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Licenciatura en Lengua Extranjera Ingls

Assignment 1 - Reading a Comparison-Contrast Essay

By Albeiro Verjel

School Days: A World of Differences: Development of the activity

Part One

1. What two things do you think the writer will compare in the article? Until this point I
can clearly see that the autor is about to compare the Japanese and the American
education systems.
2. What Differences between Japanese and American schools are explained in the third
and fourth paragraphs? Japanese students tend to go to school from a very early age
(3 years old) and leave at adulthood (18 years old) while Americans dont.
3. In this paragraph, what main difference is after school activities is described?
Japanese students have a very busy study life, they take extra sessions at private schools
to prepare for tests and do a lot of homework.
4. How does the writer organize the similarities and Differences described in paragraph
six? The autor organizes the information first showing what is common to both systems
and then going Deep into the differences of both systems.

Part Two

Write your comments in your Think-Aloud Chart (I developed this point of the activity while I
was Reading the text).

Think Aloud Chart

Identify a problem It seems that Japanese people are spending lots of money in
cram schools due to the high standards and requirements
of the system.
Solve a problem Well, I really do not see a solution to this, since it would
mean to change the system itself.
Predict what happens I think, the next that is going to happen is that the autor will
next provide insights on how to improve the quality of free time
of Japanese students.
Picture the text I didnt understand this point.
Make comparison(s) Japanese students enter school at a very early age,
Americans not so early. Japanese students have a lot of
homework and extra clases, Americans have more time for
sports, arts, hobbies. A Japanese students attends school
for 240 days a year, while an American students goes to
school only 180 days.
Make comments I think that children should spend more time doing things
they enjoy, I dont think Japanese students are happy at all.

Part Three

According to the MiniRead, how are the two school systems alike? How are they different?

Japanese and American education systems are similar in that they do their best effors to
provide the best education to their users and both are regarded as high quality education
systems in the world. However, Japans education system seems to be a more strict and
competitive one, their emphasis is test results, while Americans are more based on skills for
life. In my opinion, Japanese children must be very unhappy and miserable, their lifes are not
like those children that enjoy their school years. While I was doing this assignment I felt
curious and wanted to investigate a little more about this, and I am amazed at finding terrible
statistics that say Japanese Young people are among the ones who decide to end their lives
committing suicide. I am astonished and sad for that.

Thanks dear teacher for the interesting assignment.