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Spotlight Planet is a platform, designed to serve a dual
purpose of projecting young leaders around the world and
to server as motivation for the younger generation, to
believe in their dreams .

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Adewumi Olalekan Samuel Adewumi Olalekan Samuel
Adewumi Olalekan Samuel is a peace actor, who holds IN THE SPOTLIGHT AROUND THE WORLD - ISRAEL
a bachelor's degree in Quantity Surveying with intense AYODAMOLA BAYODE
passion for sustainable development. Since 2010, I October 26, 2017 Edit
have been working in the community development IsraelAyodamola Bayode is the first child of a family of
sector that centers on peace building missions. During five, and hails from Ikare-Akoko,
these years, I co- founded a maternity center in Nigeria
to combat increased maternal mortality. Also, I Ondo State, but lives in Ibadan, Nigeria. He has over 7
volunteered to develop community women and years of experience in leadership in both for-profit and
entrepreneurs and a focal person for an international non-profit sectors. Currently, Israel is a co-founder and
conflict resolving Organization-Search for Common the president of Friends of De-Light, where he focuses
Ground (SFCG), where we focused on conflict on accomplishing some of the United-Nations-adopted
transformational processes. Currently, I am a Program Sustainable Development Goals by tackling societal
Director for Gwise Constructive Peace Initiatives- problems and ensuring youths harness their respective
(GCPI), where I focus on initiating, designing, and potentials. Israel became exposed, for the first time, to
implementing peace building activities in conflict- the ideals of liberty when he was about wrapping up his
affected communities. I am also a global youth Ambassador for A world at school where am focusing on undergraduate studies in 2013, when Students for
gender discrimination within the education sector. My choice of work is driven by intense commitment to Liberty organized the first West African Regional Conference in the University of Ibadan. He got
sustainable development and particularly fascinated by conflict transformational processes in Africa. interested in the organization and wanted to know more about what SFL actually offers. He underwent a
Indoctrination of Youth into Violent groups is a pressing public problem in many communities in Nigeria. rigorous leadership training as a result, and he has been able to know and put into practice what SFL
Over one-third of Nigerias population of 170 million are young people (18-35 years old), and a large preaches worldwide. He currently volunteers as a campus coordinator of African Students for Liberty,
number are unemployed and out of school, making them particularly vulnerable targets for extremist where, among other things, he is saddled with the responsibilities of ensuring that students in the region
recruiters. Frustration with employment, education, and opportunities for political participation has he resides know, and are not deprived of, their fundamental human rights; encouraging them to also
created ripe conditions for hate preachers to target the youth for radicalization to violent groups. My improve their entrepreneurial skills and engaging them in intellectual discourses. Israel is, at the
community is also facing this problem where radicalization drives exploit existing fissures including moment, a graduate student of Mathematics with special interest in Operations Research in the
relative deprivation, high unemployment, and lack of education among the youths. Through my initiative University of Ibadan. Israel is driven by his staunchness to social liberation and hopes to, someday,
"Gwise Constructive peace initiatives, a peace building initiative, we have strengthened resilience, witness a freer and more amusing society, where everyone coexists peacefully and accomplishes his or
social cohesion, inclusion, and human security in vulnerable communities. In 2014, I created the first her well-defined goals. Israel just completed the YALI RLC West Africa program, and plans to, in a more
Community Quality Improvement Team (CQIT), comprising of 30 community women, traditional rulers, effective and efficient way, continue his work in finding substantial and lasting solutions to societal
and youths and were trained on Alternative dispute resolution methods which induced a stronger problems, especially those youths are faced with.
communication and intra-relationship. Currently we have 120 "CQIT who are helping to resolve conflict
issues /doubts and expel negative rumors and misconceptions as well as, some of the wrong notions and
beliefs held by most community members. This have increased their knowledge in order to support and
sustain the peace groups we have established in their formal and non-formal education centers. This
issue is important to me because I believe that peace is a major pillar for sustainable development.
Therefore, preventing youth indoctrination and recruitment into violent groups and encouraging
transformational conflict progress is very significant.

Contact: +2348131089714 +2347031117493

Planet Spotlight
Agboola Progress Agboola Progress
Tell us about yourself? Tell us in brief your story of impact?
AgboolaProgress is a social activist and entrepreneur. He Leveraging on platforms most significantly Social impact Africa Project, We have connected with over
has has over a year experience working on social impact 2500 children and youths in rural communities in Nigeria
projects and initiatives in Nigeria covering education, What is your greatest accomplishment?
advocacy for girl's right and in delivering quality His greatest accomplishment is working on community based project to impact children and youths in
healthcare in marginalized communities. under-served communities positively with great feedback and tremendous improvement
He serves as the Associate Project director of Social What are your greatest challenges?
Impact Africa Project, a nonprofit volunteer-driven His greatest challenge is balancing his social development works with his studies. As a medical student
organization with a vision of harnessing the leadership involved in several organizations and initiatives, it's not always easy balancing both together.
and entrepreneurial potential of vulnerable children and Who is your mentor?
youths in low income communities and in advancing He doesn't have a specific mentor but he has colleagues and people that do put him through.
educational opportunities to out of school children in What did you want people to know about you, your organization and what you are presently
Nigeria. Due to his advocacy on quality education for working on?
children and youths in underserved communities in He loves meeting new people and volunteering. Social Impact Africa Project is available for partnership
Nigeria, He was selected as a global youth ambassador across Africa because we believe that together we shall achieve more and make the world a better place
at a world at school to advocate for educational change around the world. than we met it.
Progress is a gender equality advocate and member of gender advocacy network in Nigeria. He What is change to you and how do you hope to effect change in your community?
volunteers with Value Female Network, an non-governmental organizations working to ensure every girl Change is a process of making things better. He hopes to effect change in his community through
child achieve their dreams and to curb the high rate of female genital mutilation in Nigeria. advocacy and working on impactful projects that will influence the lives of people
He is a cofounder and COO of an emerging startup in Nigeria working to fix the improper information in his community positively.
dissemination systems in Nigeria varsities. He has also worked and collaborated on various health How are you when you are under pressure to achieve a goal?He works faster
projects and campaigns which includes #NoToMalaria project, mental health, breast cancer awareness when he is under pressure but with diminished accuracy. He is working on
campaign and a research project on hypertension among infants. himself to be able to work effectively under pressure
He is involved with some organizations and initiatives in his university which includes Youth Art Initiative, What have you done to improve your knowledge in your chosen field?
Hult prize Lautech, Excellence Touch Tutorial, AIESEC and TEDx Ogbomosho. As a Social media brand He has read books, networked with prominent people in his field and has
strategist, he has implemented social media strategy to align with organizational goals and has initiated undergone several leadership trainings to improve himself. He is currently a
and promoted the online presence of notable brands and many other social youth networks. participant at the president Obama Young African Leaders initiative training and
He is an undergraduate at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomosho, Nigeria studying he is being trained on civic leadership
Medicine & Surgery. Progress is currently working on an initiative to bridge the huge information gap on A word of encouragement for you audience?
sexual reproductive health rights services among adolescents in Nigeria. Life is full of risks. If you want to be phenomenal, be ready to take risks, tame
Where do you see yourself in the next five years? your fears and never give up until you hit your target
He envisions himself in the next 5 years as a medical doctor and public health expert proffering innovative
solutions to global health issues and championing change in Africa's health sector Email-
What is your greatest strength and weakness? Facebook: Agboola Progress
His greatest strength is his ability to work with diverse people on projects and his passion towards solving Twitter: @progress_md
problems and his greatest weakness is Instagram: @progress_md
that he always expects people to see things the way he views them. Linkedin: Agboola Progress
Spotlight Spotlight
Planet Planet
Alasana Gitteh Nyaaba Albert
Mr. Alasana Gitteh is a development worker currently Nyaaba Albert has over three years of working
serving as a Regional Coordinator for Future in Our experience in entrepreneurship particularly in
Hands-The Gambia, a development NGO that education and over ten years of student activism couple
supports rural communities with development projects with in-depth experience in research.
and promotes civic and women empowerment. He has
over ten years of experience in the non-profit sector
Currently, Nyaaba Albert is a co-founder and director of
and has worked with the Global Fund for HIV/AIDS,
Malaria and Tuberculosis Project in The Gambia. Desert Hope Academy which has student population of
Mr. Gitteh also worked at Health Promotion and 150, where he focuses on providing quality education to
Development Organization as Field Coordinator for the less privileged by providing scholarship packages
West Coast Region and the Nova Scotia Gambia and subsidies. He is also the director of Excellent Books
Association, a nonprofit group that works on health and stationery which provides both retail and whole
promotion in schools and communities for five years. services located in Bolgatanga municipality, Ghana.
He is a strong advocate for the promotion of sexual and
Nyaaba Albert is currently pursuing research masters
reproductive health rights of girls and women and their empowerment. A founding member of The Girls
degree in Population and Health from the University of Cape Coast. His academic goal is to influence
Agenda (TGA). Alasana holds an Advanced Diploma in Management and policies analysis from the
Management Development Institute and currently pursuing a degree in Human Resource Management public health and population policies across the globe with the view to improve the wellbeing of the
at the University of The Gambia. population through thorough research and advocacy.
His Vision Nyaaba Albert has an overall goal of putting smiles on the faces of the vulnerable in society by creating
I envision myself in next five years as a well develop and a dynamic leader in my community, who will be jobs by way of reducing poverty and empowering the vulnerable which is a contribution to achieving the
able to work with people, influence them towards achieving a common goal. sustainable development goals.
Your Experience Upon completion of the YALI RLC West Africa program, Nyaaba Albert will be well equipped to initiate and
My long term work experiences exposed me to many interesting situations, one of this, my diversity in
innovate to bring about growth and development in his businesses. He will also gain enormous
working with a team and expertise in working with NGOS.
confidence in good leadership.
I like to engage on continues capacity building (Schooling) while working, time is a key challenge for me
hence I am in between the two and watching on my young family growing. Facebook: Nyaaba Albert
Greatest Achievement
I will consider my lovely wife and beautiful two kids as my greatest achievement. It because of her support
I am able to improve academically and sound job performance. Also, under my volunteer work with The
Girls Agenda (TGA) I am able to improve over thousand young girls about their Sexual reproductive
system, life skills, eradicate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and all forms of violence against women.

Facebook: Alasana Gitteh

Tel: (+220) 3981470 / 9981470 / 7004881
Planet new people, adapting to new environments and networking with people are endearing to me and I relish
being in new environments and interacting with people from diverse backgrounds for societal
advancement. However, I see my little patience for subpar performance and slow processes as my
greatest weakness which Im working on.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT It is a known fact that poor leadership is at the root of Ghanas under development. At CSIF, we believe
in tackling the root cause of this problem. Student Union Leaders at the tertiary institutions mostly turn
out to migrate into national level politics and leadership roles. We address the leadership challenge with
AROUND THE WORLD an innovative tripartite solution dubbed Student Union Empowerment (SUE): A Stronger Voice for
Abdul-Latif Alhassan Students in Northern Ghana.
The SUE project is giving stronger voice to student unions at the University for Development Studies
Abdul-Latif Alhassan is a key founding member and (UDS) by empowering 110 student leaders (55 per year) to independently govern their affairs, building
current Executive Director of the Civil Society and their capacities (through trainings in Leadership, Governance, Financial Management, Social Media
Institutional Foundation (CSIF), a network organization and Communication, Advocacy and Position Papers) and creating a strong linkage between students
in Tamale, Ghana, with 4years experience in
and the job market, thereby facilitating a smooth student-to-employer/employee transition to reduce the
community development, youth empowerment,
high graduate unemployment in Ghana.
volunteer and project management, and strong
practical research. He has overseen the growth of CSIF Education is one of the greatest tools to develop a nation, it is a right but in my part of the world, it is a
from its idea stage to a fully functional and vibrant privilege. Through our EduAfria Scholarship and Development Project, we make it possible for brilliant
organisation in Tamale, supporting capacity building of but needy students from 3 deprived districts of the Northern Region of Ghana access tertiary education.
a critical mass of constituents in small and medium This has resultant impacts on themselves and their local communities as they engage and implement
sized civil society organisations, student leaders and development projects in their communities and tackling their local issues.
making tertiary education accessible to brilliant but Raising an organisation from its idea stage to a fully functional and vibrant organisation making huge
needy students from 3 deprived districts of the Northern impacts in the lives of organisations and people in Northern Ghana is my greatest accomplishment so
Region, Ghana. Latif leads the planning, far. My greatest challenge so far is not being able to help people in dire need.
implementation, monitoring and quality control of
Mr. Shani Mahama (A Ghanaian living in Denmark) is my mentor. He is credited with initiating a number
CSIFs current projects (EduAfrica & Student Union
Empowerment) and also serves on the International Service Ghana Alumni Board. of organisations and projects in Ghana making impacts in the lives of people.
He has successfully (under the International Citizen Service Programme) led two diverse teams of Civil Society and Institutional Foundation (CSIF) Ghana, is an umbrella organization consisting of
Ghanaian & UK Volunteers to raise awareness on disability to over 20,000 people, advocating for twenty-two (22) small and medium-sized Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) mainly NGOs in Northern
inclusion of Persons with Disabilities into the society. Latif holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography Region, established in 2011 to serve as a mouthpiece for its member organizations and to support their
& Resource Development, University of Ghana and a Level 5 Award in Professional Consulting (QCF), resource mobilization and capacity building. Apart from supporting our member organisations, CSIF
Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK. He plans to continue his passion and drive for capacity also currently implements two projects;
building of civil society organisations and the next generation of student leaders, making tertiary a. The Student Union Empowerment (SUE) - an innovative tripartite (in partnership with AfriCAN, a
education accessible to needy but brilliant students and challenging some social injustices in Northern Danish NGO and the National Union of Ghana Students) solution to the leadership challenge.
b. The EduAfrica Project a tertiary education scholarship scheme and development that makes it
Tamale is often referred to as the NGO capital of Ghana due to the multitude of NGOs in the area. Majority
possible for brilliant but needy students from 3 deprived districts (Tolon, Kumbungu and
of these organisations are small and medium sized but their contributions to the development of the
region cannot be denied. Capacity level of small and medium size NGOs in Northern Ghana is generally Savelugu/Nanton) of the Northern region of Ghana have access to tertiary education
weak and thereby affects their ability to compete for donor funds and duly also implement development pursuing courses in 2 demand areas (teaching and nursing). One key criterion for
project satisfactorily. Strengthening of CSOs capacities is essential to achieving sustainable selection of scholars into the scheme is community engagement/volunteer work where
development and I envision CSIF being the leader in this area in Northern Ghana in the next 5 years. This candidates must demonstrate their active engagement in local community
will go a long way to ensure that civil society organisations and community institutions have become development or have brilliant project ideas to be implemented in their communities.
strong, partnering with government and markets forces to provide social development services to the Since 2013, once every quarter, CSIF offers Advisory Services/Training and
numerous beneficiaries of these CSOs in Northern Ghana. counselling for nascent member organisations. Trainings in organizational
My greatest strength is my ability to create a strong and open relationship with partners, networks, local development, proposal writing, branding through social media etc have been done.
communities and my enormous enthusiasm for my work which rubs off on everybody I work with. Meeting
The result of the trainings so far has increased participating organisations ability to understand the
prospects and challenges affecting NGO management. We have provided space and facilities as a
hub for 5 nascent member organisations to grow within their first few years of incorporation.
Our EduAfrica Project is a tertiary education scholarship and development project supporting needy
but brilliant students from three deprived districts (Tolon, Kumbungu and Savelugu/Nanton). The
EduAfrica Project currently makes tertiary education accessible to 3 first-generation graduate IN THE SPOTLIGHT
students from 3 deprived communities in Northern Ghana, hitherto lifting a huge financial burden off
the scholars shoulders, positively impacting their stellar academic performances and helping the AROUND THE WORLD
scholars develop themselves professionally and personally as they implement their volunteer
projects in their local communities with resultant impacts.
Alieu Badou Jeng
Student Union Empowerment (SUE): A Stronger Voice for Students in Northern Ghana is a 2-year Alieu Badou Jeng is a first year Computer science
pilot project working with student union leaders at the University for Development Studies (UDS). The student of the University of the Gambia; Alieu has over
student unions have limited influence to promote as well as protect the rights of the students, resulting 7 years of experience in Local Government
in lower quality of tertiary education and a greater mismatch between the qualifications of the students Administration. Currently, Alieu is the Communications
and the requirements of the job-market. My brainchild, the SUE project is giving stronger voice to Officer of the Gambia Association of Local Government
student unions at the University for Development Studies by building capacities of 110 student Authorities (GALGA) where he focuses on support
leaders who have become influential and positioned to best serve the interest of students. SUE also network GALGA with international Organisations of a
makes it possible for student unions at UDS have a designated role in creating a stronger linkage similar vision as well as Provide media houses with
between students and the job market by organizing employment related activities and involving information about GALGA he also double as the
students. These have had positive results to the over 20,000 students of the four campuses of the Operations Officer of GALGA. GALGAs main aim is to
University. promote the Development of Local Government
When under pressure, I utilize my philosophical training and reasoning ability to analyze issues, Administration in the Gambia. Working with Local
consult and make informed decisions. Reggae soothes my heart and a source of inspiration and Government Authorities (Area Councils) Alieu
motivation when under pressure as well. managed to gather additional knowledge and
I have over time improved my knowledge through short courses and trainings and hold certificates in experience in Ghana and Zimbabwe. Recently Alieu is
Leadership, Management and Entrepreneurship from British Councils Blazing Trails program, deployed to one of the Local Government Authorities called Brikama Area Council to add capacity in their
Training of Trainers (ToT) & Global Change Campaign (from Action Aid Global Platform, Ghana),a IT department.
Level 5 Award in Professional Consulting (QCF), from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK Alieu is Motivated and Committed to community development and serving communities to bring about
and currently pursuing Level 6 at the Institute of Project Management Professionals development is of great interest to him. Upon completion of the YALI RCL West Africa Program, Alieu
(IPMP) in Ghana. Im also a Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Fellow, Nigeria intends to translated the abstract ideologies into reality in order to make an ideal leadership in his
Cohort 3. community, his country, Africa and the world at large.
I believe that where you were born is just an entry point to the world but your sphere His undying desire and need to be a part of the first generation of young, progressive and patriotic African
of influence knows no bounds. You can achieve greatness but that requires sons that will endeavor to set forth our continent's development blueprints. Our most talented youth tend
consistent dedication to the cause. A thought without action is empty and action to focus more on other sectors of our economies due to the negative image given to our public sector (for
without thought is blind. reasons such as corruption mostly) and this tends to ward off a good number of visionary young minds
from venturing into public office.
Email: My hobbies are: going to the gym, researching, reading about sci-fi articles, watching science fiction
Website: or movies.
LinkedIn: abdul-latif Alhassan
Facebook: Alhassan Abdul-LatyfDepylot
Planet As an aspiring leader for change, kokou noah has achieved and accomplished great results. He was
awarded the best debater for Togo at the PAUDC 2015 in Ghana, best Debater of Togo in English during
the Togo national debate in 2016. Kokou noah had organized the first two Togo national debate
championship in 2016-17, in addition, he had trained about 50 girls in public speaking and how to boost
IN THE SPOTLIGHT their s elf-esteem Animaka in the human right domain has helped hundreds of girls as far as sexual and
reproductive health is concerned, has signed thousands of petition for the liberation of human right
AROUND THE WORLD victims across the world.

Animaka K. Noah My mentor is JP Tossah in Togo

Animaka K. Noah is a human right activist, an
Animaka has impacted the life of many children and youth. In his community, where he supports and fight
Advocator, a motivational speaker, a language expert
for childrens right, has been able trained about 200 children in leadership and mentorship; with AGEF
and an acclaimed pan- African debater who has
Togo some of the underprivileged children have been taken to orphanages for better care. Many of these
debated across Africa. He studied English and
children have been taught on how to provide for themselves(entrepreneurship), how to be a good civic
specialized in American literature and studies at the
citizens he also talk to young guys on the streets and how they can add value to themselves and to their
University of Lome, Togo. Animaka believe in people
community and in return many of the young boys are doing great.
and their fundamental human right, he has been
working with Amnesty International since 2014, a
Animaka is a passionate human right Activist(work with amnesty international Togo) that believes in
renowned international organization that promotes the
peoples right, Animaka want people to know the importance of teaching people things that will prepare
human basic rights and fight against all sort of violence.
them for professional journey, public life( coach students in Debate and public speaking, teach hundreds
He is a member of the TDA (Togolese debate
of francophone university students English, how to prepare for an interview, write and application.
association) and a co-founder of the TGEDF Togolese
(TGEDF : Togolese English debate federation is an initiative he co-found and he is the vice-president. He
English debate federation where he coaches
work with AGEF Togo which is an NGO that promote childrens education and development in the rural
universities students in Debate and public speaking so
areas and prepare these vulnerable children for life AGEF has been able to support some family and the
as to prepare them for a better public and professional
integration of some children back to school.
life. As a result of his determination, he currently works for the US embassy Lome at the American corner
where he sees to carrying out some of the America diplomatic objectives in Togo, he also helps university
Change is every individual a better life and promoting development. I hope to effect this change by trying
students to master the English language and prepare them for all kinds of professional challenges. Noah
to bridge the gap between the privileged and neglected, helping people to know their right and protect it. I
is a passionate advocator for children and youth development, he voluntarily works with AGEF Togo, he
will strongly advocate for thousands of children around the corner because they hold the future.
helps teenager and underprivileged children in remote areas to overcome challenges and them
understand their capacity and potentials.
I am more patient when am under pressure to achieve a goal, I something find it difficult coping with other
people if they are not giving out enough energy like me.
I believe in my dream and ready to work for it. Working to bring a change in Africa is my core focus. I see
myself in 5 years as an expert in international relations and diplomacy where I will intervene and have a
To improve my knowledge in my field, I do a lot of personal training, study and learn everything relating to
positive influence in the issues of Africa. I will have a position in the African Union where I will implement
that field, I keep seeking from other superiors. I get my myself used to current human right issues and
favorable policies that will be beneficiaries to the African people. Ensuring to stick and work towards the
learn more on them
SDGs, especially reducing poverty and promoting a quality Education.

We cannot always wait for people to take an action that will trigger a change, what if they dont do it? All we
Animaka is people- oriented and really know how to work with people and bring the best out of them
need to do is to start doing something for humanity; we have to be the change we want to see
despite their differences. He has a strong teamwork skill, and good empathy skill (understanding and
good listening) and effective communication. However he easily get angry which is a severe flaw, he Telephone: +22891651454
sometimes dont speak his mind just not to hurt others Email:
Facebook: Kokou Noah
IN THE SPOTLIGHT What are your greatest challenges?
Funds to support these girls with educational materials or skills training to stay in school or the training
AROUND THE WORLD once they are enrolled.
Ayaba Nyandiba Millicent Who is your mentor?
My mum, Mrs Christiana Atinga is a strong woman in diverse ways. She is motivational and has been a
strong pillar in my journey of life. Her can do spirit is unquantifiable.
What did you want people to know about you, your organization and what you are presently working on?
What is change to you and how do you hope to effect change in your
Tell us about yourself? community?
Ayaba Nyandiba Millicent is a young lady and hails from Change is any form of ideas or interventions that seek to improve the lives of
Bawku in the Upper East Region of Ghana. people. Upon completion of the YALI RLC West Africa program, I believe I will
be more equipped to initiate, implement and be innovative to contribute to
She holds a bachelor degree in Integrated Business growth and development in Ghana.
Studies from the University for Development Studies in How are you when you are under pressure to achieve a goal?
Ghana. My passion for the youth connected me to my I cautiously do everything I have to do with all my might to achieve that goal
current job as a project supervisor for the end child What have you done to improve your knowledge in your chosen field?
marriage project with the Youth Harvest Foundation I encourage feedback on everything I do in my field and I also try to attend
Ghana, a local based NGO in Bolgatanga in the Upper programs that I can learn from the experiences of others
East Region of Ghana for the past 2 years. I double as A word of encouragement for you audience?
the Assistant Youth centre coordinator in charge of Youth Centre activities of the organisation. I am also You can make a difference no matter your age, location or sex. When you start, you will fail but NEVER
the Co-founder of the Divine Mercy Art Ministry of the Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish, Bolgatanga, give up.
Ghana, where children are given the safe environment and rights to use and develop their talents in He is from Ghana and a Spotlight in all spheres of life
music, choreography, dance and drama.
Where did you see yourself in the next five years?
I will be in a better position in 5 years to multiply the smiles I put on the faces of vulnerable children in rural Your contacts?
communities and give over 1,000 rural girls access to education in the Upper East Region of Ghana. I +233 209326730/+233 244122102
want to empower rural girls in anyway that I can. I also have plans to be a masters holders, a position I Facebook: Ayaba Millicent
know will grant me more knowledge and experience to serve the people of my country
What is your greatest strength and weakness?
I am good listener, humble and an excellent team player. My only weakness is the fact that I am shy, but I
try to control it when I have to
What is your greatest achievement?
I have through these projects could give opportunities to over 150 girls access to education both in the
basic and senior High school levels.
Tell us in brief your story of impact?
The YHFG with the support of 8 volunteer teachers have over the years given a second opportunity to
over 200 girls who failed the High School examinations were given a second chance free of charge to re
write their examinations. With the support of stakeholders, rescued girls from child marriage were
returned to school?
What is your greatest accomplishment?
Between the years 2015-2017, successfully coordinators the work of 40 child marriage ambassadors to
implement project activities and still achieved the intended results
Planet teams successfully with the support of my british counterpart.
Tell us in brief your story of impact?
At the end of these 6 months implementing this project focussing on promoting the rights of people living
with disabilities, the impact on the community and on the personnal and professional growth of my team
members was obvious. People in Pabre (rural area in Burkina Faso) changed their mind about dusability
IN THE SPOTLIGHT and my volunteered grew up as better men and wimen. I am proud of this because I contributed to make
the difference in people's life.

AROUND THE WORLD What are your greatest challenges?

My first great challenge is myself. I believe that if I want to reach my ambitions and impact my community,
Cyrille Wendyanaba Korentin Zongo I have to challenge myself. I must be bold and always determined. No rest before I hit the target. This may
not be easy but I have to make it. The second great challenge is the others. On my pathway I deal with
Tell us about yourself?
different type of people and personalities. This is a challenge because you have to work out a balance
Cyrille Wendyanaba Korentin Zongo is an experienced
according to each individual. It is not always easy.
Community Development specialist, specifically
Who is your mentor?
focusing on empowering young people and promoting
I have a lot because I Identify myself too many people to be able to adapt my leadership style to each
the rights of disabled people. Cyrille Wendyanaba
situation. However the one I am very closed to is Oumar Bila Lankoande, a Program officer at
Korentin Zongo is an Office Volunteer at the
International Service-Burkina. My role models are Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama. I believe in their
International Service-Burkina, a Human Right NGO
ideologies and their methods.
running the International Citizen Service Program
What did you want people to know about you, your organization and what you are presently
which focusses on both empowering young people
working on?
through volunteering and building the capacities of
I want people to know me as one of the great advocate of young people and vulnarable people. I want my
local partner organizations. Cyrille Wendyanaba
organisation (ICS Alumni-Burkina) to be settled properly as a strong Human Rights NGO in Africa. We
Korentin Zongo holds a Master 1 Degree in Economics
develop capacity building programs for youth, especially young girls with "WOLI" (Women Leadership
and Management of Companies and Organizations
Initiative) and advocate for women and people living with disabilities.
from the University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Upon which, he went for a 5 months internship at the
What is change to you and how do you hope to effect change in your community?
Public Diplomacy section of the United States Embassy in Ouagadougou. Afterwards, he volunteered for
For me, change is a growing process. Going from a bad situation to a positive one. I see it as an
6 months within the International Citizen Service program as a Leader of two successive Teams of British
application or a software that is always updated to a better level.
and national volunteers. Throughout these six months, Cyrille and his team conducted a Community
I expect to bring change in my community by inspiring others, especially young people to change their
Development project focusing on disability in rural areas. Cyrille Wendyanaba Korentin Zongo is driven
mind and take actions.
by the ambition to win the challenges of disabled peoples social inclusion and young peoples personal
How are you when you are under pressure to achieve a goal?
and professional Development in Burkina Faso. One day, he hope to represent his country at the United
I actually like pressure. It free up my potential. Sometimes I could be stressed but I never show it. I
Nation Human Rights Commission. Upon completion of the YALI RLC West Africa program, Cyrille
immediately work to control it.
Wendyanaba Korentin Zongo plans to pursue a Masters Degree in Project Management with focus on
What have you done to improve your knowledge in your chosen field?
Non Profit projects.
I keep learning everyday. I volunteer with 2 organizations (International Service-Burkina and Handicap
Where did you see yourself in the next five years ?
Solidaire Burkina). I also read a lot documents related to development and management. I take part to
In the next five years I see myself as a Program manager in an International NGO.
training upgrading programs such as the Young African Leadership Initiative. I am looking forward to
What is your greatest strenght and weakness ?
pursue a masters studies in project management but I am still applying for scholarships.
Humility is my greatest strenght.It makes me strong and help me to cope easily with people and to be
A word of encouragement for you audience?
respected by them. It means respect of others and require patience and open mind.
I like this quote of Barack Obama: " Don't ask yourself what your country can do for you, ask what you can
My weakness is that I am too sensitive. Sometimes I give importance to people's problem more than I
do for your country." Together, we can change the world.
could consider them personnaly.
What is your greatest achievement?
Your contacts?
For 6 months, I led 2 successive teams of british and national volunteers to implement a community
Name : Cyrille Wendyanaba Korentin Zongo
development project in a rural area in Burkina Faso. It was a great challenge but I was able to lead these
Email :
Facebook : Cyrille Corentin Zongo
Telephone : +226 64625356.
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Gideon Baah Ibrahim Banaru Abubakar
Gideon Baah is a Public Health Officer and a Medical Ibrahim is a clinician and aspiring family medicine
Officer by Profession. specialist who is passionate about healthcare beyond
He is passionate about working with youth, working the traditional four walls of a clinic. He is a recipient of
with youths and this is passion triggered him to start an the prestigious African Union Commission Scholarship
Adolescent and Youth Network called Legends studying a Master's of Health Science in Reproductive
Adolescents and Youth Foundation in Ghana where Health at Pan African University's Life and Earth
Adolescents and Youths are Mentored and Coached to Sciences Institute. Prior to this, he served as Medical
become great Future Leaders with Self-control and Officer in charge of a Comprehensive Healthcare
Integrity. Centre owned by the Ministry of Health, Gombe State,
It is his Vision and Mission that in the next 25 years Nigeria. With a passion for social justice, Ibrahim takes
Africa, through his initiative and Partnership with other up voluntary causes through community organisation
Goal driven Africans will transform Africa into a United and civic engagements. He serves as Assistant
State (United Africa State) with Developmental and Secretary of the Nigerian Medical Association, Gombe
Institutional structure available in the Continent. State Branch. He is an Associate Fellow of the Nigerian
With this Great Vision he believes, he cannot achieve this dream alone, that is why he is still partnering Leadership Initiative and an Ambassador of the
and seeking collaboration with other Youth agencies and Institutions in order to bring the goal into fruition Initiative for Revival and Sustainable Development. Ibrahim obtained his first degree in Medicine and
with the help of other African young leaders (YALI and among others). Surgery from the University of Maiduguri in 2013. Having identified a strong link between the rational
He believes having encounter Young African Leaders in the YALI leadership programme, his search for management of limited resources and achieving universal health coverage, he proceeded to study a
human resources to move Africa forward is almost over. Master's in Health Economics at Bayero University, Kano in 2016.
He is determined to connect and seal collaboration during YALI RLC Nigeria Cohort 3 with both Ghanaian He is from Nigerian and a Spotlight in all spheres of life
natives and non-Ghanaian participants to race the new face of his Foundation.
He is a Doctor from Ghana and a Spotlight in all spheres of life
Full name: Dr Ibrahim Banaru Abubakar
Twitter: @ibrahimmb
Facebook: Ibrahim Banaru
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Emmanuel Yamoah Alphazo Stephen Kamara
Emmanuel Yamoah ,currently the National Projects Alphazo Stephen Kamara has over five years
Manager of Patriots Ghana, is a young change leader experience working on governance thematic focus with
with a passion for civic engagements rural communities on Leadership, Community resource
mobilization and Gender empowerment in the five
especially through youth empowerment. Whiles districts of Northern Sierra Leone training Journalists,
studying for his first degree, he founded the Patriots Parliamentarians, Paramount Chiefs, Ward
Ghana Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and
Development Committees on Human Rights reporting,
Technology chapter. Through his innovative leadership,
pro-poor policy debates and formulation, Gender
the chapter contributed towards providing the people of
Yamoah Nkwanta with potable water (borehole), mainstreaming and advocacy. He uses Radio Maria
establishing an ICT center in Aboabogya, providing Sierra Leone F.M.101.1 for raising awareness about
sustainable support for the Deduako Special Vocational women empowerment and political tolerance by
School for intellectual disabilities, etc. He is a producing Learning Democracy(A program focused on
passionate Nkrumanist, and his utmost dream is that educating citizens on the importance of good
every Ghanaian youth would be conscious of our power leadership, citizens roles and responsibilities for a
when we stand together and defy all odds to be actively democratic society) and Justice and Peace
involved in economic, political, and socio-cultural development of Ghana and Africa. Owning to his Hour(dedicated to happenings at local and Magistrate Courts within the North.)
leadership qualities, avidity and experience in volunteering, He was recruited in the Danish Youth Council
Leadership program. In a training at Denmark, He successfully completed a course in International He served as Governance and Empowerment Advisor for an international humanitarian organization
Project Management and upon return to Ghana, with other youth leaders on the My Right My Future Concern Worldwide-Sierra Leone.
project. He served as a Campaign Ambassador and Acting Team Leader of the We Particpate Project
Aside from his professional life, Alphazo is known for his passion for social inclusion and zest for
through YALI TechCamp of the U.S Department of State. He led efforts to educate over 2,532 in
educational institutions, 30,000 people online and participated in a roundtable discussion with U.S.
He supports underprivileged children with basic school materials and youths in skills training centres in
Assistant Secretary, Linda Thomas Greenfield about Ghanas Elections. Emmanuel has been a Global
Youth Ambassador (GYA) of A World at School since 2015. Hes great at working with young people and his community.
proved to be an excellent teacher during his mandatory one-year service at AME Zion Girls Senior High Substance/drug abuse in on the increase among youths in his community, therefore has engaged a
School. He is also the founder and Director of Africa Online Volunteering Service, with the goal of professional counsellor for a two days mini-conference for 70 youths on the dangers of drug abuse. He is
providing a youth friendly structure that uses innovative approaches to use ICTs as a powerful tool for the founder of Bright Life Corporation-Sierra Leone oriented towards mentoring children on leadership,
personal and social development. Emmanuel holds a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and Social Work teamwork and public speaking.
from the Kwame Nkrumah University of science Technology and is currently a student at the Institute of He holds a Masters Degree in Sustainable Development from the University of Makeni-Sierra Leone, a
Human Resource Management Practitioners (IHRMP). He is a self-motivated learner and as such holds Bachelors in Development, Democracy and Peace Studies from the Uganda Martyrs University,
various certificates from institutions such as United States Institute of Peace, International Labour Kampala, Uganda. A certificate in Electoral Administration and Civic Education, a diploma in Project
Organization, IRC International Water Sanitation Center, the World Bank Institute, among others. He Management and a Certificate in Sociology. He won a human rights award in in October 2008 from
looks forward to being one of the greatest youth influencers in Ghana, motivating young people to take up Journalist for Human Rights for his lasting contribution to the field of human rights, a meritorious award for
projects to develop their community, whiles developing themselves.
his volunteer service to Radio Maria Sierra Leone where he served as Volunteer President.
Contact: Facebook
Facebook: Alphazo Stephen Kamara
Website: Patriots Ghana
Skype:alphazo 5
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Endah Mariana Fombo George Onuorah
Meet our SpotLight George Onuorah has over 10 years experience in
Endah Mariana Fombo is a womens rights activist and media Broadcast. He currently works as a
a gender enthusiast with a forte for R a d i o / Te l e v i s i o n P r e s e n t e r w i t h A n a m b r a
Broadcasting Service.
gender equality. She has three years professional
experience working with both civil society organizations
Furthermore, George functions as the South-East
and public institutions in the legal/human rights domain.
Coordinator of the International Purpose Driven Youth
She is a holder a Masters Degree in Law and as well as
other relevant professional certificates from the Peace Initiative; a youth initiative that centered on; assisting
Operations Training Institute. Endah has served in the young people to discover their purpose, thoroughly
many Volunteer positions and she promotes for the develop potentials and maximally deploy them for the
protection of victims of domestic violence and human fulfillment of purpose. Under the platform, George has
rights generally, through her selfless sensitization, initiated, designed and implemented youth
education, advice and advocacy. Her current posting is empowerment and development programmes at the
a volunteer at the Cameroon National Commission on University of Nigeria, Nsukka. George holds a
Human Rights and Freedoms. Endah is also a painter and craft girl during her leisure and free moments Bachelors degree in Theatre and Film Studies from the
Project 5 years University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he specialized in Acting/Writing/Directing, which he deploys in
In 5 years, Endah envisions to be a feminine mystique and a revolutionist for womens rights across a producing SDGs themed plays that have been staged in different communities. George is committed to
variety of spectrums in Africa. She will be a role model to women, giving encouragement to find fulfillment
the Broadcast Media/Entertainment/Theatre and Film industry because he believes it is the fastest way
beyond traditional roles. Thats what she wants to be remembered for.
to affect the largest number of people and effect positive change.
Her Greatest Strength
Endahs greatest strength is in her ability to bounce back after experiencing challenges. She has faced He is from Nigeria and a Spotlight in all spheres of life
numerous set backs on her career path but she remains self-motivating and determined to continually
improve herself and accelerate.
Your Mentor
Thanks to her mentor Mr. Sinsai Victor (Head of the Protection Department at the Cameroon National
Human Rights Commission), Endah is able to have clear vision and stay focused.
Her definition of change
Endah sees change as good and possible but only if pursued with persistence and caution to make it
Her constant thirst for knowledge in her chosen field motivated her to pursue professional certificates with
the United Nations Peace Operations Training Institute (POTI) and Deakin University.
Her advice to women
Endahs advice to women has always been You can be whatever you want if you set your mind to it. You
have enormous potentials. If you can think it, you can do it.

Tel: +237677180640
Linkedin: Endah Mariana Fombo
Facebook: Endah Mariana Fombo
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Idoko Agumage Iklimah Ziblim
Idoko Agumage is a registered pharmacist who is Iklimah Ziblim is a community development Advocate,
passionate about patient education, access to safe and passionate about advancing the welfare of girls and
quality healthcare. children generally with over 3 years experience and
has volunteered
She has been involved in volunteering, organizing and
executing successful Medical outreaches to majorly with various organizations working in this field. Iklimah
undeserved communities. She is known for her is the Project Director for Empowering and
teamwork, resilience and doggedness in achieving set Transforming Communities (ETC) where she is
out goals. responsible for the overall management of the
Her interest in impacting and improving the lives of organization ranging from Fundraising, community
people in underserved Communities led to co-founding mobilization, project planning, design and
an organization involved in advocating for the rights of implementation etc. She, with her team successfully
women and children to education and quality designed the iLearn project aiming to improve literacy
healthcare. through read/write clubs in some selected schools in
She has learnt to be calm and multitask effectively in Savelugu Municipal. She was also recently engaged by
combining being a wife, mother, practicing pharmacist with all her community engagements. CAMFED Ghana as a Core Trainer between May and June 2017, where she facilitated training sessions
She has a masters in pharmacognosy from the University of Lagos alongside other certifications in for 100s of young girls.
Global health pharmacy and Logistics and Supply Chain management. Professional affiliations include Iklimah holds a Development Management degree from University for Development studies. Upon
membership of International Association of public Health Logisticians, International Society of completion of her bachelors, she joined EQWIP HUBS foundational training to further develop her
Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research and National Society of Pharmacognosy. Organizational skills, Leadership skills, Community Action/Mobilization skills. Iklimah is driven by her
In her last words, everything is achievable if you put your heart to achieving it. passion to advocate for Girls education, advancing the welfare of girls and children generally and hopes
to achieve her dreams which is seeing every child in school especially girls.
Idoko Agumage is open to partnerships and collaborations in bringing education and quality healthcare to Iklimah hopes to develop herself more to continue her work to improve literacy among rural children and
women and children in under-served communities. advance the welfare of girls and children generally.
Iklimah however have a number of girls in her community that look up to her as she also looks up to great
IdokoAgumage female leaders ahead of her. My dream since childhood have always been to be a woman who helps children and girls in her
community, country, Africa and the world at large.
I face a lot of challenges getting people that share the same dream and commitment to work with.
I am happy seeing a child or girl smile because of me...hearing phrases like with you I am who I am
Have always dreamt of being a Country director of one of the international NGOs in Africa

Facebook: IklimahZiblim
Country: Ghana
Planet Where did you see yourself in the next five years?
Teslima plans to continue his work in exploring local efforts to create, maintain, and strengthen citizen-led
and community-driven development to his community. He wants to be a champion of democracy, peace
builder and a champion of change working with both local and international NGOs and local government
to bring about development to his community.
IN THE SPOTLIGHT What is your greatest strenght and weakness?

AROUND THE WORLD Teslimas biggest strength is the ability to manage and recognized threats while working with communities
in developing life transforming self-led programs having lasting impacts in their lives while he is a team
Teslima Jallow player and his weakness is ability to work with a slow and ineffective set of people.
Tell us about yourself?
Teslima Jallow is an Activist and an Advocate in The What is your greatest achievement?
Gambia with over 5 years experience in community In January, 2017, Teslima represented YCFaC at the first ever African Youth Conference on African Unity
development focusing on peace building and and Development organized by the African Youth Commission (AYC) which took place in Addis Ababa,
promoting democracy. He is Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia on the sidelines of the 28th African Union Ordinary Summit of
Heads of States and Governments. And in November 2016, he was amongst the few Gambians who
a student at the University of The Gambia, majoring in participated at the 12th Conference of Youth (COY12) in Marrakech, Morocco which was aimed at
Development Studies. He works with several youth consolidating the recommendations of the world youths about climate change in order to translate it into
organizations both within and outside The Gambia. He action and proposals sent to UNFCCC secretariat and the presidency of COP22.
is volunteers with Your Change For a Change (YCFaC) Teslima was nominated as the Youth of the Month Award in recognition of his efforts in advocacy by The
foundation, a non-profit organization that offers health Balance TV Crew in June 2016.
care assistance to underprivileged children and
pregnant women in rural communities where he serves Tell us in brief your story of impact?
as the Deputy Country Director. He is a co-founded of the Kombo East Youth and Children Development I work closely with Communities in identifying problems, projects and implementation of commensurable
Alliance (KEYCDA), a community based organization charged with steering children and youth matters lasting solutions to the identified and prioritized problems through participatory community-led
within the district in the areas of youth/women empowerment, academic support for children. On the 15th approaches. These were successful due to my keen enthusiasm in changing the lives of people and my
February, 2017, Teslima was appointed as a Country Representative of the Association for African ability to mobilize equally passionate stakeholders.
Progressive Youth (AJAP) an international youth led movement founded in Burundi with special interest
in youth empowerment and employability, education and health with a representation of over 42 African What is your greatest accomplishment?
countries. He interned at The Gambia National Youth Council, an independent body affiliated to the Together with my fellow Gambian jointly fought to end dictatorship in the
Ministry of Youths and Sports, responsible for overseeing and coordinating youth matters in the country. process.
He is also an active member of the African Youth Commission (AYC), a network of young visionary
leaders in Africa who are effecting change. He currently works with Children and Community Initiative for What are your greatest challenges?
Development (CAID), an Action-Research organization striving towards child and community Working with communities is not one easy task. Working with
development in The Gambia serving as the Programme Officer. conservative community leaders and other members of the community
Teslima is Motivated and Committed to community development and serving communities to bring about is one of my greatest challenges in making them do away from their
development is of great interest to him as he refers to himself as that of the community. He is currently traditional beliefs and activities. Example, the practice of Female genital
taking part in the Young African Leadership initiative, a United States Government initiative in an effort to mutilation.
invest in the next generation of African leaders. This was launched in 2010 to support Young African
Leaders as they spur growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance, and enhance peace Who is your mentor?
and security across Africa. Upon completion of the YALI RLC West Africa program, Teslima plans to Ibrahim Ceesay
continue his work in exploring local efforts to create, maintain, and strengthen citizen-led and community- Sustainable Development Practitioner
driven development to his community. Social Justice and Climate Campaigner
Youth Policy Expert|Film-maker|Peacetivist|ARTivist|
Olamipeju Adekunle
OlamipejuADEKUNLE, (B.Ed English, University of
Lagos) is the founder of THE GIRLS SHOW Nigeria.
What is change to you and how do you hope to effect change in your community?
To me, Change is something that presses me out of my comfort zone. I am working with communities in
She was employed by the Nigerian Television Authority
helping identify problems and providing lasting solutions to the identified solutions. This has lifted me out of
(NTA) before deciding to follow her passion for raising
my comfort zone and be able to work with community
informed young women. She resigned from her
employment in January 2012 to give birth to THE
How are you when you are under pressure to achieve a goal?
I am always calm when am under pressure and am able to focus to achieve the goal at hand
Olamipeju began THE GIRLS SHOW Nigeria from a
radio platform on Unilag Radio 103.1fm as a weekly
What have you done to improve your knowledge in your chosen field?
phone-in radio show. It first aired in April 2012 and has
I am currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Development studies due to my passion to work with
had an unbroken run since then. It began as a platform
community to be able to help bring sustainable development to respective communities in my country and
for informing and empowering young women in Nigeria
Africa at large.
through the use of role modeling, interviews, debates
and sharing real life stories. Focus areas include health,
A word of encouragement for you audience?
fitness, leadership and career and family success. Her vision is to empower young women in Nigeria to
Everything one sets his or her mind on, one shall be able to achieve the set goal. As
live healthier, fuller lives.
young people, we should be proactive and always be demine to achieving our desired
From her exploits on radio, she developed THE GIRLS SHOW (TGS) into a quarterly conference which
was tagged THE GIRLS REVOLUTION. This conference has held 17 editions in partnership with various
He is from The Gambia and a Spotlight in all spheres of life
institutions, companies and individuals including UNDP, Lagos State Government, Office of the Public
Defender, Lagos, etc. since August, 2012 with a cumulative attendance of over 7,000 young women from
Contact: +2203025005(Whatsapp)
various tertiary institutions and over 50 secondary schools.
Olamipeju believes we add value to our nation by adding value to our young women.
Facebook: Teslima Jallow
Olamipeju said this about herself recently, I have always had this dream since i was in the secondary
LinkedIn: jallow teslima
school. It did not just jump on me. I have had nights when i cried on my bed in the University of Lagos
Twitter: teslimajallow
because i was not doing what i believed i should be doing.' And in 2015, she started her second project
called 'THE LIFE AFTER SCHOOL' which is designed to guide and prepare the final year students on
campus for Life After graduation.
Olamipeju is the Author of 'GIRL WITH A PURPOSE' & 'DIARY OF A PREGNANT VIRGIN', Public
Speaker, MC, Event manager and aspiring Politician.

Facebook: Olamipeju Lawal Adekunle

Instagram: Olamipeju Adekunle
Twitter: Olamipeju TGS
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Jeremiah Umaru Lovell Bia Bangura
Jeremiah Umaru is working on how to teach deaf Lovell Bia Bangura is a young and business oriented
people and personnel with disability on how to drive figure in one of the poorest countries
their own car. He is also an independent and
contractual Driver; a private business owned by him. in the world Sierra Leone. He is keen to transform the
Jeremiah Umaru also work with Voice of Disability lives of his compatriots targeting youths(students),
Initiative as Personal Assistant to the MD, his Mentor's women and children through entrepreneurship. He is
name is Catherine Nnadi of Voice of Disability Initiative, the CEO of the Born to Do Business organization an
Abuja Nigeria. His vision in next five year is to have entrepreneurship organization registered in Sierra
sustainable social enterprise that will address and solve Leone. Apparently Born to Do Business is
some of the problems facing his community. unanimously appreciated for its distinct objectives
which is centered on effecting a drastic reduction on
His advice is to always focus on next level which will the subsisting unemployment rate in the country. In
make you achieve your goal. the bid of actualizing his dream was the holding of a
life changing entrepreneurship summit at the
Facebook: Jeremiah Umaru University of Makeni on the 27th day of May 2017
with the theme: Mining the Minds of the next
generation of entrepreneurs (leaders)in Sierra Leone.
As an emerging Entrepreneur, He is also the founder and owner of the farm which is aimed at
processing and branding local produces so as to make them readily available for both the middle
and high class. The Farm has kicked off with the branded groundnut cooking paste which is
currently in the market for sale.

Facebook: Lovell Bia Bangura

Jeremiah Abednego
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Mahawa Komala Jeremy G. Titoe
Mahawa Komala is from Liberia. She holds an associate Jeremy G. Titoe works for the Business Start-up Center
of science degree in Environmental Science from Stella (BSC) Monrovia as the M&E/ Access to Finance
Maris Polytechnic and the executive director of Green Manager and the Business Coach, a local entity
Environment Foundation. The goal established by SPARK, BiD Network & Association of
Liberia Universities (ALU) for supporting Small Medium
of her foundation is to provide every Liberian with Enterprise (SME) and Entrepreneurship Development
opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, in Liberia to deliver business skills training; coaching
and commitment needed to protect and improve the and mentoring program as well as access to finance so
environment through awareness, education, undertake young people can create jobs. He has extensive
policy advocacy and dialogue on environmental issues experience in Supporting Entrepreneurship and
and promote career interest in environmental studies Business Development from the Administrative Staff
College of Nigeria (ASCON) - Young African Leaders
She also volunteer with an international peace building Initiative (YALI).
organization called everyday gandhis, where we Hes also a business skills trainer and has over 7 years experience in private sector development. He has
promote peace through storytelling and experience that implemented many entrepreneurship development programs and projects including School Grant
exemplify fresh thinking, respect for traditional culture and restoration of nature where we plant trees in Project World Bank & Ministry of Education, Farming as a Business project- Food and Enterprise
rural Liberia in an effort to mitigate climate change impacts and conserve the environment for present and Development (FED)-USAID, Branson Scholarship Program (BSP) Virgin Unite, Business-in-a-Box
future generations. (BiaB) (IFC), Liberia IT Revolution (LiTR) and Traders Growth Program (TGP) Swedish International
Development Agency (SIDA) & Mercy Corps, Liberia Agribusiness Development Activity (LADA)
In the next five years, she planned to effect change in my community through empowering vulnerable USAID, etc.
disadvantaged young girls in rural Liberia and educate people about environmental issues ranging from At the BSC, hes responsible for monitoring over 500 businesses within the BSC network and also
Climate change, pollution, and land degradation. She believe that many of the problems we are responsible for the due-diligence process of loan/grant disbursement. He does market research and
confronted with in our environment continue to happen due to lack of proper education on environmental analysis, conduct business and financial management trainings for entrepreneurs, and support over 500
management. People tend to degrade the environment because they dont know the impacts of their businesses through technical assistance, coaching & mentoring, and access to finance, etc.
activities on the environment. He is from Liberian and a Spotlight in all spheres of life

She is a civil society actor. she had volunteered with many civil society organizations in Liberia. She enjoy
working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, work under pressure and ensure that theres Facebook: Jeremy G. Titoe
gender balance in my team so as to promote inclusion and equal participant in every activity she
participate in.

She stand for womens rights. She think we should be given the opportunity to participate in decision
making because we are the ones that are more vulnerable to the problems we are faced with in our
environment. If we must develop Africa, we the youth need to serve as agents of change in our various
communities. We cant develop when our environment is degraded. So as youth, lets take ownership of
our environment if we want to grow, stay healthy and live in harmony with Mother Nature.

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Muhammed Kebbeh Oluwafemi John Adebayo
Muhammed Kebbeh is a champion for quality education Oluwafemi John Adebayo is a training expert that
advocacy, working with vibrant youth groups in his specializes on values coaching, speaker, social
country (The Gambia) such as Salimatou Foundation entrepreneur, project manager, safety manger, and
for Education, HeForShe Youth Platform-The Gambia,
business development consultant who handles and
Young Mathematicians Association and many others in
making positive change in the lives of people, most delivers effectively training investing in young Africans
especially the vulnerable children. on capacity building, personal development, and
Muhammed double as the Program Coordinator and career /talent management. He combines a hybrid
Personal Assistance to The Chief Executive Officer of background of Science Technology (Microbiology)
Salimatou Foundation for Education (SaFE). SaFE is a education, safety/risk education, and project/program
well-known charitable foundation in The Gambia that management knowledge in his various activities to
work solely on education by providing educational
enhance his dedicated nature to positive and value
support to the vulnerable children and engaging the
oriented course.
state and non-state actors in providing quality education
for all people. Muhammed is also a champion for gender
equity, he volunteer with HeForShe Youth Platform-The Oluwafemi John is the Co-Initiator of BOB UP AFRICA,
Gambia in ending violence against women and girls. which focuses on delivering skills, and knowledge that
His passion for education advocacy prompted him to significantly increase many that craves for an opportunity for full expression of potentials and that are
initiate an online platform called Opportunity for All. He tired of mediocrity.
uses this platform to share information about scholarships, fellowship, internships and many other Currently, Oluwafemi John is a facilitator and business development officer for Palmsland Consult
opportunities with the aim of empowering young people for quick access to opportunities that can change
Nigeria, a consulting firm renowned for professional training and certification.
their life for better and lasting change.
Oluwafemi John holds a Higher National Diploma in Science Technology from The Federal polytechnic
Muhammed is also a personate debater and he works with the School of Business and Public
Administration Debate Association in his school. An association which he co-founded and has created Ado Ekiti, Nigeria where he focused on Microbiology in the natural science world, He was the president of
him with an enabling environment and provides him with an opportunity to train and debate with youth the National Association of Microbiology students and currently running a TopUp degree programme at
leaders and change agents in his country on matters concerning the development of the Gambia and Joseph Ayo Babalola University in biological sciences (Microbiology), he is a member of The Young
Africa as a continent. Africans Leaders Initiative Network (YALI) and also YALI RLC Nigeria cohort 3 finalist, A global youth
His achievements and dedication in student leadership in the University of The Gambia, enable him to be ambassador for a World at School, Future Africa ambassador and Initiative on Training of Girls in Africa,
selected to take part in the third cohort of the University of the Gambia Leadership Fellowship which is a Oluwafemi john is a safety manager certified by the British International Safety Organization. Oluwafemi
semester long leadership training undertake in the University of the Gambia, where emerging leaders are
John is driven by his commitment to human capacity building and one day he hopes to witness a
group and train on leadership skills and qualities.
Muhammed is currently a three hundred level student in the University of The Gambia where he is completely value society.
reading Economics and Development. He holds an Advance Diploma in Information System at Future
Starts Now Gambia, and he is currently one out of thousands of applicants selected to attend the Obama He is from Nigeria and a Spotlight in all spheres of life
Young African Leadership Initiative Program in The Administrative Staff College of Nigeria in Lagos,
Nigeria, where he focuses on Civil Leadership and Management.

He is from The Gambia and a Spotlight in all spheres of life

Facebook: Kebbeh Mohammed

Spotlight Spotlight
Planet Planet
Emmanuel Okih Joseph Nzeh
Emmanuel Okih has over 3 years of experience in the Joseph Nzeh holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with
Power and Renewable Energy Sector, specifically specialisation in Biotechnology from
focusing on solar system solutions. Currently,
Emmanuel is the Managing Director/Project Engineer the University for Development Studies, Tamale. With
of Renergio Service, where he focuses on designing the ambition of agricultural advocacy, Joseph finds
solar system installation for businesses and houses himself attached to Green Ef eco business village. A
holds, supervision of all installation activities, private organisation which is challenged by increasing
commissioning of systems, business development and rural poverty, environmental degradation, worsening
driving the mission of the organisation of ensuring climatic conditions, youth unemployment, structural
cheap and clean energy is made available for all. rural-urban migration and extreme food insecurity
Emmanuel holds a Bachelor Degree in especially in the three Northern Regions of Ghana.
Electrical/Electronic Engineering from Delta State Josephs involvement in climate change campaigns
University, Abraka where he focused on Power and have offered him the platform of reaching out to several
Renewable Energy. Emmanuel is driven by his communities in the Northern part of Ghana, where the effects of bush burning and consequences of slash
commitment to providing cheap and clean energy for all and burn system of farming have been shared with these communities. With agricultural biotechnology
and one day he hopes to see businesses and households thriving for the benefit of Renewable Energy. background and committed to maximising agricultural productivity through an eco- friendly approach,
Upon completion of the YALI RLC West Africa program, Emmanuel plans to continue his work in Joseph currently finds himself in the High Quality Inoculant Production Laboratory of the Savannah
Renewable Energy with focus on Energy Efficiency and Solar System Supply and Installation to Agricultural Research Institute under the Council for scientific and industrial research (CSIR-SARI)
businesses and households for their greater benefit. where he is fully involved in the production, marketing and distribution of rhizobia inoculants which will
diminish the effects synthetic fertilizers pose on our environment. Josephs beliefs in giving back to the
Facebook: EmmanuelOkih society had made him offer voluntary services to organisations that sees hope in our coming generation.

As an excellent team player Joseph is, he is the shy type and this has had an effect on his public speaking,
though, this has no serious impact on his line of duty. In the coming years, Joseph envisages Ghanas
agriculture to be occupied with youths and with Ghanas agricultural produce to be readily and widely
accepted in the international market.

Name: Joseph Nzeh

Country: Ghana
Tel: +233246903245
Spotlight Spotlight
Planet Planet
Zainabu Mamley Adams Usaka Zabee Edward
Zainabu Mamley Adams is an innovative Usaka Zabee Edward is the Director of Operations for
professional with three years leadership Avi-Ad Management Group. A subsidiary of Donashika
experience in the non-profit sector focused on Child Limited. He is a Human Rights Activist, a Social Activist,
welfare. As the Project Manager for Cheerful Hearts an Event planner and an Entrepreneur Development
Foundations Stop Child Labour & Trafficking Agent.
Project, She has strategized, designed and In five years, he sees himself as an icon and role model
overseen the execution of all activities related to the in my society. Impacting on several lives and a mentor,
project including community sensitization, a source of inspiration to the younger generation for a
numerous active outreach programs, M&E greater Nigeria and a greater Africa, leading the people
management, volunteer management, student to greater heights.
sponsorships and maintaining healthy international His brief story of my impact started with a community
partnerships. She is a hands-on project manager struggle he co-initiated in Benue state over the rights of
with a proven track record of building partnerships students entitlements to the Benue state students
and coalitions among diverse interest groups ,and previously denied by the Benue state government. He
a change leader who is distinctly skilled at also co-initiated campaign against the herdsmen
mentoring young girls with leadership and killings in Benue state and our campaign and activism
entrepreneurial skills through skills training. She in this dilemma lead to the Benue state house of
Co Founded and served as President of Patriots Ghana (University of Ghana Chapter),whose core assembly to pass the bill against the open grazing of Fulani herdsmen in the state. He hosted several
mission is developing and instilling the spirit of volunteerism, and leadership among her compatriots. other campaigns and have executed a good number of events.
She holds a Bachelors Degree in Social Work, Philosophy and Classics from the University of Ghana. He believed hasnt gotten to the limestone of greatest achievement yet because his best is yet to come
Zainabu is a passionate advocate for innovative solutions and creative business development for young but for the purpose of interview; impacting, leading and organizing the Economics students of Nigeria has
women to create their economic libration .She intends to help young girls hone their skills and leadership been his greatest achievement. The appreciation and recognition from University of Lagos for impacting
capacity in Entrepreneurship and sustainable business management strategies. people by helping them start their own business is also a great achievement for him.
My greatest challenges is tackling the government and having to deal with issues of finances without
sponsors. On a personal note, my emotions get the better of me. This is a major challenge.
Facebook: ZainabuMamley Adams Engr. Mrs Mnena Shija is his mentor, Nelson Mandela is his idol, Pope John Paul II and Michael Jackson.
Email: His organization works mainly on developing entrepreneurs and helping people manage establishments.
They are currently working on helping unemployed youth startup businesses on their own.
Contact:+233 27 971 5287 / +233 50 427 9959 Change to him is doing something new or making a difference to something already existing. Change
could be positive or Negative. His mandate is to positively change his community by reaching out to the
young people and intimating them on positivity and how they can make Africa greater. He plan to render
help by way of sponsorship and also projects to eradicate poverty in my community.
When under pressure to achieve a goal, I try to relax and push on like how I would when I am not under
Failing is not the problem but refusing to try again is the problem so why should I be under pressure when I
can always try again if I fail.
Never give up. Believe in God, work hard and be focused. It can be done if you believe.

Mobile: +2347060853371, +2348110104060

Facebook: Usaka Zabee Edward
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Paular S. Paul Usaka Zabee Edward
Paular S Paul is a Liberian. She holds a Bachelors Umar Josiah Danbaba (Age 24) is a climate activist with
of Science Degree in Biology from the desire to ensure for Africa a cleaner and safer
environment. Josiah is a Solar Installation Engineer
Cuttington University and is currently a candidate for Consultant and the Renewable Energy Coordinator at
a Masters Degree in Public Health (Epidemiology) Pan-African Centre for Climate Policy where he
from the Cuttington University Graduate School. promotes the use of renewable across Africa by
She has over three years experience in reviewing policies, creating awareness and
entrepreneurship development. Ms. Paul is a implementing projects. Josiah holds a bachelor degree
Presidents Young Professional assigned at the in Electrical engineering from Ahmadu Bello University
Ministry of Health as the Administrative Program Zaria (Nigeria). He is an active member of the Nigeria
Officer for the Community Health Services Division Society of Engineers and Nigeria Institute of
where her work involves coordinating sector level Management.
meetings and collaborations, provision of capacity How I choose my field of expertise
development and training support for community Growing up I have always love to construct electronic
health assistants, monitoring and evaluation of the devices such as toy cars, boats and transmitters, I
national community health assistants development remember one day when my dad bought an automatic
training at the county level across Liberia. She is insect killer I was inspired by it and I felt I was able to
driven by her passion to fight against sexual construct a similar device after completion I connected it to electricity and there was a big spark it
harassment and advocate for adequate support for victims of such violence. Ms. Paul plans to continue shocked me and the circuit breaker switched off, I was really beaten, it didnt matter, my curiosity grew I
her professional work in Liberia ( and in future, across Africa) by supporting the development of the Health wanted to know how complexed devices worked so I loosened the television, computer monitor and three
sector particularly at the community level and continue her advocacy activities for the prevention of loader DVD player my parent discovered this and as a result whenever an electronic device stop working
sexual harassment in high schools and universities as well as mobilizing needed support for victims of I was blamed and as years went by I was giving any spoiled electronic device to try and repair. From my
sexual violence in order for them to rebuild their self-confidence, find their voice, stand against further primary school I knew I was going to be an engineer as a result i focused on courses that were
harassment for themselves and others; thereby living a strong and productive lives into the future. engineering related and that made my undergraduate studies easy.
What I have done to improve my knowledge
She can be contacted via As a child I didnt have the normal inherent talent as my colleagues, I could not sing, dance, draw and I
email at was also poor in sports. In order to blend and took training on music, arts and sports. But the difference
was still clear I couldnt compete with others when we went for talent show I was left out and as a child it
was traumatizing. I realized that I could not be like them and I had to work on my strength. I studied hard
and wide. I realized that all I needed was strategic knowledge. I only focused on activities that will
make me achieve dreams. And this was the beginning of my transition. I do not drink alcohol, I do not
smoke, I do not party and I do not subscribe to programs that are not directly or indirectly related at my
dreams. I read, took training, attend workshop seminars and found mentors that will help me achieve my
Principles that guide me.
There are a lot of principles that guides me but I will only write two.
Time and chance happen to them all.
Stark Bode
Born in Kara (a city in the north of Togo), Stark BODE
I realized that opportunities always presented itself at different times and most time people miss them
has over 1 year of experience in the
because they are not prepared for them. and so I always build myself, I asked myself two basic questions
1. If I sit beside Dangote (Africa richest man) will I be able to harness the opportunity or will I just snap a
marketing and communication sector. He worked as a
picture with him and post on social media
Sales manager for a Ghanaian Company in 2015, and
2. If I Am Bill Gate will I employ me: if I own a large company will I employ a person with my skills and
currently, Stark is a freelance graphic-designer and a
part time marketing communication officer at Vision
If my response is no I asked myself what can in do to ensure my answers will be a
Enterprise English Center (in Togo). Member of a NGO
yes. These questions have made me strive for competence and excellence.
(called AED) taking care of people infected by HIV, he
Our life is a reflection of your most dominant thoughts: My physical realities will
also holds over 4 years of experience in painting,
necessary catch up with my mindset:
specifically in plastic arts. He is a realistic man- expect
what you think about yourself, what you think about your circumstances plays a
neither too much nor too little of himself- but when it
major role in what you will become.
comes to work, he is a perfectionist. (This tendency
About Pan African Centre for Climate Policy (PACC Policy).
towards perfectionism leads him sometimes to refine
Our mission is to achieve for Africa a cleaner and safer environment. We are a
and polish his ideas to a point where they may even fail
team of self-motivated climate solutions enthusiasts from diverse professional
to emerge.)
background with a strong affinity to advocate, preserve and conserve the African
Graduate from university of Kara with a bachelor in
environment through systematic thinking while working in line with national
Economic Sciences with a specialization in International Economics and Finance, Stark is an advocate to
policies and international framework on climate change.
human evolution and development. He is committed to develop the international relations, specifically to
enhance the trade between developing countries and developed countries. His goal is to build an open
Contact details:
market where underdeveloped countries will be able to freely trade with powerful developed countries,
without fearing any deterioration of the terms of trade; such a market would increase export earnings, and
Official Email:
boost foreign investments in poor countries, all things being equal, it will lead to a sustained economic
growth of those countries. He aspire to pursue a career as an economist in an international organization
Phone number: +2348031846771, +2348129552458 (WhatsApp)
like the World Bank.
He is passionate of Mangas and sci-fi movies and novels. He uses his free time either to create graphic
designs and make some AMV (Anime Music Videos, short edited movies) or to sleep. He also likes sports
(jogging, gym exercises, and badminton). His credos: What your mind can conceive and believe, your
hand can achieve.

He is from Togo and a Spotlight in all spheres of life

Contact: +22892073346 E-mail:

Facebook: Stark BODE
Spotlight Spotlight
Planet Planet
Kemo Bojang Lagamy Gumaneh
Kemo Bojang is a Gambian, a Champion of democracy, A young vibrant Gambian born in the last village of The
A member of the Gambia youth parliament, member of Gambia Koina who is concern about HUMANITY
Give1 Project Gambia, a global non-profit organization, called Lagamy Gumaneh, is currently in the University
TeamGomSa Bopa a civic
of The Gambia (UTG) studying Law. Apart from school,
movement, He4She the Gambia an organisation that Lagamy is an advocate, seasonal debater, actor, poet,
deals with gender inequalities, Educating for Africas and a comedian.
future that is an educational organisation helping In the nearest future, Lagamy wants to live in a society
students in the Gambia with opportunities and the where Peace, Quality Education and Youth
founder of Bakau association which is a community Empowerment prevail.
development based association. Kemo is currently
enrolled at the University of The Gambia Studying
In doing so, he works with Peace Ambassadors The
History and political science where he will graduate in
2020. One of his biggest goals is to get to the highest Gambia, an organization that advocates and acts to
level possible in his field of study and one day serve his people as the president of the Gambia, create a bring about peace by inculcating the concept of the
conducive environment of all, make the Gambia an all-inclusive country, provide jobs and inspire more peace in the minds of young people. This is done by
young people to take up community service and politics in accordance with good governance and creating a platform where youth gather to be taught
democracy. His organization, Give1 is dedicated to autonomy and working to promote young men and about Peace and Conflict Resolution such as the International Youth Summer School (IYSS) which
women's involvement in the social, economic and political life of their communities, their nations, as well
attracts over 150 participants (yearly) since initiation in 2001 and also training other people on peace like
as political and economic groupings in which they live. He currently serves as the coordinator of the
Police officers and soldiers. At Peace Ambassadors The Gambia, they believe that everyone needs to
citizen conversation which brings government officials and citizens to discuss on current issues. As a
champion in democracy and human rights, Kemo has used his influence to organise and coordinate a Give peace a chance.
series of activities which includes the first GAMBIA HAS DECIDED conference in the Gambia. Training Working with Salimatou Foundation for Education (SaFE), he seeks to promote and ensure people have
programs also integrate leadership and civic education sessions where participants are taught about the quality education and ensure every child get enrolled in school. Lagamy and his organization conduct
various components of leadership and democracy. After every training, participants are assigned with a career counseling, development and planning, mentorship, guidance and counseling for people. SaFE
mentor who encourages and monitors performances, and help in shaping each participant to become will engage in advocacy and sponsoring children with educational materials. At SaFE, we are proud to
mature citizens. He is also a member of YALI- Young African Leaders Initiative Cohort three (3) in Lagos
transform the lives so many kids from street sellers to school goers.
Nigeria, where he took a course on civic leadership in September of 2017. Mr Bojang loves to volunteer
and give selfless service to his community because he believes it is one of the greatest ways one can
contribute to national development. For this reason and more, he volunteers in his community school by He also works with an organization that advocates for youth empowerment called The Balance Crew. In
providing them with an advanced education that is focused on service to humanity starting from their ensuring youth empowerment, he makes sure that the voice of the youth and/or the violence against
communities where they will feel a sense of belonging and being part of the change, they are about to youth is known to the world with use of his radio and television platform. He encourages youths to Learn,
bring. Every summer, he gives free classes to junior school students and organizes educational summer Think and Create as enshrined in the motto of the organization. His organization implemented 5 million
camp of 70 children through educating for Africas future since 2015. Kemo will be part of the organising dalasis project in collaboration with the National TV station GRTS on climate change in 2015 which
committee of the 2017 Give1 Project Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship Summit in Banjul, The
created jobs for over 100 youth, organized a youth talent show where youth get to display their talents,
Gambia where young leaders all around the world will be in attendance.
encourages youth to compete in National Developments by organizing a youth of the month series
He is from The Gambia and a Spotlight in all spheres of life which encourages the youth to participate in National Development.

Facebook: Kemo Bojang

Spotlight Spotlight
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Owoso Kayode Teslim Lagamy Gumaneh
Owoso Kayode Teslim is a business man, an astute A young vibrant Gambian born in the last village of The
development expert with over 3 years of Gambia Koina who is concern about HUMANITY
called Lagamy Gumaneh, is currently in the University
profession experience in the nonprofit sector of The Gambia (UTG) studying Law. Apart from school,
notably, Foundation for Sustainable Health
Lagamy is an advocate, seasonal debater, actor, poet,
Promotion and Development (FOSHPAD), where he
had led high impact community development and a comedian.
initiatives, through which he had contributed to In the nearest future, Lagamy wants to live in a society
improving the quality of lives of women, children and where Peace, Quality Education and Youth
youths in rural communities of Nigeria under Empowerment prevail.
HIV/AIDS Program Development Project funded by
The World Bank, Malala Fund through Youthhub In doing so, he works with Peace Ambassadors The
Africa. Kayode earned a Bachelor of Science Gambia, an organization that advocates and acts to
Degree in Geology from Ekiti State University, Ado-
bring about peace by inculcating the concept of the
Ekiti, Nigeria. He has shown great skills in managing
several interventions geared at reducing the peace in the minds of young people. This is done by
prevalence of HIV/AIDS and associated burden creating a platform where youth gather to be taught
among vulnerable groups, increasing access of about Peace and Conflict Resolution such as the International Youth Summer School (IYSS) which
vulnerable children and households to quality care and support services, and advocacy for increased girl attracts over 150 participants (yearly) since initiation in 2001 and also training other people on peace like
child education in Nigeria. Kayode is passionate about development work, particularly working with Police officers and soldiers. At Peace Ambassadors The Gambia, they believe that everyone needs to
young people and women in the areas of education, empowerment, maternal, newborn and child health Give peace a chance.
(MNCH), Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), improved livelihood, Adolescent and Reproductive Working with Salimatou Foundation for Education (SaFE), he seeks to promote and ensure people have
Health (ARH), ICT and human rights protection. He is currently a trainer with Innovation for
quality education and ensure every child get enrolled in school. Lagamy and his organization conduct
Empowerment Development (IFED) Ghana training youths on Model United Nations, a simulation of
United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in Accra, Ghana career counseling, development and planning, mentorship, guidance and counseling for people. SaFE
Kayode is a volunteer for Microsoft Nigeria, a program that gives him a platform to train classroom will engage in advocacy and sponsoring children with educational materials. At SaFE, we are proud to
teachers on ICT and to promote the use of 21st century technology in the classroom. transform the lives so many kids from street sellers to school goers.

+2348065966285 (Nigeria) He also works with an organization that advocates for youth empowerment called The Balance Crew. In
+233550373951 (Ghana) Text only ensuring youth empowerment, he makes sure that the voice of the youth and/or the violence against
youth is known to the world with use of his radio and television platform. He encourages youths to Learn,
Facebook: Owoso Kayode Teslim
Think and Create as enshrined in the motto of the organization. His organization implemented 5 million
Twitter: @kayodeteslim
dalasis project in collaboration with the National TV station GRTS on climate change in 2015 which
created jobs for over 100 youth, organized a youth talent show where youth get to display their talents,
encourages youth to compete in National Developments by organizing a youth of the month series
which encourages the youth to participate in National Development.
Olowo Omotoke Titilope
Lagamy is a selfless person and ready to work with everyone that Olowo Omotoke Titilope has over 4years experience in
comes his way in as much as the person is ready to contribute to education, community service and advocacy for
societal development. In addition, he is so vocal and audible when it children living with disabilities. Omotoke currently is a
comes to presentation; he therefore uses that as strength and passes Special Needs Educator where she focuses on helping
his useful and vital information. Among his weaknesses are quick children with Autism, Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity
decision making and incapability of saying NO to elders even when Disorder (ADHD) in communication and social skills
they are wrong. target. She also has experience volunteering at
different NGOs such as Slum2School (where she
As a champion in Peace, Quality Education and Youth focuses on teaching children of migrant fishermen the
Empowerment; Lagamy makes sure that all friends and relatives art of reading and writing), Dreams from the Slum
have a clue about his advocacy and join the movement in order to (where she teaches children creative learning). She is
boost the network. He has also served at his former school as teacher also the founder of The Autism Awareness Place
just to give back as a sign appreciation. (TAAP) with focus on running campaigns, advocacy,
trainings and seminars for inclusion of children with
He is from The Gambia and a Spotlight in all spheres of life. autism and other disabilities. Omotoke holds a Bachelor
Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Obafemi Awolowo University. She also holds a National
Certificate in Education (NCE) from Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education. She is passionate and
committed to grass-root community work, inclusion and advocacy for equal education for all children
irrespective of the disability, socio-economic background, and/or religion. In the next five years, she sees
herself building her Community Based Rehabilitation Center (CBR) a comprehensive Centre of
excellence for inclusion, training, rehabilitation and integration as a form of strengthening teachers and
providing a blend of learning and therapy opportunities for children with disability and their total
integration into the mainstream society. Her greatest strength comes from learning to adapt to situations
and people around to seek to understand them and my uncomprising smile in the face of challenges, her
weakness is when people are not time conscious and forthcoming. Her greatest accomplishment is
knowing she has been able to reach over 200 children with disability and put a smile on their faces
through her work at the Autism Awareness Place in Lagos, Nigeria. She is also a fellow for the Global
Youth Ambassador UK for Theirworld, and had three of her articles were published by TheirWorld on
Creative Learning for children battling with cancer, mental and physical disabilities. Also she was recently
named an Ambassador fellow for ROI Africa where one of her works was published on their blog about
educating over 30 children from the slum in Ajegunle, Lagos. Her greatest challenges so far are the
inability to reach out to every child with disability in Lagos at once and to provide an instant cure for this
disability. Her mentor is ADEPEJU JAIYEOBA; she is the founder at mothers delivery kit and brown
Author Makafui Awuku
button foundation where she combat mothers mortality by her mothers delivery kit products. Presently, Author Makafui Awuku is known by the stage name
she is effecting change in my community because of my believe that Mckingtorch. He holds a Bsc Marketing from University
Education is the right of every child and my work t o w a r d s of Professional Studies and is the Executive Director of
ensuring every child have access to quality education irrespective of Students Initiative Ghana an NGO that invests in the
their background, mental health and disability. These she does by personal development of young people in Ghana.
educating children with disability in her community t h r o u g h Author Awuku is a published Author, a poet, spoken
creative learning by her organization, The Autism Awareness word artist, a soccer coach with American International
Place and also organizing volunteers to each over 300 children at the School and a mentor who runs mentoring and memory
destitute home (The Hope Foundation organization). She is a very enhancement training for young people. Author Awuku
reserved and simple lady, typically, when she is under pressure she is a former Tedx speaker and performer and also did
try not to talk and take a break or try to reason out why someone or a spoken word poetry during Ghana Culture Day event at
particular situation is making her stress out. Overtime, s h e h a s the National Theater as part of Ghana@ Celebrations in
improved my knowledge through online courses, seminars, March.
training, conference, motivational books reading, on hands training
and practical research. Lastly, she believe; we are all stronger, Author Awuku is a Church volunteer who volunteers as
wiser, beautiful, and amazing, whatever situations that may surrounds a car part attendance in Agape House New Testament Church and has been used by God in this role for
us, you are meant to shine and not to shrink because by you shinning your light, you give sight and the past 8 years to bless the lives of others.
directions to other people around you and even your community.
Facebook: Mckingtorch The Poet
Email: Phone no: +233266609371
Linkedin: luvspeaks Email:
Instagram: luvspeaks Facebook : Students Initiative Ghana
Twitter: @ omotoke_olowo
Facebook: Olowo Omotoke Titilope
Author Makafui Awuku
OtutoAmarauche Chukwu hails from Isuochi, Abia
will be at the forefront of championing the course for Universal Healthcare
State, Nigeria. He is a researcher/licensed
Coverage in sub-Saharan Africa. Any opportunity to engage in
humanitarianism serves as self-fulfillment for him.
pharmacist and quality control analyst passionate about
creating positive and lasting change in the areas of
Facebook: Otuto A. Chukwu
healthcare, medicines quality and access to medicines
in Africa. He has professional skills in pharmacy
practice and pharmaceutical sciences, health policy
research and development, advocacy and civic
He is the co-founder of Community Health and Human
Enhancement Initiative, a local community-based Non-
Governmental Organization in northern Nigeria and
MedChain Solutions, a medical logistics solutions
He has engaged in numerous community, capacity building and medical outreach programs in
underserved communities, with a special focus on women and children. He has research publications in
international peer-reviewed impact-factor journals as well as presenting research papers in various
international scientific conferences in countries like Germany, Argentina, the United States of America
and South Korea.
He believes that part of the biggest challenges facing Africa is poor access to quality essential medicines,
inequality and inequity in access to healthcare services and lack of evidence-based programs and plans.
This led him to facilitating a research program that aims to raise a network of research-minded healthcare
practitioners that will help generate data and build evidence to support sustainable healthcare plans and
programs in Africa. This program has built research capacity of some of the participants who now travel
round the world to present their research papers and create evidence for Africa.
His passion for making a positive and sustainable change in the healthcare space in Africa was part of the
reason for his selection as one of 100 brightest young minds in Africa.

He has various professional health certifications including a Diploma in Health Management from the
World Bank Institute. He is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy
Management at the University of Nigeria and is a member of the International Pharmaceutical Federation
(FIP), International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) and International
Association of Public Health Logisticians (IAPHL) amongst others. He hopes that in the next 5 years, he
Planet What did you want people to know about you, your organization and what you are presently working on?
Bruno is not a writer because He wanted to but was forced into it. His main purpose is not to be famous or
to make more money but rather to add value into the Life of others by influencing them through thought-

IN THE SPOTLIGHT provoking writings, by helping them discover their potentiality and their ability to be the steering-wheel of
their own lives (self-confidence). Right now he is still committed to his passion of writing because he is
constantly seeking groundbreaking ways to help people realize the truth about themselves, how capable
AROUND THE WORLD they are in a down to earth manner. And how he can make the world a better place to live in through
Sougou Bruno Sanon
What is change to you and how do you hope to effect change in your community?
Tell us about yourself?
For Bruno change is behaving or acting otherwise. Change can be positive or negative. But the change
Sougou Bruno SANON, Is a Writer, an Interpreter, a
that Bruno is sighing for, for his community is the noble one. Change that brings growth, a sense of
Translator, a Teacher, a breeder and a Nutritionist. He
satisfaction and fulfillment into the life of others. How can a community be developed? through change.
started writing approximately 4 years ago, translating
Let us be honest, can we change something by still holding the same paradigm? ( old habits:thoughts,
and interpreting since 2004, which will be
actions ). No, before we change something we must first of all realize that we must change our habits. And
approximately 14 years in 2018. He speaks 6
we can't change our habits without changing our way of thinking. And writing is one of the efficient way of
languages, and is part of an association (Association
changing the mindset of others for the better for ever. If each single person changes is habit for the better,
de Legema) which contributed to bring water and
then certainly the physiognomy of the community will change. If each person commits to live the life of
electricity in the community of Legema and holds
change: upgrading our skills to the highest level through learning and practicing by then unleashing the
presently the position of secretary. His passion for
best of ourselves then without any shadow of doubt our community will change.
interpretation and translation was born in 2004 when
for the first time of his life He was challenged by a
How are you when you are under pressure to achieve a goal?
Nigerian leader to stand before a whole congregation
Under pressure Bruno's philosophy is, to maintain a great serenity because self-mastery is the key of
to interpret English into French when he was still in
success. Self-mastery is the mastery of one's feelings, our ability to control ourselves until we achieve our
secondary school. As a youth leader, He started
teaching since 2004 mainly on the principles of
success. Until now Bruno has published 14 books
What have you done to improve your knowledge in your chosen field?
available on Amazon
To improve his knowledge Bruno believes in learning by doing and doing by learning. How? By reading a
Where did you see yourself in the next five years?
lot, by learning from what He read and by applying what he learned.
In the next five years Bruno would like to help his country achieve the sustainable development goals
mainly through writing and practically by creating an agribusiness firm. Because He is a firm believer that
A word of encouragement for you audience?
business and entrepreneurship is the key of development.
For all those who are discouraged because things are not moving according to their expectation, I
What is your greatest strenght and weakness?
release hope for you. Look within you, and realize that you are talented. Don't allow the records of others
Bruno's greatest strength is his singlemindedness. That's why He is multi-skills. And his weakness is his
to devalue who you are, gaze around and you will see a solution. Like all the people who impacted their
generation because they saw solutions instead of obstacles. You too can start from scratch to leave a
Tell us in brief your story of impact?
long lasting heritage, you too can write your name in the pages of the book of history. It all depends on
Bruno learnt how to code in 2 weeks and designed his own website: Click here
you? The ball is in your court.
With the purpose of helping all those who are willing to upgrade their knowledge about nutrition and food.
Sometimes he works with some consultants of NGO in his country for
Facebook: Sougou Bruno SANON
Programs' implementation.
Email: Sougou Bruno SANON -
What is your greatest accomplishment?
Bruno greatest accomplishment is his written books: Click here
What are your greatest challenges?
Bruno greatest challenge is how He can leave a long lasting impact through the change of mindset. How
he can add value into the life others and make his community a better place to live in.
Who is your mentor?
Bruno mentor is his books, because He learns a lot through reading and writing.