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RU Lesson Plan updated Fall


RU Teacher Education Lesson Plan Format

Candidate Name: Lily McIntosh Date: September 5, 2017

Lesson Title/Topic: Even Steven and Odd Grade Level: First Grade Time: 45 minutes

Mathematics Standards:

SOL 1.17 The student will recognize, describe, extend, and create a wide variety of growing and repeating patterns.

Specific Observable Objective(s) The students will be able to identify and sketch even and odd numbers.

Essential Vocabulary:
Even number: A group of numbers that have equal partners.
Odd number: A group of numbers that to not have equal partners.

Assessment: I will use observation and ask questions during my lesson to assess whether my students are understanding the

Student Considerations: We will have a class discussion about the difference about even and odd numbers so all students have an
understanding. I will explain what students will need to do for their Even Steven and Odd Todd craft for clarification. For EC who has
a broken arm, I will help cut or write/draw if she needs it. If LR needs a break, he may few a few minutes to recuperate. If he needs
help cutting, I will assist him.

UDL Solutions:
Engagement Representation Expression
How will student interest be How will content be presented? How will students demonstrate and
engaged? express their knowledge?

Even Steven and Odd Todd Craft Even Steven and Odd Todd by Class discussion
Kathryn Cristaldi Read Aloud Turn to your neighbor
Thumbs up

Learning Environment: The learning environment for this lesson will be whole class at the carpet for the read aloud and then back at
their desks for a craft.
Personnel in the Classroom: I will be reading to students, facilitating discussion, and explaining the craft we will create after the read
aloud. My CT will be assisting with the behaviors of the children.
Instructional Resources, Materials, Technology: Even Steven and Odd Todd book, print outs of Even Steven and Odd Todd,
crayons, glue.


The Beginning - Hook (15 minutes)

Read aloud of Even Steven and Odd Todd on the carpet.
Pausing for discussion and understanding of even and odd numbers.
Students will have chances to talk to their neighbor.
Discuss after read aloud why they need to know even and odd numbers.
The Middle (15 minutes)
Boys and girls, walk quietly back to your desks.
Were going to do an Even Steven and Odd Todd craft.
You will choose either Even Steven or Odd Todd, then glue the name on their shirt.
RU Lesson Plan updated Fall

Once you have glued, you will draw an even amount of objects on your Even Steven shirt or odd amount of objects on your
Odd Todd. I will give you a number of objects you need to draw.
Once you have finished gluing and drawing your objects, you will cut out your shirts and heads then glue them together.
Thumbs of if you know what to do.
Clarify if someone does not have a thumbs up.
The End (15 minutes) Restate the learning objective with student involvement.
Students will share with the class their Even Steven or Odd Todd.
Emphasize the difference between even and odd numbers.