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The Entrepreneurial
May 14 and 15, 2014

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PODIM is a two-day intense educational and motivational
entrepreneurial experience and one of the largest regional conferences
on entrepreneurship. An event no serious entrepreneur should miss.
PODIM 2014 Introductory Remarks
Europe, and in particular Slovenia, is not well inclined to establishing
companies where each and every path begins with an individual seeing a
business opportunity. Whilst according to the survey of the largest global
entrepreneurship research Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, in innovative
economies, which Slovenia is one of, just over 30% of adult inhabitants believe
there are business opportunities to be found in their vicinity, in Slovenia this
figure is only 20%. This puts Slovenia in the sixth place. Entrepreneurship
has so far not been accepted as a chosen career choice to a sufficient extent.
Rather than innovation, we seem to prefer standard procedures; rather than
entrepreneurial risk, we prefer safe jobs. However, this leads to a low rate of Prof. dr. Miroslav Rebernik
entrepreneurial innovation culture, a low rate of new companies establishment, Co-founder of Venture factory
low added value and poorer conditions and structure of the economy. Above and Head of the Department for
all, there is a lack of innovative companies, those that are based on modern Entrepreneurship and Business
technology and which are able to compete in the global market. Economics at EPF UM

Risk is always present in any innovation; however, without taking risks, there is
no reward either for the entrepreneur as a financial reward, media recognition,
the feeling of being a topical news and similar, nor for wider society in the form of
new jobs, new products, economy growth or social and economic perspective.
The 34th PODIM conference is dedicated to this particular issue. We will
address all key and milestone situations an entrepreneur may encounter with
when assuming risks as well as rewards that such risk taking may potentially
bring. Our aim is to encourage creative and in particular young people, to
arm them with the latest knowledge in order to increase entrepreneurship,
boldness and innovation of people and companies in the region.
Miroslav Rebernik, Head of the PODIM programme committee

In the past two years we have made an important step forward as part of
the Slovene start-up ecosystem we have begun to liaise and cooperate. This
has resulted in the Start:up Slovenia initiative, which brings together leading
supportive environment entities in Slovenia and links also other key stakeholders
of the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Together we have consolidated existing
national programmes and developed new ones in accordance with global
trends; and the first results are excellent and clear to see.

The PODIM conference is the most important entrepreneurship event

in Slovenia and one of more significant events in the region. Our aim is to
consolidate the latter. As part of the national programmes we have developed mag. Iztok Lesjak
the Go:Global Slovenia programme, which aims to assist Slovene start-up Director of Technology Park
companies in their global expansion and entry of foreign start-ups to the Ljubljana
Slovene market. This we are achieving through connections with other start-
up hubs.

We are also extremely pleased with strategic connections with the COINVEST
initiative which focuses on integration of entrepreneurial teams and investors,
both local and international. PODIM does not only bring together the key
national players once a year, but is becoming an important event for all of
those with whom we cooperate on national and global level.
Iztok Lesjak, Director of Technology Park Ljubljana, Initiative Startup Slovenia
The forthcoming 34th PODIM conference will be improved and upgraded as
compared to those organized in the past, by giving it a strengthened regional
touch. There will be a number of renowned foreign speakers and hardened
professionals; in addition, our aim is to attract many visitors from neighbouring
countries as well as the wider region.

We shall do our utmost to ensure all participants and visitors alike have an
unforgettable entrepreneurial experience, obtain the greatest amount of
entrepreneurial knowledge and provide for them a variety of opportunities for
networking and making new acquaintances. mag. Matej Rus
Co-founder and director
Our mission is to organize top-level events and programmes aimed at innovative of Venture factory and
companies who are undertaking risky start-up business opportunities, with the Senior Lecturer at EPF UM
help of the experience of successful and unsuccessful start-up stories as well
as well-established companies. It is thanks to experienced entrepreneurs that
we will be able to conjure an unforgettable entrepreneurial experience; for this
reason I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has actively
participated in the creation of the conferences programme.
Matej Rus, Head of the PODIM organizing committee

At the conference, renowned international guests will present through a series of roundtables, lectures
and workshops from academic and practical points of view, their most advanced knowledge relating to
new technology companies as well as their valuable experience.
MARIBOR, Slovenia

PODIM 2014
Conference you Can Not
Afford to Miss
What to expect from the PODIM conference?
We will start the first day with a networking coffee where you will have the opportunity to make your first new
acquaintances. This will be followed by a series of appearances on stage, lectures and roundtables, all aimed to
motivate and provide additional ideas. This will be followed by lunch with organized networking.

After lunch, there will be a series of simultaneous practical workshops which attendees will be able to choose
according to their personal preferences. The topics will include difficult as well as pleasant situations that any entrepreneur
can find himself/herself in. After the conclusion of the formal motivational and educational programme we will hold the
competition for the Start:up of the year 2014, where for the seventh time in a row we will select and award a certificate
to the most perspective Slovene start-up company. Followed by a party until the early hours of the morning.

To ensure you get plenty of rest and recharge your batteries to face new challenges, the second days programme will
begin an hour or so later. A series of lectures, workshops and networking opportunities will take place until lunch.

We guarantee you an intense two-day entrepreneurial experience you will never forget, whilst at the same
time you will come away with an abundance of knowledge, motivation and new acquaintances. If you are
looking for an investor, mentor or a new team member, you will have plenty of opportunities to introduce yourself, your
idea and your bigger vision.
PODIM 2014
Visitors to PODIM
The PODIM conference is aimed at all who wish to go through an intense two-day entrepreneurial
experience, and above all at:

Start-up entrepreneurs in new and existing companies:

Who want to be motivated, gain new knowledge, network with local and foreign guests, identify potential colleagues and
co-founders, and also find potential investments and, last but not least, to have fun.
Venture capital investors:
Who want to identify new investment opportunities, network with entrepreneurs and other participants at the conference.
Investors are actively involved in the events taking place at the conference in terms of pitching of entrepreneurial ideas
as well as in terms of mentoring, assessing start-up companies, taking the stage, etc.
Entrepreneurship support environment and public administration:
Cooperation between all stakeholders of the support environment is of key importance since one of the conferences
objective is to unite all stakeholders of the support environment and to present global trends and global best practices
to facilitate their implementation into the local environment.
Everyone interested in entrepreneurship:
All who are interested in entrepreneurship and who are enterprising at heart, from developers, technical directors and
development managers of large companies, researchers in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, entrepreneurial
consultants in the field of technology transfer, students and young researchers as well as all who have or are looking
for good entrepreneurial ideas.

Start-up companies



and Managers

2% Institutions
of knowledge 2%
Media Investors
PODIM 2014
Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster
No major advances in the world were achieved without major risks; and this is also true for entrepreneurship.
However, along with risk come specific challenges in individual phases of a companys growth. These risks
can be clearly illustrated with the entrepreneurial merry-go-round a rollercoaster of death and delight.
One moment you are in the depth of despair and the other on the top of the world; and in-between, you are enjoying a
wild, adrenalin filled journey. These specific challenges and how to overcome them to build a successful global company,
will be the main topics of the 34th PODIM international conference.

Todays business environment has become completely unpredictable, dynamic and exceptionally complex.
The new global dynamics of entrepreneurial environment requires significantly higher levels of psychological capital,
additional knowledge and ingenuity on the part of the entrepreneur. It isnt seldom that entrepreneurs face disaster on
their entrepreneurial path and often they face extremely difficult situations; therefore, their mentality must be quickly

adapt to fast changes on the market.

A ship is safe in harbour, but thats not what ships are for. ~ William Shedd

And it is precisely taking risks that can bring the highest rewards. Todays markets are global, rich and filled with
opportunities. Even though today it is probably most difficult to succeed in entrepreneurship due to global competition,
the continuous need for innovation and extreme dynamics of the business environment offer almost an unlimited
potential for success.

If an entrepreneur thinks big, the limit of potential success is but the sky. In addition to potentially exceptional financial
success, entrepreneurial achievements bring with them opportunities to trade in numerous interesting markets, media
recognition, allow for influencing technical and economic development and contribute to changing life for the better.

These are the moments you reap rewards, however the path to this is full of extreme obstacles and hidden traps.

You should ignore fear if its irrational. Even if its rational and the stake is worth it,
its still worth proceeding. ~ Elon Musk, Tesla Motors

Over 40 regional and international entrepreneurial stars will share with us first-hand knowledge and
experiences and explain how they have overcome the most difficult of challenges and advise you
how you can succeed in building a global entrepreneurial story.

Dont worry about failure; you only have to be right once. ~ Drew Houston, Dropbox
Past PODIM Conference Stars


Paddy Cosgrave Gregory Bernarda Pekka Santeri Jeff Skinner

F.ounders Business Model Mki London Business
Generation team 3TS Capital School

Oren Michels Oliver Holle Raphael H. Cohen Laszo Czirjak Viktor Marhoni
CEO and co-founder Serial entrepreneur Serial entrepreneur, iEurope Capital ShoutEm
of Mashery from and founder of active CEO, business
Silicon Valley SpeedInvest angel and Academic
Director at HEC


Miha Mikek Jure Miku Andra Tori Andrej Mertelj

Celtra RSG Capital Zemanta Datalab

Ivo Boscarol Igor Akrapovi Sandi eko Jugoslav Petkovi Ale peti
Pipistrel Akrapovi Studio Moderna Mimovrste Cube Sensors
PODIM 2014 Networking
and Investment Opportunities
Start-up of the year 2014
The first day of the PODIM conference will end with the Start-up of the year 2014
Award Ceremony. The Start:up of the year competition is a national competition
of start-up companies. The aim of the competition is to recognize the best
entrepreneurial teams and start-up companies in the Slovene environment,
provide them with professional support, potential investor contacts and promote
them to the general public.

PODIM Challenge
The PODIM Challenge is an opportunity for all entrepreneurs wanting to pitch themselves and their idea to the PODIM
attendants and investors and potential partners from Slovenia and abroad. Five enterprises will win the opportunity to
pitch to the investors and compete for a meeting and further discussions with investors.

PODIM Matching
PODIM Matching is an opportunity for all entrepreneurs with an idea looking for team members. On the other hand,
PODIM Matching is also an excellent opportunity for everyone looking to join an start up. Five companies will have the
chance to pitch to an audience comprised of people interested in working in a start-up company. Each member of the
audience will state his or her interest in working with one of the companies, followed by face-to-face meetings.

PODIM Networking
During the breaks on both conferences days, including coffee and lunch breaks, we will organise several opportunities
for networking, connecting and gaining new contacts - in both a professional and a lighter, fun-filled manner.

Evening PODIM party

At the end of the first day the hotel will host an evening party for all conference participants, including a DJ and
entertainment. The evening party represents a further opportunity for networking, getting to know people and having
fun at the conference.

Pictures from past events.

PODIM Conference in Media
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