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'Rebirthing and Rejuvenation

with Pola Churchill - Biography

On Leonard Orr, Chapter 6'
Most people have heard the words, "immortal yogi", but very few have ever
met one.
Leonard took the time and trouble to find out if they really exist.
Since Leonard's first trip in 1977 he has gone back to India almost once a
year, for about a month to further his research of the immortal yogis. His
prerequisite for his study was that they had to be at least three hundred
years old. So far he has met eight people who are over three hundred years
in the same body, and he knows of over fifty others that he hasn't met. He
doesn't use the term three hundred years old, because most of them have
totally mastered aging, and are not old; they are three hundred years
His immortal yogi friends are a powerful liberating force in his life. They
are like innocent children with infinite wisdom and abilities. There are at
least a few thousand immortal yogas on Earth, with most of them living in
the Himalayas.
A group of them usually make an appearance at the Khumba Mela
gathering in India, but Leonard has found immortals in the forests of Iran,
the Philippines, and a few among the Indians of North America. The
culture of immortals is beyond popular civilization.

Another yogi that Leonard met through Babaji is called Bhartriji. He is
over two thousand years young in the same body, and has maintained a
local address at the same location in the Sariska Forest, Northern India, for
all this time. Bhartriji is ascending; Babaji is descending. Bhartriji
worships Babaji. So does Leonard.
Bhartriji was a king before the time of Christ He was born in 56 BC and
was Emperor of all India. He gave that up though to be a simple Sadhu.
Bhartriji calls himself a yogi, not a Guru. He wrote many books in Sanskrit
grammar, and various books on philosophy which are considered the best
of their kind today, especially his concept on epistemology.
He did not become a master until he was seven hundred years young. He
lived and preached physical immortality for several hundred years, but he
noticed that his preaching didn't make anyone immortal, so he stopped
talking about it, and out of compassion decided to do a public
demonstration of immortal yoga.
He was buried alive, and incased in cement. In his ashram in the Sariska
forest, there are seven tombs still intact, because he has done that
demonstration every one hundred and eight years.
The last demonstration was in 1898. His next demonstration will be the
year 2006.

Many people ask Leonard "Well, how do you know Bhartriji is two
thousand years old?
In some cases, Leonard had access to birth records to verify the
immortals ages, in the case of Bhartriji and Gopachan, (his nephew, also
2000 years young) there is literature about them through the centuries
that makes it easy to trace. Leonard visited him in 1981, 1985, 1989 and

November, 2000