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define act and omission

2. General classes of crimes

3. two ways of committing felony

4. elements of felonies

5. kinds of felonies

6. requisites of intentional felonies

7. requisites of culpable felonies

8. differentiate negligence and imprudence

9. A and B conspired X by means of poison. C has knowledge of the conspiracy to commit murder.
Despite such knowledge, C failed to disclose the same to the authorities. A and B thus killed X
with the use of poison. Had C reported his knowledge of the conspiracy to commit murder, the
authorities could have prevented the commission of the crime. For such omission, did C incur
criminal liability particularly a culpable felony?

10. difference between mala in se and mala prohibita

11. special laws under mala prohibita

12. exempt from criminal liability under intelligence

13. what is intent

14. may a crime be committed without intent

15. what is mens rea and actus rea

16. honest mistake of fact

17. when honest mistake of fact is not applicable

18. distinguish intent and motive

19. X, a law student of the University of the East boxed Y, a law professor. Is X liable for Direct
Assault Upon a person in authority? Why? If not, why? Explain.

20. error in personae and aberration ictus

21. A with intent to kill, hacked B. B was not hit but C who was behind B was hit. C died. a is liable
for his attempt to kill B.
22. praeter intentionem

23. what is proximate cause

24. what is impossible crime

25. 5 crimes against person

26. requisites of an impossible crime

27. penalty for impossible crime

28. dura lex sed lex

29. Art. 6 of RPC

30. X intends to kill Y by means of poisoning. X buys a poison in a drug store. Is X criminally liable?

31. two phases of felony

32. overt act

33. essential elements of attempted felony

34. A with intent to kill hacked B but missed hitting him. is A criminally liable? for what crime?

35. A with intent to kill attacked B from behind. He stabbed B who was then seated on a chair. The
point of the knife landed at the back of the chair. B was not wounded. What crime did A

36. attempted rape

37. desistance
38. A with intent to kill stabbed B. B was not hit. when A was about to stab B again, he changed his
mind and walked away. Is A criminally liable for attempted homicide?

39. when is a felony frustrated

40. elements of frustrated felony

41. A with intent to kill stabbed B. B was mortally wounded. He was rushed to the hospital where he
was operated on and was saved by timely medical intervention. what crime did A commit?

42. crimes with no frustrated stage

43. consummated felony

44. A with intent to kill stabbed B from behind. B dies as a result. What crime did A commit?

45. differentiate attempted, frustrated and consummated homicide/murder

46. when are light felonies punishable?

47. conspiracy

48. examples of conspiracy (5) which are punishable

49. A and B agreed and decided to kill a municipal mayor. X came to know about the conspiracy to
kill the mayor and revealed the same to the authorities. Consequently, A and B were arrested by
the police before they could execute the act. A and B are now charged with Conspiracy to
Commit Murder. will the case prosper?

50. implied conspiracy

51. proof required in conspiracy

52. the act of one is the act of all