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Secondary School Principal I
Kitaotao National High School
Kitaotao, Bukidnon

It is indeed a new beginning for the Department of Education to implement Senior High
School (SHS) refers to Grade 11 and 12, the last two years of the K to 12 Enhanced Basic
Education Curriculum. The Senior High School Curriculum aims at producing graduates who
are prepared for what they want after high school, and are equipped with the knowledge and
skills to pursue better lives for themselves, their families and the community.

Since this is our first year of Senior High School implementation, we expect challenges
along the way and we resort at exercising, flexibility, creativity, innovation and critical thinking
in addressing these challenges. We act and decide for the best course of action with the
learners welfare as the foremost consideration in preparing the Senior High School graduates
for higher education and job employment.

On the Curriculum aspect, content and pedagogy is one of the challenges. The steps
taken to address the issue are the following:
1. Regular Teacher-Coordinator conference
2. Close monitoring of teachers performance through student interview
3. Frequent class visits, monitoring, coaching and peer tutoring
4. The focus of the class observation is based on the problem area identified in order that
the weakness becomes his/her strength

The second issue and challenge is the teachers commitment to improve students
academic performance. The step taken to address the issue is the use of effective
communication with the teachers to convince them to perform what is expected of them and
to teach in the spirit of learner-centeredness that the K-12 curriculum advocates.
The third issue is on the students mastery of competencies. The steps taken to address
the issue are the following:
1. The teachers as the main source of information are encourage to utilize different
instructional approaches and other technology resources
2. Avail K-12 reference materials from bookstores
3. Download available learning materials on-line through LRMDS website
4. Sharing of teacher-made learning materials taken from school LRMDS

On the Human Resource aspect, hiring the right people for the right job is the issue. Most
of the newly-hired teachers are Accountancy and Business Management degrees graduate
which resulted to teaching non-major subjects. The steps taken to address the issue are the
1. Conducted orientation seminar to discuss with the teachers their regular roles and
functions, rules and regulations of the school, the corresponding disciplinary actions
and other school matters
2. Regular monitoring of teachers performance through student interview and class
3. Constant communication with the teachers to:
a. Win their commitment to service
b. Work well as a team
c. Advocate Senior High School program
d. Handle stress and work under pressure
On the Physical Facilities aspect, the first issue is on the lack of classroom due to delay of
Senior High School building construction and the unexpected surge of enrolment. The steps
taken to address the issue are the following:
1. Maximize utilization of unused Junior High School classrooms and facilities that are
conducive and safe for learning
2. Mobilization of the community and other stakeholders to participate in the schools
Brigada Eskwela
3. Arrangement of service credits for teachers who participated the Brigada Eskwela. The
6-day participation of Brigada Eskwela earns 3-day service credits entitlement as
provided in D.O. no. 53,s. 2003
The second is the lack of facilities, equipment and learning materials. The steps taken to
address the issue are the following:
1. Inform the Division Office on the textbook, learning material and equipment needed
2. Execution of partnership agreement specifically with TVL institution for co-delivery of
TVL Specialization before the school year starts
3. Partnership development with private sectors, companies, NGOs and LGUs