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Technical Specification of Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Name Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Flaw Detection System Flaw Detection by Conventional UT and Phased Array (PA) Technology
Data Representation A-Scan, C-Scan, S-scan, L-Scan.
Upgradeable option for B-Scan.
Display Size Large, full VGA (640x480) resolution color transflective display
Weight Not more than 4 Kg with Battery
Dimension (6-7)" H x (9-10)" W x (4-5)" D
IP Rating IP 66
Operating Time 8 hours (conventional UT mode); 7 hours (phased array mode)
Imaging System Real Time Pulse Echo and Phased Array (PA) Imaging System
Code Compliant EN12668-1 compliant,
Standard AWS D1.1/D1.5 Code Compliant.
Pulse repetition UT: 5Hz to 6kHz, adjustable in 10Hz increments
frequency (PRF) PA: 60Hz A-scan, 20Hz Images
Probe Recognition Automatic phased array probe recognition
Weld Overlay System Full weld overlay system that enables to visualize the relative position of
indications in relation to the weld geometry. Easily Configure the Weld
Geometry in the equipment. Such as type of weld joint, weld preparation
angle, bevel height, bevel width, root gap, root face, thickness of the
specimen etc. Weld Overlay will display on C-Scan and S-Scan image.
Report Viewer Built-in Test Report viewing system in the equipment.
Encoder system Single axis encoded for Phased Array C-Scan. The Encoder for the
positioning and dimensioning of defects in the scan axis, and can
synchronize data acquisition with probe movement. The Encoder will be
waterproof with IP 68 and with sealed bearing for long-lasting smooth
wheel rotation.
USB Output USB output for report transfer
VGA Output VGA output for projector
Defect Sizing DAC/TVG, DGS/AVG, AWS D1.1/1.5 standard in UT and PA
Transducer Selection UT: Single and dual element
PA: 16:16 Element configuration standard
Provision option for 16:64 Element Transducer.
Angle Coverage Conventional UT mode cover single angle (as 45 or 60 or 70) and Phased
Array (PA) mode will cover several angles from 40 to 70 total 30
Transducer/Probe 5 MHz 16 Element Phased Array Transducer with wedges and minimum 1
Meter cable length. Probe will be compatible with encoder.
5 MHz Single Element Transducer for conventional UT with wedges for
45, 60, 70 and cable with BNC connector.
Calibration US Air Force IIW-2 Calibration Block. Calibration file will be stored in the
equipment memory.
Training Training will be conducted by manufacturer foreign expert in the buyer
site. Training will be arranged by supplier.
Experience The supplier must have experience to supply this type of equipment in
Bangladesh Government and Private organization. Experience certificate
will have to submit with the offer.