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Step 7 - Confirmation

Booking reference: 4OEFBX

You may use this barcode to retrieve your booking details. Please note that this is not your boarding

Passengers information
MS Wei Wei FF number: A3 132702780


Mobile phone: +20 01005428278

Ticket Number: 3902423419261

Baggage Allowance:
Cairo to Rome
Total baggage pieces: 1

1 free piece up to 23kg

From Cairo to Rome - Thu 21 Apr 2016
From To Flight Terminal Duration Fare Class Fare Type

03:10 06:10
Cairo Athens A3931 3
Int. Airport El. Venizelos
6h 50m Saver T
08:50 10:00
Athens Rome A3650
El. Venizelos Fiumicino

Cost & Payment details Payment card details
Payment card used :
Adult 1 77.00
Card holder name: wei wei
All passengers: 77.00
Card type: MasterCard

Taxes: 81.33 Card number: xxxx xxxx xxxx 9365

Flight total : 158.33

Total cost: 158.33

You may be required to present the payment card used for this transaction for verification prior to your

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