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A Fortunate Storm

Dr. Chuck Chakrapani

Unshakable Freedom

A Companion Volume to
A Fortunate Storm
The Strange Story
of Stoicism

The Story of a Shipwreck

It was a dark and stormy night.

Follow that man!

The man Zeno followed around

I am Diogenes, the dog!

Diogenes the dog

Zenos quest for knowledge

Crates outrage

The porch philosophers

Softening Cynicism

A fortunate storm
The Story of the Seven

Five hundred years of Stoic thought

Zeno to God: Why do you call me?

Cleanthes: The boxer takes over

Philosopher by day, gardener by night

The likable dullard

The way has already been

prepared for me.

the long-distance runner, follows

Give me the principles and I will

find the proof

If there were no Chrysippus,

there would be no stoa

Chrysippus: The good and the questionable

The second founder of Stoicism

Give the donkey a drink of wine

Zeno of Tarsus

Diogenes of Babylon

Antipater of Tarsus

Antipater, the Pen-noise

Panaetius of Rhodes, the last scholarch

Non-Stoic heroes of Stoicism

Socrates as a de facto sage

Cicero, the polymath

Stoicism moves to Rome

The Story of a Slave
and an Emperor
(and Two Others)

Seneca, the exile

who tutored an emperor

The wealthy Stoic

The end of Seneca

Rufus, the third founder of Stoicism

philosophys most famous slave

the Emperor inspired by a slave

How Marcus became an emperor

The troubled life of Marcus Aurelius

the most widely read book on Stoicism
The Story of the Survival
of Stoic Works

How I Came to
Write This Book


Unshakable Freedom: What They are Saying

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