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Barrantes, Hannah R.

Case Name Brief Is Rationale

AFP MUTUAL Bustamante was an None AFPMBA has
BENEFIT Insurance underwriter no control over
ASSOCIATION, of AFPMBA having the the means and
INC. vs. NLRC condition of collecting methods of
and EUTIQUIO solely for the company soliciting
G.R. No. 102199
January 28, 1997

COCA COLA Dr. Climaco is a None Petitioner

BOTTLERS retained medical lacked power of
(PHILS.), INC vs. doctor of the company control over the
DR. DEAN N. performance of
CLIMACO the doctor
G.R. No. 146881
February 5, 2007

FRANCISCO vs. Angelina Francisco Yes The economic

NLRC, KASEI was hired as test was
CORPORATION Accountant and applied stating
G.R. No. 170087 Corporate Secretary there was was
August 31, 2006 and reassigned as control and
YNARES- Acting Manager Until Francisco was
SANTIAGO, J.: constructively economically
dismissed dependent on
her work with
Kasei Corp.
GREPALIFE vs. Brothers entered into Yes They were
NLRC, RUIZ individual agency asked to take
agreements with over operations
Grepalife in Butuan
Barrantes, Hannah R.

MANILA Benamira is a security None ASDAI was a

ELECTRIC guard employed by legitimate labor
COMPANY vs. PSI which was contractor and
BENAMIRA contracted by its relationship
G.R. No. 145271 MERALCO, and later with Benamira
July 14, 2005 on became under fulfilled the
AUSTRIA- ASDAI four-fold test

BASAY, Weeder who worked in None Abueva failed

LITERAL the hacienda for more to present a
and than a year and was substantial
ABUEVA allowed to stay evidence to
vs. establish
HACIENDA employer and
CONSOLA employee
CION, relationship.
G.R. No. 175532.
April 19, 2010.

LOPEZ vs. Lopez was a lady None There was an

BODEGA keeper of the bodega implied
CITY under a acceptance
G.R. No. concessionaire through
155731. agreement compliance of a
September 3-year contract
3, 2007. agreement
AUSTRIA- between the
MARTINEZ, J p: parties
DY KEH BENG Solano and Tudla Yes Their
vs. worked for Dy Keh employment is
INTERNATIONA Beng in a pakyaw continued and
L LABOR and basis the employer
MARINE UNION controls the
OF THE means and
PHILIPPINES, results of the
ET AL kaing-making
Barrantes, Hannah R.

ZANOTTE Worked for more than Yes The work

SHOES vs. a year with Zanotte performed by
NLRC shoes on a piece-rate the shoe
G.R. No. 100665. basis makers is
February 13, necessary and
1995. desirable to the
activity of the
SOUTH Coming is a Sizing Yes There was
EAST Machine Operator paid control due to
INTERNATI on pakyaw basis the mandatory
ONAL reporting of
RATTAN, Coming within
INC vs. the time
COMING specified by the
G.R. No. 186621. employer and
March 12, 2014. the fact that
JR., J p: implemented
company rules
upon him
FUJI Arlene is a news Yes There was a
TELEVISIO correspondent of Fuji contract of
N Television Network fixed
NETWORK, employment
INC. vs. and Fuji
ESPIRITU exercised
G.R. Nos. control over
204944-45. how Arlene
December 3, conducts her
2014. work
ATOK BIG Gison is a part-time, No Petitioner did
WEDGE retained consultant of not prescribe
COMPANY, Atok Big Wedge the manner
INC. vs. Company which
GISON respondent
G.R. No. 169510. would execute
Barrantes, Hannah R.

August 8, 2011. his job

Meteoro v. Petitioners were hired NA EE-ER
Creative as artists, carpenters, relationship
Creatures, Inc., and workers for requires
G.R. No. 171275, various tv programs evidentiary
July 13, 2009 matters and is
which the RD
has jurisdiction
S.I.P. Batolina are Yes SIP performed
FOOD waitresses of GMPC functions of an
HOUSE vs. canteen. SIP was employer, thus
BATOLINA contracted by GMPC making its
G.R. No. 192473. agency a
October 11, 2010 labor only
BRION, J p: contracting job
for GMPC
CRC Private Respondent is Yes Respondent
AGRICULT driver of CRC worked under
URAL Agricultural Trading supervision and
TRADING control of CRC
vs. NLRC Agriculture
G.R. No. 177664,
December 23,

Case Brief Shorts Does NLRC Rationale

Facts have
Tabang v. NLRC Officer/ None Dismissal of
G.R. No. 121143, Board of officer is an
January 21, 1997 Trustees intra-
J. Regalado dismissed corporate
by the dispute,
company hence under
Barrantes, Hannah R.

Dai-Chi Electronics Limjucos None The contract
Manufacturing Corp. v. violation of was brought
Villarama, Jr. companys by a contract
G.R. No. 112940, prohibition under Civil
November 21, 1994 to engage Law and not
J. Quianson with a under EE-ER
competitor relationship
Hugo v. LRTA Petitioners None Petitioners do
G.R. No. 181866, were not claim that
March 18, 2010 dismissed they are
J. Carpio-Morales after employees of
staging a the LRTA
stroke due
to a
WPP Marketing An Yes Galera is an
Communications, Inc. American employee,
v. Galera Citizen was hence NLRC
G.R. No. 169207, dismissed has
169239, March 25, but was jurisdiction
2010 given a over the case
J. Carpio working
Pioneer Concrete Todaro is a None The damages
Philippines, Inc. v. consultant prayed for are
Todaro of an not under the
G.R. No. 154830, June Australian Labor Code
8, 2007 company but under
J. Austria-Martinez Civil Code
Apex Mining Co., Inc. v. Sinclita was Yes There exists
National Labor employed an EE-ER
Relations Commission by APEX relationship
G.R. No. 94951, April Mining to
Barrantes, Hannah R.

22, 1991 do laundry

J. Gancayco services in
its staff
Manliguez v. Court of Order to None No EE-ER
Appeals Inductocast relationship
Cebu to pay
its former
Philippine National Was hired Yes Due to POEA
Bank v. Cabansag, in the SG certification.
G.R. No. 157010, June branch of OFWs may
21, 2005 PNB be under
J. Panganiban NLRCs
Union Motors Corp. v. Illegal None Dismissal of
NLRC dismissal of officer is an
G.R. No. 125931, treasurer intra-
September 16, 1999 and admin corporate
J. Quisumbing Manager dispute,
hence under
Deltaventures Third Party Yes Since NLRC
Resources, Inc. v. claim already
Cabato, G.R. No. regarding assumed
118216, March 9, 2000 suspension jurisdiction it
J. Quisumbing of auction may not be
sale lost
Georg Grotjahn GMBH Recovery of None Only claims
& Co. v. Isnani loans and arising from
G.R. No. 109272, cash EE-ER
August 10, 1994 advances relationship is
J. Puno while still an within the
employee purview of
AFP Mutual Benefit Bustamante None There exists
Association, Inc. v. was an no EE-ER
National Labor Insurance relationship
Barrantes, Hannah R.

Relations Commission underwriter

G.R. No. 102199, of AFPMBA
January 28, 1997 having the
condition of
solely for
Santos v. Servier Reduction Yes The issue on
Philippines, Inc., G.R. due to taxes is
No. 166377, November taxes on intertwined
28, 2008 former with the main
J. Nachura employees issue of
pay benefits

Case Brief Shorts Facts Is there Rationale

Rivera v. Espiritu Retrenchment due None CBA
G.R. No. 135547, to difficult financial negotiation
January 23, 2002 situation may be
J. Quisumbing suspended
by the parties
to prevent
International School Classification of Yes There was
Alliance of Foreign employees discriminatio
Educators v. and Local n between
Quisumbing employees/teacher local
G.R. No. 128845, s teachers and
June 1, 2000 foreign
justification of
Bankard, Inc. v. This case involves None Contracting
Barrantes, Hannah R.

NLRC Bankars Manpower is not ULP

G.R. No. 171664, Rationalization provided that
March 6, 2013 Program it is done in
J. Mendoza good faith
Pepsi-Cola Retrenchment in None It may be
Products good faith seen in
Philippines, Inc. v. employers
Molon actions that it
G.R. No. 175002, acted in good
February 18, 2013 faith and tried
J. Perlas-Bernabe to reach
T & H Shopfitters Employees who Yes The ations of
Corp./Gin Queen tried to form a the employer
Corp. v. T & H union was showed that
Shopfitters prevented from it tried to
Corp./Gin Queen entering the restrict and
Workers Union premises of the interfere with
G.R. No. 191714, company the
February 26, 2014 employees
J. Mendoza certification
Samahan ng mga Bandolino Shoe Yes The
Manggagawa sa Corps Union to file Employer
Bandolino-LMLC v. Petiton for interfered
NLRC Certification with their
G.R. No. 125195, Election right to self
July 17, 1997 organization
J. Mendoza through
the strikers
Me-Shurn Corp. v. Forced leave of Yes Employers
Me-Shurn Workers employees that are reason of
Union-FSM member of the closure due
G.R. No. 156292, union to financial
January 11, 2005 losses was
J. Panganiban insufficiently
rendering its
Barrantes, Hannah R.

the timing of
dismissal as
Baptista v. Impeachment of None Unions have
Villanueva RPNEUs union the right to
G.R. No. 194709 officers expel
Digital Closing of Digiserv Yes Bad faith
Telecommunication during pendency of may be seen
s Philippines, Inc. v. negotiation in the timing
Digitel Employees of the closing
Union of Digiserv
G.R. Nos. 184903- and at the
04, October 10, same,
2012 rehiring other
J. Perez employees in
a new
Employees Union of Remegios request Yes Bayer grossly
Bayer Phils., FFW to Bayer of violated the
v. Bayer Philippines, remittance of uion CBA through
Inc., G.R. No. dues to them non-
162943, December instead remittance of
6, 2010 payment to
J. Villarama existing
Bisig Manggagawa Transfer of None Transfer of
sa Tryco v. NLRC employees employees, if
G.R. No. 151309, done in good
October 15, 2008 faith and with
J. Nachura justifiable
reasons, is
not ULP
Mabeza v. NLRC Mabezas refusal to Yes There exists
G.R. No. 118506, go to the coercion
April 18, 1997 prosecutors office when
J. Kapunan and sign the employer
attestation of good asked the
Barrantes, Hannah R.

hotel pratices employees to

sign the
Balmar Farms, Inc. Balmars refusal to Yes Balmar
v. NLRC negotiate with ALU cannot
G.R. No. 73504, invoke good
October 15, 1991 faith and
J. Paras question
n of it is the
SEBA of the
St. John Colleges, Closure of a high Yes SJCI
Inc. v. St. John school reopened the
Academy Faculty highschool
and Employees without hiring
Union the union
G.R. No. 167892, members,
October 27, 2006 hence
J. Ynares-Santiago evidencing
bad faith
regarding its