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Pathways to practising

in Australia
for International Medical Graduates
Pathways to practising medicine in
rural and remote Australia
for International Medical Graduates (IMG)
General practice is the single largest medical strong bonds with their communities. Many
specialty in Australia. The Australian College emerge in leadership roles, becoming articulate
of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) is advocates in local, regional, state and national
accredited by the Australian Medical Council forums.
(AMC) to set and maintain the standards for
the specialty of general practice in Australia. Pathways
As the first College in the world dedicated to
rural and remote practice we are world leaders The College offers the following AMC
in rural practice. accredited pathways to registration:

As a general practitioner, you are often the Specialist Pathway (leads to Fellowship of
first contact point for patients requiring ACRRM and Specialist Registration)
treatment for any medical condition. The Standard Pathway (leads to Limited
specialty of general practice provides a Registration), and
unique opportunity for you to develop special
ad eundum gradum.
relationships with your patients, their family
and your community. This assists you to
provide lifelong health care that improves
patients health outcomes.

Rural and remote general practitioners need

to have a broader set of procedural and other
skills, to allow them to work confidently in rural
and remote communities. Where an urban
general practitioner will readily refer cases
to a specialist or tertiary hospital - a general
practitioner in rural or remote communities
is trained to take direct responsibility for all
cases presented to them. This often means
extending from primary to secondary and
ongoing care.

Research indicates that rural and remote

medicine is particularly attractive to
doctors who enjoy a challenge and
value their independence. What
is also evident throughout rural
Australia is a spirit of collegiality.
Rural doctors readily exchange ideas
with colleagues on particular cases
and on rural and remote health
issues generally. They also develop
What does rural and remote mean?
Rural and remote Australia means different things to different people. For some, its red
dirt, dry and cracked riverbeds and the wonders of the outback. For others, its white
sandy beaches, blue waves to surf and incredible reefs to dive. Or perhaps its lush
tropical hinterlands, with the sounds of native fauna and the beauty of bush walks and
waterfalls. For others still, its snow-capped mountains, with trails to ski and crackling log
fires. Australias diversity means you can choose what rural and remote means to you.

Working in Australia
To be eligible to work as a doctor in Australia you will need to become registered to
practice in Australia and fulfil the requirements of one of the registration pathways.

The registration pathways are:

Specialist Assessment Pathway (Comparability/Area of Need)

Standard Pathway, and
Competent Authority Pathway.

Specialist Pathway Applicants then apply to the College for

assessment under the Specialist Pathway.
This is an AMC accredited pathway for doctors Application forms are available on our
with recognised overseas qualifications which website at
leads to Fellowship of ACRRM, Specialist specialist-pathway-for-general-practice.
Pathway and Vocational Recognition.

Eligibility ACRRM assessment

To be eligible to apply for specialist assessment The College will assess your training and
you must have: experience for comparability with the training
and experience of an ACRRM Fellow.
been awarded your specialist medical
qualification from a training institution listed Initially the College will conduct a paper based
in the ACRRMs codified list of recognised assessment for eligibility. Eligible applicants
qualifications, and will proceed to an interview. The outcome of
the interview is communicated to the applicant
satisfied all the training and examination
and also advised to the AMC.
requirements to practise in your field of
specialty in your country of training. Successful applicants will be assessed as
Application for specialist assessment substantially comparable or partially
Applicants must apply to the AMC for
Primary Source Verification. The forms Successful applicants then join the College and
can be found on the AMC website at are provided with a learning plan for the period of peer review.
Ad eundum gradum Fellowship be seeking to practice in Australia
be currently compliant with the continuing
Ad eundum gradum is a pathway to Fellowship professional development requirements of
of ACRRM, for holders of the Fellowship of the Royal New Zealand College of General
the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners or the College of Family
Practitioners (FRNZCGP) and for holders of the Physicians Canada, and
Certificate in Family Practice from the College
of Family Physicians Canada awarded post (for Canadians only) have completed two
1992 (CCFP). years of post-graduate training in family
medicine accredited by the College of
This pathway allows experienced general Family Physicians Canada.
practitioners from New Zealand and family
Application for ad eundum
physicians from Canada to work in Australia
gradum assessment
as recognised specialists without unnecessary
assessment or examination. Applicants must apply to the AMC for
Primary Source Verification. This can be done
Eligibility concurrently with the application to ACRRM
To be eligible for ad eundum gradum with the for assessment under ad eundum gradum.
College you must: You will be required to supply ACRRM with
the EICS number from your Primary Source
be in good standing as a certificant Verification. The forms for Primary Source
Fellow of the Royal New Zealand College Verification can be found on the AMC website
of General Practitioners, or a certificant at
member of the College of Family Physicians Application forms for ad eundum gradum are
Canada available on our website at
have documented evidence of experience ad-eundum-gradum.
and or training in the scope of practice for
rural medicine
Learning plans and peer review
Learning plans are individually tailored for each applicant.

The applicant will be required to work in supervised general practice for 12-24 months and
undertake specified training and assessments. Upon successful completion of all components
of the learning plan the applicant is recommended for Fellowship of ACRRM (FACRRM).

Standard Pathway
Steps to registration and Fellowship

Eligibility and application for the Standard Pathway (with Limited Registration)

Obtain a primary Obtain a final or Obtain evidence of Complete the

medical degree from provisional primary English Language AMC Primary
an IMED medical qualification from Proficiency Source Verification
school your training (e.g. IELTS) Application
institution form and submit
with all relevant

1 2 3 4
Pass the AMC CAT Have a current offer Apply for, sit, and Apply to the Medical
MCQ Examination of employment within successfully complete Board of Australia for
a practice with an the Pre-Employment Limited Registration
approved Area of Structured Clinical
Need or District of Interview (PESCI)
Workforce Shortage

5 6 7 8
Undertake 12 Apply for and pass Apply to the Medical Apply for a place
months supervised the AMC clinical Board of Australia for on the AGPT, RVTS
practice exam General Registration or Independent
Pathway* to

9 10 11 12
*Applicants may apply for a place on the Independent Pathway to Fellowship once they have
completed their 12 months of supervised practise. General Registration is a requirement for the
AGPT and RVTS pathways to Fellowship.
The Standard Pathway is for non-specialist Pre-Employment Structured
IMGs seeking registration.
Clinical Interviews (PESCI)
ACRRM is an innovator in the assessment
To be eligible for assessment under the
and support of IMGs. The College is the only
Standard Pathway, you must have:
organisation in Australia accredited to offer
a primary medical degree from a medical PESCIs in each state and territory.
school listed in the International Medical
Every IMG applying for registration via the
Education Directory (IMED) on the FAIMER
Standard Pathway in Australia is required to
been issued with a final or provisional
primary qualification by your training The PESCI is a mandatory prerequisite for
institution IMGs seeking registration in Australia to
practise in any of the following roles:
evidence of English Language Proficiency
(e.g. IELTS), and general practice
passed the AMC CAT MCQ Examination. all non-specialist positions in private
Application for assessment hospital facilities
Application for the Standard Pathway is senior medical officers
initially made to the AMC by completing medical officers (with or without right of
the AMC Standard Pathway Application private practice), or
form and submitting all relevant supporting
medical superintendents (with or without
documentation. The form can be found at
right of private practice).
Please note: a PESCI is position specific.
Therefore, a PESCI is not transferrable to
another position.
Currently applicants can have a face-to-face Application for assessment
interview in Queensland, New South Wales, An application form can be downloaded from
South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria or completed online on the ACRRM website.
or alternatively an interview can be conducted
via video conference. You will also need to:

NB: Doctors on the Competent Authority provide a comprehensive resum, a copy of

Pathway applying for Provisional Registration your passport and a signed declaration, and
to work in general practice and in some complete an ACRRM format position
hospital positions will be required to undertake description for which registration is being
a PESCI. Please refer to the AHPRA website sought (see the ACRRM website for the
for further information regarding PESCI forms)

To be eligible to sit for a PESCI the applicant
must be eligible to apply for Limited
Registration under the Standard Pathway and
have a current offer of employment within
a practice with an approved Area of Need or
District of Workforce Shortage position.
The interview The applicant can apply to the Medical Board
The PESCI is a fitness for task interview of Australia for Limited Registration at any
lasting up to 90 minutes. The interview stage throughout the process. However it is
questions are scenario based, and assess preferred an application be lodged with AHPRA
your skills, knowledge and experience for the before the PESCI is undertaken.
position for which you are seeking registration.
Limited Registration
In preparing for your interview, the panel will
review the requirements of the position and Limited Registration allows you to work toward
select four scenarios relevant to the position achieving General Registration by undertaking
which they will use in the assessment. the AMC clinical examination or Workplace-
based Assessment to obtain your AMC
You should note the main priority of the panel certificate or Specialist Registration in general
is to ensure your experience, skills and practice via Fellowship.
knowledge are appropriate for the position
and clinical environment you have applied for With Limited Registration you may be eligible
including the level of supervision. to train for Fellowship of ACRRM through the
Independent Pathway (IP).
Assessment and outcome
Your performance at the interview is assessed General Registration and
and a full report is compiled by the panel.
This report which includes a recommendation
in regard to your suitability for the position is With General Registration you are eligible to
forwarded to AHPRA and forms part of the train for Fellowship of ACRRM via the Australian
information they consider when deciding your General Practice Training (AGPT) pathway, the
registration. A summary report is provided to Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS) or
the applicant. the Independent Pathway (IP).
Retaining Limited Registration
AHPRA will consider renewal of Limited Registration for IMGs up to three times. Within this
four year period IMGs must progress to either General Registration through successfully
completing the AMC clinical examination or Specialist Registration by completing Fellowship
such as FACRRM. Details can be found on the AHPRA website

Fellowship of ACRRM
Once you have successfully completed your There are three training pathways to Fellowship
assessment through the Standard Pathway, of ACRRM. Places in two are funded by the
have gained Limited Registration and Commonwealth Government (AGPT and RVTS)
completed 12 months practise in Australia and requires General Registration. The third,
you may be eligible to train for a Fellowship of the Colleges Independent Pathway may be
ACRRM (FACRRM). undertaken with Limited Registration. It is a
full-fee pathway suited to experienced doctors.
The College is the first in the world dedicated
to rural and remote practise, which requires Training time for experienced doctors can be
an extended range of specialist skills. Training reduced through Recognition of Prior Learning
for FACRRM takes four years and includes (RPL) where previous experience is assessed
at least one advanced specialised discipline, and deemed comparable to FACRRM training
such as Anaesthetics, Obstetrics, Emergency requirements.
Medicine, Surgery, or Population Health.
For more information on training toward
The four-year training program would Fellowship of ACRRM, visit our website
typically include: at
fellowship or talk to a member of our
Core Clinical Training (one year)
Vocational Training team.
Primary Rural and Remote Training
(two years), and
Advanced Specialised Training (one year).
Competent Authority Application for assessment
Application for the Competent Authority
Pathway Pathway is made to AHPRA by completing
The Competent Authority Pathway is the Competent Authority Pathway
administered by AHPRA and is open to application form and submitting all relevant
IMGs from the UK, Ireland, Canada, New supporting documentation. The form can
Zealand and the USA. Once you have had be found at
your Primary Source Verification approved, ass/forms.
you can apply to the Medical Board of
Provisional Registration
Australia for Provisional Registration.
With Provisional Registration you are eligible
Eligibility to apply to the Australian College of Rural
To be eligible for assessment under and Remote Medicine for a place on the
the Competent Authority Pathway, Independent Pathway to Fellowship. You
you must have: may apply to the College once you have
completed 12 months supervised practise.
a primary medical degree from a medical
school listed in the International Medical Provisional Registration is valid for
Education Directory (IMED) on the 12 months.
FAIMER website
Visit the Medical Board of Australia
completed training or assessment with website for further information:
a Medical Board of Australia approved
competent authority, and International-Medical-Graduates/
secured an offer of employment. Competent-Authority-Pathway.aspx.
Eligibility and application for the Competent Authority Pathway (with Provisional Registration)
Suitable for graduates from the UK, Ireland, NZ, Canada and USA

Obtain a primary Obtain a final Complete Have a current Apply to the

medical degree or provisional the AMC offer of Medical Board
from an IMED primary Primary Source employment of Australia
medical school qualification Verification within a practice for Provisional
from your Application Registration
training form and submit documentation
institution with all relevant

1 2 3 4 5
Apply for, sit, and Undertake 12 months Apply to the Medical Apply for a place on
successfully complete supervised practice Board of Australia for the AGPT, RVTS or
the Pre-Employment General Registration Independent Pathway*
Structured Clinical to Fellowship
Interview(*if applicable)

6 7 8 9
*Applicants may concurrently apply for General Registration and a place on the Independent
Pathway to Fellowship. General Registration is a requirement to apply for the AGPT and
RVTS pathways to Fellowship
IMG associate membership
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