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Inbal Valve

Series 800D

Flanged model 833D

Threaded model 811D

General Description Product Features Replacing the Diaphragm

The Inbal series 800 is a pressure ! Very high performance standards at a 1.Remove the Inbal valve from the
operated, diaphragm actuated, in line wide range of flows and line pressures. piping line.
Valve, The simplicity of construction ! No moving mechanical part to 2.Remove the control system (trim) from
and operation of the Inbal series 800 maintain. the valve.
creates its working benefits in a wide ! No sticking-even after prolonged 3.Mark the two end pieces to ensure
range of services and conditions. periods in the open or closed positions. proper assembly later.
The Inbal Valve series 800 consists of ! Stable and smooth operation at a very 4.Unscrew the bolts and separate the two
three parts: inlet & outlet ends and a wide range of flow rates. ends.
diaphragm. The diaphragm is the only ! The valve can handle significant high 5.Remove the diaphragm and the O-ring
moving part and serves also as the pressure drop without experiencing inside the valve.
sealing mechanism. It forms a sealed cavitation damage. 6.Clean the ends and the diaphragm.
chamber in the internal portion of the ! Driptight closure even at very low line Check for any damage or signs of
valve, separating operating pressure and operating pressures. wearing and replace parts if necessary.
from line pressure, and forms a drop tight ! Low pressure drop is assured by an 7. Position the (new) diaphragm between
seal with the seating surface of the body, excellent hydrodynamic design. the two ends. position the (new) O-ring
when pressure is applied to the control ! Line pressure alone can operate the (apply sealing paste to secure the O-
space. Valve. ring in place) and tighten the four bolts
Due to its excellent hydraulic ! Compact and lightweight, easy to evenly (one turn each) until the two
performance the Inbal Valve series 800 install, can be mounted in any position. ends are bolted tightly together. Verify
can serve in a very high pressure drop ! High flow capacities. that the two ends and the diaphragm
and wide range of flow conditions. ! A variety of control systems are form a rigid valve assembly and that
It is used as the basic valve in some available. the alignment marks are in their
automatic valves serving as a basic original location.
on/off valve, or remote control, pressure Warning
regulating, solenoid operated and flow Never use petroleum based solutions
control valves. like' grease or petrol to smooth the
diaphragm or O-ring insertion!

Flange Body







Model 833D
made of Ni-Al-Br
Allen Bolt

Specifications :

Model Numbers Pressure Ratings:

Inlet End Outlet End Model No. Grade A Diaphmgm
Threaded Threaded 811D 25 Bar (360 psi) max.
Flanged Flanged 833D 1.5 Bar (20 psi) min.
Grade F Diaphragm
Sizes: 8 bar (114 psi) max.
Threaded Ends: 0.8 bar (12 psi) min.
1", 2", 2", & 3"(40, 50, 65, & 80 mm).
Flanged Ends: Temperature Range:
1", 2", 2", 3" & 4" (40, 50, 65, 80 SMR5 -Water to + 65C (l50F).
&100 mm). BunaN -Waler to + 90C (194F)
End details: Materials Options
Threaded End: Inbal Valve:
NPT or BSPT. Threaded Inlet & Outlet ends:
Flanged End: Cast Stainless Steel AISI 316 ;
ANSI B16.5 class 150 & 300 ; Nickel Aluminium Bronze ;
ISO 7005 - PN10, 16 & 25 ; Ductile Iron (ASTM A536 65-45-12).
BS 10 Table D & E ; Aluminum Bronze ASTM B148 (CA
AS 2129 Table D & E ; 955).
Jis B 2212, 2213, 2214 ;
EPDM; Buna-N.
Inbal Valve
Series 800D
Principle of Operation:

Tight closing operation Full openoperation Modulating action

When pressure from the Valve inlet When pressure in the control space A stable throttling position is obtained
(or an equivalent independent is allowed to exhaust to the when a quantity of pressurized fluid
operating pressure) is applied to atmosphere the Inbal Valve opens is held in the control space. The
the control space, the Inbal Valve wide. amount of fluid in the control space
closes drip tight. determines the position of the

Figure (1) Figure (2) Figure (3)

Flow Factor
Valve Size Flow Factor Max normal Flow Rate
mm inch Kv Cv m3/h gpm

40 1'' 45 52 30 130
50 2" 60 70 45 200
80 3" 165 191 105 460

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