared to have little understanding of integrated multi-channel
retailing, operating instead from disconnected silos marketing in one, customer
services in another, supply chain and logistics in yet another and operations and
technology out on its own.
A sad ending for an organisation that once set the standards for electrical retailing.