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Subject : English

Year : 1

Duration : 9.15-10.15

Theme : World of knowledge

Topic : Lunch time

Focus Skills : Writing

Content Standard : 4.1 Form letters and words in neat legible print usisng cursive

Learning Standard : 4.1.2(ii) Write letters and words in a neat a straight line from left
to right with regular spaces between words and spaces.

Complementary Skills : 3.1 Recognise words in linear and non-linear text by using
knowledge of sounds of letters.

Complementary Skills : 3.1.1 Identify and recognize the shapes of the letters in the

Main Learning Objectives : By the end of the lesson,most of pupils able to categories
vegetables and fruits by list down in the table provided.

Complementary Learning : By the end of the lesson, most of pupils able to identify and

Objectives recognise letters by its shapes of the alphabet.

Cross curricular Elements : Science and Technology

Activities : 1. Pupils review flash cards and powerpoint slides about

(i) Pre-lesson vegetables and fruits.

( ii) Lesson Development : 1. Pupils view powerpoint slides of vegetables and fruits.
2. Pupils divided in group of four.
3. Teacher distributes picture of vegetables and fruits with
words to each group.
4. Pupils group the pictures according to the categories.
5. Pupils read the words(fruits and vegetables) with
6. Pupils match the name of vegetables and fruits with its
7. Pupils given a worksheet.

( iii) Post Lesson : 1. Pupils colour the vegetables and fruits .

Reflection :