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10.09.2017 IsraelBiblicalStudies.


The blessing of the boys

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God has made me forget

Two sons were born to Joseph in Egypt.
First of all, let us try to understand the
original Hebrew meaning of their names.
Joseph called the name of the firstborn
Manasseh" (Gen 41:51). The
nameMenashe- ( Manasseh) is
derived from the Hebrew root --( n-sh-
a): to cause to forget. Joseph wanted to
forget all the suffering and affliction that he
went through. Thats why he called his son

God has made me fruitful

The name of the second he called
Ephraim (Gen.41:52). The
name Ephraim- is derived from the
root --( p-r-a) here to make fruitful.
Evidently, Joseph was able to forget his
suffering and to move on: to become fruitful
and productive in the foreign land.
Moreover, Ephraim and Menashe are the
first brothers in the Torah whose
relationship is not marked by jealousy and
rivalry - a powerful testimony to the peace
in Josephs heart and Josephs house.
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Before his death, Jacob chooses his two
grandchildren for the blessings across the
ages. The Jewish Rabbis see a powerful
message in this blessing. When they say to
their sons: May God make you like
Ephraim and Menashe they wish them to
be always spiritually connected to their
people and their God, regardless of where
they live and grow. I hope you like this
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