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SYM 2006 Ylndan beri sorulan kelimeler DS / KPDS / YDS /e-yds

Noun Adjective Adverb Verb Phrasal verb YEAR

correlation commonplace almost enact cut down on

commodity indestructible notably determine catch on
detriment steady potentially discriminate take up
interaction significant occasionally allocate lead to
degree various together compensate cope with
mistrust excess instantly confirm depend on 2006
interaction single seriously acknowledge keep pace with
gap coherent extremely counter account for
effect comprehensive frequently exert wipe out
conductivity crucial firmly awaken die out
deficit internal initially adjust take part in
corruption grant set up
decision present take up
set up

Noun Adjective Adverb Verb Phrasal verb YEAR

accumulation gradual rapidly outlaw carry out

acquisition relative already raise make up
reference effective still derive cut off
tendency vulnerable promptly assess take place
prevalence vulnerable highly deliver keep up with
variation proportional considerably determine rely on 2007
consideration inevitable necessarily cause build up
disturbance constant extremely speculate use up
objection rich notably occur figure out
follower unavoidable release lead to
device daily demand come into
attempt vary end up with
prosperity settle down
depend on

Noun Adjective Adverb Verb Phrasal verb YEAR

issue loose rarely disrupt get around

criticism ostentatious significantly enforce accompany by
means sole protectively accept come up with
decay extremely dramatically contribute rely on
allowance inevitable drastically eradicate carry out
abundance controversial distinctly increase break down
innovation substantial entirely flow (into) wipe out
progress consistent eventually owe (to) leak out 2008
overview mutual expand set up
impact (on) impressive repeat put forward
prepare make up
work out
rely on
carry out
stand for
try out
Noun Adjective Adverb Verb Phrasal verb YEAR

framework keen considerably conduct make up

sovereignty remote subsequently migrate make up
functionality brief desperately diagnose keep down
invasion vital almost cite end up
aim unlikely permanently provide put forth
occurance available progressively interfere (with) go through 2009
significance beneficial accurately vary bring about
sample common continually prevent try on
ability inhospitable profoundly play give off
combination simple eventually attribute (to) turn out
ancestor indicative hardly deteriorate use up
establishment usually keep up with
recreation mainly set out
opposition go through
account for

Noun Adjective Adverb Verb Phrasal verb YEAR

deficiency sole heavily view take over

precaution beneficial particularly live make up
exception susceptible dramatically maintain build up
layer inconclusive virtually underestimate make up
premise appropriate unfavourably respond turn into
episode irrelevant formerly absorb make up for 2010
care valuable rapidly survive get up
rainfall incalculable adversely combine deal with
amount feasible enormously launch set up
inversion remarkable relatively appear give rise to
advance particularly remain throw away
manifestation bring into
noble take on
agent break out

Noun Adjective Adverb Verb Phrasal verb YEAR

initiative common generally contribute turn over

intervention current substantially depend end up with
component immense originally span divide into 2011
view significant nearly develop search for
sensation progressively develop cope with
exploitation primarily tend deal with
reveal bring up

Noun Adjective Adverb Verb Phrasal verb YEAR

intention sophisticated appropriately regulate end up

expenditure compelling commonly overcome set up
process immense closely reward get through 2012
fluctuation profound accurately reduce account for
plainly explain accompany by
tremendously adopt bring about
voluntarily constitute come up with
expose (to)

Noun Adjective Adverb Verb Phrasal verb YEAR

access sustainable thoroughly foster hand down

estimate eager precisely recognize figure out 2013
open (to) utterly stimulate make up for
diagnose account for
put up with
back up

Noun Adjective Adverb Verb Phrasal verb YEAR

deterioration massive relatively convey take up

indicator inseperable accurately promote depend on 2014
impairment achieve cope with
(with) maintain cut off
exploitation pass down e-yds
consent e-yds

Noun Adjective Adverb Verb Phrasal verb YEAR

extinction e-yds evident e-yds fundamentally constitute e-yds set out e-yds
challenge challenging e-yds e-yds accompany e-yds keep up with
expenditure worthwhile necessarily e-yds hinder e-yds e-yds
main impressively seek e-yds result in e-yds 2015
observable significantly fluctuate show off
confront call for
incorporate deal with
utilize end up with
rely on