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Interesting people

Martin Luther King

He already experienced soon that in the south the black people where not equal. At an age of 15, he
was working on a tobacco plantation in Connecticut, and he was impressed by the equality of black
and white there. His whish was to make the dark and the white people equative. During the
demonstration in 1963 he held, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, his legendary speech I have a
dream in which he expressed his hope that people would be judged on their behavior and not on
skin color. A year later, he received the Nobel Peace Prize. On 4 April, 1968 King was shot on the
Lorraine Motels balcony. Kings funeral on April 9 (1968) was attended by over 150.000 people.

In 1955 Martin Luther King became famous in whole America. This came through an incident with
Rosa Parks (a black person). One day she sat in the bus and didnt want to give her place to a white
woman. In that time the law said she had to, so she was arrested.. The black people (led by Martin)
decided to protest against the racial segration in public transportation. They did not use public
transport anymore. The action last almost 400 days and Martin was knowed by whole America. In
1956 the discriminatory law was not anymore.

Why Martin Luther King?

I think Martin Luther King should be remembered because he came up for his people. The black
people. He was the first person who made a crucial difference in equality. And as you can see it was
dangerous because he was shot.