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1. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 33 soalan.
For Examiners Use
2. Jawab semua soalan. Section Total Marks

3. Bulatkan jawapan anda untuk Bahagian A di dalam A 15

kertas jawapan di halaman 17. B 10

C 25
4. Untuk Bahagian B, Bahagian C dan Bahagian D,
D 20
tuliskan jawapan anda di ruang yang disediakan di dalam
Total 70
kertas soalan ini.

1. This question paper consists of 33 questions.
2. Answer all questions.
3. Circle your answers for Section A on the answer sheet on page 17.
4. Write your answers for Section B , Section C and Section D in the
space provided in this question paper.

Section A
[15 marks]
[Time suggested: 25 minutes]

According to a new study, soft drinks may push up

your blood pressure and add to the risk of obesity,
diabetes and tooth decay. So, make soft drinks a
special treat or at least practice portion control.

1 The most suitable title for the above text is

A Diabetes May Be Caused by Soft Drinks

B Soft Drinks Cause High Blood Pressure

C Reduce Your Thirst for Soft Drinks

D Make Soft Drinks a Treat Now


2 When do you think a road sign like this would not be seen?

A School ahead

B Housing area ahead

C Petrol Station ahead

D Pedestrian crossing ahead

Number of Visitors to Sentosa Theme Park









28 April 29 April 30 April 1 May 2 May

3 Based on the line chart, 1st May has the most number of visitors to the theme park is most
probably because it is

A Labour Day

B Independence Day

C Malaysia day

D Teachers Day

The coconut tree is a useful plant. The fruit contains a clear sweet liquid that makes a
refreshing drink. The flesh of the fruit can be grated and coconut milk can be obtained
from it. We use coconut milk for cooking curries and other favourite Malaysia dishes and
cakes. The flesh of the coconut is dried and cooking oil is processed from it. The shell can
be made into cooking utensils and ornaments. The trunk of the tree can be used as a
bridge across a small ditch. The leaves can be woven to make partitions to separate rooms.

4 What can you conclude from the above information?

A Every part of the coconut tree is useful.

B Coconut milk can be obtained from the coconut flesh.

C The trunk of the coconut tree is used to make decorative items.

D Cooking oil is made from the clear sweet liquid found in the coconut.

5 From the cartoon strip, the pavement has turned into a

A yard sale

B furniture display

C recycling centre

D dumping ground


Buy 3 bottles at the usual price and get ONE FREE

RM25.50 per bottle

6 According to the advertisement, if you buy three bottles of Fresh face cream, you

A get three bottles free

B pay a total of RM25.50

C pay for all the four bottles

D pay RM25.50 each for three bottles

Sumatra Rhinos are an important part of Malaysias heritage

The Sumatran Rhino is Malaysias most endangered animal and the

worlds most endangered rhino species. As such, the rhino is part of
Malaysias and the worlds heritage. The Sumatran rhinoceros
population has rapidly declined over the past few decades primarily
due to poaching. A secondary factor is the loss of forest. There are
now less than 300 left in the world. Save the Sumatran rhinos.

7 From the text, the rhinoceros population is declining mainly due to

A poaching

B conservation

C cutting down of trees

D being made a heritage



Guests and
Guests and

Students Students

8 According to the plan, the graduates will

A walk around the hall

B move in a clockwise direction

C move in an anti-clockwise direction

D move out of the hall after receiving their certificates

Questions 9-15 are based on the following passage. Choose the best answer to fill in each blank.

Nicol David was born on 26 August, 1983 in Penang. She (9)____ the daughter to
engineer Desmond David and Anne Marie David, a teacher. Her early experience with
squash occurred (10) _______ the tender age of five. She took the game seriously and
with regular training and active participation, she was soon involved in competitive
games. A scout noticed her raw talent and (11) ________ her into the state team.

Nicol chalked up her first international win at the Hong Kong Under-13 game. Later,
she started climbing her (12) _________ by conquering Asian challenges. (13) ________
being so young, her quest for world domination began to gain attention. For the next
couple of years Nicol won a series of Asian championships (14) _______ marked her
grand arrival in the world scene by becoming the worlds youngest junior champion, at the
age of 15. In the process, she beats three players who were (15) ________ in the worlds
top 20. She won the junior championship twice and became one of only two players in the
history of squash to have achieved the feat.

9 A is 13 A Despite
B are B Therefore

C was C Moreover

D were D However

10 A at 14 A or

B in B but

C with C and

D against D because

11 A draft 15 A ranked

B drafts B nominated

C drafted C eliminated

D drafting D disqualified

12 A way up

B way off

C way out

D way down

Section B
[10 marks]
[Time suggested: 25 minutes]

Questions 16 to 25
Read the following poster and answer the questions that follow.

Is this the end of CHOCOLATE?

Chocolate tastes good, what else is there to say?

Lets start with the fact that were facing an imminent worldwide shortage


TREE! Chocolate is made from the fruit
of the cacao tree, the rather confusingly
named cocoa bean. The trees only grow
in hot, wet tropical conditions. They are
slow producers: a corn farmer can turn In 20 years chocolate will be like
out three crops a year but a cacao trees caviar. It will become so rare and so
take three to five years to generate their expensive that the average Joe just
first crop. And theyre delicate and easily wont be able to afford it.
damaged by sun and wind, as well as by Nature Conservation Research
pests and diseases which destroy up to Council founder
40% of each years global crop. John Mason in 2010

THE PROBLEMS: Unfortunately, around 60% of all cocoa comes from the West African
Nation of Ivory Coast and Ghana, where ongoing dry weather and decades of civil
conflict (Ivory Coast) have damaged crops and affected the production. Meanwhile, our
global consumption of the sweet treat is increasing, led by a wider switch to darker,
more cocoa-heavy styles. By 2012, demand had exceeded supply as prices rose
accordingly. Chocolate is likely to become more pricey while product sizes shrink.
Manufacturers may switch their products with other ingredients.

Research in underway to develop hardier trees producing bigger yields

Good while still making tasty chocolate (a tricky balance). At the same time,
News! Fairtrade arrangements are improving the lives of the small farmers on
whom the industry depends, by increasing their income and helping them
replace old trees and equipment, thus keeping them in business and
encouraging others to join them.

(Adapted from Asia Readers Digest, Feb 2016)

Using the information given, complete the table below.

Is This The End of Chocolate?

The condition for the trees to grow:

- 16. __________
- wet tropical conditions.
Cacao trees are delicate and easily damaged by:
About The Source
- Sun
- 17. _____________
- Pests
- 18. _____________

Main Suppliers

21. ___________________________
The Problems
Decades of civil conflict in one of the supplying countries

In 20 years, the chocolate will be

Prediction 22. ________________
23. ________________

Ways to improve 24. ______________________________________________________

farmers lives 25. ______________________________________________________

Section C

[25 marks]

[Time Suggested: 50 minutes]

Questions 26 to 31 are based on the following passage.

1 The village lay ahead; all around lay the dull green forest. Nearby, a buffalo, fastened by
rope to a tree, was placidly grazing.

Sanjay turn to his driver. Its a peaceful scene, isnt it?

Not for the buffalo, the driver said. Thats the bait for the tiger were looking for. At the
moment its lucky. The tiger never came. 5

2 They stopped the truck and got out. Immediately a woman came running up, obviously
distressed and anxious to tell Sanjay something. Her husband, she said, had slept out last night to
protect his familys field. Today he had not returned. She and her neighbours had gone to his
little hut by the fields. It was smashed down. The tiger had taken him. They had seen the
footprints. The womans tears made Sanjay even more determined to catch this murderous, man- 10
eating tiger. Moreover, it had now claimed two victims. Tomorrow he would talk with the
villagers about plans to hunt the tiger down.

3 Early next morning he decided to take a look around. He walked around the dirt road that
led out of the village, and then turn off on to a narrow path at the edge of the jungle. The path
began to take him through an area of tall grass three or four metres high. He stopped. Just in 15
front of him lay a paw print. To his left were three more prints, each of the ten centimeters wide.
Obviously, a large male tiger had come this way and from the look of the prints had crossed the
path quite recently.

4 The surrounding high grass seemed dense and solid. Then, looking harder, he spotted
several bent and broken stems. An animal had clearly pushed its way through the grass. He had 20
hardly taken in this evidence when a heavy, low, continuous growling started up inside the grass.
The tiger was there. It was so close he could feel the vibration of its growls coming through the

5 He stood there, his heart thudding. The growls instantly grew louder. The tigers head
could not be more than three metres from him; one short bound But why could he not see it? 25

6 With a great effort he stood quite still. A remark of an old-time hunter flashed into his
mind. When tigers come across people, they move away. This tiger, however, was not moving.
Its behavior was clearly abnormal. This must be a man-eater. Then he caught a glimpse of
movement. Yellow and black stripes glided swiftly through patch of thinner grass. To his horror,

Sanjay half-hearted, half-saw the tiger circling back past him until it was moving parallel with 30
the road. Then it stopped. It had cut him off from any escape back to the village. Sanjay looked
around for any trees to climb. There were none within fifty yards. There was no means of retreat.

7 The growl has ceased, but a flicking, swishing noise came from the tall grass. The tiger
had stopped again. Staring intently into the grass, Sanjay spotted some small movements. He
realized the dry grass was being disturbed by the tigers tail. Whatever he did, he knew he must 35
move slowly. He must not run it would set off the man-eaters attack. Anyway, no matter how
fast he sprinted the tiger would catch him.

8 He took two slow steps along the path. The tigers growls broke out again. This time
Sanjay retaliated with his own grunting order. Get out of it! Get Away! he made his voice low
and menacing as he could. The animal fell silent, but did not move. Then he caught a glimpse of 40
its striped coat. It still had him cornered.

9 Sweat stood all over his body; he felt paralysed and unable to think. Then came all
together different noise: a squeaking and thudding and the clatter of a diesel engine burst through
the jungle. Suddenly, a vehicle lurched into view along the path, with the driver at the wheel. He
caught sight of Sanjay and stopped a few metres away, keeping the engine still running. Yet, the 45
tiger still lay between Sanjay and safety. In that instant, Sanjay made up his mind. Let it
spring, he thought. Ive only one chance left.

10 With one enormous leap Sanjay hurled himself at the open seat of the truck, alongside the
driver, but landed flat on the bonnet. Almost at the same moment, a streak of black and yellow
fur thundered onto the vehicle, next to the driver, eyes blazing, claws slashing. As if, in a dream, 50
Sanjay felt the vehicle roar backwards, and saw his driver beating the tiger over the head with an
iron wrench. Again and again he hit it. The tiger dropped to the ground; the vehicle carried on
speeding backwards down the path, with Sanjay clawing madly at the windscreen in his attempt
to hang on. The vehicle slowed down and came to a halt, safe on the open road.

11 Sanjay sat up and stared dumbly at the tall forest grass. There was no sign of the tiger. 55
Then he looked at his driver and saw a grin slowly spreading across his face. The buffalo lives
another day, he said.

26 (a) From paragraph 1, why was the buffalo tied to the tree?


[1 mark]

(b) From paragraph 2, how did the woman know that it was a tiger that had taken her husband



[1 mark]

27 From paragraph 4

(a) Although the tiger was very near, why could Sanjay not see it?


[1 mark]

(b) Which sentence shows that Sanjay was convinced that the tiger was near?


[1 mark]

28 (a) From paragraph 6, What was peculiar about the tigers behaviour?


[1 mark]

(b) From paragraph 7, which word means quick, lightning movement?


[1 mark]

29 (a) From paragraph 8, can you explain what was the effect of Sanjays grunting order

on the tiger?


[1 mark]

(b) From paragraph 11, Sanjay stared dumbly at the tall forest grass once he had

escaped from the tigers. State the feelings.


[1 mark]

30 The buffalo lives another day.

State the fate of the buffalo as suggested by the above sentence. Give reason for your answer.

Fate: ________________________________________________________________________

[1 mark]

Reason: ______________________________________________________________________

[1 mark]

31. Sanjay found himself threatened by the man-eating tiger. Write a summary on how he tried to
deal with it and what eventually saved him.

Credit will be given for the use of own words but care must be taken not to change the original

Your summary must:

Be in continuous writing ( not in note form)

Use materials from line 26 54
Not be longer than 130 words, including the 10 words given below

[15 marks]

Begin your summary as follows:

Sanjay was in great danger when he saw the tiger


Section D
[20 marks]
[Time suggested : 35 minutes]

32 Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow.

A Poison Tree

I was angry with my friend:

I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe:
I told it not, my wrath did grow.

And I watered it in fears,

Night and morning with my tears;
And I sunned it with smiles,
And with soft deceitful wiles.

And it grew both day and night,

Till it bore an apple bright;
And my foe beheld it shine,
And he knew that it was mine,

And into my garden stole

When the night had veiled the pole:
In the morning glad I see
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.

William Blake

(a) In stanza 1, who is the persona angry with?

[ 1 mark ]

(b) Which word in stanza 1 shows the persona is similar to an apple tree?

[ 1 mark ]

(c) In stanza 2, what does the word it refer to?

[ 1 mark ]

(d) How would you feel if you had a misunderstanding with your friend? Explain.

(i) Feelings : [ 1 mark ]

(ii) Explanation : [ 1 mark ]

33 The following are the novels studied in the literature component in English Language.

Dear Mr Kilmer - Anne Shraff

Captain Nobody - Dean Pitchford

Sing to the dawn - Minfong Ho

This novel teaches us many lessons about life

Based on the novel that you have read, discuss the lessons you have learnt based on one
incident. Support your answer with close reference to the text.

[ 15 marks ]